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Jimmy Carr: Comedian (2007)

Deadpan humor. As a stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr has his unique way to bring his jokes. It goes all very fast and is always the same method, that is deadpan dry humor. Short jokes told without showing any emotions. It's all very blunt and dark, but it works if you like that kind of humor. Jimmy Carr is a waterfall of words, never too shy to interact with the audience and always coming up with quick funny responses. In Comedian he interacts more than once with the audience and everytime it turns out to be very entertaining. But most of his jokes are one liners and for that it makes him the absolute king of the one liners.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)

Great cast, bad movie. Seeing the high ratings, seeing it was also categorized as a comedy, and seeing the great cast I had high hopes for this movie. But in the end The Meyerowitz Stories was just a big letdown. First of all it's not a comedy, or I must not have the same sense of humor, that's also possible. I laughed once and that was the scene with Pagina-Man, for the rest I was just mostly irritated. The cast was great though, besides Adam Sandler that I never liked as a comedian, but that's my opinion. In this movie though he doesn't desperately tries to be funny, he's just acting in a drama and by wonder it was tolerable to watch this time. Ben Stiller that I love as a comedian is a good actor but this movie is just not for him. Dustin Hoffman and the rest of the cast were also acting good, but the problem is the story, it's just boring and way too long. I realy don't care about stories like this one, where you feel your losing your time, and where the entertainment level is about nihil. The Meyerowitz Stories, maybe interesting for some people but certainly not to me.

El otro hermano (2017)

How to make money without too much scrupules Not all Argentinian movies are good, far from that, but this one is certainly interesting to watch as the cast did a very good job with their respective performances. Especially Leonardo Sbaraglia as the sleezy greaceball Duarte, a con-man that hustles his way through life. Nothing is bad enough to make himself some 'plata'. But also Alian Devetac as Danielito, his compagnon in crime, just doing it for the weed. His miserable look was perfect in the context of the story. And then there was Daniel Hendler as Cetarti, the lost brother, a bit naive but in the end also up to make some cash without questioning too much if it's right or wrong. The story is interesting to watch, with a dark malevolant ambiance. And also perfect to practice my Spanish a little bit.

Justice League (2017)

Marvel or DC I don't care, I just want entertainment and that's what I got. The amount of reviewers scoring it the lowest possible is ridiculous. The lowest possible rating means it's one of the worst movies you ever saw in your life, and in this case that means you almost never watch movies or you're just an annoying little prick that thinks he knows everything better. Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to his opinion but please just stay fair. Justice League doesn't deserve a 10 star rating, far from, but also not a 1 star rating. I wanted some easy entertainment, and that's what I always want when watching a superhero movie, and that's exactly what I got. It doesn't matter if it is a Marvel or a DC superhero, I enjoy both if the movie is okay. Putting the Detective Comics superheroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, AquaMan and Flash together in a battle against Steppenwolf is to me a nice concept for a story. The CGI's were what to expect with such a high budget. The cast was also okay even if I'm not a big fan of Ben Affleck. Gal Gadot on the other hand is candy for the eye. So after all this said, yes there are better superhero movies, even much better, but Justice League is certainly not the worst movie ever like some grumpy people on here wants to make you believe. It's worth watching if you like some easy entertainment and you like superheroes and vilains.

George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing (2005)

Straight to your face. As a number one fan of George Carlin I might be a bit biased with my review as I absolutely love everything he does and says. It's one of those people I would have loved spending an evening with, talking about life, the world, and everything that goes wrong on this planet. When I hear him talking it's like he's reading my mind. I'm sure he was not a great optimist, and why would he when you see how society works? George Carlin has his unique way to bring you his vision on everything and this in a funny sarcastic way. George Carlin is the rebel in stand up comedy, a rebel tout court. If you think like him you will love his shows, if you don't think like him and think the whole world is just a nice little place then you probably won't get it, and you won't get the humor either. Life Is Worth Losing is sarcastic, dark and straight to your face. Rest in peace George, you were the best!

Fugitive at 17 (2012)

Boring, even for a TV movie Why is it that you can immediately see it when it is a television movie? From the first second of Fugitive At 17 it screams TV movie. From the first second I already regretted watching this movie. It oozes bad script, bad acting, and bad sound. The story is one of those stories we all saw hundred times before but all with a better execution. The major characters in this movie are played by Christina Cox and Marie Avgeropoulos, and it's obvious they will never get a big role in a decent movie. They are perfect to appear everynow and then in dumb series. No need to say their characters are painful to watch due to their mediocre acting. To create an ambiance in a movie you need good sound effects and music, and this was probably the lamest thing about this movie while it should be the easiest thing to fix. Nothing wrong with TV movies though, there are some good ones, but this one is clearly not one of them.

