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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse: Oddly dark
An early Tom & Jerry animated short film, this see's the creators influenced by Louis Stevensons classic Jekyll & Hyde.

We see Tom tired of Jerry stealing his milk so proceeds to poison him, but with unintended consequences. Yes, Tom tries to kill Jerry with poison! That's unexpectedly dark, and certainly wouldn't be acceptable by modern standards.

The rest is your run of the mill stuff and poor Tom just can't catch a break. I think that's why I was never a fan of the show when I was a kid, I always feel too sorry for the poor cat.

Interesting ideas, but ultimately this is just more of the same formula that we've been peddled with for over 60yrs.

The Good:

Well animated

The Bad:

More of the same

Too dark

Deadly Game

Deadly Game: A harmless enough watch
Yet another adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game (1932), we see yet another twist on the heavily overplayed tale and it's not entirely awful.

This time we see a host of people invited to claim grants from a mysterious benefactor only to discover they've been fooled and forced into playing a deadly game of cat and mouse.

I won't lie I'm a tad burnt out on this story, but here at least the twist is fairly interesting. Starring the likes of Roddy McDowall and Mitchell Ryan, the high quality cast certainly assists it.

The further into the movie it goes the more you realize it's a fairly clever little film and not the mindless action flick you'd assume. It fends off being cheesy like most of the adaptations that came before it but isn't without its flaws.

Certain elements come across a tad silly, the camerawork could have been better and the score was so generic I barely noticed it was there.

Regardless this is a very watchable version of the timeless tale and though I'd not say its a good film I won't say its a bad one either.

The Good:

Some great cast members

Some interesting ideas

The Bad:

Weak score

Has its fair share of flaws

It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night: What was the point of that?
For some reason the title really appealed to me, I think it was the nostalgia as that sounds like the kind of cheesy b-movie I grew up with. Let's be clear this isn't that kind of film at all and I feel it will deceive plenty of people.

It tells the story of a family hidden away in the forest during an epidemic, things become complicated when a stranger darkens their door.

The film is a slow burn and I love such movies as much as they next person, provided they actually culminate with something. It Comes at Night doesn't, it slow burns to a quiet fizzle.

It quickly became apparent this wasn't exactly going to be action packed and that was fine, but from a psychological horror standpoint this still fails miserably.

Starring Joel Edgerton who puts in a very tired quite frankly bored performance this is one of those films where when the credits rolled I immediately questioned what the point of it was

I don't know who the demographic is but I'm not it.

The Good:

Nothing springs to mind

The Bad:

One trope I'm absolutely sick of

Not the most engaging of movies

Certain elements are head scratching


Click: Great idea but detestable characters
This British horror short will leave you with no mistake as to its origins, you'll be hit with deep Yorkshire accents straight out of the gate.

We see five bored kids playing out on the streets, you know the type who find it funny and "Cool" to put windows out of abandoned buildings. Well they go into one such building and a simple game turns deadly.

Truth is I love the idea, it's suitably creepy and highly unnerving! I would have loved to see more of this, kind of.

You see I love the idea and the execution was great, but the kids! It's that age old issue of why am I supposed to root for these characters when they're so incredibly vile. They're awful, why am I going to root for these people? To me it's the Attack the Block effect!

Regardless this is a simple yet fascinating concept that makes for a very memorable little short.

The Good:

Great idea

Well executed

The Bad:

Certain elements make little to no sense

Downward Twin

Downward Twin: Amazing this wasn't made by Lifetime
Downward Twin otherwise known as Twinsanity is a thriller that follows the Lifetime formula, I'm shocked they didn't make this.

It tells the story of two identical twins and how one tries to break away from the obsessive hold of the other. I'm sure you can tell what happens next to the letter, and yes it really is that predictable.

The twins are fantastic and deliver a great performance as does Angie Everhart who it was very nice to see up on screen again. Everyone else is passable but the plot is so generic and so color by numbers its hard to really enjoy.

No surprises, no twists, just that standard Lifetime Original formula where once you've seen one you've seen them all.

Standard harmless stuff but light on entertainment value.

The Good:

Decent cast

The Bad:

Not convinced by that finale

Really generic


Us: The concept saves it
I enjoyed Get Out (2017) but I wasn't aboard the hype train, it was good but I didn't understand why people ranted and raved about it being incredible.

Upon seeing the trailer for Us I was excited, I loved this idea it looked positively chilling. As always however I assumed the worst, I've long since learned to keep my expectations low when it comes to Hollywood films.

