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Free Guy

Another great movie with Ryan Reynolds
I wasn't expecting to be that entertained to be honest. I didn't know anything about the story, and in the early beginning I wondered what was going on, not too sure if this was going anywhere, but in the end Free Guy is a great movie. Not totally surprising though, as Ryan Reynolds has an eye for good movies, like the excellent The Voices, the two Deadpools, the two Hitman's Bodyguard, The Adam Project, Life, Self/Less, all movies that I rate eight or higher. So yes you could say Ryan Reynolds has talent to spot good scripts, unlike other actors like Nicolas Cage who would play anything as long as he gets paid. Ryan Reynolds is funny and can act well and in Free Guy he's just perfect. The rest of the cast was also very pleasant to watch. The plot is just very good, especially if you're a videogamer, which I am (well more an oldschool retrogamer which is not entirely the same here). I remember watching Tron when it came out, thought it was very futuristic, but this one is so much better, and that's mostly due to the great CGI's and the interesting storyline. Free Guy is another hit for Ryan Reynolds, an actor that starts to have a really good résumé.

The Other Lamb

Boring story dragged out for as long as possible.
Well I can't say I was impressed by this movie. The plot was boring from beginning till the last five minutes. It's another cult story, dragged out for as long as possible, with a lot of boring and dull moments. I won't say the cinematography was bad, neither was the acting, but with just that you don't make a good movie. You need a good story and that was just not the case. There was no horror at all even though it's categorized as it, and as for the mystery you might wonder what is happening, or more precisely why this is all happening, but you won't get answers. I almost fell asleep a couple times, and that's only because the story was repetitive and not very informative, I honestly wished I didn't watch it.

Infinite Storm

Just an average rescue movie.
To be honest I expected it to be better. Supposedly based on a true story, but in the end not very satisfying, with not much explanations, or at least not enough in my opinion. Naomi Watts and Billy Howle didn't act badly, but there were a couple scenes that looked really fake so it wasn't satisfying. I've seen better mountain rescue movies and documentaries than this one so I guess I will forget everything about Infinite Storm in a couple days.

Red Oaks

Entertaining enough for me.
Since a lot of good shows get canceled all the time without any valid reason I decided to only watch series when they're completely finished so that I wouldn't waste my time anymore with stories that get didn't get a proper ending. So I binge watched the three seasons of Red Oaks. It took me lesser than a week, that says enough about the quality I would say. It's not the greatest show though, but it surely was entertaining enough to keep my attention. It's all very lighthearted, with some good acting, with likeable and non so likeable characters but they all add to the story. It's not constantly funny, it wouldn't survive the annoying mandatory laughing tape we normally get with comedies, but every episodes has some good moments. Red Oaks is perfect to kill some time, easy to follow and never annoying.


Nothing much to see here.
The poster looks like horror, the story looks like horror, but the movie isn't horror. At least not the kind that gives you thrills. For that the special effects are or non existant or mediocre at best. The soundtrack, the one thing that could make any horror story better, was just very basic. I watched Umma because of Sandra Oh, but I've seen much better with her. The acting wasn't bad, the story just a bit too boring, not good enough if you're looking for a horror movie you will remember.

The Cellar

Not bad but could have been better.
I can't say I was watching this one on the edge of my seat but there was some good suspense every now and then, mostly due to the good soundtrack. The horror is mild, should have been more graphic to make it better in my opinion. Now it's all too much suggestive horror scenes, which isn't bad but I just prefer the more graphic scenes. The acting wasn't bad at all, certainly not from the mother and kids, the father on the other hand was just okay. Was I entertained though? I can say yes, but that's also because I like to see my wife scared whilst watching a horror movie, which is entertaining in itself. Could it have been better? For sure but I'm not going to complain.


Watch Antebellum instead...
In 2020 I watched Antebellum, which I found excellent and rated with nine stars. Now, two years later I watched Alice, which is basically the same story, well almost, they just gave it another turn. I don't know why writer/director Krystin Ver Linden would do such a thing. Just create your own story, or copy a very old movie that could need some updating, but a two year old movie (an excellent one) doesn't need to be remade. That said Alice is watchable, you just don't have that element of surprise you got with Antebellum. The acting wasn't bad either, but it all just feels lesser good than Antebellum. The second part of Alice, when the things should get better was actually the weaker part of the movie, with a lot of scenes that were poorly written. I give it a six but honestly I think this movie should just not have been made. Just watch Antebellum instead, it's much better.

