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Heropanti 2

Bollywood 5 Star Dumpster Fire
A truckload of over the top bollywood action sequences.

The movie sole purpose seems to be to showcasing tiger shroff with a good amount of kindergarten CGI and cheesy rope work.

The story line is dumb as a rock.

Probably a third sequel is in the works i guess.

The Book of Boba Fett

a disappointment
Sloppy scripts drove this IP went over the cliff and Jon favreu could not get the vibe of the first mandalorian in this spinoff. I don't see a reason for a season 2. Please kill this project.

The Matrix Resurrections

This movie made no sense (the premise was ridiculous) - Trinity was dead. No robot was going to change that. Neo was completely disfigured... why do robots care about his appearance, why reconstruct his face? It's not going to make him a better battery. Let's not even go into how everyone aged incredibly with the exception of Neo and Trinity. This was not really necessary as a plot device. They could have said 10-15 years went by instead of 60.


lost interest after episode 3
Well, this show isn't about aliens, it's about people and their very usual problems in a normal life, it's a psychological drama for sure with a lot of closed up shots of actors faces , not a typical alien invasion thriller. The thing is you know there are some presence around, something's definitely there, causing some sorts of problem ,nose blinding kids, local power surges, people go missing, etc, but you don't see what's causing them. You're waiting for some big invasion , finally something or someone alien to show up, but nothing of that sort would happen, basically nothing happens! To be honest I don't get why the creators of the show needed aliens at all, where an engineer girl in Japan deals with sexist people in the work place, or a normal couple living in Long island have marital discord ,a kid in London struggles with bullies at school and things like that, you know the guys who made Big Little Lies did address all of those problems and even more and they didn't need to get aliens to invade earth!! There are rumors about a head spinning budget of $200m were spent on the show, but I really couldn't figure out what or where they spent that money on, except maybe traveling all around the world gobbled up most of that money!! So if you're looking for a Fallen sky type of show, wrong address, but if you want to see how people deal with their usual problems, amotinos and relationships struggles, while there are some invisible beings lurking around, causing a few problems but not very big though so people have plenty of time to sort out their personal issues first , then yes! That's the one.!wtf.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

trashy storyline for carnage
Venom is way more funnier in this sequel however this CGI infested movie could not crawl out from satan's bumhole for it's lazy script and dumb story line setup for carnage. Still gonna wait for venom 3 though.

No Time to Die

plot holes, weak storyline
Weak storyline to start, cool action scenes but the villain is so forgettable. Rami had a limited time on screen and his character was not properly developed. Not a BOND movie that i would recommend to anyone.

Dune: Part One

Slow paced space drama part 1
Slow burn my dude's. Pls watch the orginal. The movie is long and just an introduction to a franchise that may or may not get a sequel. I hope i am wrong.

Halloween Kills

please let michael myers die peacefully
I appreciate the original cast members was in this movie but it doesn't contribute or expand why michael myers did what he did. I don't see a point why this had to go on like this.


not really enjoying the first season
Uninteresting characters and plot. I expect to see more character development in the second season perhaps.


a version for colored people at last, but it still sucks though
Congrats for this production but it still not healing for our past scar and wounds.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

please don't cast a comedian for a thriller even if you're the producer
Chris Rock should not be cast in this spin off, no disrespect but his character is cringy as fock and Max Minghella should be the lead.

Edge of the World

Low budget movie on colonialist romanticism
This movie sucks and romanticism of Brooks as white saviour to the people of Borneo is focking BS.


Robot Chicken Marvel Edition
Modok is a serious villain character unfortunately Marvel has taken in path of stop motion BS and I'm appalled.

Without Remorse

a boring Tom Clancy adaptation, avoid.
The plot is cheesy AF, MBJ called the wrong people to work on this movie. A first black lead for a Tom Clancy however MBJ sucks in this action movie and i hope he learn and improve in future movies he producing.


did not resolve the main plot mystery
I hate it when the writer decides to jump off a cliff and gives the audience the middle finger. What's the point bruh?


this a comedy that isn't funny. i am sad now
For a comedy i didn't laugh as much as i thought. Chad isn't that funny as the characters intended.

Thunder Force

garbage dispenser
What do you expect from McCarthy? My expectation is super low.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

we did it! we did it! we did it!
A great time to be a comic fan! congrats to all the people who went out to get zack's vision came true.

Raya and the Last Dragon

definitely for the kids
Horrible plot but the kids don't really care do they?

We Can Be Heroes

this movie is watchable than Wonder Women 84
Simple plot that doesn't need much explanation, low expectation. Perfect film for families to enjoy. this movie have a better script than wonder woman 84.

Hillbilly Elegy

Netflix family drama
Not that all sad but it does have scenes that made me kinda sad for the narrator and protagonist. Simple script and Glen Close nailed the character hands down.


Too close to home
Michael Bay should release this movie like 5 years after the world is normal again. We are bombarded with gloom and doom. This ain't helping at all.

The Wilds

LOST with Teens
Good luck with the series. i had to FF every episodes and could not find a reason to watch all episodes in its normal speed.


another round of blumhouse
Believe it or not, i sense that plot is what i think it was and it did like i expected. some laughs here and there. typical slasher , a popcorn generic.


an upgraded version of a Tamil movie
The Korean version is more dramatic and have a cinematic feel to it. the script was fined tune and fused with universal themes that may also won it an Oscar.

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