Kevin James: Never Don't Give Up (2018)

Just passable for a stand up comedy. This is the kind of stand up comedy I just watch out of boredom, not expecting much entertainment. It's just passable, not really my kind of humor, at least not for a stand up comedy, which I like to be provocative, on the edge, wrong and sarcastic. For that I have to watch Jim Jefferies, Frankie Boyle, Ricky Gervais and others, because Kevin James does not belong in that list, he's way too soft for that level of humor. But I have not been yawning, and that's something, it was like I said just passable. But I doubt I will watch another stand up comedy from him, I'll just stick with the movies where he appears in.

Den 12. mann (2017)

Different but good war story based on true events. The 12th man is based on a true story so that alone makes it even more interesting. I read from another reviewer that it didn't exactly happened like this, who knows, with lesser Germans searching for him, but does it realy matters? Jan Baalsrud still remains a hero as you see the battle he fought to reach the neutral country Sweden and that in harsh winter conditions. And like he said and wanted, the true heroes were the ones that helped him. Like all people from the Resistance in any country those people deserve being called heroes as they fought underground risking their life almost everyday. The movie is very well made, with alot of gripping moments full of suspense, and great cinematography of the wintery landscapes. Jan Baalsrud played brilliantly by Thomas Gullestad, is a character you can only feel sympathy for. Nice job as well from Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing the Nazi officer Kurt Stage. A movie with a good story, with a good cast, and based on true events, what else do you want?

OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d'espions (2006)

Austin Powers meets OO7 OSS 117, the French Sean Connery look-a-like, played by Jean Dujardin, is supposed to be a mixture between Austin Powers and James Bond, and this in a satirical way. The humor goes from subtile to blunt, and I'm sure is not everybody's piece of cake. I have to admit I laughed a couple of times, but not enough to make it a hilarious movie. I'm not a great fan of James Bond movies nor Austin Powers so a mixture of the two doesn't realy help. It's filmed like it could have been made in the fifties, and that was not realy necessary. The acting is exactly what to expect with this kind of movies, it's just silly and a bit of easy fun. But it wasn't great, at least not to me. I will watch the sequel just out of interest to see how it evolves, but I'm not dying to see it.

The Endless (2017)

A missed opportunity. First of all The Endless is not a horror movie so it's not necessary to put it in that genre, something that happens all the time on IMDb and that I quite honestly hate. It's fantasy and sci-fi and that's it. The good things about this movie is the idea of the story, it's intriguing and full of mystery, and the acting was not bad either. The bad thing is that I thought the story was just not elaborated enough, you'll be stuck with unanswered questions and that's never pleasant. It's not that I had to endure this movie, not at all, but it could have been much better. It's a low budget and that shows, with mediocre visual effects. To me it's a missed opportunity to bring a good movie with a mysterious story. But everybody is entitled to his opinion.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity (2018)

Always good times with Ricky. What's not to like about a Ricky Gervais show? Everything he does is just brilliant. I watched all his stand up comedies he did thus far and I never got disappointed. The same with his latest show Humanity, it's all very entertaining and funny from the first till the last second. Okay it's not for the easily offended but then again those people just don't have the right kind of sense of humor. Most of his jokes are also never far from the truth, the hurtful truth, things people know it's the truth but don't like to hear it. To mock religion is the best humor there is as religion is based on completely ridiculous stories that need to be mocked. Too bad if you're that stupid to continue to believe in the biggest scam of history. Ricky Gervais is never afraid to put humor in everything, even the delicate subjects, and for that you have to applaud him, because humor cures everything.

London to Brighton (2006)

It's not a gem, it's not a masterpiece, it's okay to watch once. Some call it a gem, some call it a masterpiece, I would call it an okay movie to watch once but certainly not a gem nor masterpiece. For that London To Brighton is just not captivating enough. It could have used so more action and hardcore images. To me it looked all a bit too soft, even though the story itself is hard and cruel. The acting was not bad though, especially from the young Georgia Groome, that I thought did a very good job concidering her age. Like the rest of the cast they made this movie worth watching, but I wasn't blown away by the story that had good ideas but to me failed to make it exceptional.

The Death of Stalin (2017)

That's what I call a good satirical movie. Nothing better than stumbling on a movie like this one without having a clue what it's going to be. I thought it was going to be a political movie about the life of Stalin, with cruel images and a dark sad story. But the truth is that it was quite the opposite, it's about Stalin, it's about that cruel passage in history, but it's satirical. I should have guessed it though when I saw the cast, with Paul Whitehouse (The Fast Show), with Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), with Michael Palin (The Monty Python), and with Steve Buscemi (Fargo, The Big Lebowski). They are all actors that at one point made me laugh so hard. The Death Of Stalin, with such a great cast, is just hysterical at some points if you can get the paranoia those people lived in at that time, where you had to watch out for every single word you said, or for every opinion you had. In this movie it's just about that, the fear of doing or thinking something against the regime. So to me The Death Of Stalin was a pleasant surprise and I could only recommend it to anybody that likes satire.