Well, I class Us in the same category as Get Out, namely it's good but it's hardly anything special.

It tells the story of a family who come under attack by their own clones. The concept works and the film turned out to be miles above the home invasion film I expected it to be. In fact the scale is far greater than I assumed, this was really quite good.

The cast do a great job, but for a movie that tries to come across genuinely scary and chilling there was a lot of comedy thrown in and I'm not sure that was a great idea.

The story is decent, it's well paced and it all comes together in the end. However something didn't feel quite right, something I can't quite put my finger on but whatever it was kept the movie from being anything beyond enjoyable.

Peele has delivered another enjoyable film, but don't believe the hype.

The Good:

Great idea

Fitting soundtrack

The Bad:

A couple of plot holes

Inconsistent tone


Redcon-1: Really quite terrible
I'm a huge zombie movie fan but even I recognize that the whole sub-genre is saturated and there are some real stinkers out there at the moment. Sadly Redcon-1 certainly comes under that category.

It tells the tale of a group of soldiers sent into the "Quarantine" zone to retrieve a person of interest. The rest, pretty much writes itself and is a mixture of generic and really quite terrible.

The zombies aren't your traditional type, in fact they aren't even your modern sprinting kind either. Here you'll see the undead doing everything from wielding weapons, communicating with one another and even sitting watching porn (Not joking). They truly are some of the worst zombies I've seen on screen.

The cast are your usual rabble of stereotypes and are so generic they could have interchanged some cast members mid film and I'd not even have noticed. The leading man is the only one who delivers, and that's only noticeable because of just how bad everyone else is by comparison.

The film has real video game influences, the Telltale Walking Dead and Dead Island clearly had something to do with it both in content and musical score. That worked really well to be honest, but not well enough to turn the movie around.

Interestingly the movie gets better the further in it goes, in fact by the end I kind of felt a bit bad giving it such a low rating. Make no mistake however even near the end there are some truly moronic moments.

Not the worst out there, but still pretty dire. With a better writer (And cast) this perhaps could have been something bearable.

The Good:

Great influences

Nice score

The Bad:


Awful characters

Plot is a disjointed mess

Far too long

All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing

All Elite Wrestling Double or Nothing: They had a lot to prove, and they did
AEW Double or Nothing was set to be groundbreaking regardless of the quality of the show. It's a brand new high profile well funded wrestling company, and that doesn't happen very often. It's writers, it's creative and it's incredible day one roster primed everyone for an fantastic show and it goes without saying they had a lot to prove.

A lot to prove to the fans, the industry, the WWE (Who we know will have been paying very close attention) and to themselves that this was possible. I have to say, they did on every front and they've put everyone in the industry thoroughly on notice.

If you don't watch independent wrestling very often the first thing that will strike you is the quality of wrestling and just how high it is. WWE's NXT is great but they still have to work the WWE "Style". Here workers have more freedom and it shows, every matches quality was outstanding thanks to both the quality of the workers and the lack of limitations imposed upon them.

My concerns going in were just how many stars mainstream wrestling fans wouldn't know, and in a time of "Superstars" I was worried that might do it damage. It doesn't appear to have done any, in fact this right here is the correct way of creating "Superstars". No one sided matches, everyone came out looking strong and the emphasis was on wrestling not storylines. No backstage interviews, few promos, just pure unadulterated wrestling.

I marveled at Jack Evans and his incredible techniques and maneuvers I've never seen before. I gasped at the sheer volume of blood loss in a certain match (No spoilers here), that was horrific. I cheered at the incredible matches presented before me and the number of surprises they threw in.

I tip my hat, this was better than any PPV the WWE have thrown out in a good decade+. Excellent, here's hoping the quality continues and AEW give the WWE a run for their money.

The Good:

Incredible performances

Great roster

A number of surprises

The Bad:

Entrance music quality was poor

I have my concerns about AEW's women's division

I also have my concerns about reliance on folks who should have retired years ago (Mostly folks in the pre-show battle royale)

Poison Ivy: The New Seduction

Poison Ivy The New Seduction: Why do they insist on turning these things into franchises?
I didn't even realize they made a 3rd Poison Ivy movie, little did I realize that at time of writing there are 4. My question is why?

Following in the footsteps of Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano we see Jaime Pressly leading this erotic thriller about a manipulative seductress hell bent on tearing a family apart.

