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Dara O Briain: Crowd Tickler

Good show, good interaction with the audience.
This was the first show I watched from Dara O Briain and it was enjoyable. Dara O Briain is a good entertainer, he knows how to tell a story. He's a fast talker so to fill a 90 minute show without getting boring isn't an easy thing to do. I was entertained for the entire show, not necessarily by the jokes which were mild but effective, but more by his interaction with the audience. He has spontaneous answers to everybody and in every situation. Improvisation isn't the easiest thing in comedy but when you can manage that you're already a step ahead to everybody. Dara O Briain is good at it and in Crowd Tickler it showed. Well worth a watch.

The Fourth Kind

Good alien movie.
I wouldn't read any reviews before watching The Fourth Kind, it's just better to have an open mind rather than already being influenced by some ideas or titles on here. Although they start the movie stating they have real archive footage, at one point you just figure out by yourself that that is all made up. That said it doesn't change anything about the story, whether you're a believer or not, it still remains an entertaining and intriguing movie. It's certainly my kind of entertainment, with some good jump scares and that without being too graphic. The acting wasn't bad, the filming neither, but the plot is the best thing about this movie. It's a good sci-fi movie, if you like watching alien stuff this one will have your attention.

The Guardians

Well made documentary about yet another scandal in the USA.
I'm an European and I would never have imagined that such a scandal could happen in the United States, or at least not for thirty years uninterrupted without anybody official doing something about it. It's the kind of scandal you would think could only happen in dictatorships, but not in 'The Land Of The Free'. The documentary is very well done, it's sometimes hard to watch, as no-one right in his mind could do something so bad to the elderly, you have to be a psychopath to do that. Children and the eldery, those two vulnerable groups of people should always be protected by their governments, and after this documentary we can only conclude that the whole system is corrupt in Nevada. Witnessing those psychopaths acting above the law, or dictating their own law, without any consequences and that while they represent the authority it's very frightening. Shame on you Nevada! My wife is from there, we watched this documentary and couldn't believe our eyes. I'm glad she came to live with me instead of the other way round, you for sure don't want to end the rest of your precious old days in Las Vegas. I can't believe the FBI is not on this case either, what the heck is wrong with justice in America? In conclusion, watch this documentary, it will open your eyes if you were asleep, open your eyes and make your own conclusions who you want to trust in the future, certainly not the government.


Swedish drama, well made.
In the drama genre Goliat isn't a bad movie. It's not really my favorite genre of movies but this one was certainly watchable. I don't know anybody of the Swedish actors but they all did a very believable job, each character added something to the story. A story that is entertaining enough, it has a good pace, not much action but the evolution and the desperation of the main character is worth watching. It's all well made, simple but effective, with a good cast so good enough to watch once.

Per qualche dollaro in più

Leone, Morricone, Van Cleef, Eastwood, a guaranteed winning combination in spaghetti westerns.
There are a lot of movies that I liked when I was young that didn't age well but For A Few Dollars More isn't one of them, it's still a great movie. I loved those spaghetti westerns from Sergio Leone when they came out and I still love them now. For A Few Dollars More is certainly one of the best ones, and even fifty-five years later it still rocks. Sergio Leone knows how to make villains likable, he knows how to make a story suspenseful with not a lot of words. The close-ups from the characters are already enough to bring that tension that we love so much. It has to be said that the cast is very well chosen. Every single one of them looks like a bandit, or just a mean guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. But what to say about the soundtrack? Ennio Morricone is or was (since he passed this year) the master of soundtracks. Who doesn't know those typical spaghetti western soundtracks, we all heared them before and we can all whistle them during the movie. To this day I still think Morricone has the most recognizable soundtracks. This soundtrack was in fact the first I ever bought on cd later on, a masterpiece if you ask me, the perfect sound to add to the suspense during the stand offs in this movie. The stand offs in this western are legendary, like in all other Sergio Leone westerns in fact. The only negative I could write about the sound in this western would be the fistfights that don't sound real, I guess that wasn't their forte in 1965. The acting on the other hand was just mesmerizing. Lee Van Cleef (one of my all time favorites in these kind of movies) and Clint Eastwood did a terrific job with their characters, but also Gian Maria Volontè and the young Klaus Kinski. This movie will forever stay a classic in this genre, after so many years it's still as enjoyable to watch as the first time I watched it. Definitely the movie you have to watch if you like westerns.

