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Trevor Noah: African American

Had some jokes from previous shows.
This was the fourth show I saw from Trevor Noah. The first shows were in his country, South-Africa, and so not all his jokes were understandable if you were not from South-Africa yourself as he sometimes spoke in Sudafrikaans. This show is in America and so it was much easier to follow. Trecor Noah has non-offensive but also non politically correct jokes. His vocal impressions are also good as he can handle any accent he wants. There are no pauzes in his shows as he is a waterfall of words, all with a touch of good humor. The only problem I had with this show is that he used jokes and passages from previous shows, so sometimes you have a déjà-vu. I think every show should be completely new. But besides that Trevor Noah: African American is easy fun entertainment.

The Square

Not that good, overrated movie
The Square is just overrated on here, it doesn't deserve such a high rating compared to other also strange but good movies. The Square is a bit weird, and that's the focal point as I think they wanted to attract the audience's attention by being controversed and shoking, but in the end it's just all too long and not that interesting to watch. The acting was okay though, nothing bad about the cast, it's just the story that is not that interesting. For the humor part, which was not that present, I had a couple mild smiles but that was about it.


I expected much more.
After reading alot of mob related books, about Gotti and others, and after watching quite a bit of Mafia movies, I have to admit that this movie didn't hold up to it's expectations. I would not say it was John Travolta's fault as I thought he did a good job portraying John Gotti, but more because of inaccurecies, a story with too many time lines that it becomes difficult to follow, a story that could frankly have been told better and more exciting. So I'm certainly not putting this mob movie in my favorites in this genre. There are better movies and books about this mobster.


Not that impressive.
If I have to be honest I'm not that impressed by this movie as alot of other reviewers seems to have been. Since it's inspired by true events and those 'true events' are interesting you expect the movie to be good, but instead it's just a watchable movie with no great thrills. The acting is okay though, it's just the story that had much more potential. Most of the time it's confusing and that was not necessary, even not in that confusing house. Winchester, I watched it once, at it will stay at that one occasion.

The First

Almost no sci-fi at all
When you look at the poster, when you see The First is categorized in the sci-fi genre, then you expect to watch something outer space. So if you come for that just be prepared to be disappointed because there is almost no question of sci-fi in this show. It's just a drama about knowing who to choose to join the next astronaut team that will explore Mars. So every episode is about that question and it gets a bit boring at some point, especially if you were expecting more 'spacey' moments. The acting isn't bad so no complaints about that. I don't know if there will be a second season, but if there is, they better be on Mars within two episodes or i'll be gone.


Racism, such an ugly disease.
There are alot of positive things to write about Mudbound. First of all the acting, that was by far the best part of this movie. It's what made this movie entertaining to watch, because in my eyes the duration of the movie was too long, but the good acting made up for that. The story itself is easy to follow, easy in the way it's not complicated, not in the way of hearing and seeing racist abuse. Because that's what's the movie about, awful racist southern people against a normal family that tries to survive in their own way. It's a message that depending on where you live, on how you were raised, you treat people differently. A movie with not a new story, but worth watching.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

I think six of those movies are more than enough.
The first Wrong Turn movie was a surprise. You didn't really know what was coming, so it made it all a bit more scarier. But after so many wrong turns you get used to it and you just watch it for the gory parts, as those are the entertaining parts of this kind of movies. In Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort they try to tell a story, which in my opinion they shouldn't have done, as nobody is interested in a lazy story with bad actors. All we want are gory sequences and those were sadly not that much present, so you get a bad movie. Nobody expects class acting and a good story in this genre, just creative bloodbaths, and if those are left behind there is no point of watching this kind of movies.

Jack Ryan

Homeland and The Amricans are better but it's good enough to me.
Do we need another spionage series? If it's well done why not. I just finished the first season and it was entertaining, with a good story and some suspense. It's not at the same level as Homeland or The Americans, which are both top shows about spionage, but it's good enough to have a nice evening, or in my case a couple of binge watching evenings. To me the minor point is John Krasinski playing Jack Ryan. I can't help it but I just can't see him as a CIA agent. He should stick with his funny romantical characters. But besides that it's a good series, and I can see it making several seasons without being boring.

Castle Rock

Too confusing to be good.
As a Stephen King fan I looked forward to Castle Rock. A series about Stephen King's characters and themes sounded interesting to me, even though I'm aware that most of the time the books are better than the movie adaptations, especially with Stephen King. Besides a couple really good movies like The Green Mile, The Shining, Misery and some others, most of the time the movies are not as good as the books. In Castle Rock it's just a different story with some references to some stories from Stephen King. That's the fun part if you read all his books. The acting is good and for that it's worth watching, but for the story itself it's a bit too complicated and confusing. Even after watching the whole first season I still have questions unanswered. I would have prefered an easy to understand story, but instead you get a story that makes not much sense. I have my doubts if I will watch the next season, maybe I will out of curiousity but it better be much better than the first season.