There is actually a loose connection to the original movie here but it may as well not exist, this straight to DVD mess is the definition of cash grab and demonstrates that some movies just don't need to become franchises.

Pressly delivers just fine amidst the very lackluster cast that includes the awful Greg "Charmed" Vaughan, the trouble is this is Lifetime movie stuff and really just made for television.

The plot is recycled, the execution is generic, it's like nobody was really trying, as if this movie was just an excuse to get Pressly nude.

If you like the original then watch it again and forget about the "Sequels", this is even worse than number 2.

The Good:

Pressly is passable here

The Bad:

Really poor finale

Very uninspired stuff

The Perfection

The Perfection: Far from perfect
What a weird creature this new Netflix movie is, I went in knowing absolutely nothing and walked away wishing I had.

Starring Allison "Get Out"Williams, Steven Weber and Logan Browning it has no problems with its cast at all, solid performers who deliver great performances here.

It's a strange little tale that would be hard to describe on here without giving away spoilers. Let's just say it twists, it turns, it provides flashbacks and I found it utterly unpredictable which is at least something in its favor.

The production values are great, the soundtrack is near flawless, so why the low rating? Well sadly as great as everything else is (And it really is) the plot/script fall apart in a truly impressive way.

The more you think about the plot afterwards the more bafflingly ridiculous it gets. So it doesn't matter if the cast are great, the movie looks good and the soundtrack delivers if the story is a raggedy mess.

If you've seen it take a moment, think about it, think about the decisions that people make and the whole think becomes rather offensively silly.

Memorable, but not even remotely enjoyable.

The Good:

Steven Weber and Logan Browning

Looks and sounds the part

The Bad:

The plot is an abominable mess

Hotel Inferno 2: The Cathedral of Pain

Hotel Inferno 2 The Cathedral of Pain: Huge let down
I thoroughly enjoyed the Italian film Hotel Inferno (2013), it was a well made highly original horror effort and upon learning it was becoming a franchise I was fairly excited.

Foolishly they waited too long, it took a whole four years before the second part came out and I can confidently say that it's a bust and does not come close to the quality or novelty appeal of the first.

We see Franks story continue, he's now dead after the events of the first film and finds himself in hell. Upon escaping his chains he makes an ally and goes about finding a way back to his body in the land of the living.

Solid enough idea and once again the practical effects are top notch (If you can stomach them) but the story is an absolute mess and never quite finds its feet.

For those unaware of the first movie it's all filmed through the characters eyes, so found footage but less silly. It's hyper gory, on levels you may never have seen before. It even gives Brain Dead/Dead Alive (1992) a run for its money. This is really hardcore stuff and for that reason certainly niche, people might also struggle to make it through the level of profanity. How can swearing be hard to cope with you ask? Watch it and find out, it's very annoying.

I had high hopes for this franchise as the first movie was fantastic, but if this is it's future then I'd say wrap it all up with one final movie and be done with it. I'd say don't bother with the third movie, but Cathedral of Pain hardly resolves anything.

Wasted potential, such a shame.

The Good:

Incredible gory practical effects

Decent soundtrack

The Bad:

Voice work is still hokey as hell (Pun intended)

Weak script

Not for the squeamish

Oddly boring in places

Some stupid inconsistencies

The Midnight Snack

The Midnight Snack: The second ever Tom & Jerry cartoon
After the previous years success with Jasper & Jinx it was inevitable that more shorts would follow, here however they've had a name change to the more familiar Tom & Jerry.

Here we see Tom stopping Jerry from taking the cheese from the fridge during the middle of the night. But you know how this plays out, the calamitous cat isn't going to find the deed easy.

Once again the animation is fantastic for its time and both characters (Especially Tom) look a little bit different. Regardless it's familiar charming stuff, even if it is entirely predictable.

Charming stuff, but I always feel bad for Tom.

The Good:

Looks great


The Bad:

More of the same

The Believers

The Believers: Another run of the mill Voodoo effort
Martin Sheen leads a veteran cast in a very run of the mill voodoo themed effort.

I like the concept of Voodoo, it's dark, it's intimidating and there is always an element of necromancy there which has real potential. So why is it that voodoo themed movies always tend to suck so badly?

Also starring Robert Loggia, Jimmy Smits, Harris Yulin and the criminally underrated Richard Masur it certainly has no issues in that department. Alas they weren't given much to work with and what you'll find here is something that feels very familiar.

