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Shut In

A bit predictable but still entertaining.
If you're going to watch this movie with not too high expectations, like I did, you might enjoy this little mystery thriller. There is a good amount of subtle suspense, a predictable but still enjoyable mystery level, in a story that keeps you interested until the end. As for the acting it's mostly about Naomi Watts. She has the most screen time and did a good job, like the rest of the small cast by the way. Shut In won't win any Oscars but it's certainly good enough to entertain me.


Some idiot had a clever idea to make a sort of play about Covid.
First of all let me say that I normally like James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan. Sharon Horgan is normally a good comedian so I was looking forward to see what kind of comedy this would be. I read another reviewer stating she cried and laughed during the entire movie, it was that good, so yes I was looking forward to it. But what a disappointment it turned out to be. As if we were already not bombarded enough with the Covid propaganda every day, somebody had the great idea (that's sarcasm by the way) to make a boring movie about it. All you get is a neverending conversation between James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan. Sometimes also a neverending monologue about their stupid opinion of the whole crisis. A complete letdown. I know it's just a movie but at one point I couldn't stand their faces anymore, hopefully this feeling will go away when they appear in another movie. I can't believe anybody enjoyed this stinker. Highly overrated if you ask me. But if you hadn't enough of the Covid propaganda, you know that thing they write 30 articles about per day in every newspaper, that thing you hear non-stop about on the news since two years, then yes you will enjoy this piece of garbage.


When trying to chock the audience becomes dull and boring.
I'm surprised there are that many people that thought this was a funny movie. Satire and sarcasm are normally the kind of humor I enjoy the most so I was expecting something great but the truth is that there wasn't anything funny about it. I guess the director wanted to chock people, I can't find any other explanation for this plot, and for me it didn't work. First of all I'm not easily chocked, even when incestuous scenes are made to look like it's a totally normal thing to do, it didn't chock me. On the contrary I thought it was dumb and boring. The movie also make it look like homosexuals are all perverts that only think of playing with eggplants and having massive orgies whilst playing roulette. You couldn't come up with it yourself, that's how stupid it was. It's basically about a weird family and acquaintances that have weird sex. I honestly didn't see the satire in all that. I guess the acting wasn't bad, but the story definitely was. Highly overrated movie in my opinion and certainly not a comedy.


Not bad at all.
Again I don't get what people didn't like about this movie. I must have a strange and different view of what an entertaining movie looks like. I thought Snakehead was highly entertaining, a good plot (I really don't get what some reviewers thought was confusing) and a more than decent cast. All the actors are unknown to me but they all delivered. I though the acting was actually quite good, much better than what I was expecting after seeing the score it gets on here. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the bad reviews, if you look for an entertaining movie this is one of them.


Entertaining crime drama.
Stillwater is quite a long movie, but it's never boring even if it's not very fast paced. Matt Damon is perfect for this role. He's a simple man in real life so playing a simple man in a movie is just something he's perfect for. I do like Matt Damon, not only for what he represents in real life, but also as an actor. He always delivers and that can't be said from all actors. The story of Stillwater is entertaining to watch, it keeps you focussed and eager to know what will happen. The mix of French and English was a good choice, it feels right as the movie is shot in Marseille, where not a lot of people speak English. That's a little detail that makes it look more realistic. The rest of the cast was also good, even the little girl, she was very convincing as well in her role. Certainly worth a watch.


Royalty, a dying breed that should be guillotined.
I don't know why I watched this. I don't like royalty at all, I'm not slightly interested in anything they do nor represent and still I did watch it. I shouldn't have though. It's a biography and it actually showed exactly what I think about that whole charade, a highly boring life from a family that is just posh and hautain. Kristen Stewart didn't do a bad job playing Diana though, the tone in her voice sounded like her. I know most people loved Diana, I couldn't care less. If she wanted a normal life then she shouldn't have sign up to live in that circus. In short, there are good actors for a boring story. Slow, not interesting, a movie I wished I didn't watch.