Ethos (2011)

No new facts, but still important facts. This documentary should be a mandatory watch, just to make people aware on how the world is in hands of a handful powerful families and that since centuries. Not that it will make any difference as the vast majority of this planet are sheep and will continue being sheep until their last breath. I don't think the powerful families like the Warburgs, JPMorgan, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers are scared that a documentary like this will change something in this corrupted system we all live. They perfectly understand, the normal human being is just a sheep you can simply control with consumerism, a handful of dollars, a creature that can be mold like they want it, by brainwashing them with fear and greed. The documentary is well done, with alot of fragments of other revealing documentaries like Zeitgeist. It's a very interesting documentary about how people have been manipulated since centuries, by the powerful families behind the scenes, using media, wars, politics and propaganda as their tools. With the narrating voice of Woody Harrelson, maybe not the best narrating voice but respect to him that he stands for his opinions and that he clearly is not a sheep. We, all together, could make a change, if like explained in this documentary we would boycot certain multi-nationals, by never buying anything from them. But that's just wishful thinking, we all know the vast majority of humans have difficulties for thinking by themselves. The flock is were they belong and nothing is going to change that, not even thousands of documentaries like this one. This planet is doomed and there is no escape from it.

The Disaster Artist (2017)

A weak movie about an even weaker movie. The Disaster Artist is a movie made as a biography of another movie, The Room from 2003, a stinker that apparently became a cult movie because it was so bad. I didn't see the original, and I'm not planning to, as to me The Disaster Artist is a weak movie about an even weaker movie so what's the point of watching the other one? James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, the director/writer/actor from The Room, a weird guy that wants to look excentric but in fact is just a random weirdo not worth mentioning. The character is annoying to watch, I don't say James Franco didn't a good job playing him, he probably did a good job imitating a boring guy. The story isn't funny, and isn't good enough to waste your time with it. Weird can be good but in this case it just isn't.

Desolation (2017)

Deserves higher ratings. Surprisingly low ratings for this movie as I thought it was an entertaining movie. Maybe the story has a couple flaws, things that we would all have done differently if we were in that situation, but mainly the story is interesting and keeps your attention during the entire movie. The main character is played by Dominik García-Lorido, so you get to see alot of her, and I thought she did a good job. Almost the entire movie is about her and that's a good thing. The rest of the cast was also good adding their parts to the story. Only Brock Kelly, that one I found to be weak acting, but not terrible. Maybe this story has been done before, probably, but nevertheless it was entertaining enough for me to have a good movie night.

The Dead Girl (2006)

Mixed feelings about this one. I think most of the reviewers got a bit carried away here on IMDb, making it look like The Dead Girl was one of the best movies ever. I don't say it was a bad movie, not at all, it's certainly worth a watch, but it's not a masterpiece either. The acting is good, from everybody, but I didn't really like the concept of the story telling. For example if you like Toni Collette, like I do, you better be prepared watching her role in the beginning and then never see her again. I don't think that was a smart move in this movie. But that's how this movie works, you get to watch small independent stories about the event. I would have scored it a bit higher if it was not for the ending that I thought was weak. Other than that it's not a bad movie but we've all seen better.

Crónica de una fuga (2006)

Rebels in a fascist regime. I can't say I watched alot of Argentinian movies but this one is certainly worth a watch. Also because the movie is based on actual events, it made it even more captivating and interesting to watch. The seventies, it's actually not that long time ago, were not really good times in Argentina if you had the idea of criticizing the actual regime. The military dictatorship of that time was systematically eliminating dissidents to the regime. In this story, that is sometimes hard to watch, we witness the kidnapping and interrogations of some alleged 'Desaparecidos'. It was not a good time to have 'lefties' ideas. The acting was very good, as it looked all very real and disgusting. A good movie from Israel Adrián Caetano. I will look for more of his movies.

Good Time (2017)

Robert Pattinson made me forget the pathetic 'Twilight' series. When I saw Robert Pattinson was the main star of this movie I have to admit I didn't have high expectations. I guess his 'Twilight' years didn't do him any good, at least in my mind, because if I have to be honest the 'Twilight' movies were really not my type of movies. But Robert Pattinson proved me wrong with Good Time. He clearly can act better then I thought he could. Good Time is probably the best movie I saw with him in the leading role. The story is very entertaining as it is a rollercoaster of events. You won't get bored for a second, at least I didn't. Plenty of action with unlikely outcomes, enough twists to keep the story interesting and entertaining to watch. I enjoyed it, and don't care about reviewers that scored this the lowest possible. They clearly didn't watch alot of movies in their lives.

