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Barry (2018)

We want more seasons! I just finished binge watching season one of Barry. Short episodes you can't get enough of. It would be a total disappointment if there would be not more seasons of this show. It's the perfect mix between crime and comedy. The humor is very subtle, almost like they don't do it on purpose to be funny, but they certainly are. Bill Hader as Barry has one of those faces and expressions that makes him naturally funny. But not only him, but the whole cast was funny. Stephen Root, Glenn Fleshler, Anthony Carrigan, Paula Newsome, Henry Winkler and Sarah Goldberg all add something funny and special to this show. The story is well brought and entertaining. I really can't wait for more seasons of Barry.

Child Eater (2016)

From bad to worse. Well, the least I can say after watchin Child Eater is that I am not impressed at all. The poster looked like it could be something creepy but in the end it's just mediocre. Not only the story, but also the acting. It was just not that great, to say it politely. It might be a low budget movie, and there is nothing wrong with that, but that doesn't mean it has to be of mediocre quality, and unfortunately it is. The end, where the climax should be and where it normally always is, is sometimes so dumb you wonder how they come up with it. How the hell can you be afraid of a blind evil creature? How can you not outrun that or just kill it easely? All questions that you will have at one point, and for that alone Child Eater is just a stupid movie.

Alena (2015)

Nothing new here. After watching Alena I couldn't help having the feeling that I watched that kinda movie a dozen of times before. If it was exceptional then it wouldn't matter but unfortunately it isn't. It's been done before and way better. The story starts interesting but the more the story advances the more boring it gets. Watching high school bully girls for the entire movie is just boring after awhile. And the poor little girl they pick on and that is supposed to unleash her evil power is just not creepy enough to make it an interesting horror movie. Actually I don't think it has anything to do with a horror movie. Just one of those movies you watch with one eye open. Amalia Holm should taint her eyebrows dark as well if she wants to be darkhaired. That's just an information to her, as a bonus.

Holes (2003)

Wit alot of kids, but not for kids alone When I first saw Disney made this movie I wasn't too thrilled watching it because I rarely enjoy those movies. But with Holes it was totally different, it was pleasant to watch, with good acting and a decent story. Seeing Shia LaBeouf acting at that age shows you he already had good acting skills when he was a kid. Jon Voight was to me the best actor in this movie playing Mr.Sir. Sigourney Weaver at 54 still looks amazing and even though she has not the biggest role she was still pleasant to watch. The story isn't too far fetched and is entertaining enough to never get bored. So all in all Disney can make movies worth watching, and not only for kids, even if most of the actors are kids.

Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff (2012)

Funny enough to me Like the title says 'Mostly Sex Stuff' this is what you get. Amy makes alot of jokes around that subject and why not? If it's funny then it's okay for me. The only problem I had at one time was that she told a joke that she told in a different show before, well in a later show actually but I saw that show first. Nonetheless I don't think comedians should use the same joke twice in different shows, just come up with something new. But other than that her show was pleasant to watch, with plenty of funny moments, and that's what it's all about when watching a stand-up-comedy. In the extras there are two videos from the 'Roast' show, and even if it's funny that's not totally my kind of humor, because laughing with somebody specifically, the way they look and so on, is just not done to me.

Frankie Boyle: Live (2008)

You don't want to sit in the front of one of his shows. This was my first show from Frankie Boyle and it was immediately spot on, exactly what I wanted it to be. Frankie Boyle is funny, there is no doubt about that, but to some people he might be too offensive, too rude for some spectators. So if you are one of those people that gets quickly offended just don't watch his shows because there are some insulting parts, alot in fact, and if you don't get that kinda humor his shows are just not for you. Sarcasm is just the most difficult form of humor, where only good comedians get away with it. And Frankie Boyle is one of them. He interacts alot with his audience and the genious about that is that he always has a funny answer to anything they say to him, and that's not rehearsed, it's all natural. You don't want to sit in the front of his shows if you want to be ignored. Frankie Boyle, great comedian, interacting with people all the time, with jokes that only a selected crowd can understand and laugh with.

