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Love Shot

Welcome back fake reviewers.
As I write this review the movie only got seven other reviews yet. Six from those seven gave a perfect ten so you could conclude that this was one of their favorite movies of all time, otherwise why would you score it that high? The truth here is that we have AGAIN fake reviewers, people who where involved or who knew somebody involved in this movie. The proof is that this will be their first and only review they will ever write. I'm not even bothered reading those, I just click on their username to watch how many reviews they wrote and if it's just one I'm not even slightly interested in reading their lies. You've got to stay objective when reviewing and they just don't do that. For that I score Love Shot a four instead of a five, just to bring it down a bit. The movie starts promising but the further the story advances the lesser the quality. The acting of Dakota Loesch isn't very good. To me he was the weakest link of this movie. Just don't waste your time on this one.


Not everybody loves Raymond
I must not have watched the same movie as the rest here apparently. I didn't find Paddleton as good as the vast majority obviously thinks. What could have been an emotional story just fell very bland to me. I can't help to see Ray Romano in anything else than in Everybody Loves Raymond. His monotone acting in that show just continues in this movie, it all looks the same to me. I always thought he was a bit boring to watch, and in this movie it's not an exception. I'm just not a fan of Roman, can't help it, to me he just ruins the movie.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

The kind of Marvels I like.
I think it's a smart move from Marvel to put some funny moments in their movies. Deadpool and Ant-Man are difinitely the Marvel movies I preferred. The humor in those movies combined with the superhero powers works really well. In Ant-Man And The Wasp you have an interesting entertaining story, a couple of superheroes that are both worth watching, and some good special effects. I always preferred the Marvel to the DC Comic characters. The style is also better if you ask me. If you are into supehero comic movies I can't see a reason why you wouldn't like this movie. To me it's one of the better ones, even a tiny better than the first Ant-Man.


Another boring movie.
I'm always wondering why people make such boring movies. It's just a waste of time and money. Nobody will care about this movie after watching it, unless you're related to somebody that has something to do with this movie, and even then I'm not sure. It's slow, boring and alot just make no sense at all. I had difficulties staying awake if I have to be honest. And it's not the couple good shots that will make me change my mind. The acting wasn't always great either, not terrible but not great either. Don't waste your time with Muse, that by the way should not be categorized in the horror genre.

Free Solo

Even better than The Dawn Wall
After watching The Dawn Wall (2017) with free climber Tommy Caldwell and his climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson I wondered if I was up to watch another climbing documentary about the same rock. This time it's about Alex Honnold, the first person to ever free solo climb El Capitan, and to be fair I liked this story even more. I'm in awe for people surpassing their limits by trying things that seem impossible to us simple mortals but I'm also in awe about people that are adrenaline junkies and that are prepared to do the most stupid things. Things that are deadly with just one false movement. I will never get why people need to do that but I like to watch them do it and achieve their goal. I think Alex Honnold is an exceptional athlete with a fabulous mental attitude, but also think that he's silently depressed and didn't find it's true purpose to live for. His girlfriend must love him very much but I doubt he loves her the same way. The documentary is well shot, with interesting interviews, gripping moments where you will sit at the edge of your seat. Big respect for what he accomplished even though I will never get why people do such crazy pointless things.


Glad I didn't listen to the very bad reviews.
I only read the first page of reviews, almost all bad ones, and honestly I think people are much to harsh with their scores. The movie isn't perfect, far from it, but it is entertaining and that's what I look for when watching a movie in this genre. I expected fast paced action when I saw that Liam Neeson was in it but he actually has a minor role. It's more about the women, like the title is indicating, and they all did a decent good job. There is a little twist to it what gives it that little extra. I can get that some people won't like the movie but scoring it the lowest possible is just insulting, certainly when you see the amount of real garbage movies. Compared to those stinkers this one is a jewel.

No Alternative

Nothing special here.
I guess I'll be the first with a negative review for this movie. Scoring this movie with the highest score possible is just ridiculous. A perfect ten means to me that you could watch this movie over and over without being bored so I challenge everybody that scored it with a ten to watch it three times in a row. It's a movie you just watch once and than forget everything about it within the week. There are some 'good' scenes, mostly music scenes, where I smiled but overal it's just not worth your time. The acting wasn't that great either. It's low budget and it just shows.

A Date for Mad Mary

A movie with Boring Mary...
A Date For Boring Mary would have been a better title for this non-significant movie. The story isn't interesting at all, at least not to me. Watching a young girl moping around the whole movie, being an irritating brat, is not my idea of a good movie. The acting was okay but the plot just wasn't. If the goal was to make Seána Kerslake playing one of the most boring girls ever than she did it brilliantly because that's exactly how her character came over. To me it was just a yawn fest from beginning till the end. I sure don't get why this movie would be nominated for anything at all except as a good remedy for insomnia.

Infinity Chamber

I saw way worse sci-fi movies.
It isn't easy to entertain an audience with (almost) just one actor talking to a computer but in my case it worked. Not so much for my wife even though she didn't hate it either. The plot is a bit far fetched but it's science fiction so I didn't pay too much attention to that. As the leading actor Christopher Soren Kelly did a good job. He acts convincing enough to keep you interested in the rest of the movie and to find out what's really happening. All in all Infinity Chamber is worth a watch. Just don't expect a sci-fi masterpiece because it isn't.


