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The Stinky & Dirty Show

Excellent show that is educational and fun!
My 3 year old has watched it 10x in a row. He loves it! He especially loves the humor in it. It is educational without being overbearing. It is very entertaining. It demonstrates great lessons in physics. I love that Stinky and Dirty work as a team. My son loves the animations and the action. He also loves problem solving. Stinky and Dirty are very good at relating their thought process of how they are trying to solve a problem. There is no fighting or showing off, like in many other shows with work trucks. I also am grateful there are no villains. It is very positive! It is a short, which in some ways I like because other shows are so long he gets lost in them. He likes is so much though that it is over too quick and he watches it over and over again. I hope they make more.

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