Acrimony (2018)

Good movie from Tyler Perry. After seeing the low ratings this movie got I didn't expect much of it, but then I read some positive reviews that made me want to watch Acrimony and I'm glad I did. It clearly deserves more than a mediocre five star rating. Tyler Perry, known for making movies with almost only African Americans, did a good job with this for him totally different story. A story about a woman going through all kind of phases in her life, from feeling in love to betrayed, from a forgiven to a vengeful person. Taraji P. Henson was really good in her role of Melinda. As was Lyriq Bent in his role of Robert, the man trying to invent a life changing apparatus. Not only is the movie well shot with good actors, the story is also pleasant and easy to follow. Acrimony deserves a higher rating so just watch it and rate it.

Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo (2015)

A woman like we all want. Labeling Amy Schumer as only a sex comic because she talks alot about sex is just not right. If she wants to joke about sex it's her right and if you don't find that funny then just don't watch it, it's not that complicated. I enjoyed the entire show and I would watch it again in the future. Amy Schumer can laugh about herself, and that is essential for any good stand-up-comedian. Her not having 'the perfect figure' and laughing about it makes her even better. I don't think she has a bad figure at all actually. She has a great sense of humor, great stage presence, interacts with the audience, everything you need to be a good stand-up-comedian. I will certainly watch more of her shows as for me she stands out from the many average comedians.

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018)

There are no synonyms of bad enough to describe this movie. What I can't understand is why people would make such a bad movie? But what I really really don't understand is how some reviewers can give this piece of garbage a ten star rating. Really? That's your definition of a perfect movie? Is this a joke or are you related to somebody from the crew that made this movie? The only good thing about this movie is the 'graboid', that looks decent. All the rest is so bad it makes me cringe. The action and the horror are nowhere to be seen. Instead you get some nerds making extremely bad jokes and comments about the 'ass blasters' and 'graboids'. Everything seems like fun when you're getting chased or attacked by one of those monsters. The acting varies from bad to extremely bad, with cheesy dialogues that makes you wonder if it could be any worse. Michael Gross is the example of bad acting, they should show it to beginning actors, so that they know how not to act. I didn't enjoy this movie, I had to endure it, and it was painful. Never again!

Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles (2013)

A different kind of stand-up-comedy We Are Miracles was only the second show that I watched from Sarah Silverman. It wasn't bad at all, good enough to watch at least once. I preferred the Jesus Is Magic show though. Her jokes are always a bit sarcastic and very daring and that's a good thing. Her material in this show isn't that much more different than in the other show that I saw from her, I guess it's her signature for her sense of humor. To me the show could just be the stand-up-comedy itself, without the intro and song that is also in this show. Not only is Sarah Silverman candy for the eye, but she's also funny and what else is more important in a woman than her looks? Sarah Silverman is a woman many men dream of and that's a compliment to her.

Chasing Coral (2017)

Let's just destroy everything on this planet and just don't do anything about it. Chasing Coral should be an eye opener for everybody, but that would only work if everybody watched it, especially influent people that have to take big decisions. For people that continue to deny global warming is going on. Unfortunately those influent people, like are so-called 'world leaders', could not care less about all this, because greed, destruction and world domination is their only goal in life. The documentary starts slow, with some good footage but also some blurry archive footage. It's all interesting to watch though. But the best part, if I can say best in this case, is the ending, and i's not that colorful anymore. We, the humans, the so-called smartest specie on earth, are in fact the parasites of our planet, destroying everything at high speed. If the coral reefs are bleaching it's all our fault, and if this eco system dies in the next decades it will be our fault as well. The end of the documentary wants to give us a bit of hope, but honestly I don't believe in it. We are doomed to go from bad to worse, as greed and selfishness are the only goals of us humans. So Chasing Coral is a good documentary, but a sad and emotional one. It should be mandatory in schools or for everybody to see, so that maybe we would change our attitude, but that's just wishful thinking. The future generations will pay the price for our neglect and destruction of our once lovely planet.

