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The Unbelievable Truth

Unbelievably awful
So bad it moved me to write my first IMDb review.

There are plenty of talented amateur film makers, actors and directors out there, none of them were involved in this film. To say that the horribly stiff acting and poor writing and screen play is a "edgy style" that you don't get unless your hip is just a lazy cop-out. Hal Hartley is not a film maker, he's a dude with a camera and some friends wasting time. There have been much better high school plays. There really was no reason to make or see this movie, none.

In the future I'll be more careful when choosing movies to watch based on IMDb ratings, especially those with less than a few thousand votes (just about all of Hal Hartley's movies). I should have read all of the reviews, not just the ones written by the cast and their friends.

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