South of Heaven

Started okay but ultimately it failed.
Well I have to agree with the negative reviews for once. Despite the good cast and an interesting first half the movie quality went downhill pretty fast. There are a lot of scenes that weren't good at all, that didn't make much sense and that brought the quality of the story down. As for the acting there were some actors that were not convincing at all at times. And I'm not talking about extras but major actors. I don't know what happened, it started good but it turned bad at one point and it never recovered. Too bad because it had potential.

Le gendarme et les gendarmettes

The weakest of all Gendarme movies.
I rewatched all the "Gendarme" movies, classics from my youth, when you didn't have much choice too chose from. I'm a big fan of Louis de Funès so I never thought I would say it but I think enough is enough. This one is definitely the weakest of all the Gendarme movies. The plot is just not good. It's also borderline sexist and racist, maybe not for that time but certainly for this era. That said it's always fun to watch Louis de Funès, the man of thousand faces. Michel Galabru is also a great comedian and when those two form a pair it's just worth watching. It's a shame the plot is sometimes so dumb, a shame for those two great actors. From all the movies starring Louis de Funès I think this one is the weakest.


Not that great to be honest.
After a rather promising beginning, if you don't count the cliché "boarding school has his bunch of bullies and one stands up against it", the plot is getting more boring towards the end. I can't say I'm really thrilled about Sceance after watching it. It's all been done before and much better to be honest. The acting was decent, nothing more, but the story felt short. The horror scenes are very mild, not worth mentioning. It's all low budget, just like the quality.

Le gendarme et les extra-terrestres

One of the weaker Gendarme movies.
I started rewatching all the "Gendarme" movies, very popular comedies from my youth, when you didn't have much choice to chose from. Movies with Louis de Funès and Michel Galabru have always been very popular. As by now Le Gendarme à Saint-Tropez has been the best one (it was the first one). Le Gendarme Et Les Extra-Terrestres is of the same quality as the second one, Le Gendarme à New York. The story itself is mediocre and for modern day standards a bit dumb but in those days it was what people wanted. There are still a good amount of funny scenes with de Funès and Galabru but overal the movie didn't age that well. One more Gendarme to go and then it's over. Hopefully it's better than this one.


Freaky drumming rabbit.
If I would collect movie props that drumming rabbit toy would be the first thing I would buy. I'm not sure, no in fact I'm 100% sure, that thing wouldn't be allowed in the house by my wife. It was creepy and fun to watch. The movie has a good suspense level, and some mystery that keeps you interested. I thought Jonathan French was very convincing in his role, pretty good acting of him. The horror is there but it's mild, it's all more about the suspense and mystery. Overal the story is fine but could have been better. It's good enough for a one time viewing though.


Good bloody fighting scenes.
As an action movie Kate is a good movie and certainly worth a watch. That's if your okay with a predictable plot and some exaggerated scenes like a woman beating twenty Yakuza all by herself. It's fast paced and never boring and the acting is more than decent. Mary Elizabeth Winstead gave a convincing performance. As for Woody Harrelson he's more a poster filler as he didn't have that much scenes but the once he was in were of course top. I always liked that actor. The best thing about the movie are the fighting scenes, and there are a lot of those, it's all very well choreographed and executed. Bloody violent as well, and it all looked quite realistic. That alone made me have a nice popcorn movie night. Kate is for the fans of that genre.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

A good bit of fun...
Keeping Up With The Joneses is an easy movie to watch, with some really funny scenes and an interesting plot for a comedy. Zach Galifianakis looks like he lost half of his body weight, what makes him look like a totally different person, but he's still funny though. Gal Gadot, what is that a hot woman, is also a more than a decent actress. Isla Fisher looked stunning as well in some scenes. A funny goodlooking actress, Sacha Baron Cohen is a lucky man. Jon Hamm, the fourth major character of the movie, is a good actor as well so the combination of those four was just a good choice. I had some good laughs with this movie and that's what it's all about when watching a comedy, a good time of fun.

