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Love, Simon

It's OK
Cute gay gay falls in love with another gay guy whom he has never seen (actually he fell in love with his words) but it turns out that the gay is also quite cute! How convenient! None of those other guys he passed by in school hall was the right one: the fat guy, really badly dressed guy, too feminine guy or really tall guy with long hair... Seems forever gay fairy tales are only for cute str8acting gay gays

Sex Education

Pretty good!
I discovered the serie yesterday and in two days I have watched all 16 episodes, or 2 seasons. I do think the first season was more fun and had more funny moments, but maybe because it was kinda intro into the lives of all people.

Second season was more serious, but it had its hilarious moments too - Romeo and Juliet show was really funny.

All actors are good and very believable.

I never watched anything else with G Anderosn except X Files - which I love - so it was interesting to see her outside the role of Scully.

All in all, 9 from me. It is entertaining and can not wait for season 3!


I watched this film last night, just before the night when it woukd win 3 oscars. I can understand why it did win, though personally I can not say that I was blown away by it. Certainly it is entertaining and very very symbolic. At times I thought that they were inspired by Emir Kusturica's film Underground.

8 from me

Inglourious Basterds

Not sure
It was entertaining. I liked the mixture of French, German and English. The whole film is kind of a fantasy. The end - I guess he wanted to tell us that in any war, America can do the most horrible things and get away with it (which is true I guess). More music would have been good.


I really enjoyed it from the start to finish. It was entertaining and funny. I do not find many comedies funny these days... like not funny at all but this one was! Plus music is great! Fiona Apple, Britney Spears and Wilson Phillips with Hold on! The fact they are in the film was wow!

10 from me.


Not bad
My main disappointment was the ending. I think it was totally out of the blue and as if the film was suddenly cut and other film was paste as ending.

I liked the atmosphere of the film - especially first part as it was very Agatha Cristie.

All in all, not bad.

7 from me.

Now Is Good

Good one
The story is good and keeps you throughout the film. Music is good. Especially I was surprised they used Lana Del Rey's Dark Paradise remix at the very beginning - that hooked me... otherwise I was going to watch another film and I am glad I did not.

The main thought ... god, that boy is so beautiful...

But both were convincing as well as all others. I surely rexommend it... especially if you need to shed a tear ot two...

10 from me as it did move me. Not many films do that.

The Reader

Good one
Really good film ... great acting and brilliant story. Although the film is rather long it did not have a single minut that is not captivating. Seems like 2 stories or part I and part II but it is really blended very well.

I guess the acting really carries the film as all actors are really great.

I would recommend this film. Almost 10 from me, but I go with 9.4 as rating.


It is ok
Just finished watching it on TV. It is ok film. Nothing mind blowing but it is not boring and it goes well. If you do not expect anything you can not be disappointed and it will be a positive experience. Chris Evans is the biggest plus of this film - his looks that is ;)


Pretty good
This film was on TV last night and as I did not have anything better to do I watched it and it was pretty good.

The film was interesting whole time to me and somehow I felt it did not have anything that was missing or making it bad.

Uma was great and Ben too. I only remember I thought that his laugh was not appealing. Not the sound but how he looks... and Uma was really pretty.

Anyway... 8 from me. Did not know anything about it before I watched so it was a good surprise.


Great one!
I do not remember when was the last time I watched a good horror film! And this one is not good but great!

Surprisingly, it last 2 hours but not a moment is boring... it has that sinister atmosphere, music and acting are great... I just kinda did not completely understand the ending - I have my views, but not sure if they are correct.

All in all, 10 from me.

The Curse of la Llorona

Not bad
The film was not bad. I actually enjoyed the legend of La Llorona. As for the film itself... Not really scary. Similar to many many horror ones outhere... But it is not boring which many are.

I guess the kids were the biggest plus as they were believable.

All in all, not a bad film, but nothing new you will see in it.

6.4 from me.


I used to be a big big fan of Mylene Farmer, so this is the 1st reason I watched this...the second is that I love horror movies...

This one was interesting for both seeing Mylene as an actress - and she was good. I was kinda surprised by her really good English and the fact that she does look like 50 years old woman in the movie... and as a story it was interesting.

To be honest I still do not know what really happened and what not... But overall it was really interesting one!

I read after that one of the actressed had an accident on the film set - that is so unfortunate!

But both of them were convincing - I mean the girls

7,4 from me


Interesting film, but that is it. It is too confusing and many things are not clear in the end. It does kinda want to put many things together, but they fail to click and make sense (at least to me).

Susie and Madame Blanc were great! Other actresses too. But too bad that characters do not add up to the film's understanding.

Music is interesting too.

Gods of Egypt

8 stars
I am not sure what others expect from the film - I expect to be entertained and this film just provided great entertainment. It was not boring, it was interesting and the story was pretty solid.

OK; it may not be 'too Egyptian' but what do you expect from Hollywood one?

Definately it is not as bad as other reviews suggest. I saw it on TV, so... good one for friday evening relaxation...

The Nun

It is ok
Well, the film is ok. Nothing special and nothing extraordinary in story or acting, but it is entertaining. What I loved the best about the film was the mood and setting. I see it is entirely shot in Romania and that is nice. Good enteriors and landscapes. The Frenchy boy is really cute and that helps the film :) to be more enjoyable. I did watch other films from the connected films, but I never seem to remember well the connections.