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide

Depressed people shouldn't be comedians or at least they should cure themselves before going on stage.
I've been watching a lot of stand-up comedians lately, discovered some very funny comedians that I will follow in the future, but also stumbled on some annoying not very funny wannabe comedians like Chris Gethard. I don't know any of his previous shows, this was the first one for me (and for sure also the last one), so it was waiting to get surprised or bored, and boring it was. He reminds me of the show Nanette from Hannah Gadsby, another depressing person ranting about things nobody cares, so if you're a fan of Career Suicide, if you like watching depressing people give that one a go as well. Career Suicide is first of all way too long, I can't believe people would pay to watch a guy talking about his depression for that long. Chris Gethard talks like he's a motivational speaker for the local group of people with suicidal tendencies. He looks like he's going to start crying any moment in his show, very funny if you ask me (I'm being sarcastic). Not only is his monologue long and boring, it's also just not funny besides the odd mild joke every now and then. Chris Gethard and Hannah Gadsby should do a show together, just to see who can whine the most, to see who will bore someone to death the first.

The Iron Lady

Great impersonation from Meryl Streep.
I'm surprised by the relatively low ratings The Iron Lady gets and certainly surprised by the amount of bad reviews. For people stating the story is too inaccurate it's a bit of an easy excuse. A controversal personality like Margareth Thatcher is bound to have pros and contras, people that are with her or against her and so also in movie reviewers apparently. I didn't like Thatcher before the movie and i still don't like her after the movie but I can see quality in a movie and this one is just better than just good. Not only for the story about the political woman but also because of the Alzheimers disease story, a disease that is hard to watch, certainly when it affected your personal life at one point, where you saw somebody that you concidered to be very smart to waste away like that. The Iron Lady is a strong and good movie and for that we have to rely on the excellent mesmerizing performance of Meryl Streep, to me probably her best performance ever. Watching her act was like watching the real Thatcher. The tone and sound of her voice, her looks, and most important her impersonation of Thatcher were just astonishing. The Iron Lady got two Oscars, one for Meryl Streep and one for best Make-up, and they're both well deserved. By the way, Im normally not a huge fan of Meryl Streep as I don't especially like the woman but, credit where credit's due, she made the success of this movie.

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill

Why all those negative reviews?
I'm very surprised by the amount of negative reviews on here. There are much more reviews than for most other stand-up comedians, which proves that Jerry Seinfeld is quite famous, and I think people are too critical for this specific show. It's like people expecting watching Seinfeld the series, one we almost all loved, but this is his stand-up comedy and I thought he had some clever well thought of jokes, certainly well brought as it all looks very natural with him. I saw better stand-up comedies, that I agree, but disliking this show is something I don't really get. It's an hour of easy entertainment about daily things we don't really stand still at, but where Jerry Seinfeld thinks about and in some cases his analysis is spot on. Good enough for me.

The Artist

Silent black and white, maybe if we lived in the early part of the previous century
A silent movie in black and white in this century, it just doesn't look appealing to me but as it won 5 Oscars and I'm planning on watching all Oscar winning movies I had to give it a go. Personally I wouldn't give it any Oscars even though the acting was excellent from Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo, but I saw better this year. The directing from Michel Hazanavicius was also good but again I saw better this year. The reason why I score it low is because I live in this century and watching a silent, black and white movie seems pointless to me. If I lived in the beginning of the previous century I would probably have loved this movie, as there was not much choice and silent black and white is what you got, but that's not the case. I'm not going to write it was a bad movie, just a bit slow and the story itself is a bit boring, but I admit it's well filmed and the music was also very good for creating an ambiance, that said to me it's pointless and boring, not Oscar worthy.