Safe (2018)

Entertaining mystery story, maybe a bit too much soap alike. I'm amazed by the amount of people that bash this show. I won't say it was the greatest ever, because for that it looked sometimes to much like a British soap, but there was plenty enough of mystery involved to keep you interested. I binge watched it in two days, just really wanted to know what happened, so it was kinda addictive. It's one of those shows where you get a clue, or a twist per episode, and in the end it's something you didn't expect. For once I figured it out before the end so I was not totally surprised. The cast is what it is, with actors from soaps like Doctors, Eastenders and Casualties you can't expect the greatest acting. If they were in soaps in the past there is a reason for that. About Michael C. Hall alias Dexter I'm not sure if he really has his place in a British series. Not that he was bad, certainly not, but for his role they could just have find another British actor, there are plenty enough good ones. So all in all if you like a bit of mystery give this show a shot, you won't be disappointed. I don't know if there will be a second season with another mystery story but if there was I would watch it.

Jim Jefferies: Contraband (2008)

Contraband and I Swear To God are almost all the same jokes. I watched Jim Jefferies' show I Swear To God from 2009 before this one and i realized that most jokes where the same one as in Contraband. Since Contraband is from 2008 this show was first and it has a couple of other jokes plus a little bonus, of a video where you can watch how Jim Jefferies got assaulted by an Irish at one of his shows in Manchester. If you've seen one of his shows before you know exactly what to get, that is sarcasm and jokes that are right on the edge of staying decent and correct. It isn't humor for everybody so if you're easily offended you shouldn't watch his shows. I am a big fan so to me his shows could go on forever. Just a bit disappointed about this one because I already heard those jokes on I Swear To God, or vice versa.

Counterpart (2017)

Not easy to follow but interesting concept. Just finished watching sthe first season and so it's now time for a little evaluation. While the beginning was very confusing, and that because of the lack of explanation, you just have to sit through the first episodes to slowly start understanding what's going on. So it's one of those series that you have to focus all the time otherwise you might just become completely lost. That the actors play two different characters all the time isn't easy to follow either, so here again you need to concentrate all the time. But the more the story advances the more you want to know what's going to happen. The cast is good, with J.K. Simmons as the best actor as so far. I don't know if this show is going to make it for long but I could do with a couple more seasons. I just hope they are not going to milk the story like we are used to when it comes from America. So far so good.

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Still waiting for a sequel that is better than it's predecessor. Not that I was a huge fan of the first movie, I just thought it was another big production that always works in the theaters, but the story was kinda okay. This sequel on the other hand is like most sequels from movies like that, just bland, you just watch it because you saw the first one. You suspect they will make a third one and you wonder if you will watch that one. You probably will without much expectations, and I probably will also. In Pacific Rim: Uprising the acting isn't great, not awful but not great. Scott Eastwood looks like his father, there's no denying on who his real father is, but the acting isn't the same. The plot is kinda boring but you just watch it anyway. The CGI's are exactly what I was expecting from a big production like that, a bit like another Transformers movie. It's rare that a sequel outclasses it's predecessor and in this case it just confirms that. And yes there probably will be a third one, not very looking forward to that one to be honest.

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic (2005)

Sarcasm is sometimes too difficult to understand for some people. Sarah Silverman is known for a sarcastic sense of humor so if you don't like sarcasm at the highest level you should not even start watching this show. That's what I don't get about the negative reviewers on here. What did you expect? A lighthearted piece of stand-up-comedy? You know it's not going to be that so why do you even bother? I'm a big fan of that kind of humor, the just on the edge humor, humor that makes people feel bad but you know it's just a joke so you do enjoy it. Sarcasm is just not for everybody, some people are just too limited to understand that. You should be able to laugh at anything, as long as you don't hurt somebody specifically. I didn't really mind about the singing and the other off stage scenarios though, to me that was not the best part of the show. The best part is Sarah Silverman standing on stage, beginning a story, pausing, and then the bad punt comes out. You wonder what it will be, you expect it, you know it will be bad, and then you get it in your face and that's the fun part. I read someone said that he wondered if he could laugh with her jokes if she was not good looking. That's utterly stupid. Humor has nothing to do with how you look. If the hunchback of Notre-Dame would be funny I'd still laugh, it doesn't matter. But Sarah Silverman is a hottie and that's just a bonus.

