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Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Did you like the Funny or Die skits? Well imagine how a movie would look like ... then again, this might not be easy to imagine. It is crazy and it is "behind the scenes". And it is supposedly real life - but that is the essence of the original too. So if you are a fan of the show, you'll like this too. As quirky, crazy and out there as it can be.

Obviously not for everyone, especially the uninitiated. This really is for Fans of a particular thing. You may think this boring and bad. And others will love it and be surprised by your view of it. Taste - it's a funny thing, quite literally.

Our Godfather

Living the ... good (?) life
Many know Mafia life just from the movies. This documentary does shine a light on one of the first of the Italian Mafia trying to escape that life, by also betraying the way he lived before. And all that for what? For the family - not Mafia family but the one that had nothing to do with crime.

On the other hand testifying agains the Mafia is quite dangerous, for him and everyone who was attached to him. The documentary is nicely structured, has a lot of Italian in there too (with subtitles), therefor might be tough to follow for some. If you can endure that, there is a compelling story you will experience and a look behind the curtain ...

Seung ji san tau

What a great opening - the action/stunt set piece(s) in the beginninng set a nice tone for the rest of the movie. Of course it also sets the table for why or rather what everyone is looking for. There are quite a few characters which may feel a bit too many for some.

But overall it works and it's not so much the story that will keep you hooked. It will be the action set pieces and the stunts. And they work quite well. So while there are better movies story wise, if you like eastern and the action they provide you can risk more than a look into this one


No pun intended. And Renee Zellweger seems to be at home with movies that are "old school". Add Clooney to the mix and Krasinski and you have a good mixture of actors. The most fun is watching the actors going through quite the quirky and odd story with a lot of humor. It's a welcome throwback to weirder times with a certain level and idea of "fun". Like when during a fight, people stop and start chat with each other ... some might find that annoying and it may throw them off, but I thought it was quite fun and cool.

Having said that, there is also enough story to keep your attention high enough and keep you occupied enough to enjoy everything (Dialog, setting and ups and downs of the characters)

Antonio, ihm schmeckt's nicht!

There are certain limits and limitations. There is a certain amount of crazy that a movie can just waltz throgh without losing the viewer. And while the first movie was not an instant classic, it was fun in certain ways (even if also very silly). But silly is being taken to a whole new level here. To a level that is breaching quite a few lines (of good taste).

Even if you think you don't care about good taste, when certain lies are being said that lead to painful penetration without any repurcussions, you may start wondering how small minded the characters are. Add coincidences and other small "missfortunes" and this just hangs by a thread, swinging from one disaster ("comedy skit") to the next. It tries not to be racist while exploiting cliches, but whether it succeeds in that or not (I'll leave that up to you), the emerging "jokes" are not really worth aynthing ... it was quite a waste of time and a lot of sighing while watching it. Don't be like me (I have to finish something I started) and just don't waste your time on this. I like the actor who plays the main character (Herr Lehman is a movie he's really good in), so I guess he needed the money and who can really blame him? Still doesn't make this any better really ...

The Architect

Building from the scratch
What is a muse? What is an architect? Who defines those words or rather the inhabitants of those words? Mostly oneself is doing the attaching or rather the defining. This movie is off ... beat, off the charts, off building ... and a few other offs thrown in there for good measure.

If that quirky energy sounds like something that is interesting to you, you found an intersting little independent movie. Parker Posey is fun to watch in this as are her other cast mates. It's not genius but it's more than decent and entertaining enough ... you will able to spot where this is heading, but that won't spoil the fun you can have


Fight the evil
Fighting evil is always ... good. No pun intended. In this movie we have Aaron Eckhart in the main role and one of the Game of Thrones cast regulars as side dish. She really doesn't have that much to do here. A lot of cliches will be taken advantage of but that's how it is.

The movie works overall even with a very high predictibility rate. There's blood, there are jump scares and there are things that have to happen, whether you agree with them or not ... like the omission of any logic at certain points


Nicolas Cage has done far superior movies than this one. He has also done way worse movies than this one. It's a mixed bag with him recently I reckon, even if he always tries to give his best. This has quite a lot of action in it (very well shot and choreographed by the way) and the story is ok. Dialog is varying in "quality" and you might get annoyed by it at some point.

It also tries to be "woke" which I reckon it does not achieve at all times. Decent overall but nothing special


Hangman is a Se7en letter word
The David Fincher movie is far superior to this one. But having Al Pacino in this one, he elevates this above average. He takes it to a whole different level. When he says his lines, you can feel the gravitas he's pushing upon the movie itself. Not to take anything away from Snow and Urban, his co stars, it's just ... well we're talking about one of the all time best actors.

The thriller aspect of the movie works and it's nicely/decently done. The tension is there the thrill is there ... the bodies are there and the criminal aspect of it is there. You may see certain things coming in advance, but it's still nice watching it unfold

Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein

What's my name
Tongue in cheek - that's the saying. Not sure if Frankensteins monster actually had a tongue - well a functioning one, like a human being. And I mean in the book. I have to admit I never read it, but I've seen quite a few of the interpretations. And David Harbour starring in this one, is quite funny. While there is some disagreement about his ability to fill in Ron Perlmans Hellboy shoes, I think we can agree his spot on here.

