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Yeh Saali Aashiqui

Enthralling and captivating
A must watch for sure with twist and turns. Well directed and very well acted by new actors.

Don't miss this one

The Courier

I liked it
Some people have rated this movie 5 and below 🌟 but it's a decent 6 star to 7 star movie.

Action was good and you won't get bored.

I Spit on Your Grave

Must watch Hardcore violence
Of you are fan of hardcore violence and blood spilling on all your emotions. This movie is for you.

At first I thought it would be a low budget trash movie.

But I was fully blown by the way it captivates your attention.

It's a must watch Revenge completed movie


A Good Woman centric sports movie
The storyline with woman centric plot starring Kangana at its best enacted movie.

The story is one of gripping ones showcasing the dilemmas women has to go through while making choices between her family and her passion.

The story delivers at each point.

With Richa Chaddha as best friend and with husband starring Jassie gill and mother starring Neena Gupta and all characters fit in and had played great role and justice.

A must watch movie for one time at least

Ghost Stories

Not for people looking for real Horror
It's just Ok for one time watch. All 5 stories doesn't have much horror element to offer.

Bollywood ahould take inspiration from South Indian movies for making horror movies.

Yip Man 4

The finale to Legendary kung Fu GrandMaster
I have no words.

Never wanted the Ip Man chapter to end. But this was the greatest Finale and best tribute to Yip Man.

The movie was full of emotions and good teachings which kung fu teaches to one. A must watch.

Love Yip Man.

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

A movie with Catchy story line and complete entertainer
Having watched this movie at theatre followed by multiple viewing at home.

I could recommend this movie to anyone who just want to have a good time.

The movie is complete package and doesn't gets boring even for a second.

A must watch

Dabangg 3

Typical stereo type Dabangg prequel
As I didn't had much of an expectation from Dabangg 3 and same was found to be true

The only Dabangg which was good was Dabangg 1.

SKF should put an end to Dabangg line up.

Nothing new. Even story wasn't catchy.Actoon scenes seemed like taken from Dabangg part 1 and 2 and looked repeatative.

Trying to create Munna badnam song which wasn't catchy either compared to Munni badnam.

Better to skip this one and watch it on television.

Super 30

The best acting Hrithik has ever done
Hrithik has done a fabulous acting with all the expressions and emotions. The near flawless execution from Hrithik and other Co stars makes the movie treat to watch and wouldn't let you take of your eyes even for a minute.


Just action and no gripping story
So, I watched the movie.The action sequence is good but without a good storyline it falls flat. You just cannot make a movie based on action sequence.You need to have storyline thrilling you at every moment along with action sequence.

I really loved Super 30 which was completely a different genre of movie but still have great story and acting.

A action movie too could have a great storyline but WAR falls flat and is just ok and easy forgettable.

You won't regret even if you miss watching it .

Alif Laila

The most alluring and temtping series
Alif Laila is one of my Childhood best memories and series which I still watch even after achieving adulthood.

Somehow it's still feel fresh,captive and interesting.

It brings back my childhood.

I am really fond of Alif Laila and will always remain one.

You won't regret watching the entire series.It available in Youtube

Vinci Da

Real Gem Of Movie-Vinci Da
The movie is a gem. The movie is a masterpiece. The movie is marvelous Feat.

Such movies deserve to be watched by world wide audience.

Bengali movies are way ahead of Bollywood in terms of content except for few masala Bengali movies and actors like Jeet and Dev.

Other actors and Directors are truely applaudable.

Romeo Akbar Walter

A must watch Underrated movie
This movie deserves much higher rating. It's definitely breathtaking and thrilling to watch.

With turns and twist,I would definitely recommend a must watch for everyone.


A remake or copy of Teacher's Diary Thai Movie
I don't have any words. All SKF production is doing now is to copy or remake the Korean movies.

Notebook story is an identical twin of Thailandish movie Teacher's Diary.

Now,people who have seen Teacher's Diary won't like the Hindi version.

Same will be the story of Bharat which is copy or on similar lines of the Korean movie Ode to my Father.

Salman Khan is my Fav but he shud bring something new and shud stop remaking and copying movies

Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota

A fantastic Comical superhuman movie
The movie is definitely worth watching. The script and direction is superb and so strong that even when Abhimanyu's acting graph tends to lower down,the script overshadows it and compliment Abhimanyu making him a superstar in the movie. Radhika Madan looks ecstatic and her stunts and actions are equally commendable and empowers her making her stand out. Coming to Gulshan Devaiya,his double role in both positive and negative role is well acted and executed.He is one of the actors who have all ingredients of a Good actor and he is hugely to be credited for uplifting Mard Ko dar Nahi hota.

