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Tin Star: Come to the Edge
Episode 6, Season 3

I know it's escapism but really...
Loved Tin Star in its early series - worth watching for the scenery alone so I was a bit worried about the relocation to Liverpool.

Don't get me wrong - I knew almost all of the locations as I'm a local so I think that kept up my interest - but really...

A crime spree like no other. God knows how many murders. How many van drivers clubbed unconscious and ice cream vans stolen. It wouldn't happen in gun toting America let alone the UK.

I guess it's easier to write if you don't have to worry about the police ever catching up with you. Or even bothering to look for you.

There's a murderous gang out looking for you - so sure you'd go out on the lash and get legless. What's the worst that could happen ?

So much killing of innocent bystanders that I'd long lost affection for our 'heroes'.

Not Going Out: Small Package
Episode 1, Season 11

Excruciatingly Embarrassing !
NGO is back on form after a bit of a lull. The episodes with the children in just aren't as funny as the grown up situations. Nice to have it back on the box.

Prodigal Son

Is this Elementary with a new cast?
British lead. Evil father. Mental health issues. Martial arts expert. Hugely wealthy family. Asian love interest. Father like Police guardian. Set in New York. Both profilers.

I'm enjoying it - I loved Elementary and who doesn't love Michael Sheen ?

Not that fussed on the sister yet but only 1/3 of the way through the series so she may grow on me.

The Grand Tour: The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt
Episode 2, Season 4

We waited a year for this ?
Great photography. Amazing scenery. Interesting cars. Same old presenters - although Hammond seems to be getting younger hair each show.

This one seemed to lack the spark of earlier shows - maybe because the guys were struggling alone against the roads for the vast majority of the show.

We know it's all contrived for entertainment but this trip against mud and tough terrain seems to be reaching the end of the road.

Ditch the cars and have them travelling together maybe ?

Avenue 5

Gets better and better
It all seems a bit run of the mill to begin with but as the series develops it gets more and more engrossing. Great characters and a great cast. Looking forward to series 2.

Cinderella: A Comic Relief Pantomime for Christmas

Loved it !
Covid has at least brought us some very inventive shows this year. Once more David Tennant features and Olivia Colman shows us why she's got her Oscar for her world class improvisation.

Great stars and a really fun script. Give it a watch - you won't regret it.

The Midnight Sky

It's like half a movie...
Ok so it looks great and has a fantastic cast but it goes nowhere. And it's a bleak ending - or almost ending - the credits actually start rolling as the film carries on.

Nothing is explained. The disaster to decimate Earth is seemingly unknown.

Clooney will die. The astronauts will die. Jeez.

Clooney falling through the ice and being fully submerged at the Pole ? No dry kit. No warm shelter. He's dead. He's already a sick man. That would have finished him off.

Spend the two hours doing something more creative. I cleaned the house as a penance for wasting my time here.

Sorry George.

London Has Fallen

I know it doesn't have to be realistic but...
This takes the biscuit. Terrorists everywhere. On every street corner. I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole film. One of the worst I've ever seen and I say that as someone who had to go see Les Miserables.

Absolutely avoid.

Cleaning Up

What was the point of this ?
If they had done it differently it could have been an entertaining watch. We just needed a cheeky lead that we could take to - but as they wrote it Sam was an awful person. Lying to everyone, ripping off her gullible friends for thousands.

It was no cheery story of the underdogs taking down some elite insider traders - everyone in it was either unlikable or being ripped off by Sam/Nancy.

Massive plot holes too - guessing who would be the developers. Not able to work Excel but suddenly able to download data onto a USB stick from a traders PC in seconds.

And the grand finale - she takes their ill-gotten gains to do what ? Start ringing up some businesses to take her and her two pals on as a super efficient new company ? With no references to take with them.

God forbid there's a next series - if there is she'll be ripping off some poor eastern European cleaners (or the Spanish ? What was that all about ?) and lying to all and sundry.

She should have gone down with Swanny and co and in real life I'm sure she would.

Awful misstep with this one.


Spoilers ahead....
Decent acting - who doesn't like Dominic Cooper ?

Action sequences are fine but it's all a bit predictable.

Who's the mole in MI6 - could it be the guy from Slytherin ??

What's the target ? It's got a river running through it - obviously it's going to be London.

The boat chase is fine but apparently it's only Stratton and co who have guns. No armed police in the vicinity at all. And how come police helicopters CA lose track of a boat in a canal ? And then they're on their own ? Odd. Very odd.

Cheap SFX too but it's an ok watch.

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