It's short and sweet, or rather funny. It works on quite a few levels, riffing on the "name calling" and other cliches that have been grown over the years. If you are a fan of the genre or the specific "tale", there is much to find here. Kudos to the filmmakers and everyone involved

Quien a hierro mata

To revenge or not to revenge
There's a twist towards the end of the movie, that might not surprise you (It didn't surprise me), but that doesn't mean that the ending will leave you untouched. But let's move back to the beginning. The beginning of the movie, because there is quite a lot of backstory and we'll explore some of it during the movie. We'll explore it with our main character.

We as viewers may not agree with his actions, but you will be able to understand why he does what he does ... again you don't have to condone it. A really tough and wicked little thriller with quite a punch ...


(Press) Play
When it comes to acting pieces (movies), this one can be seen as an example or how to or whatever you want to call it. Denzel is a powerhouse, but everyone else holds their own. This is really powerful stuff and every scene is mesmerizing and really holds a lot of tension. I do think that at places the pacing might be a bit off, but overall that is just nit picking.

If you like dramas, this will do the trick. Also if you are into character pieces. Our main protagonist is flawed - actually that is an understatement. The fact that Denzel is playing him is quite the neat trick. You'll forgive him certain things .. it's Denzel after all right? But the character he's playing ... not an easy one to love. And yet he achieves that - it's Denzel after all (his wife is at least equally as good and as I said above, everyone acts their heart out)

The Birth of a Nation

History is not easy ...
... to watch or digest. Especially when it comes to certain chapters that we should all agree were hideous. Before I watched the movie (quite the undertaking by the director and star of the movie, same person), I did not read anything about it, but after watching it, I wanted to see how much was based on actual facts and how much happened exactly like it was depicted. And because I googled it, I saw that the title of the movie had been used before ... by a movie made for the Klan or was used by the Klan to further their agenda.

So I guess in a sense this tries to take that stigma away from it. But back to this movie here and it is a tough watch. So many things that are being done to human beings, that at the time were not treated as such. And even the better white people seem to have their issues to put it mildly. When things go south (no pun intended), but even before the depiction of violence is quite vivid. So nothing for the faint hearted or squeamish.

You may see where this is going, but it won't change the effect it will have once it reaches that point ... riveting, draining and quite powerful!

Kidnapping Stella

The dissapearance of Stella
Sometimes you watch a movie and you get a Deja Vu, but you could swear you've never seen the movie ... not to mention it just got released so how would it be possible? Well it's because this is a Remake of a movie from 2009. And when that said movie is a kidnapping movie too, which is not pleasant to watch in the first place ... if possible stick to the original.

They try their best and the actors are quite good in this one (overall speaking), but why watch a movie twice? If you know that it's a remake that is. I could have saved myself some time, but when I start something I also like to finish it, no matter the pleasure or lack thereof

Si j'étais un homme

What makes a man a man and a woman a woman? Is the future going to look at this in disregard? As in the lines blur when it comes to gender? Things I cannot really say and don't want to guess. The movie is based on cliches and has quite a lot of them in them. It has funny scenes (like when our main female character is "exploring" self pleasure with her newly aquired ... additional body part) and quite a few of them do actually work.

It also seems to have been able to be over earlier than it actually does. I thought at one point "oh that must be it then" ... just to realize ... nope that wasn't it at all. The main character is charismatic enough to hold your attention and the movie itself though, so there's that

Chiu kap ging lei yan

What is it good for? Well it's good for a story point in this comedy. Midas Touch as the english title tells us. Not the best movie to come out of China (Hong Kong) in the last decade, but overall decent. You can watch this I reckon if you don't have anything else to do with your time.

In other words, if you like silly you can give it a try. Maybe watch at least a bit of the trailer, so you're not taken aback when (if?) you watch it. I could have done without watching this, but I've seen way worse movies and this seems to have its heart at the right place at least

Banksy Does New York

Society on the run/street
A good documentary tries to uncover and show more than one side. So you have people here who don't agree with what Banksy is or was doing. The documentary leaves the interpretation of what is being said to the viewer. A very clever thing to do. Do you agree with the nay sayers or do you think Banksy is amazing/great and has something to say? Maybe it does lean a bit to the latter, but again it is refreshing to see they included other voices too.

I would agree that Banksy does good social commentary. Now whether Banksy is a he or she or even a group of people, we still don't know. And the documentary will not enlighten you in that respect. If this wet your appetite though, I can recommend "Through the gift shop" ... a different kind of "documentary" also with Banksy ... well sort of. Way more funny than this one for sure, but both work for what they are

Roll Red Roll

Tough but good documentary
Weird title though or at least I'm not sure what "hidden" message it contains. Whatever the case the documentary is not an easy watch. The whole argument that women are to blame for actions men take is beyond disgusting. Especially when it comes to consent.