Beneath a Sea of Lights

Interesting story about getting by in a luxuary world.
Another reviewer wrote this was a low budget movie with bad actors. It's a thing I didn't get. I didn't see any bad acting at all. On the contrary I thought Barkhad Abdi and Jim Sarbh, the two main characters, did a good job. The only thing that didn't look real was a fight between them, but all the rest was more than decent. The movie isn't fast paced but it isn't really necessary to tell this story. It's a recognizable story about people trying to get by, both in their own way, in a country where luxuary is omnipresent. I thought it was worth a watch. I've seen thousands of worse movies so I'm not going to complain about this one at all.


Bruce Willis, the new Nicolas Cage...
What do Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis have in common right now? They both acted in some entertaining movies in the past, where they were okay actors, not great but okay, and now they just sign up for anything. It looks like it doesn't matter to them how bad the script is. If it pays they'll do it. I wonder if they even read the script. No Nicolas Cage in Apex though, he chose to ruin our movie evening with Prisoners of the Ghostland instead. Bruce Willis was the one chosen to ruin our movie evening this time. It looked like he was not to bothered to deliver this time. The rest of the cast tried something but overal it was of the same level. The worst thing about Apex is the plot. Who writes this kind of garbage? And even worse, who decides to make a movie after reading that garbage? I started substracting a point (or a star in IMDb's rating system) every time there was a cringing scene, where you thought it couldn't be dumber. I was already at zero stars left after half an hour so that wasn't the right way to rate this stinker. I'll just give it two stars because there are worse movies, but it was borderline to be honest.

Le gendarme en balade

Louis de Funès and Michel Galabru, a winning combination.
I started rewatching all the "gendarme" movies, classic comedies from my youth. In France and Belgium everybody watched those movies, especially because of the presence of Louis de Funès, the greatest French comedian ever. The man with a thousand gimmicks never fails to entertain. Michel Galabru is also another French actor that made a lot of people laugh so having those two in the same movie is always worth a watch. Le Gendarme En Balade is like Le Gendarme Se Marie, it's contains some stupid scenes but the good scenes made it all worth watching. I watched those movies so many times and I think they're still funny, even after all those years.

The Accursed

What a bad script! I can't believe anybody would like this stinker.
A lot of nine and ten star reviews for this one, especially the first reviews. You get it by now. Those are written by people involved in the movie or by people that know somebody involved in the movie. All reviews from people that never reviewed another movie before and that will probably never will review another movie again unless the director decides to give it another shot in the future. If I was the director I would just keep it at this one and try to find another job because it's not good. Very weak directing, mediocre actors (and I'm being gentle here) and a story that is more laughable than enjoyable. Every ten minutes or so they see something suspicious and of course there's a remedy for it. For example a bird flies into a window, let's get some salt at the door entrance. I was waiting for a radish drenched in garlic sauce at one point, you can't imagine how bad the script was. I was annoyed for the entire movie, not only because of the incredible dull script but also the acting of some really bad actors. Don't waste your time on this one, it's been all done before and way better, even though that's not difficult to do.

Le gendarme se marie

Third Gendarme movie, better than the second one.
I started rewatching all the "Gendarme" movies, classic comedies from when I was young and you didn't have much to chose from. People were looking forward to watch another movie with Louis de Funès, still by far the greatest French comedian ever. The man with a thousand faces, his gimmicks alone are worth the watch. Le Gendarme de St-Tropez, the first one was at this point the best one, followed up by a rather disappointing Le Gendarme à New York, to now be followed by Le Gendarme Se Marie which is slightly better. Claude Gensac makes her first appearance in the Gendarme movies. She will be in many other movies with Louis de Funès in the future. Michel Galabru is also a great watch, never failing to entertain. The movie isn't perfect but there are enough moments were I had the giggles, mostly when Galabru and/or de Funès are involved. In 1968 everybody from France and Belgium watched this movie, it's a classic French comedy everybody remembers.