Last but all the least Mahesh Manjrekar and other supporting actors have done their part of role in well manner and should get the accolade s well.

thanks Vasan bala ,RSVP for an entertaining movie which is worth a must watch.


A good try to remake The Invisible Guest
The movie is good since it's been a remake of The Invisible Guest(Contratiempo).

But I would still say it lacks at some place where the Original version outshines.

The acting from Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Panu is commendable though it was quite evident that they already knew how the characters needs to protrait their expression and feelings.

A good one time watch

Captain Marvel

It's definitely must watch for all Marvel Fan
Many people didn't like it as per the review I could see in IMDB.

But this movie is good and didn't find it boring at all .I was sceptical after seeing the reviews but even then I went to theatre and watched it and it was an utter pleasure experience.

There was not a single moment which made me to walk out and was rather an opposite feel.

I loved it. It's a fictional comic character which had a very super powerful Captain Marvel,a fantastic women.

Luka Chuppi

A Fun ride and hilarious Lukka Chuppi
The movie starts off well with a topic of live in relation and continues to show different view of people and their aspect of live in relationship.

The story keeps you engaged with all hilarious dialogues and all actors have done their part of role really well.

A Pure stress buster and an entertainer with a different content oriented story which is showcased Hatke and in a comedy way.

Gully Boy

A Hatke Content in Bollywood
My rating is because something different is been tried in Bollywood.It might be copy of some Hollywood movie but still new steps been taken to break the walls and try something New.

The movie is entertaining but might not be liked by some.Ranveer is the male protagonist and Alia's role and acting is commendable and all other Co-actors have equally done a good job.

it's a one time watch for sure.

Russian Doll

A New delicious way of presenting the old recipe make
It's an old wine in new bottle or to be said a an old recipe presented in a delicious way. It starts of slowly and steadily making it's way to finally get you hooked on your seats till all the 8 episodes get over and makes you want for more.

The season 1 ending couldn't be better than what we see and witnessed for Russian doll.

A thumbs up from my end.


Needs to be watched and Worth it
The movie clearly gives a message about cleanliness,etiquettes and scarcity of Toilets and bathrooms leading to defecation in open.

It's gives a social message which needs to be worked upon not only by Government but also by us the people who are residing in.

Government alone can't do anything and people needs to join in for a better & clean environment and society

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

A different Content and Concept
The movie starts with slow pace and follows the same pace filled with drama except for the last 20 mins

Throws light on a particular group of people which needs to be accepted.

The movie misses out on feel,punch and expression.Sometimes turn out to be boring as well.

It's a drama movie rather than an entertaining and definitely not for audience looking out for stress buster. It's ok one time watch and could be skipped to be watched in theatre.Instead wait for it to be broadcasted over television.

Uri: The Surgical Strike

Makes you feel Ecstatic and Proud of Indian Soldier
I am in no terms been able to review this movie.

The movie is humungously filled with Patriotism right from the beginning.

The visuals,the BGM, cinematography everything falls in right places making it an Awestruck.

Vicky Kaushal,Paresh Rawal,Yami ,Kirti and Mohit all has done overwhelmingly good.

This is a war movie and not an antiwar and it's bloody hell deserving one.

All stars from my end.This movie is above stars

Salute to Soldiers


#Thumbs down -A movie copied from #Temper
The movie is a copy of south Indian movie and familiar plot to movie Temper. The times when we are having movies like Tumbbad,Andhadhun,Stree,Badhaai Ho etc and on the other hand there is movie like Simbaa which brings nothing new to plate.Just a hindi version of south Indian movie. K.G.F is far more better and I shouldn't even compare it with such movies. People who haven't watched #Temper will find Simmba attractive and paisa vasool but for others it will be 'a not so paisa vasool movie'.

The message is strong and its appreciated but thumbs down for bringing nothing new and just copying a movie already exist.

Directors and script writers should understand that its an era of Globalisation and we people of India watch all Indian movies whether it be Tamil,Telugu,Marathi,Kannada Bengali etc.

So stop copying and remaking the movies which are already made and spoiling the fun for viewers and public investing hard earned movie for buying tickets to watch their movie.

Bring creativity and content.

K.G.F: Chapter 1

An Awestruck experience-K.G.F movie
From action to story to all the Kolar Mine setup everything was gripping.The Dialogue delivery by actor Yash to the action sequence and style.Thats how the Hero should be and that's what Yash is in the movie similar to what was Prabhas was in the movie Bahubaali

I don't believe in South,North, East,West.

But yes K.G.F is one of the blockbuster movie made in India.Hats off to director and to every person involved in the making of this movie.

Bollywood should learn some tricks from thsi movie.

Desperately waiting for Chapter 2

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