Six Shooter

Don't bother.
I wouldn't know why you would call this short movie a comedy as I didn't laugh once, not even a shy smile. I don't really get the point of this short movie either. I just watched it to kill time, in the hope I would find a little gem, but it's everything but a gem. To me it's just a pointless short movie, one that should not have been made. The acting of Brendon Gleeson is what we are used from him, it's sober and good. On the other hand the acting of Rúaidhrí Conroy is just annoying to watch, maybe because of his character. Six Shooter is a short movie but still a time waster to me.


Weird, but good weird.
I started watching this series without having any clue what it was going to be about. I didn't read any reviews, just saw the high ratings, and gave it a shot. The first episodes were a bit confusing and I was wondering where it would go. Once I got further into the story the more I liked it. It's just the weirdness that makes it attractive. And weird is the least you could say to describe this show. The cast is good as well, with Emma Stone and Justin Theroux as the two best actors in this series. If you like strange stories this might be for you. I wouldn't call it amazing and the best thing ever like some other reviewers wrote but it's worth watching.

Avengers: Infinity War

Long but entertaining.
I won't say superhero movies are my favorite genre but I watched most of them as I like easy entertainment sometimes and that's exactely what you get with Marvel and DC Comics charachters movies. In Avengers: Infinity War you get what looks like the end of an era. The ending and explanation of alot of questions from other Marvel movies. You won't get bored with this movie as almost all Marvel characters figure in it. Not only the story is entertaining but the CGI's are like always stunning. They clearly spent a high budget on the CGI's and it shows, it's all quality.

Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes

Always good, a Jimmy Carr show
The certain thing you will get with a Jimmy Carr show is a large amount of jokes. Almost all one-liners, so they're all short and most of the time cynical. So if satire and short jokes are not your thing his shows might not be for you. But for me it works everytime. To fill ninety minutes with short jokes isn't the easiest thing to do so credits to Jimmy Carr for doing that everytime. His interactivity with the audience is also an amusing thing to see as most of the guest want to outsmart him but that will never happen as he always has an unique and funny replique.

The Haunting of Hill House

Not bad but not WOW
Since I saw the high ratings this show received I was pretty excited to watch this show. As a huge horror fan there are not much good series in this genre so I was curious about this one. I read from other reviewers this was the best horror series and so on but I have to disaggree with that. The Haunting Of Hill House is entertaining to watch, with some horror elements and with a good cast, but to say it's a perfect show is a bit far fetched to me. The first episodes are a bit too confusing, with the back and forth in the story, a technique that I'm not a great fan of. Once you get to know all the characters it becomes a bit easier to watch. The horror parts are creepy but it could also have been much better if they would have been more dominant in the show. All in all it was a good watch, but don't know if we need a second season of it.

First Reformed

As a convinced atheist I wasn't too sure about watching this movie but the high ratings made me want to give it a go. But in the end it's clear that this movie is just overrated. The story starts interesting even with all the religious bull, and it looks like something is going to happen, but in the end it's just a major letdown with an incredible stupid ending. And for that the movie doesn't deserve more than a mediocre four star rating. Nothing bad to say about the acting though. That was all fine. Ethan Hawke played his character perfectly. As well as the rest of the cast. In conclusion, First Reformed has a good cast, a load of religious crap, and a story with a waste of time ending.

Ghost Stories

It misses something to be really good.
Ghost Stories tells three different horror stories within another story. It could have been better if they had elaborated every story a bit more. The creepy parts from Ghost Stories were well made, with enough suspense and dark passages to be an interesting horror movie. But it clearly misses something to be a very good horror movie. The story itself wasn't top. The cast was good though, with the young Alex Lawther that to me gave the best performance. I had fun watching this Brittish horror movie but it will just stay with one watch.


With a higher budget and better actors it could have been much better.
Slumber isn't a great horror movie , far from, but for most part of the movie I've been entertained. The concept of the movie is good, but it clearly could have been much better with a bit more effort and a higher budget. The monster or demon is poorly done, just a bit of shadow, so there it failed a bit. The acting was okay for some actors and poor for others, no-one of those actors will ever be Oscar winning actors. It's the story that keeps the movie entertaining, with some good suspense. The story is inspired by true events, at least that's what they say, but I have serious doubts about that. All in all I was entertained for a good part of the movie, besides the end part then.