Strange but not bad.
I wouldn't categorize Lamb as a horror movie, more a mystery drama. In my case I figured out the "mystery" from almost the beginning but still it's worth a watch. It's not fast paced, but it's well filmed and the acting is more than decent. Strange to hear Noomi Rapace speaking Icelandic for the first time in a movie. Strange is also the plot, a bit weird but that doesn't mean bad. It's probably not going to be to everyone's taste but if you have an open mind and like something different you might enjoy this one.

Le gendarme à New York

A weaker Gendarme movie.
I started rewatching all the "Gendarme" movies, all classics from my youth, when you didn't have much movies to chose from. Movies starring Louis de Funès were a guarantee for success, although this one wasn't that good to be honest. The plot is sometimes a bit unconvincing. But if you like the mimics from Louis de Funès it's worth a watch. Michel Galabru is always good to watch as well. Le Gendarme à New York is just one of the weaker movies in this series. There are a couple singing scenes, one as an hommage to West Side Story, and another with his daughter singing, to me both of those scens just don't fit in the movie. This movie is from 1965 and it didn't age that well, at least not like the first movie.

Lady of the Manor

Some good laughs mixed with some more mediocre moments.
Lady Of The Manor is a comedy so I expected to laugh when watching it. If I'm honest I did laugh with some scenes, quite a few ones, but the rest of the movie was sometimes a bit mediocre. I don't think Melanie Lynskey was the right person to play this role. There are some good names in the cast but I feel like there was better to do with this plot and cast. All in all the movie is worth a watch, there are funny passages and for that alone it was worth my time but it could have been better.

Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez

De Funès - Galabru, that combination never fails.
I decided to rewatch all 6 "Gendarme" movies, classics from my youth. In those days you didn't have that much to chose from so everybody was happy when a new movie came out with Louis de Funès. He's definitely the best comedian France ever had. I watched this movie over and over when I was young so I was curious if it aged well. The truth is that there are some "dumb" scenes but bare in mind this one is from 1964, when everything was a bit different from now. It's still worth a watch though, like any other movie with Louis de Funès. His character Cruchot is a character everybody from that time remembers, well for sure if you're from France or Belgium, where Louis was immensely popular. Michel Galabru is also one of those classic French comedians that will appear in a lot of other really good movies. Jean Lefevbre will also become an actor I always enjoy watching. After so many years I'm still a big fan of the Gendarme movies. This was the first one, five more to go.

The Woman in the Window

Decent mystery movie worth a watch.
I can see why people want to compare this movie with Rear Window but to me it's just a complete different movie. The Woman In The Window has a good level of mystery although I had early correct thoughts about the villain. But that didn't matter, the plot is plenty suspenseful and that till the end. The acting was good and that from the whole cast so to me this movie deserves a higher rating than it actually gets now. It's well made with good actors, what else do you want?


I hoped of something good but it's just boring.
I don't know what Todd Solondz thinks about his own movie but I thought it was very slow, borderline boring to watch, with some decent actors but a story that goes nowhere and that is not slightly interesting. I love dogs, thought it was going to be a funny movie with a wiener-dog but the title is just misleading. The wiener-dog has nothing to do with the story, it didn't matter if he was present or not. And for a comedy I expect laughs, at least a couple grins, but nothing of this sort. I'll give it a four star rating just for its weirdness and arty filming, but if I never would recommend this movie to anyone, especially not wiener-dog lovers.

Prisoners of the Ghostland

Nicolas Cage did it again...
Nicolas Cage did it again! I don't get what his deal is? He's not a bad actor so it's always a mystery to me why he agrees to those stinkers all the time. Does he even read the scripts? Or is it just about money for him? Will he just do anything as long as you pay him? Prisoners Of The Ghostland is another movie with Nicolas Cage that is painful to watch. Not visually though, that was actually fine and that's why I scored it with three stars, but the story, or more the lack of a comprehensible story, that's what makes this movie bad. Nothing makes really sense, you almost know it from the start but you continue watching it in the hope something will change, but it doesn't... Another timewasting movie that I wished I didn't watch.

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