Following the same tropes The Believers tells a very generic voodoo story and though it starts strong enough it trails into mediocrity really quite fast.

It's no wonder I'd never heard of this and quite frankly it's not going to be worth remembering.

The Good:

Richard Masur

The Bad:

Instantly forgettable

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion: More of the same
Of all the horror sub-genres I have to say I think possessions are my least favorite, they're all the same! In fact they frequently have scenes so identical to others they could interchange them and you'd likely not notice.

This particular one is based on a true story, about one of the many many many many did I mention many cases of an exorcism gone wrong and some poor innocent girl dying because of the beliefs of those she trusted to take care of her instead of trained professionals!

Starring the surprisingly good Sophie Cookson this bland possession tale see's a reporter travel to Romania to do a story on a nun who died during an exorcism. Lots of interviews, a lot of the usual exorcism cliches and you'll know exactly what to expect going in.

If you want to see a movie you've already seen just with a different cast then this is for you, it's just a remixed version of something we've seen countless times. Made even less funny when you realize this stuff actually happened and an innocent girl died as well as countless before her and plenty since.

Generic exorcism picture.

The Good:

Great location and architecture

Sophie Cookson

The Bad:

Too much religious foolishness

Highly pro-Christianity rhetoric

Absolutely no originality

Lethal Woman

Lethal Woman: Interesting twist on the classic at least
Lethal Woman is an adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game (1932), but oh boy is it a loose one.

It tells the story of a soldier who is raped by her commanding officer. When he is found innocent in a court of law and betrayed by the man she loves she finds herself going down a very dark route in the name of redemption.

The classic tale of hunting people is present but takes a bit of a backseat and ultimately the more you think about the concept the more absurd it gets. Seriously, watch the movie and then think about the way the "Encounters" play out. It's ridiculous.

Starring erotic thriller veteran Shannon Tweed she almost makes it through the film without exposing herself, almost.

It's a passable enough attempt but as an adaptation of a superior film it falls somewhat flat. It struggles to find its identity, it's not action packed, it's not dramatic and for those wondering since it's a Tweed movie it's not even sexy.

Not the worst adaptation, but certainly a shameless one.

The Good:

Interesting twist

The Bad:

Rather flat

A bit silly

Handjob Cabin

Handjob Cabin: Crass but hilarious
What can you possibly expect when going into a short film called Handjob Cabin? No, really I'm actually asking!

Presented in the form of a faux trailer it see's a group of friends kicking back and enjoying life in a cabin in the woods. All seems well until they come across a sexually frustrated ghost who kills you in the most unexpected way!

Fine, it's silly. Fine, it's really silly. But it's the kind of concept you simply have to laugh at, it's genuinely funny and with top notch production values and a score that you wouldn't expect from something like this I was very impressed.

Certainly one of the best faux trailers I've ever seen I embarrassingly wish this was a feature movie. The cast are great and the ideas behind it are too hilarious not to want more of.

Someone get crowd funding, I want Handjob Cabin the feature film in a cinema near me!

The Good:

Looks great

Genuinely funny

Highly original

The Bad:


Yie Ar Kung-Fu II

Yie Ar Kung-Fu II: Very disappointing sequel
I adored Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985) it was a highly addictive ground breaking title that I put a criminal amount of hours into. It's sequel was one of those early sequels I was very excited about, alas my expectations weren't met.

I'm not sure if they rushed it or they just ran out of ideas but it just doesn't hold up next to the original. The enemies lack the character of the originals, I mean we have a guy whose weapon is his hair and another who rains lightning down on you for crying out loud.

Loaded with bugs ontop of the lackluster playability, this sequel shows that some games just don't need to become a franchise. Or at least shouldn't if the creators aren't going to put as much love into the sequels as the original game.

Playable stuff but pales in comparison to its predecessor.

The Good:

Some of the same charm

The Bad:


Lacks the character of the original

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

The Haunting of Sharon Tate: They're all right, it really is THAT bad
I was immediately struck how low both the IMDB and Metascores were, this movie is universally hated but it can't be that bad. Right?

Well it kind of is, bad and deeply inappropriate.

It tells the story, no sorry a "Remixed" version of the true story about the fate of actress Sharon Tate and how she fell victim to three members of Charlie Manson's "Family".

Movies about material like that just don't sit right with me. They're just inappropriate in my view, insensitive and just plain wrong. Remember they managed to make at least 2 movies out of 9/11!