The Adam Project

A funny time travelling movie.
Another time travel movie but a good one this time. The story isn't really original but the plot is entertaining and there are some good funny moments, mostly due to the excellent acting of Ryan Reynolds. He has shown us by now that these kind of movies are right up his alley. Movies like the excellent The Voices, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, The Hitman's Bodyguard, the 2 Deadpools or even Red Notice, all show us Ryan Reynolds at his best, funny replies are almost a trademark for him now. In The Adam Project you also have some good acting from the young Walker Scobell playing the early version of Ryan Reynolds. They worked well together, it's all pleasant to follow. This movie is just a lighthearted sci-fi/adventure movie, one that won't disappoint a lot of people, unless you're never satisfied, and we all know there are a bunch of people like that.

Jackass Forever

Still as crazy as in the beginning, still highly entertaining.
It's very simple, if you didn't like any Jackass stunts in the past nothing will change here, you will still hate it. On the other hand if you always enjoyed watching the Jackass crew performing the most ridiculous but also hilarious stunts this movie will be right up your alley. I found it amazing they're still up for that kind of stuff. They're all much older and probably have enough money to live twice comfortably, but they still manage to do stunts that look very painful. Looking at the amount of injuries they had with this movie you can only conclude the human body has its boundaries and at one point you will get hurt. But for the viewer it's pure entertainment. I watched it with a big smile on my face, from the first till the last second, and I'm sure a lot of people will have the same experience.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Just watch the movie, it's better.
I seem to remember liking the movie much more than this remake/series. I got bored watching this after one episode but hoped it would get better, which apart from the last episode never happened. I continued watching this just to please my wife even though in the end she wasn't too thrilled about either. The acting should have been much better, it all felt like watching one of those bad soaps. The soundtrack was very bad, in fact exactly what you could expect for this kind of lame stories. Apart from Basheer played by Guz Khan nobody made me laugh, and that's not a positive thing to say after watching a comedy series. The good thing about this show is that it is only one season long, it kinda eases the pain.

Being the Ricardos

Boring is an understatement... Three Oscar nominations, are they having a laugh?
Being The Ricardos is the perfect example for a movie that gets Oscar nominations just because of the acting and not because of the story. I agree that Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem and J. K. Simmons are good actors but their performances are not worth an Oscar, not even a nomination. There are plenty better actors starring in a really good movie that deserve it much more. I don't know Lucile Ball, well only her name rings a bell, but I was curious about this movie because of those Oscar nominations. It was a mistake from me to watch this. The whole movie is boring, from start till finish. I honestly can't understand why somebody would enjoy this movie. It's full of repeating boring scenes that add absolutely no value to the story. Nobody cares if Lucile Ball wants flowers in a scene or not, so repeating that same process over and over gets old after awhile. I don't say the acting was bad because it wasn't but the movie is just really mediocre. I wish I didn't waste my time on this one.

The Batman

Another Batman but another good one.
Again I read a lot of extremely negative reviews on here (the first page just had two positive reviews) and that whilst The Batman scored a pretty high rating. The only negative thing I will agree on is that it was too long, but that's in my opinion valid for almost all the three hours duration movies. You can tell a story in way lesser time, and this story for sure. That said all the rest was good. Robert Pattinson is a worthy Batman, good acting from him, Zoë Kravitz a decent Catwoman, and credits to the make up artists that made Colin Farrell look like that (if my wife wouldn't have told me it was him I would never have known). My first reflection when I saw there was a new Batman movie was if we really needed another Batman movie? Has this character not already been milked out enough? But I stand corrected, if they're all of that quality they can make more if it's just up to me. This story is this time with The Riddler and it's entertaining from beginning till the end, even if too long. Nice dark atmosphere (Gotham City seems to live just in the dark) that fitted the story well. I've a slight preference for DC Comics instead of Marvel movies. I guess if you're not really into this genre you won't get thrilled but why watch it in the first place then? I don't like musicals so I don't watch them, it's a simple as that.

