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America's Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil

shocking! Not in a good way.
Do not waste Your time or money, pass this one by. Shock number 1) The inaccuracies. Shock number 2, the fact, like a previous reviewer I, actually thought I was watching something created in the 90'., Shock number 3, the narrator' bizarre need to over act when repeating supposed actual text, not to mention the accents. Frederic Reamer, a social worker who gives his opinion in each video even becomes quite annoyed at one point at the utter stupidity of the interviewer's questions, they actually left that in. I'd had my doubts about what I was watching, but when I watched that, I knew I had made a bad move. (thankfully, I only wasted my time).


Pay the Ghost

Truly Terrifying.
I actually don't mind ol' Nic, I find him amusing to watch, the 'it's my job.' character motivation thing. I Had read another reviewers post about this movie and can only heartily agree that he is obviously now at the stage where he is accepting jobs as is, no read through of scripts, no discussion of character;someone on his team (does he have a team?) is basically not doing their job and proof reading the material he is being offered.

I wanted to enjoy this movie, it's a ghost story, I really only want any of them to do well, but they never do. I actually only found one section near the end of the movie interesting, then it went the way of the Dodo.

Could I suggest just not seeing this movie, I could,but I wont, not really, go watch it, revel in it's crapness, be in awe that Hollywood produces garbage on this scale routinely all the time, it has such a bloody stranglehold over content and subject that again and again movies are just dire, they hold nothing and entertain no one, aside from idiots! The whole Hollywood system is just wrong.

Chakushin ari final

Nuts, crazy mad
I recently watched all three movies in the series, 1st movie was really good, 2nd movie was good,dragged the premise out,but was still very enjoyable the 3rd and "Final" movie, what the hell?, granted the version I watched had terrible subtitles but that aside this movie was just totally awful, crazy and really did make me wish I hadn't watched it.

I do have one good thing to say about it, it's nice to know it's not just Hollywood that grab on to an idea and try an milk every penny from it even if it results in destroying the power of the better movies within the series.

I sadly think the whole little Japanese girl who haunts others and kills people has been done to death now, what with Hollywood remaking Japanese movies(Poorly), now I find out they have remade the 1st missed call movie, I can't help but wonder just how awful that will be? So any one wanting to watch these movies, stay away from the 3rd movie, just watch the other 2.

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