Too long between the series and the movie.
I loved this series so the least you could say is that I was curious and excited about the movie. But to be honest waiting for thirteen years is just too long for a finale. First of all you lost the feeling you had with the characters during the series, you forgot almost everything about it except the obvious leading characters that marked this show. The characters are still worth watching, amazing how older some became in thirteen years, but you don't get that same atmosphere from the series. The acting is still good, the old English still difficult to understand, but the quality of the series is just not there. Maybe I should have rewatched the series before watching the movie, and maybe I'll do that again in the future. But for now I thought it was a bit disappointing.

Get Big

It's probably funnier when you watch it stoned.
The sad thing about IMDb is that they allow fake reviewers, people that will score a perfect ten for one movie (the one they appeared in, or know somebody that worked on it etc...) and then they never will review another movie again (just click on their username and you'll see what I mean). Those people should be banned and their reviews deleted. I watched this movie stoned, like I do with almost all other comedies, because I think everything is funnier in that state of mind. And to be honest I had some good laughs with this movie. Probably more laughs than somebody sober but that's my choice. The acting wasn't bad, the story was about okay and could have been better but I did have a good time so I just can't complain. In short this movie doesn't deserve a perfect ten, nor anything above a seven, but it also doesn't deserve the lowest score possible.


Creepy crawling spaces.
Before I started watching this movie I had no clue what I was going to watch. At one point, in the beginning, I just thought it was going to be a documentary about drilling. That says enough about the acting, in a good way, it all looked natural and unforced. So to me the acting was good, a positive point in this movie. As for the story it is captivating as are most of the movies with claustrophobic scenes. There aren't much people that would feel anxiety when locked up in that tiny space when danger outside is imminent. Some scenes were just a bit too long though, even though I get it that they wanted to create that desperation feeling. Nevertheless those scenes were sometimes a bit dragged out. For the rest it's entertaining, and you will comment out loud some scenes, like we all do when we imagine ourselves in some distressing situations.

The Cleaning Lady

Just good enough to watch once.
As for the entertainment The Cleaning Lady is a good enough movie to watch once. I wouldn't watch it again as there are much better movies in this genre. As a horror movie it's just average. There is a bit of suspense but not that kind that freaks you out. For that the story is not developped enough. It would have been better if all the parts of the movie would have been elaborated, like how she captured and locked up the human in the box. A bit more horror scenes would have been welcome as well. The acting isn't bad though, but not good enough to lift this movie up.

The Beach Bum

Not that great.
A stoner movie with Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg in the cast is just appealing. I'm a fan of Matthew McConaughey but I wouldn't say this was his best performance. It was okay but the story just was not that interesting. I don't know if the makers were looking for a The Big Lebowski-like movie but if so it's a failure. I actually wished I watched that movie over again for the twentieth time than watching The Beach Bum instead. There are a couple good passages where I laughed out loud but overall it's a bit weak and pointless. Good to see Snoop Dogg though...

Half Baked

A classic stoner movie.
You don't have to be a stoner to appreciate this comedy but it helps. You don't have to appreciate the wacky tabacky to understand all jokes but it sure does help. Some scenes are so so recognizable if you're or once were a stoner. Everybody got the munchies, or had short term memory loss, or had hilarious laughs, if you lived like a stoner. So most of the jokes in Half Baked are Ganja related and it does help to fully appreciate the humor in this movie if you ever abused of the green herb. And it's even better to watch while getting stoned, that's what I did, and will do again when I'll watch it again as this humor doesn't get old.

The Handmaid's Tale

This show is EVIL, but so good...
Even though this show is not categorized ase horror, and I can understand that if you expect unnatural and bloody scenes, but to me it definitely has it's place in this genre as the whole series is just pure evil. Add to that the excellent soundtrack, maybe repetitive to some, but so efficient to create that dark evil ambiance. And than you have the cast. What to write else than that they are just brilliant. You can only feel with the main character, her anguish, her hope, her desperation. Credits to Elisabeth Moss for her brilliant acting. But also the rest of the cast, like Yvonne Strahovski and Joseph Fiennes, two characters that everybody will hate, and that's enterily due to their excellent performances and thanks to the writers of this show to bring the necessary twists and turns to make this one of my favorite shows. I binge watched the first two seasons in only a couple days, and apart from the last episode of season two that was slightly disappointing the rest just got me sitting at the edge of my seat. I can't wait for more seasons of this series, in the hope they are all as wicked and evil as the first two, and secretly with the hope something terrible will happen to The Waterfords...

