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Desh Drohi

Best Patriotic Film Ever Made
Advice: Never watch this film alone;it tastes best when watched in groups.

Coming to the point, Desh drohi is a timeless classic by mega ishtar KRK and has content that has never been attempted before in the history of Hindi film industry. It depicts the never-ending struggle of a common man for justice in a city ruled by goons and #2rs politicians. This journey is so emotional and believable that you are into tears throuhout the film. Not evn a single scence is to be missed for films like deshdrohi come once in a lifetime. KRk as the protagonist carries the entire film on his own. He delivers a performance that you just cannot stop discuss his antics once you are done with the film.He is the heart and soul of the film and delivers a performance that has the potential to put even the likes of Tom Hanks to shame.The music is extraordinary while the locations are a delight. All in all, a film that should be cherished and savoured in the years to come...

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