Down a Dark Hall

Just average.
I can't say I'm satisfied after watching Down A Dark Hall. I expected more horror scenes as this was the main reason I watched this movie. Watching teenage girls with a bad attitude is really something I can live without. It's not my description of fun and entertainment. The cinematography wasn't bad, the acting was so-so, nothing really special about it. Uma Thurman might be a well known name but she can't lift up the quality of this movie. The story could have been something if it wasn't for the poor ending. It started promising but the more I got to the end the more I was bored. And it's not the one or two scary 'jumpy' moments that could change that. It definitely could have been better.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

For me they can call it a day.
The good thing about the Jurassic movies are the CGI's that are impressive. In this movie it's also the best part of the movie. Watching all kind of prehistoric creatures on a big screen is always fun and entertaining. But the quality of the movies is going down the more they make movies about it. It's just the plot that is a bit boring after awhile. And also the acting of Chris Pratt, that let's be honest, isn't great. I never realy liked him as an actor and it won't change after this movie. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom should be the last movie about this topic as I only think it would get worse.


Not as good as Breaking Bad but still way better than a lot of other series.
Ozark is a bit like Breaking Bad, a guy wanting to save his family by doing dodgy deals. In Breaking Bad it was just one man producing drugs, competing with the Mexican cartel, and becoming his own Mafia at one point. In Ozark it's not the same as it's a whole family working for the Mexican cartel by laundering money and doing other illegal activities. It's about the same but Breaking Bad was just more intenser and suspenseful. But Ozark is certainly worth watching. It's better than much of other good series. The acting is good, the plot is interesting with new twists every episodes. Not a series you get bored after awhile. I saw the first two seasons and it looked like it could go on and secretly I hope it will.


Not the best Korean movie but not bad either.
From all the Asian countries Korea has the best movies. I don't know why that is, but it's just a fact. I saw enough Asian movies by now to come to that conclusion. Gun-Ham-Do is certainly not the best Korean movie I ever watched but it's well made and worth a watch. As usual it's very loud verbally, like almost all Asian movies. I don't know why but they seem angry all the time when they talk. In this movie they could be though as it is a war movie about Hashima Island, more a concentration camp than a work environment if you ask me. There are some really good battle scenes, especially at the end. It clearly shows they put some effort in this movie. I wouldn't say all the actors are great actors, because for that some extras looked too fake in their expressions, and that's the case for most Asian movies. It seems they like to exaggerate a bit. And for that I score this movie lower. The story is interesting though, with good visual effects. If you like Korean movies give this one a shot.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

The American penal system is just a farce.
I wouldn't say this is the kind of movie I normally go for as there is a lot of talking and not much action but in all fairness I have to say it was a decent movie. It's a bit long, certainly as there is not much action, but the acting makes it entertaining. Denzel Washington did an excellent job playing Roman J. Israel Esquire. It's one of his better performances all movie genres combined. He plays an attorney that tries to stay true to his ideals. The story is about the American penal system, the so-called equal justice for all which is just a farce. There's a law for the rich and a law for the poor in America whether you like it or not. It's an interesting movie, well acted, but it could have used more action to make it excellent.

Jimmy Carr: Stand Up

The one-liner king.
As a stand up comedian you could easily say Jimmy Carr is the king of the one-liners. Short jokes with a normal intro, a small pauze, and then you get the pun. It's not easy to fill a whole show with these kind of jokes but he manages it without any problem. His jokes are daring, always on the edge, but they're all funny. I like this kind of humor, sarcastic and balancing between right and wrong. His interacting with the audience also shows that he is very spontanious and not afraid to go in confrontation with people of the audience. Some try to outsmart him but in the end he always wins and always has the last word. That just shows he's very inventive and has a natural gift for humor. This was the third show I saw from him and I've never been disappointed. Up to the next show!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Not the type of movie Guy Ritchie should make.
Guy Ritchie should stick at what he's best at. Movies like Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Rocknrolla. Those are the style movies he should make and not one about King Arthur. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword is a big budget movie, no doubt about that, with alot of effort with the special effects, CGI's, costumes and extras. But the problem is the story and the acting. The story is just weak, and sometimes makes no sense at all. Even with all the special effects, that are nicely shot, it still remains boring to watch. The acting was just mediocre, it looked like they were reading their script all the time. Charlie Hunnam can only play Jax, his character in Sons Of Anarchy. I was literally waiting for him to step on his bike and drive away. I don't know what women see in him, his acting is very monotone and average. The acting of Astrid Bergès-Frisbey playing The Mage was also just mediocre. It looked all fake, just like the whole story. With such a high budget you would expect quality, but besides the filming and the special effects it's just below average. Disappointment!


Could have been better.
I have mixed feelings about this movie. Not that it was a bad movie or so but it definitely could have been better. For the sci-fi part it was good, with nice futuristic elements and settings. As for the mystery and thriller part it clearly misses something. Something that would keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a long movie, more than two hours, and for a movie this long you just need more suspense to be entirely entertaining. The acting was not bad though, with good performances from Alexander Skarsgård and Paul Rudd. All in all Mute is worth watching but it could have been better.

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