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The Story of Percival Pilts

A wonderful and beautiful tale in a stunning world!
Having seen this wonderful animation for the first time 17.5.2015 at the AIAF in Wagga Wagga, I was blown away but how visually stunning a stop motion could be! The animation is smooth, and the process is an amazing combination of simple and detailed, creating a beautiful and visually artistic world.

The world is quite quirky and bizarre in its own little way, which works quite effectively and well with it's cute story about a guy who refuses to come down from his stilts, and stays true to himself and his life ambitions despite the world around him.

Having also seen the behind the scenes talk given at the festival, and listening to the creators talk about their process, and each step, I really began to appreciate every hand carved stone in the city, and the amount of work and dedication they both put into their project, which has clearly paid off in making a great short stop-motion film that can be enjoyed by anyone!

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