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Jattu Engineer

superb comedy with lot of social education
*Jattu engineer* A perfect blend of comedy and emotions served in an epic roles by Dr Gurmeet ram rahim ji in this movie. He puts a big surprise on everyone's face that how a saint can make you laugh by his comedy & he has done his job so nicely that no one can that he is tyro in comedy.Finally he have one more comedian in B'town The dual role played by the saint are mind blowing. One is of funny Sikh guy who always make everyone laugh by his act in the whole movie. Apart from this the other one is Shakti singh Sisodiya the school teacher who has posted in the village which is dirty, people are illustrate and drug addicts. The whole story reveals how saint remove these I'll habits of the villagers Making them self reliant by constructing a bio gas plant, encourages young lives to overcome there weaknesses and achieving heights in their interest fields. Apart from this inspirational story line the songs and dialogues in movie are also very good. Various other characters in this movie have also done their jobs so well that every minute you put hands on your mouth to stop you to laugh out loudly. All along movie is a great comedy with lot of social massage

MSG 2 the Messenger

Total entertainment and social massage also
This movie is a great movie same like msg1, story is based on Illitrate and on old life of some man who lived in jungle and against the government and system. Government decided to kill them and saint MSG save him and change his life and connect them in social life and learn them how to live. Saint focus on their superstition and show them the right way to live like a social persons. And saint focus on many more social problems and solve also. The movie is full on entertainment, action. Music of this movie is amazing, I would like to listen again and again. All around we can say this is completely different and lovely movie from other movie, we can watch this movie with our family and friends.

MSG: The Messenger of God

All round this is a superb movie
This movie is a true social improving, motivation, full of entertainment with action, comedy and music is outstanding, Every songs has a different and special music, And acting of saint is great, I am surprised to see a saint as an perfect actor, Not only actor a singer, composer, writer, director, stuntman lyrics composer and many more. After all this movie a complete package for viewers and have many social massage also in this movie, to all of generation. I am very happy to see this movie and hope for more movies like this movie in future. And the holy teacher is show a new path to serve humanity from saint the good works also done in movie like blood donation, tree plantation, companion, shelter for orphans, respect to our old games, awareness about bad habits of wine and many more. All around this is great movie several ways.

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