The topic itself is quite horrendous and it will trigger some people to say some incredibly sexist and disgusting things. But while there may be other cases with gray areas, this one was so crystal clear you do wonder ... well actually the film takes a lot of the questions away. There is the "boys will be boys" and "let's not ruin their career over some minor thing". If you feel sick when hearing or even reading this, it means you have a certain amount of decency. I think I've seen something that also had the topic or rather the same "event" and explored it, but this was almost going further, showing depths that you really don't want to see or explore in other human beings ...


The movie has quite the strong beginning(s). First it establishes the two main character and then our main bad guy. And he is as evil as they come. Even the guys who are supposed to back him are like "Yo Dude, that was too much". Well I'm paraphrasing of course, but that is what it boils down to.

The thriller also boils down to many character flaws or rather inconsistencies. Now you may mind about them or you may be too invested in the story to care or generally don't mind them, as long as the movie is told in a decent fashion. And that it is. There are better thrillers, but this still has an 80s flair to it, that some will cherish more than others

Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence

You might have had better - still
There are better documentaries out there, but that doesn't mean this is a bad one. It does serve quite a few things most should be aware of and it is all subjective (so not too much "science" in this one). Quite a few people with different preferences talk about how they experience ... love. I'm actually not entirely sure what I'm allowed to write here, so I'll stay PG.

Not that the documentary itself shows anything explicit in the department of penetration, there is nudity and images or sculptures though that are more than just suggestive. So it definitely isn't for kids. And Kim was hot off the Sex and the City thing if I'm not mistaken around the time and just played into the image of the character she played in the show

Perfect Sisters

Not so perfect (life)
This is based on a true story and on real life people. That might raise some red flags with some. But if you don't mind that, there is quite the drama unfolding. Not easy to watch at all, but really good performances. Also not really characters in this one that you should be able to identify with much (at least not if you are stable generally speaking).

Having said, there are some horrific things happening (if you've read what it's about you already know what I'm hinting at, if not I won't tell/spoil) ... so not for the faint hearted or easily offended. But life can be hard and we are not all the same. While I would not condone many of the things happening, the structure of the movie makes it easy to understand how everything build up ...

The Other Side of the Door

Don't bother opening
Your time should be too precious to go through it (the door/the movie). Technically speaking the movie is ok, there is nothing to fault here. But if the inciting incident is so bad, it should make you feel physical pain, there is almost no saving grace. Especially because the story is cliche after cliche after cliche.

Now I'm not about to bad mouth the actors (I quite like Jeremy Sisto in general anyway to do that), I'll just state that they didn't or rather couldn't help the matter either. And again, I wouldn't lay blame on them (other than chosing the project in the first place - but hey they needed the money and all that) - don't watch it if you're not a sucker for horror movies in general. And even if you are, there are so many really good ones out there ... or even decent ones that are better than this movie


Spiced Drama
Rumors have it, that what lays in front of us, has been used in adult story telling (to describe it as vague as possible). Having said that this has spice in it, but ways heavy on the drama part. And while there are cliches, the characters are still self aware enough to know what they are doing, how wrong it is, but also how good it feels (in general, so no pun intended).

It may not be the easiest for some viewers to have empathy for the characters, but that is something you have to overcome. We can't look inside the heads of people and some things may stay outside our reach ... but it's not a bad thing to interpret certain things. Acting wise it's top notch and the story is fitting too. Not everything has to make sense, not everything has to be satisfying ... if you feel different, you will also feel different about the movie itself overall

3 from Hell

Give them a Brake
A Richard Brake to be exact! While I understand that some might be missing Sid Haid in this one (fully understand that sentiment and he will not be forgotten, a great human being and actor), adding a new character into the mix, stirs things up the right way. The movie gets down (literally and no pun intended) and takes us on a road trip.

A bloody road trip that is, so not for the faint of hearted or squeamish. If you can dig that, Rob Zombie has a movie for you, that will entertain you. It is not without flaws, but it has more charisma than a lot of other movies out there. And while some may have thought or said that Zombie lost his touch, one would think they might able to see this as a "comeback" (I'd argue that 31 was already a really good movie, just saying).

Watch it if you are not on the political correct side - it doesn't mean you are bad human being. There's a difference between being entertained by a movie like this and actual being a mean person. One would hope that distinction is crystal clear ... anyway, you've been warned/instructed, don't blame the movie if it's not up your alley


What would you do?
It is easy to say what one would do. Like if you and Hitler were alone in a room and no repercussions to be followed no matter what you do. In this case, let's say you witness something (hence the title), what would you do? There is a right thing to do and I understand if some people may feel no sympathy for the main character. But if you indulge and accept that flaw, you will see quite a suspensful movie, that works on many levels.

Because apart from a thriller, it is also a social commentary. It is what most people are probably doing and what effect this can have on others. It's not easy doing the right thing, it takes courage. Of course as mentioned not just the main character is flawed, but also the movie itself. But while it is not perfect it is entertaining and might be able to give you food for thought too

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