Doom Patrol

Not a perfect show at all.
There are way too much nines and tens for this show. The high scores put this show at the same level as Breaking Bad for example and that's just a joke. I'm not going to say I didn't like Doom Patrol. The first two episodes are well made and promising but besides one or two episodes afterwards it wasn't that astonishing. It's fair to admit that there are interesting and funny passages in almost every episode but sometimes it's just a bit too ridiculous as well. Marvel Superheroes are also just a bit better than DC Comics, that's just a fact. There is not much action in Doom Patrol compared to Marvels and the actual action there is is most of the time pretty low budget for a modern show like this. As for the acting it's all okay, nothing mindblowing, some characters are sometimes even annoying to watch. I'll watch the next season in the hope it improves but I have my doubts.

It's Bruno!

We want more Bruno!
It's Bruno is exactly what I need to have a good laugh. As a dog lover you can only love this show as there are alot of recognizable moments if you ever owned a dog. But even for people that aren't into dogs there is still plenty to laugh with as the sketches are well brought and filmed. Solvan Naim did a really good job with this series. A show that I hope will continue for a long time. The only negative thing I could think of is the duration of each episode. Ten to fifteen minutes is just too short, certainly when the quality is undeniable. Even in this short amount of time Solvan Naim created a certain pleasant ambiance, due to his great sense of humor and the excellent cinematography. We want more Bruno!

Thunder Road

For Jim Cummings alone it's already worth watching.
To be honest I never heard of Jim Cummings before, not as an actor nor as a writer, nor as a director, but after watching Thunder Road I will remember him in the future. This movie is a strange mixture of drama and comedy. You never completely know if it is sadness or laughter they were looking for and that's all credit to the excellent acting of Jim Cummings. I never saw a grown man crying so much in a movie and still be funny due to his facial expressions whilst crying. I truly enjoyed Thunder Road and I'm sure plenty of others will do also. An easy to watch story, with mixed emotions, but in the end better than I thought it would be.

Bayou Caviar

Better than the reviews it gets.
Apparently every reviewer here has a very low opinion about this movie and I wonder why? I won't say Bayou Caviar is a masterpiece, very far from that, but it entertained me for a couple hours and that's all I was looking for. The cast with Cuba Gooding Jr., Femke Janssen and Richard Dreyffus was already something to look forward to, and they all did their job like they're supposed to so absolutely no complaints from me for that. The story could have been better, even though I thought it wasn't bad at all, maybe a bit too long but that's about it. All in all this movie deserves better than the reviews it gets.

Her Worst Nightmare

Seen before and way better.
The movie has a television budget, and it shows throughout the whole movie. The story itself isn't that bad, even though not entirely new either, but the execution just needs alot of improving. A story with twists and turns, it's always good, unless the twists are so obvious that they take away all the suspense. In Her Worst Nightmare that's exactly what you get, you know that the obvious suspect won't be the criminal, and the one they try to make look sympathetic will be guilty at one point. It's all too obvious and it makes you lesser interested in the movie. Add on that the weak mumbling acting of Bryan Lillis and others and you can't be nothing else than disappointed.

Gehenna: Where Death Lives

A bit predictable but worth watching.
I wouldn't say this movie is a masterpiece nor pure garbage. It's a decent horror movie, with a not completely original story (but which movie is nowadays?). The story is a bit predictable at one point but it still remained entertaining and that's all I want when watching a movie in this genre. The acting wasn't bad at all so blaming the poor quality of this movie to that is just ridiculous. It's a dark movie, hence the bunker, the horror could have been better but it wasn't bad either. I can get that some people don't like this movie but that's just because they're not into this genre. Worth a watch to me.


Not bad for this déjà vu movie.
Another bodyguard protecting a spoiled rich adolescent pursuit movie. Not really something new but in this genre Close isn't a bad movie at all. There is enough suspense and action scenes to keep you entertained for the entire movie. The action is not too much over the top like it normally is in this kind of movies so that's a bonus. Noomi Rapace did a good job playing the bodyguard, this time the bodyguard looks like a human with some feelings, that's also a bonus. The cinematography is also good so overall Close is worth a watch if you like easy entertainment.


Too much cheesy moments.
From all the Transformers movies I would say this prequel was the one I least enjoyed. It's way too cheesy, with alot of long and pointless 'emotional' passages, mostly due to Hailee Steinfeld's interacting with Bumblebee. I'm not saying she's a bad actress but in this movie, after awhile, I was kind sick of her character. The movie has to have it from the combat scenes and in my opinion they are just too scarce . Bumblebee is a missed opportunity to make a good prequel about what happened before the Transformers came into action. Slightly disappointed!


Mads Mikkelsen is the man.
There are good and bad things in Polar but overall the positive things outwheighs the negative things. The action is way over the top with a hero (played brilliantly by Mads Mikkelsen) facing twenty or more ennemies at the same time and still winning, it's sometimes a bit annoying but that's what you get with these kind of movies so it's best to not pay too much attention to that kind of details. Matt Lucas (from Little Brittain) should stick with things he's best at, short humoristic sketches, as to me he's the weakest link in Polar. His evil character has no credibility at all when played by him. Mads Mikkelsen is by far the best actor in this movie. His character was perfect for him, introvert and stone cold, the face fits the character. The action scenes, even though exaggerated, are entertaining and bloody, the cinematography is surprisingly good with very good unique shots at times. All in all Polar is an entertaining movie especially in this genre.

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