Incontrol (2017)

Missed opportunity. I have mixed feelings after watching Incontrol. The good points were that the story is innovative and the actors were'nt bad. But unfortunately even if the story was innovative it clearly missed the chance to bring a good sci-fi movie. It's a missed opportunity because it could have been much more interesting if developped better. Now you just get a mediocre story, that quickly becomes boring to watch, while the potential to have an intriguing story was there. I didn't get the end at all. Maybe it was open for interpretation but at that point I was already bored with this movie and so I couldn't care less. But I would watch another movie with the same concept if only the story was better.

Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal (2011)

Last show in South-Africa. Looking forward to see his next shows. This is the third show I watched from Trevor Noah. After The Daywalker and That's Racist this show Crazy Normal is again taking place in South-Africa. And like the two other shows I had sometimes a bit difficulties to understand every single joke because Trevor Noah plays with alot of different accents, and that's nice to watch, but also different languages, and that's sometimes just impossible to understand for a guy from outside South-Africa. But the show still remains of a good quality for a stand-up comedy. I just saw this was his farewell show from South-Africa so I'm looking forward to watch his next shows in countries where I understand all languages. Trevor Noah is a waterfall of words, with different intonations, very verbal and gestual, and with of course good jokes to laugh with. So even for a non South-African this show is worth watching.

The Legend of Ben Hall (2017)

Long live the fake reviews on here! What a shame. The amount of ten star reviews for this movie is so laughable. It's obvious they were given by people that were involved or knew somebody that was involved in this movie. You want to know which people? Just click on the names of the reviewers that gave a high rating and you will see that they only reviewed one movie. IMDb should not allow new reviewers to give a ten star review unless they continue reviewing afterwards. The Legend Of Ben Hall is just a mediocre movie. Only the settings like the landscapes were worth seeing. The acting is for sure not great, sometimes just okay but sometimes also bad. The story itself is a so-called true story. Well if that's the case there must have been alot of dumb Australians at that time. Everybody likes to see outlaws robbing banks, getting the money from them is like stealing from an even bigger thief. But these outlaws just rob normal people, and those same normal people just welcome them in their lifes, bars, houses. It's just too ridiculous for words. The action scenes are also very bad, the unlikeliness of outlaws escaping so easely everytime they get cornered is just too stupid for words. Believe me it was really bad. Add on that that the three outlaws look like they came straight out of a choir and don't look anything like dangerous and it's almost laughable. The movie is also extremely long for the story it is. You are litteraly waiting for it to end as fast as possible. I think I checked at least a dozen times to see how long I had to endure this movie even more. And when I read that this movie won some awards in Australia I'm really wondering with what other garbage it was competing. Don't waste your time on this one.

Hired Gun (2016)

I will always listen to music in a different way now. I have to admit that it took me fifty years to understand that some band players are just 'hired guns', never knew about that, I always thought they just played in different bands as full members. So for that only this documentary was an eye opener for me, and a good reason to watch it. It was very interesting to see the view of those artists on the bands they played with, and how some of those 'celebrities' are just a bunch of egoistic egocentric bastards, like Billy Joel in this documentary. He's a heartless very self-centered egoistic prick that doesn't deserve anybody buying his music. On the other hand you can witness what a wonderful guy his drummer Liberty DeVitto is, still forgiving everything and playing for peanuts. But there are also others than Billy Joel that are just wannabe good people and I guess that once you got a bit of success you just look at other people like they are your possession. In this documentary you also discover nice celebrities, with a golden heart, like Alice Cooper, Ozzy and Pink, not directly people that I would have thought being nice persons in daily life. So never judge a book by it's cover. The documentary is very well made, with tons of relevant interviews of great side artists, guitar and drum virtuoses that made the name of some big bands without ever being recognized. Interviews with hired guns, producers, artists and so on, it all passes the revue and it's very interesting and pleasant to listen to. If you are a music fan you should definitely watch Hired Gun. I will always listen to music in a different way now.