What Lies Upstream

The whole system is corrupt... nothing really new and that's sad...
What Lies Upstream isn't something you watch to make you happy. It's quite the opposite, after watching this documentary my faith in humanity (which was already not very high) got lost a bit more, if that's even possible. It's well made, informative, but mostly another eye opener. That we are killing our planet is obvious to almost everybody, and this is another proof of it. What I learned the most about What Lies Upstream is that everybody can be bought. You can see Randy Huffman being the guy that gets a lot of money for basically doing nothing, not being aware of anything that is happening in his domain, not really interested or concerned, and then towards the end turning into growing a conscience and trying to do something about a problem that will never be solved but just erased from the records. And then you have Rahul Gupta, a man from who you think that he's concerned by the whole problem, that wants to make the public aware of the dangers, that wants to make a difference, turning into a man that gets politically involved and then suddenly is doing nothing anymore about it, if not trying to do the opposite of problem solving, disminishing all the problems, in other words another career opportunitist that can get bought. I was just wondering what the number was needed to change him like that? What Lies Upstream should be a mandatory watch, should be discussed every day, should result in locking up a couple thousand of greedy people, from politicians to researchers to compagnies. But don't be fooled, nothing of this will happen, the lobbyists will continue their filthy games, companies will continue poluting our planet, people and nature will continue paying the heavy price, nobody will ever care, and the few concerned citizens that do care will be made to shut up.

The Card Counter

Not bad but could have been better.
A lot of very negative reviews again on here. All exaggerated in my opinion. I agree that The Card Counter could have used a bit of oomph at times but overall the story was interesting to follow. The acting was rather good than bad so I don't see why anybody would complain about that. The cast has some good names like Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan , Willem Dafoe (even though his part is rather small) and Tiffany Haddish. The relationship between Oscar Isaac and Tye Sheridan was pleasant to follow, maybe too monotone for some but I thought it fitted the story well. Could have this movie been better? For sure! But rating it with the lowest score possible is just ridiculous.


A bit disappointing.
As a fan of Korean movies I was looking forward to watching Sogongnyeo (or Microhabitat for the English title). It got a high rating on here and Korean cinema produced a lot of excellent movies so it was promising. But in the end it was disappointing to me. The story is a bit boring, certainly towards the second half, a bit repeating itself, nothing really enjoyable to follow. It has a couple good scenes and the acting wasn't bad but that's about it. I just think it's not really the kind of stories I enjoy watching, but others might do.


Popcorn movie with some exaggerated scenes that are unnecessary but still entertaining
I never played the game before but after watching the movie it looks it could be the kind of videogame I like to play normally. Uncharted is an adventure, where the characters search for clues to find a treasure. It's in the Indiana Jones genre but not as good. Good enough though to be entertained the whole time. What brings it down are some action scenes that are way too exaggerated. It's a pity they think these kind of scenes add something to the movie, I think it's the opposite. It all looks very spectacular but nor very realistic. The CGI's could also 've been better to be honest but overal it's passable. The cast is what brings the quality up, with Tom Holland, Antonio Banderas and Mark Wahlberg you have some quality actors and it shows. If you're a fan of adventure movies this one should be right up your alley, if you're looking for something serious just skip this one.

Choose or Die

Good idea, entertaining to me.
Once again I'm amazed by the extremely negative reviewers on here. It's like people like to complain about everything nowadays. Choose or Die might not be the greatest movie ever, we can all agree on that, but to me it was certainly good enough to entertain me the whole time. Nice refreshing story, with good ideas, and a decent production. I thought Lola Evans and Asa Butterfield, playing the two main characters, did a pretty good convincing job. As a fan of retrogaming it was even nicer to watch, reminded me of my youth sometimes. So in conclusion, if you want something else in the mild horror genre Choose or Die is a nice option.


Bad is an understatement.
You can see they had a budget for this movie, with big action scenes that must have cost a lot, but that's not a guarantee for success. Quite the opposite I would say, as Ambulance started okay to quickly lose every credibility it might have had. The story is full of holes or scenes that just don't make much sense. Whomever wrote this plot, these dialogues, should just stop immediately with that and find himself another job. I heard McDonalds is hiring so maybe that's an option for him. Michael Bay should just quit movie making, it's just awful what he does with that much money. I normally do like Jake Gyllenhaal but this must be the worst movie he ever appeared in. The cast wasn't bad but with a script like that it's just impossible to do something good. The more the story went on the lesser stars I was going to rate it. Three stars is actually still too much, but considering the cast I'll leave it at that. In short, Ambulance looks like a high budget movie but feels like a very low budget movie. The only really good thing about this movie is when the end credits appeared. Finally I could start forgetting everything about this monstrosity.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Andra Day carries this movie
Wether every fact in this movie is accurate or not it still remains a very enjoyable movie to watch. Enjoyable and interesting, a story about a troubled woman that stood up for what she believed in. Amazing job from Andra Day, her nomination at the Oscars for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role is totally deserved. She carries this movie, even though the rest of the cast was very good as well. An amazing voice in a music genre that is not really my thing kept my attention all the time. This movie deserves a higher rating on here. It's all very well done, makes you think how in a not that distant past the United States was a shameful country. The problems are far from being solved, even now, but I guess you always will have racist idiots everywhere, even in a country like the United States that preach tolerance. Preaching it's all good and well, but if you don't do anything about it you might as well shut up about it. When you think about it, it's not even a lifetime ago that those people were lynching other people, shame on them. Classy movie, very well made.