Starring Hilary Duff it's an embarrassingly bad movie that honestly makes a mockery of the events that transpired on that fateful day. I don't agree with everyone saying Duff was terrible, she simply wasn't. The film itself however, awful on every level.

As the "Events" started taking place I found myself scratching my head in confusion and when the credits rolled I was angry for the victims in real life! This didn't paint a very flattering picture and made entertainment out of their demise.

Awful sick picture and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

The Good:


The Bad:

Deeply inappropriate

Generic home invasion movie

Moronic ending

Mr. Dentonn

Mr. Dentonn: Another horror short that fails to entirely deliver
Though I like shorts I like it frustrating when their scale is simply too big for the available runtime. If the credits roll and I feel like it needed more, it's failed. And sadly that's certainly what we have here.

It tells the story of a girl and her little brother who find themselves under attack from a mysterious entity (That looks suspiciously like the Babadook from the same year).

I get the impression from this that it was made in hopes of getting funding for a full length feature, clearly they didn't get it and I'm not surprised.

Though it looks the part and is definitely well made I have to say when the credits began I was left unsatisfied. It hadn't told a story, it was more like a snippet from a feature length movie and that didn't sit right with me.

Well made, but somewhat pointless.

The Good:

Looks great

The Bad:

Ultimately feels a tad empty


Closets: Now what exactly did I do to deserve that
There is quite the story behind the creation of Closets (Otherwise known as Hunting Evil) and none of it is good.

You see the movie was created in 2010 but didn't get a proper release until late 2018. Why? A host of reasons by the looks of it and I get the impression that the alternate title was an attempt to disguise everything that happened. The film is so bad that the director has disowned it and the one single notable cast member Corbin Bernsen publicly slated those behind the camera.

It's a supernatural tale about a ghost hunter who goes to prison after a demon encounter goes wrong, to make matters worse he then loses his family and goes on a mission to track the creature and exact revenge.

The lead is terrible, a bargain basement William Shatner who stunk up every scene. The sfx are outstandingly bad, the plot is rather mediocre and honestly Closets really has nothing going for it at all.

It's just so bad across the board and I'm not even remotely surprised that folks have distanced themselves from it. Considering they had almost a decade to tweak it there really is no excuse for this absolute monstrosity of a film.

Beyond the movie it gets worse when you realize the cover art has nothing to do with the movie and the only other review on IMDB is a relative of the lead man and several other cast members. Doubt me? Check the name and then check the cast, today's word is Rethaber.

Hop, skip, jump, SPRINT away from this mess.

The Good:

Nothing springs to mind

The Bad:

Some really poor sfx

Characters ageing/or lack of is moronic

Dishonest cover

An all round mess

Yie Ar Kung-Fu

Yie Ar Kung-Fu: Classic fighting action
I've invested too many hours to count into video games, but as far as single sessions are concerned I think Yie Ar Kung-Fu may take the top spot. It was Christmas of maybe 1987 or thereabouts where I put in I believe around 8hrs non-stop, obsessive? unhealthy? Very likely, but also a lot of fun.

I pushed the game to its limits and learnt that it basically has no end, after you defeat every opponent it just starts again, and again, and again, and again.

It's an early one on one beat em' up style game, before we had Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken etc we had the likes of Yie Ar Kung Fu and it was glorious.

You'd take turns battling your foes who are varying martial artists and later some weapon wielders before fighting your arch nemesis (Who is basically a clone of you).

The difficulty curve was actually quite low after you master the controls and learn that one particular move was overpowered and started spamming that!

Regardless of this flaw the game had a lot of content, was very addictive and set the stage for all the incredible games that were clearly influenced by it.

A true retro classic.

The Good:

Great characters

Excellent combat

The Bad:

Never ending!

One overpowered move

WWE Money in the Bank

WWE Money in the Bank: And they wonder why ratings are in the toilet!
I've become a real wrestling cynic over the past few years, I love the industry but I'm so very tired of what it's become. Pandering to sponsors, blatant nepotism and shockingly bad writing. You don't have to watch WWE, there are other companies but if you're a fan it's hard to avoid their monopolized product.

I love the MITB concept, for that reason I'd say this event is my 3rd most anticipated annual ppv after the Rumble & Mania. And this year, this dropped the ball again. Not entirely, it has its moments but as usual its a combination of baffling booking and missed opportunities.

I'll break it down without any spoilers.

The kickoff featured only one match, the outcome was not what I expected and considering recent events made absolutely no sense. Some booking needs to be predictable because it's logical, this wasn't.