La Casa de Papel

Watch it in Spanish.
All my friends were talking about La Casa De Papel (I really don't get why you have to call it Money Heist) as it was the best series ever so I was really curious and excited to watch it. I waited a long time to start watching it but once I started I binge watched the first four seasons. So yes I admit it, it is addictive, you can't help to want to know what will happen in the next episode. That said the plot itself is sometimes very far fetched, in other words it would never happen like that in real life. The Professor thinks about every move the police will make, and that's fine, but sometimes it's just very unlikely and just a bit exaggerated. For that alone I can't rate this, for the rest excellent series, with a higher score. The cast is really good though, every actor did a great job, from the most annoying one to the heroes. Everyone will have their favorite character, some will die and some will survive, that what makes this show really entertaining, the not knowing what will happen. I strongly advise you watch this show in it's original language Spanish instead of watching it dubbed. It only adds to the excellent acting. I once tried to watch a dubbed thing, it's just awful, and I really don't get what people like about lips being out of synch. Can't wait for season five, let's bring it on.

Tell Me a Story

Effective twists and turns.
I wasn't sure about this series in the beginning but if you give it a bit time like I did it becomes better. The first three or four episodes I wasn't very impressed but if you can sit through those it gets more interesting at the point you will watch all the other episodes at once as you want to know what happens. There are enough twists and turns to keep your constant attention. The stories are intertwined and that gives the main story a little boost. The acting is okay, there are some annoying characters but they act well as annoying characters. I don't know why you would take Danielle Campbell to play a seventeen year old girl though, she looks definitely older and that's kinda bothering me. I'm not going to write this is an excellent show but it's entertaining. There are much better series but I had fun watching this one. I'm curious what they will come up with in season two, that will be interesting.

After We Leave

Nothing sci-fi and a bad script.
I have to admit I was kinda looking forward to watching this movie, a sci-fi with an appealing poster, and a story that looked interesting but the reality turned out to be completely different. Instead I got to watch a boring slow movie with decent actors but with a badly written script and a below average production. The script is full of unexplained parts that keep you guessing, and on top of that a quite dumb ending that doesn't bring any satisfaction. After We Leave isn't even sci-fi unless you count the fact that there is another planet to live on apparently, but other than that nothing happens slightly remotely interesting. It's basically a waste of time watching this movie, unless you're not easily bored and don't mind bad scripts.

Kathleen Madigan: Madigan Again

Good story telling comedian.
It's always nice to discover a new stand-up comedian, well at least new to me, when their show turn out to be funnier then you thought it would be. Kathleen Madigans perfomance was a nice surprise. She knows how to tell a story, that's her best asset, she does good impressions while having her fictive conversations, and her jokes might be subtle but are effective. I like listening to her, it's like listening to stories from your funniest friend at a party , the one that has a funny answer to everything. I will for sure look out for her other shows, just to find out if they are as entertaining as this one was.

Ali's Wedding

Not a bad movie even for people that hate religions like me.
Even though I hate every single religion on earth I have to admit I enjoyed Ali's Wedding. It's a good entertaining story and the acting wasn't bad either. I don't know everything about the Muslim culture but I saw enough things that I was aware of and those things were the things that made me laugh. As a convinced atheist it's fun to watch religious people. I studied a lot of religions just to see what drives those people to be oppressed like that for their entire life. It looks like they are stuck in the middle ages with their crazy superstitions, rituals and beliefs. I'm not attacking Islam if you were wondering, to me every other religion is as stupid as Islam but everyone is entitled to its opinion and as long as nobody hurts anyone else and/or don't impose their religion to others I'm fine with it. I thought it was funny to see how stupid they are but I wonder if a Muslim will see the same humor as me. I guess to them this looks all normal but as an outsider you can't help it to feel smarter than them when you see their ridiculous ritiuals and beliefs. Arranged marriages, it looks like something from another century but it's still practised worldwide. Women are just objects in Islam, inferior to men, and in Ali's Wedding they're not shy to show that. Overal I thought Ali's Wedding was a good representation of the Islamic traditions. The fact that Ali wants to break partially with those dumb laws was the positive note of this movie and made it worth watching. There's still hope in this world, hope one day all religions will be obsolete.

