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Sicario: Day of the Soldado

To bring good, you certainly have to do bad
The sequel kind of disappointed me a little bit. Probably because I was so blown away by the first one. I was kinda hoping the cast from the previous movie to come back especially Emily Blunt.

Kudos to Josh Brolin and Del Toro for delivering. Especially the scene where Del Toro was betrayed by those who gives him the order. And this sequel also, we can definitely see the soft side of the character Alejandro where he actually sympathise for the girl Isabella Reyes played by Isabella Moner. The execution of the story line was nothing short of brilliant.

Maybe what missing in the movie was the suspense music from the prequel?

Again, it's something I'd probably be watching again type of movie,


No blood and gore no problem
You can expect a masterpiece of a movie when Christopher Nolan is behind it. Telling the story from a numbers of different perspectives and yet not confusing are really astonishing. and the end of the movie it kind a unravel itself and make you go,"ok, now I get it". In an exciting tone of course.

The movie certainly not for those who are looking for all the extravagant war scene may be disappointed.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

A whole new bar setter up
We all know what kind of preparation Tom has gone through prior to this movie making. I mean, learning how to pilot a helicopter!!

The story line and plot was fit perfectly, easy to understand. No rush to the finishing line but rather a delicate and intricate arrangement of the story. A bit slow in the beginning for me, but luckily only for the first 10 minutes into the it.

As for Henry, you know you did an excellent job as then antagonist when people who went and watched the movie actually hated you. LOL

The Book of Eli

Too complicated maybe?
How can you go wrong with Denzel Washington as your main actor right? The story origin are not made clear on why the current world they are living has turned out that way. World war 3? I'd give it a solid 9/10 if only i know what has takes precedent. The rating could've gone worst if it's not because of Denzel. Mila acting here seems to not suit her though.


Proper send off
When you think of wolverine it's all about the rough attitude and one liner puncher response that has become our favorite from the character. Nice build up of the story where all started with Logan and Prof X were barely making it just to make ends meet. This is a great conclusion to the X-Men saga and of course the Wolverine, Logan. They won't probably be another Wolverine like Hugh Jackman. And the girl portray really decent Jr Wolverine. Probably if any next Wolverine movie the girl will be decent.

Instant Family

Too rushing with flat plot line
Again with over scripting for Mark Wahlberg. It seems that he's the only one that do the talking. The movie was rather predictable and was rushed towards the end. The build-up of the plot line for the first 10-15 minutes was good but all down hill after that. Isabela Moner was great but her character build was missing. I mean suddenly become angsty teenager without any reason? This is the type of movie that you probably can sleep after it starts and woke up just before it concluded and still can understand the movie. Just your typical average movie.

Liu lang di qiu

Decent sci-fi
Great to see sci-fi movie with proper plot line. The writer's and the director know how to put 2 separate story line without it being entangle with each other. Although the movie was quite predictable i still enjoyed watching it. The actor was quite stiff in the beginning but as it progress they seem to be build into their character. Nice to see new fresh idea about sci-fi movie. I know this was just a fictional movie but still, if you pull the earth out of the orbit and stopped the rotation it will also reduce or either loses it gravitational pull. Same reason why International Space Station rotate. To create it simulated gravitational pull same concept as earth.

Hacksaw Ridge

War are not just about the killing
Finally a war movie that is not just about the killing. All this while, the focal point of a war movies was to end someones lives and in this movie it's about saving others instead. Andrew Garfield played the part really well. It have everything, the suspense, the comedy, the drama and the action. Thumbs up to Mel Gibson to this another master piece under his belt. The story line was nicely arrange and was not rushed. Although the screen time was more than 2 hours, you didn't feel like it when you go to the theatre as when the movie played you were brought together with the timeline. Again, a touch of a genius.

Mile 22

Like the old saying, you got to see it to believe it
The trailer was great. Had my hope high waiting for this movie but was let down a bit. Iko Uwais and Mark Wahlberg was fantastic as ever. But story line seems to be rushed to the end. The plot was nicely hidden so you didn't actually expect that end. The camera angle quite disorganised as you cannot enjoy the fighting scene that much which is such a shame as Iko have great "silat" moves. The end seems to be hanging a bit which probably signalling that there will be a sequel to this. Maybe on the next movie can give some of Mark line to others? as i feel he's the only one that is talking in the movie.

The Equalizer 2

They said the 2nd child always the devil
I like the first one. The story line was meticulously lined up for viewer. The plot was perfect, not to complicated to bore the audience. Enough action to keep us on edge of our seat. I can't say the same for the sequel to the first. The first 10 minutes into the movie was good. But as the movie progress, my interest regress. Shame as Denzel is a marvellous actor especially when the character he played involve emotion. The movie was quite predictable. For a hardcore movie goer or novel reader can easily see the twist for the movie not even halfway. Should've stop after the first. Give it a proper send off.

The Greatest Showman

Critics does not decide the story content
The movie got everything there. Sad, joy, sorrow and well....music to follow. I would like to applaud the composer of the music. The song's have what most songs nowadays does not have...meaning. The movie got love story, struggle of a person who possess a dream since he was a kid. The so called "Professional" critics might say this movie was almost a flop, but to me it's definitely worth to watch for me. Well, like what PT. Barnum said in the movie. What's important is what the audience bring home after every show. Not what those critics shows. Again, kudos to Hugh Jackman. From those rugged style wolverine character to such wonderful as Barnum.

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