The women's MITB match was solid enough but felt too short. It's like they just bounced from spot to spot instead of actually having a wrestling match. The outcome wasn't what I expected or what I wanted, but I walked away happy enough.

The US title match was an embarrassment, why would you do that? Do you not realize how much of a slap in the face it is to the fans when you advertise a match and then deliver........that!

Shane vs Miz.....again. Please Shane, retire. You competing with the actual talent damages their credibility and your punches are worse than the early 2000's divas.

Cruiserweight match, as usual people couldn't have cared less. Turning Nese from a jobber to champion overnight at Mania was bizarre and fans clearly don't appreciate it.

RAW women's championship had the logical conclusion and was a passable enough affair

Smackdown women's championship was a real double edged sword. It angered me, frustrated me and made me facepalm but they managed to recover it into a memorable and well deserved finale.

Reigns/Elias. What was the point of this match? The outcome was never in question, the match quality alike Joe/Rey was just plain offensive and it accomplished absolutely nothing.

Lars/Lucha, pointless.

WWE Championship, strong in ring performances from both guys. Can't argue with anything they did here.

Universal Championship, incredible match as we all knew it would be.

Men's MITB, average quality wrestling with a finish that will anger and frustrate a lot of people.

Overall it's an average of 4, not even an average quality ppv. With all the walkouts, people sitting out their contracts, lowest ratings in the history of the company and new competition in AEW you'd think WWE would be stepping up their game and providing a better product than this.

The Good:

Some decent in ring performances

One great surprise

The Bad:

Some ridiculous counterproductive booking

About half the matches

Closing moments


Terrifier: Brutal but generic
Art the Clown started back in 2011 with a short movie by the same name, truth be told I didn't like it. The creator Damien Leone would keep Art around in his feature film All Hallows' Eve (2013) but as a small role.

Now here we are and Art has his own movie, but is it any good? Honestly, not really but it's better than his last solo outing.

It follows the standard slasher formula and sees a couple of girls on Halloween night come under attack from a psychotic clown.

So again this is generic stuff, it embraces all the usual tropes and though not predictable certainly has no surprises. It's also pretty ugly and oddly paced throughout.

What Terrifier does have however is sheer unadulterated brutality. This is gory nasty no holds barred merciless stuff, I was quite shocked actually. Considering the budget they make all of it look really good, so kudos to the sfx department.

I love clowns as antagonists but Art doesn't seem to tick enough boxes for me. He's less of a clown and more of a mime and doesn't seem to be an interesting enough character to carry his own film.

Passable stuff but by this time next week I'll have forgotten it.

The Good:

Impressively grisly visuals

Jenna Kanell


The Bad:

Doesn't exactly flow

Poor cinematography

Puss Gets the Boot

Puss Gets the Boot: The beginning of a legendary duo
This was Tom & Jerry's first ever televised outing, but here in the early days they were unofficially known as Jasper & Jinx.

Here we see Tom/Jasper threatened with being put out if he breaks one more thing so Jerry/Jinx see's this as a chance to put the cat threat away for good!

It's quaint, it looks great, the soundtrack is fitting and it already has that infamous Tom & Jerry charm.

Jerry looks the same as he does decades later whereas Tom looks quite a bit different, arguably a more realistic feline.

The trouble with Tom & Jerry has always been that I tend to find myself cheering Tom on. With so much at stake I was doing the same here, but you know the drill in these kinds of things the outcome was never in doubt.

Cute early Tom & Jerry action and essential viewing for fans.

The Good:


Very well made

The Bad:

I've never felt more sorry for Tom!

Call Girl

Call Girl: Meh, so-so short
I wasn't familiar with the creator or the "Alter" shorts so went in with zero expectations, that's always a good thing but this short certainly isn't.

It tells the tale of a man who brings an escort into his home all the while recording the encounter on his laptop. Things don't go quite to plan however.

Starring Laurence R. "Human Centipede 2 & 3" Harvey it's a blink and you'll miss it experience that honestly has been done before. I've seen this very same "Plot" done prior and considerably better.

I'm not saying it's bad, it's well enough made but we've seen this before and there really is no excuse for this degree of recycling. To make matters worse the video buffers repeatedly to represent a stream, but honestly we already knew that and therefore it was needlessly annoying.

The Good:

Laurence R. Harvey

The Bad:

The annoying buffering

Hardly original

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