He Died with a Felafel in His Hand

Average movie, I really hope that was not the best from Australia.
I watched this movie after reading some extremely positive reviews on here, stating it was excellent, brilliant, the best out of Australia, so yes I had high expectations. The truth is that He Died With A Felafel In His Hand is just an average movie that starts promising but the further you're into the story the more boring it gets. That's the feeling I had, I laughed mildly a couple of times in the beginning but it never got better, on the contrary I lost my interest as the story is just slow and going all over without making a point. I don't really see the point of a story like that. The acting wasn't bad but the story lacks content so it became just not interesting to watch. Not for me, maybe for people that aren't easily bored.


Not good enough for me.
If you're planning watching this one you can't be too picky. Linda Hamilton "the big name of this movie" is just poster filling and only appears a couple minutes, Zach Avery on the other hand has a bigger role and is annoying to watch. To me he's basically a mediocre actor, at least in this movie where his bad acting shows. Not the whole cast is bad but there are for sure no future Oscar winners here. The story itself is a bit complicated to follow and is a bit far fetched even for a sci-fi. I can't say I really enjoyed this one, just sat through the story waiting for it to end.

Force of Nature

Bad script sinks this movie.
Even though the cinematography wasn't bad and there were some well known names in the cast (Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth and Emile Hirsch for example) this movie isn't that great. On the contrary it was just mediocre and that's mostly due to the bad script full of clichés and bad lines. The acting wasn't great either, maybe due to the script, even though I never thought Mel Gibson was a great actor before. He was okay when he was young (but never really brilliant), and he didn't get any better with age, quite the opposite. That said, Force Of Nature is watchable but there are more then enough moments where you will roll your eyes, and those moments will make you realize the story is just dumb.


A bit repetitive but good suspense.
As entertainment I thought Greyhound was slightly better than 1917 for example. There's more suspense in this movie than in the Oscar winning war movie from last year. That said Greyhound is sometimes a bit repetitive without being boring though. If you're like me not a big fan of wild waters and the open sea then Greyhound will be more effective, there will be more suspense as the naval battles are quite impressive. Tom Hanks did another good job with his character, he's a guarantee for success. I'm still waiting to see a bad movie with Tom Hanks. The CGI's were well done and added to the suspense. I wished they would have filmed the German side as well, in the submarine for example. I think that was a missed opportunity that would have made this movie even better. But I'm not going to complain, Greyhound was entertaining for me. If you like movies like Das Boot give this one a shot, you won't be disappointed.

The Jerk

Steve Martin like we know him, silly faces and stupid behavior.
I'm pretty sure I liked this movie more in 1979 than in 2020. We just didn't have the same quality and choice of movies back then, plus I was also a bit more immature. The Jerk is a Steve Martin show, the rest of the cast isn't really important to the story. A story that is quite dumb like Steve Martins character Marvin. I did laugh a couple times though so it wasn't all a waste. But if you're not a fan of the goofy Steve Martin then just skip this one, there are better movies made nowadays. I'm a fan of Steve Martin so I can't deny I did enjoy watching his silly faces, but the story itself is just stupid. Another movie that in my eyes didn't age very well.

Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers

I don't get the extremely negative reviews.
I agree that this wasn't Brian Regans best performance but I disagree it wasn't funny at all. In fact I think he's way funnier than a lot of other stand-up comedians. I watched two of his earlier shows, Standing Up (2007) and The Epitome Of Hyperbole (2008), those shows got me in tears from laughing, and maybe Nunchucks And Flamethrowers was not of the same level but it still gave me plenty of laughs and that's exactly what I want when watching a stand-up comedy. Brian Regan knows how to tell a joke, he has the charisma for it, the right mimics and facial expressions. His material this time was good enough to entertain me but yes I agree he did better before. He still remains in my top ten of stand-up comedians though.