Timeless story.
The fact that this old movie won two Oscars means it must be good, at least in the eyes of a lot of people. And for a movie from 1969 it is well made and acted but compared to the movies we get now it's just an okay movie. It's rather long but never boring and that's mostly due to the acting from several good French actors. It's nice to see a young Yves Montand and Jean-Louis Trintignant, both actors that will make a bunch of other good movies later on. The cast is full of good French actors, the story is well told and even a bit timeless. We still have the same corruption nowadays, still the same bad police and magistrates, in short we still see it happening every day. Z is certainly worth watching, but I'm not sure it would win those Oscars if the movie came out now.

The White Tiger

Amazing story, very pleasant to watch.
I was afraid The White Tiger would be a Bollywood movie, with some singing and dancing (which is not my kind of taste), but there's absolutely nothing of this stuff in this story, besides the music but that was not annoying at all, on the contrary. The story is amazing and very pleasant to follow. The movie got nominated for an Oscar, for Best Adapted Screenplay by Ramin Bahrani and that's well deserved. The story shows us the differences between classes, the (often awful) relation between master and servant, it's all very poignant to watch. Adarsh Gourav did an amazing job playing his character, but the rest of the cast was also very good, even the child actors. I really didn't expect this movie to be that good. Indian movies can be bad but this one stands out from the rest, definitely worth watching.

The Last Seduction

Boring and predictable, and an awful soundtrack.
Film Noir, it's definitely one of the genres I have difficulties to think of any good movies. The Last Seduction isn't for sure a good movie, makes me wonder why it get such a high rating on here. The story isn't surprising at all, you see it coming from miles away, and it's borderline boring (I sometimes had to fight to stay awake). A lot of the writing wasn't good at all, with some scenes that were just not very plausible. The acting wasn't bad, that's about the only positive thing I could think of. I saved the worst for the last, the soundtrack, which is incredibly annoying and monotone, like most of the time in Film Noir (for some obscure reason that I don't understand, they have to have that nasty jazzy feeling that kills the rythm of the story). I wouldn't waste my time on this one, I wish I didn't.


What an amazing story.
After postponing it for a while I finally decided to watch Lion. I didn't expected it to be that good. It's an amazing story, with an almost incredible outcome. Lion got nominated for six Oscars and it's totally deserved. The acting is very good and that from the whole cast, from the children to the adults. The cinematography is also very good, but it's the story that just gets all the attention. It's an emotional movie, it got me teared up a couple of times, which is just a proof how engaging the story was. Lion won't disappoint a lot of people, the story is just too good for that.

The Many Saints of Newark

The show is better but then again that was a real quality show.
Before watching this movie I didn't have a clue it was a prequel to the quality series The Sopranos. That show really stood out in that genre. The movie though isn't of the same quality but it's certainly worth watching, especially if you're a fan of The Sopranos. It's not really necessary to have seen the show before but it helps. The cast is great, with actors that studied their characters in the show, resulting in a quite accurate representation of the original characters. Nice touch also to have let Michael Gandolfini play the character of his deceased father. You can really see that he's the son of, just with some facial expressions, the resemblance is stunning. Overal the story is enjoyable to follow, but again it's not as good as the show.

The Lost Daughter

Well that was boring.
I understand we all have different opinions about the quality of a movie and that's fine, but I can't understand The Lost Daughter got nominated for three Oscars. It's really not that good, certainly not good enough to win prizes compared to other jewels that came out that year, not even a nomination is justified. Don't get me wrong, the acting wasn't bad, I actually like Olivia Colman a lot, and the rest of the cast was also convincing playing their characters, but with good acting alone you don't make a good movie. The story is a total letdown, borderline boring, certainly in the second half of a movie that was way too long. It starts intriguing but at one point you come to the conclusion this is going nowhere and that's when it gets boring, about in the middle of the movie. I don't know what Maggie Gyllenhaal was thinking? I watched a lot of things with Olivia Colman lately but this one must be of the worst movies she appears in. I wouldn't waste your time on this one.

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