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  • I grab the tickets and went to watch the movie Jattu Engineer of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan aka Dr. MSG. Believe me, it's totally uproarious one, quite amazing. I am totally amazed after watching this movie. The dialogues, scenes, presentation style and undoubtedly, 'Thuk Laa Ke' dialogue of Sghaint Singh Sidhu stunned a ton. From the beginning to the end, everything in the movie is astonishing. I didn't find any single element of boredom in that. The dialogues of Shakti Singh Sisodia (Head Master), were extremely powerful. His one dialogue, "Anpadh Jaatt Padhe Jaisa, Pdha Likha Jaatt Khuda Jaisa Aur Agar Jaatt Head Master Ho To Science Ke Baap Jaise", has become turned out to be much more prominent in the midst of the watchers. The comical scenes don't need words. That were the best. All in all, the movie is flawless mix of pretentious parody, engaging acting and most importantly fully entertaining. I recommend you to watch it if you want to immerse in gigantic joy.
  • September, 2016, Surgical strikes by India are months ago. No one can forget the immense courage and sacrifice of our soldiers on that day, which without any doubt resulted in great success for us! But there was another painful side which boils the blood of every patriotic person that even after such valor and sacrifice of Army, some people want proof of all that. Is that bearable? Anyways, I appreciate Baba MSG, who took the initiative to give proof to these emotionless people. And frankly speaking, what the great valiance Baba have shown. I mean, no one even dare to think about this all. Removing terrorism in the homes of terrorists?? Seems truly impossible. Instead, Baba had indirectly given way to our Army of tackling with this curse in the most appropriate way. I appreciate and admire this heroism of Baba. Taking such hot topic to make movie honestly needs great courage and MSG have shown this courage in commendable way!!
  • There are numerous inspirational movies. But most of these are either monotonous or less worthy to watch. But the movies that Dr. MSG is making are tremendously enlivening and entertaining as well. I found MSG The Warrior Lion Heart as Superior creation, wherein a valor defeats each enemy of motherland and saves the dignity of women. Accepting the challenges to eradicate all social evils from society, is the passion of Dr. MSG. Thats why there is always something unique in HIS movies. With matchless action, power booting dialogues, extreme compositions of songs, HE wrapped up the messages within all these and wins over the hearts of public.
  • MSG 2-The Messenger is about conquering negativity and giving confidence to people to tide over their defects and difficulties. It contains numerous messages like: Avoid non-vegetarian food, avoid all inebriations, build your character high, always do good deeds, removing the curse of child marriage, and most importantly, it gives message that, if our intentions are right, then with GOD's name, we can conquer whole world. Every scene has something for us, to learn. Everything in movie is nicely choreographed, projected and moreover, very nicely it is presented to public at large. While portraying the lives of tribal folks, the movie carries a profound message that when an uncivilized being can live a noble life, why civil people of elite society indulge in filthy acts of binge drinking and obscenity? The movie is intended to evoke selflessness, patriotism and sacrifice among the youth for the country. It inspires the youth who wish to do something for their nation.Moreover, we can say movie is providing a right direction for the creation of HUMAN BEINGS that cares for others as well. GREAT CONCEPT..