The Hippopotamus (2017)

Worth a watch. Don't expect a hilarious comedy or so because it isn't but there are some funny moments, especially by the spoken words. You can clearly hear Stephen Fry speaking through Ted Wallace, a waterfall of words, sometimes harsh and sometimes funny. Ted Wallace did a good job playing his character, a lost soul that drinks way too much, investigating what could be a miracle curer. The rest of the cast all contributed in their way to the story. A story that might not be for everybody, like the reviews and ratings clearly shows, but if now and then you like the complexity of the English language instead of the usual stuff you might enjoy this movie. It's worth watching once in my opinion.

Vladenie 18 (2014)

It's Russian and kinda boring. Vladenie 18 must be one of the first Russian movies I saw, or maybe I don't remember any other ones right now, but what's for sure is that I will completely have forgotten about this movie in a couple days. It's just not good enough to be remembered. The story could have been better, it's just about okay. I don't know what their budget was but it must not have been much seeing the poor special effects. I guess the make-up wasn't that bad, but for a horror movie you expect more thrills than in this movie. The soundtrack is always important in horror movies, to create the right ambiance, but in this movie the sound was often building up to create suspense for a thing that didn't happen. The cast wasn't great either, especially the girl playing Svetlana, she was not credible at all in her role. If all the Russian movies are at this level I won't be watching alot of them.

Jim Jefferies Alcoholocaust (2010)

Sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm, I just can't get enough of it. One thing is clear about a show with Jim Jefferies, it's not for everybody. If you can't take a joke or don't like sarcasm as humor then you should just not watch his shows. I can already hear women say that he bashes women all the time, and that he doesn't love women etc..., but the truth is that Jim Jefferies just has that kinda humor that just not everybody gets and I'm pretty sure he hasn't anything against women. He probably has something against religion, like I do, so by that you could be really offended if you're one of those lunatics believing in a God, because I'm pretty sure he believes every word he says about religion. And I applaud that, it takes some balls to openly criticize religion in these times of you can laugh about everything except religion. This was my fifth show I saw from Jim and I could just binge watching all his shows again. People that don't think this is funny are just people I don't want to hang out with, because at one point they will bore me to death. Jim Jefferies for president!

The Great Invisible (2014)

When will we ever learn? When will we ever revolt? Some other reviewer stated that you should watch the movie Deepwater Horizon instead. Well I watched both of them and my opinion is that the movie is a good movie about the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, on what really happened on that platform. But it's a movie, based on true events, but still it's a movie. On the other side this documentary is about the impact the explosion had on everything and everybody, it's about how justice never will be served, maybe a big fine but that's about it. A big fine is like peanuts for companies like BP. I'm sure nobody will ever see the inside of a jail and that while people died, while thousands if not millions people suffered from the consequences of their neglect, while millions of animals and plants perished and will continue to die even decades after the catastrophe. The documentary is very well made and very informative. But I doubt it will ever change anything in the behavior of humans. Humans, the parasites of this planet, slowly destroying everything just out of greed and comfort.

Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog (2011)

Always in for a laugh. I just watched two of Greg Davies' shows, You Magnificent Beast and Firing Cheeseballs At A dog. Personally I preferred the first one but Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog is also funny. The fact that he uses real things that happened in his life, and that he talks with so much humor about his family, is something special and almost unique. Greg Davies as a stand-up-comedian is pleasant to watch, no dull boring moments, always in for a bit of sarcasm and not afraid of laughing with himself. A couple time per show he uses the audience in his show and that's always welcome when playing in front of a big crowd. He has the feeling to do that and that's a good thing. This show might not be teardropping laughter but it is pleasant to watch and funny.