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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

Good Show Cool Plot Bad Character Development
Actual Score: 7.3/10 First Lets Talk about the plot the plot was actually really quite good and a bit different.The Plot Goes A Bit like This The Main Charter How is in control of a enemy AI ship and defeats other ships know as the flog that also are AI. The the ship all start to fall for the main character forming a ship harem.This plot is a little bit cringe but still quite good. Plot 7.7/10 Now Lets talk about The Animation The Animation was Good But Nothing Special. Animation:7.4/10 Now The sound. The Voice Actors we Good. There Is No Dub. The Sound Track Is Really Good. Sound 7.5/10 Now Lets Get To Th Bad Part Of The show The Character Development.Now Where This Show Truly Fails Is In Its Character development It Feels Like The Characters get Nowhere by the end Of The show And They fell Like they Don't really have Any emotions which i fell Makes the Show Boring And Empty.Take this For Example The Main Characters Are in A Big Battle where they could lose there lives and they not scared or worried and they don't seem to care about each other at all. Character development: 7/10 Finally The Story: yes It has A good Plot and Story Line But The Story Doesn't Go In To Detail About the Charterers or how they got to where they are now or even really why the fog is there its just a bit empty and dull. One Example of This Is in The first Ep where It shows us Where the main character and submarine-401 meet But it Doesn't Finish that part of the story a all. Story: 7.3/10 Overall: 7.3/10

Gakuen Mokushiroku: Highschool of the Dead

Amazing Could Have Been One Of The Greats Still Can Be
Hi. I Really Love This Anime. First Lets Start Of With The Fact That It Has A Great Story Line And Plot Also The Charters are Likable and You Form A Sort of Bond Withe Them That Said The One Problem Is The Fan Service/Ecciness That Lets The Anime Down Don't Get Me Wrong I Like The Ecchiness In Anime But The Thing With It In HOTD Is That There Will An Really Emotional Scene And The Boom Titty Shot It Recks the Dramatic Atmosphere Of The Anime And Damage The Emotional Factor Of The Zombie/Horror Genre The Only Negative Is The Ecchiness Otherwise A top Anime That Deserves and 8.5 to 9. OK Lets Get Back To The Positives The Sub and Dub Are Both Really Good So Its Your Choice The Animation Is Amazing And The Charter Chemistry Is Also Amazing. So Overall I Would Recommend This To Everyone as Along As Your Not Offended By Pantie Shots Every Episode :D Or Afraid Of A Bit Of Blood !

Positives: 1) Amazing Story/plot

2) Amazing Charter Chemistry And Emotions 3) Really Good Sub And Dub 4) Amazing Animations

Negatives: 1) Ecchi/Fan service 2) Still No second Season But They Have Stated That It Will be Out In Mid Or Late 2015


Amazing Anime Definite Have To watch This.
This Is An Amazing Anime The Japanese And English Voice Are Both Amazing You Will Enjoy this show Any Way It Doesn't Matter Which Langue You Watch.The Charters Are very Likable And Your Grow A Bond With Them Over The Course Of the Series. The Graphics Are Amazing the Story Is Breathtaking And Confusing At Times But after An Episode Or 2 It starts To Make Sense. This Is A Must Watch. This is one of the best anime of all time 9.5/10. :) Graphics 9/10 Story 9.5/10 Audio: Sub:9.5/10 Dub:9.5/10 Charters 10/10.I have Only Watch Half Of The Series But It Is Interesting And Will have You Stuck To Your Seat The Whole Time It Is Amazing.

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