Jimmy Carr Live (2004)

Master of the one-liners. I've been watching alot of stand-up comedians lately but this was my first show of Jimmy Carr. I like offensive wrong humor. Sarcasm is my kinda thing. Jimmy Carr isn't really sarcastic but he has plenty of offensive jokes. You could describe Jimmy Carr, at least from this show I watched, as a master of one-liners. Because all of his jokes are one-liners. He brings them in a way you sometimes have to think a second but they're always funny. He never sit stills though, what could be difficult with only one-liners. Instead he's bringing joke after joke without ever being boring. I enjoyed this first show and look forward to watch his other performances.

Of Unknown Origin (1983)

Not bad for a rat movie from 1983. I watched this movie with an open mind, knowing it was made in 1983, and so not to expect staggering special effects when it comes to the horror part. The story is, as you could guess, about the battle between a man and a rat. A rat invading his private space, the house he completely renovated. It's almost a one man movie, with Peter Weller as the main character. Sure there are other actors in Of Unknown Origin, but the main story is just the battle between Peter Weller and the rat. Seeing Peter Weller turning from a normal human being to a psychotic obsessed person was a clever move in this movie. It makes it interesting to watch. Good acting with a simple but effective story.

A Ciambra (2017)

The Gypsie life like we all think it is. A Ciambra is set in Calabria, a beautiful region of Italy, but that's not what you get to see. Instead you get to see the dark side of Gypsie life, the life we all think about when it comes to Gypsies. At least that's what I've always been told here in Europe, to not trust the Gypsies as they are raised thieving. I don't think there are much people thinking differently about Gypsies here and I don't think it will change after watching this movie. Because thieving and deceiving are the major points of this dark movie. I wonder what the Gypsies think about this movie? Are they proud of them being portrayed like that? In this case they used a real Gypsie family as the actors, almost playing themselves. The Amato's are not the kind of Hollywood actors we all know, without flaws, beautiful and tanned, but they are real and that makes this movie exceptionnal. Pio Amato is the youngest brother of the family, and the story turns around him, watching and learning how to provide for the family. Unfortunately that is by thieving. It looks like stealing is their only way to survive. For not so professional actors I thought they did a brilliant job. A Ciambra is a simple but good movie to watch, a drama that won't change the opinion most people have about Gypsie life I'm afraid.

Chappaquiddick (2017)

Politics and the reason why I hate it. Let's just say Chappaquiddick is not the kind of movie I'm normally interested in. Politics, is there anything more boring than politics? They are all corrupted and the only thing that drives them is greed and power. In Chappaquiddick they show what happened with Ted Kennedy, the fourth brother, the only one still alive, the one who murdered a secretary. And yes I say murdered because she could have been saved. The good thing about the movie is the acting, that's good and you can't deny that. The story is what it is, the exact thing that would happen when a powerful rich person gets involved in the death of somebody, he just gets away with it and nobody cares. That's how our society works, there is a law for the rich and a law for the poor. Disgusting but nothing new. All in all the movie is worth a watch but don't expect a masterpiece.

Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale (2016)

Respect for those who do their best to preserve our wildlife. As a big animal lover I'm always interested in watching a documentary about animals and nature. In this case they follow Naledi, a baby elephant, from the day she's born until she becomes an orphan, from her being adopted by the herd. They show how they took care of her while being sick and other stuff. It's all very interesting to watch. But it's not all positive images, it's also about the harsh reality of ivory trade, poachers and trophy hunters. I couldn't help myself shedding some tears at some point. But that happens to me all the time when I watch animals suffering or dying, I just can't help myself. Humans, if you can call them that, hunting those majestic animals, out of greed or just for trophies should be severely punished for what they did and should be set as an example to others to prevent such barbarism happening again. The documentary is full of wonderful footage of the gracious animal the elephant is. It's a documentary of hope but also of despair, but it's certainly worth watching if you care a little bit about the preservation of species and our wildlife.

The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)

A bit poor on action scenes. You always watch a movie based on a true story with different eyes because it balances more to non-fiction than fiction. In this case the movie is about the former baseball player Morris "Moe" Berg that gets the assignment to go kill Heisenberg, the famous nuclear scientist, and this during world war II. It's an interesting story about Moe Berg, on how smart he actually was. Smart and mysterious. But the movie itself lacks a bit of action, certainly as it takes place during the war. So to me it was a bit disappointing. The cast was good though, just too bad the action parts were not as good as the acting. But it's an okay movie to watch once I guess.

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