Not bad but not the greatest war movie either.
1917 is a good movie but to say it's incredible is a bit exaggerated. Visually it's very good and the Oscar for that could be justified even though there were many other movies for this year that could have won that prize. But yes the cinematography was great, as was the soundtrack, so that alone makes it already worth a watch. The story on the other hand has flaws, and not little flaws, some scenes don't make much sense and that's why it's not a great movie but just a good movie. The acting was good, the cinematography great, the sound effects on top, the story (what to me is the most important in a movie) was just okay but not great. I saw much better war movies that got lesser credit so to me it's slightly overrated, but in doesn't change the fact I did enjoy watching 1917.

22 July

So that we would never forget.
22 July, it's a story that needed to be told, so that we will never forget (how could we?) what kind of sick people are walking on this earth, and so that we will never forget all those innocent victims (mostly children) that died in this cowardly massacre. We shouldn't pay too much attention to that idiot (I won't mention his name because that's giving him too much notoriety) and certainly not to his right wing manifesto. I can only imagine the kind of crap that scumbag wrote. He should just be remembered as the biggest coward living on earth and leave him to rot in his cell. The movie is well made and gives us a good idea on what happended on that tragic day of the 22nd of July in Norway. The rise of far right in the world is something awful and we will have to stay vigilant so this kind of events can be avoided. The cast did a good job playing their characters. Even if it's a long movie you never get bored (if that's the right word), the drama that took place there is a proof far right should be exterminated, those scum of the earth don't belong on this planet. All they know is hate towards anything that is not fitting their racist agenda. A must watch for everybody, even for people who vote for far right, you never know that they could grow a brain cell and change their disgusting intolerant mind.

Alejandro Riaño: Especial de stand-up

Maybe for Spanish speaking people.
I've difficulties finding really good Spanish speaking stand-up comedians. I won't say this one was bad but if you're like me needing subtitles because you don't master the Spanish language good enough then you'll probably won't get all the jokes. He had me laughing a couple times but it wasn't enough to be exceptional. Some jokes loses their puns in another language. Making jokes that only Columbians will get is also not very effective for a wider audience. I didn't get much of the Columbian inside jokes but I guess they we're funny enough for the audience that responded well to them. I'm still looking for that Spanish comedian that will make me cry from laughing, Alejandro Riaño isn't him.

Fire in the Sky

Well worth watching.
Fire In the Sky didn't get much attention when it came out, I never heard of it before watching it twenty-seven years later, and to be honest this movie deserves a chance. If you like alien abduction movies this one is certainly worth a watch, with a couple good scenes that will get your full attention as there is some good suspense and tension building. The story, based on true events (not everybody will believe this story) is well written and filmed. It's entertaining to watch certainly if you're into this kind of stuff. The cast did a good job playing their respective characters, they all gave a believable performance. I'm surprised I never heard of this movie before as I watch tons of movies, especially in this genre. Give this one a shot, you won't regret it.


Politics? Boring. The election campaign? Even more boring.
I'm not going to lie, I hate politics. To me they're all opportunists that want to make a lot of money. It's not about helping people, it's about making money. To me they should do it for free, as an ideal, but that will never happen. This movie is about elections, or the preparing of elections, even more boring, certainly as it's in the USA, where the elections are just a big show. A show that makes me vomit. I like Steve Carell in The Office for example, but in this movie I found him quite annoying to watch. Maybe this movie will speak more to Americans, that are used to this election crap, but as an European I find it stunningly boring. Try to get to donate one dollar from an European voter here, see what happens, you won't get enough to buy a bread, that's what we think about this whole mascarade Americans love so much. Irrsistible is a movie for imbeciles, not even a funny one except one or two scenes.

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