Wtf momnet was both the girl and the priest slept in beds with their shoes on????!!! Really? There were other goofs I noticed but...

All in all, 7 from me. It is what you kinda expect. Entertainment and no many really wow moments.

Charlie Bartlett

Really nice one
This film was on TV the other night and I am glad I watched it (after reading some comments here and seeing a good rating). To me the film is even better that 7 - I give it a 9.

The story is interesting, entertaining and the main boy is just great in his role. I must say that the girl was totally opposite - not convincing at all!

RDJ was good, but the scene with a gun was not really convincing.

Funny thing - rapper Drake plays some minor role with one sentence :)


Surprisingly good
It was on television, Saturday night - so the cast got me interested, especially Tom and Shia... And I was not disappointed.

The acting was great from everyone. Really I was convinced by their stories. Tom and Shia especially were extremely good!

I had no knowledge about the film whatsoever and was afraid <i may not like it but it kept me entertained and wanting to know what's next - and that is all I am asking from a film - to entertain me. This one certainly did!

Maybe the ending could have been a bit better (to my liking), but all in all, 9 from me.

Dear John

Ok film
It was on TV so I gave it a go as the main 2 roles are some beautiful people. Haha - not a very interesting reason to watch, but...

Overall, the film is ok. Of course, C T will be shirtless in a film - surfing is a good excuse for walking around shirtless - I do not complain - just saying. He could have been better as a fisherman or smth at sea than military guy. She was just good in her role - those eyes kinda make her believable.

I loved 'the twist' with a letter with which the film starts. I thought it was a mistake as I was thinking it was for the girl, but I was wrong...

All in all, ok film for an evening entertainment.


Not bad
I saw this film this evening on tv.

Not bad as the rating suggests, but I admit it is nothing extraordinary and the twist at the end is kinda ... unexpected in not so good way. Usually the twists that are hard to imagine a very good thing, but somehow in this film, it is too strached out ...

So it turns out that she is dead, but she did not know she is dead all the time - how? Just how? Did I miss something? She meets a guy in the plane and they are a minute later - what? Long time lovers?

Besides this obvious let downs - it is entertaining for Saturday night.

8 from me - or 7,6

Pretty Woman

Good one
I am some 30 years late into this film, but it was on TV yesterday and I decided to watch it.

I enjoyed it very much. I can not say if the story is one way or the other (as some reviews commented on) - I can only say that for me the film was entertiening and that is what I look for in a film.

I was curious to see where in the film is that Roxette song - It must have been love - I thought it is at the end, but it fits the scene in the car.

My only complain is the end. A bit je sais pas...

Nevertheless, my rating is 9 as it was a real joy to watch it.

Jennifer Eight

Good one
This film does deserve a better rating here! It is very interesting from the beginning until the end. Especially 2nd half of the film is very intriguing and the suspense of the relationship and the investigation makes the film very entertaining and on the edge.

Music - that piano theme is great! Also the mood of the school for blind girls. I also liked that the film kinda gives you 'the clues' into possible murderers but in the end you are surprised by who actually is.

And that is maybe my only complaint. The murderer is finally revealed in a bit of a hurry. Kinda all of a sudden. Or maybe I was just not prepared for him, but other suspects.

All in all, 9 from me. Great acting from all!


Great one!
Medici: Masters of Florence is a really good one. I will not go into historical facts and all - there may be some people left out or some added - but as an entertainment this is a great series. I think that all members of the family are well chosen and their acting is on point. Well, all other enemies and people are convincing too.

For me, the best historical series remains The Tudors - that would be perfect 10.

As Madden has played in Games of Thrones - that serie would be somewhere on the 7 and this one is 9.

It is similar to The Borgias - another great historical one, but this one has better characters.

I am not sure where they have filmed the serie. I do not think it was in Florence - maybe Siena or even Bergamo. The setting is really nice.

All in all, looking forward to season 2. I hope there will be one and it will not be cut suddenly as The Borgias were.

The X Files: My Struggle IV
Episode 10, Season 11

Move, move, move...Go, go, go!
These words by some soldiers from the episode: Move, move, move...Go, go, go! while chasing down Molder sums up my thoughts on the finale.

Very disappointing episode. Everything seems so disconnected and forced. Whole William thing is rather uninspired and empty. And although I knew what the final scene would be, I really want this serie to move and go into history.

I was happy to watch it in season 11. There were some good episodes but most were just kinda there... This one is just there, a disappointment! And Scully pregnant again?

I have struggle to keep this series as a positive one after disappointing - as a whole - seasons 10 & 11.


Quite good
I was postponing watching this film several times because of the low note here - currently at 5.5

However, I would give this film a rating 7 as I think it was interesting and entertaining from the beginning til the end. Beginning with two Juliennes was kinda funny. I think it was really clever to not know from the beginning what has happened at the dinner/night scene. I admit it got me curious and not many films make me think anything.

The whole black family thing ...well, I am from Europe, so we do not have those 'tensions' which also are showing in comments of people here - so I will not say anything particular about it - only that it did not serve a big purpose in the film in my opinion.

For me, the film is quite good.

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