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St. Agatha

Nun for you
You may be fed up with movies about nuns or you may be excited for them. Now that is something for you to decide. But when it comes to the horror, this is quite decent. Also try not to compare it with the Nun itself (the Conjuring universe one that is), although I do think that both have their merits and are about on the same level for different reasons.

Now this is more down and dirty, while the other one is more glossy. This also has quite a few cliches in it. If you can deal with them, mixed with very weak character choices (though some may call them "real", at least under the circumstances), than this movie will be entertaining and it will have you on the edge of your seat.

Inkan, gongkan, sikan grigo inkan

Brother from a different mother!
Now while I do mention "mother!", it is not so much that this tells the same story. But this tells a story that has so many layers to it, that may or may not annoy you. Something that did happen with mother too. And this also has things happening that are not "normal". Both movies tend to do things quite crazy. Add to that some violence and social commentary and end of the world scenarios ... not to mention that ending. Or that older (wise?) man and ... well you could actually talk about any other character too.

Everyone is representing someone and the movie itself warrants multiple viewings. That being said, it doesn't mean you have to like it. And it's not about being intellectual or anything, it's about taste and what you want to have in the movies you watch. So if you are into something that challenges you, this is the movie to watch ... still not pleasant or entertaining in the usual sense of the word

Our House

Who's house?
If you are familiar with a certain era of Hip Hop you might answer my headline question with "Runs house". But while I had this in the back of my mind too, I was thinking more of the movie itself and what is happening. So if you see it, you may understand what I was aiming for. But until then, let me give my view of I watched at a festival.

And while I get that some people were dissapointed, I for one thought this was ok overall. It's not a great movie by any stretch, but it's not a bad one either (by a lot). There is atmosphere, there is tension and there is horror. The cinematography is really good and the sound design really works in favor of it too. It is flawed in other areas (you may take issues with cliches, some character and/or acting choices), but hopefully you'll just enjoy it for what it intends to be. A small scary and moody flick, with an interesting premise


It seems like many think so or at least the rating suggest that it is the case. Solis is playing out in a very tight enviroment. It's almost a theatre play, without gravity and other stuff you may be used to. And it is quite a tour de force for someone I and many others have "played" with. It's Mr. Ogg who while also known for his acting roles, has a very big part in GTA 5, a game that was quite succesful (don't know how Red Dead Redemption 2 did, but GTA sold a lot of copies).

So if that bit of trivia is something that is interesting to you or not, is up to you. Something you have to have to watch and enjoy this, is patience. And even then you may not feel you are "properly" rewarded for that in the end. But that is also something that will never be satisfying for everyone. No matter what route the movie decides to go, you'll have people who'll dislike the choice for whatever reasons. I for one thought this was the best possible way to ... depart.

Tension filled and really well played, not a minute too long either

Future World

Future looks bleak ...
One could try to find out, what caused this to go south. And I don't mean literally obviously. Was it too many people getting involved in the production/script? Was the main idea good, but somehow something happened while translating for the big screen? If you are really interested in this, you will not find an answer here. Actually I will make the point that there are worse movies out there. Which doesn't make this good by any stretch of imagination (and imagination you will need).

But just goodies like having Milla Jovovich and James Franco in it, is almost worth watching it. The action is ok or even decent for the budget this has. One of the main problems is though that the main character is almost derived completely of any charisma. But that is not all, the cliches come flying in and weird things get thrown at the viewer for good measure. Or is it bad measure? Whatever the case, you will have to have a very low expactation and a very high love (no pun intended) for Science Fiction movies .. if that comes together you may have more fun then most people. Otherwise it probably is wise to steer clear of this

Pengabdi Setan

Flawed but really good
Usually if characters "act" in a certain way (meaning not really smart or favourable), I tend to dislike the movie and won't have really a good time watching it. This movie walks that fine line and also walks another very difficult line masterfully: combining horror and comedy (or light moments to be more specific).

There are certain moments, that really made my skin crawl. The ideas they had at some parts were really good. It may have the trappings of most horror movies, but you can either hold this against the movie or just roll with it. I can really recommend to do the latter, even if you are a bit of a cynic. The mood the cinematography captures is riveting ...


Different beauty
Now some things may not look "pretty", but it's always in the eye of the beholder. We are used to a certain look, to a certain beauty standard. The makeup is amazing in this, again if you don't mind this going against what you might find enticing and beautiful to look at.

Now I really wanted to stress this, because we are used to glamour and all that. But it's not just those things the movie goes up against. It's also tough to put a mark on this. It is kind of a love story, but it's also more of a drama and then there is also a thriller in there. So you get quite a few things, not to mention the fairy tale aspect of it (or at least fantasy portion). It really won't be something for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. But if you are ok with odd, if you are ok, with not conventional storytelling, with weird characters, with outsiders overcoming things and reputation, then this will entertain you, but not in the sense a Hollywood movie would.

It's hard to describe, but there is beauty within


The world is out there
So if you watch the trailer (or read anything about this), then there is no twist for you at all. But even for me there really wasn't. It was quite obvious what role/character the little girl would play, who is our main character. So while there might not be a surprise express rolling over you and you might see things coming way before some of the characters do, the journey is still very worthwhile, because it is told nicely.

Like a fairy tale really. But an old school, violent and explicit tale that is. So while this may not be super extreme either, it is still not for the faint hearted. If you are into mythological movies, you will find quite a lot that you'll like about the movie (cinematography being one of those things). It's a fun predictable ride then

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

More puppets, more death
And I would argue more "fun". That is if you are not looking for morally responsible jokes or are not someone who is easily offended. The jokes are premature I reckon and there is a lot of blood and a lot of nudity. There is also a lot of quite disturbing humor. Now you may not find certain things funny, calling the movie "serious" though would be missing the point entirely (you sure you watched the right Puppet Master movie?).

You don't even have to have seen all the previous entries (something I did) to have fun with this. You may enjoy certain parts more than others, but overall this works as a stand alone. And while the "love story/part" of the movie may be considered serious, it is not as big a part that should make this movie less of a party film. Some attendees at the festival may have gone way off limit with their cheering, but the movie does support that kind of behaviour overall. Not for the squeamish, rather for those who just want to shut off, sit back and enjoy mayhem on screen


Influenced by ...
This is not an easy watch. And while Climax may suggest this to be very sexual or at least sensual, you might be dissapointed if you're looking for that kind of "satisfaction". The choreography of the dancing is really good, the cinematography is something to behold too. If you don't mind long uninterrupted shots that is of course.

This is about addiction, about people driven to go the extra mile and about people hoarded in a secluded location going "nuts" as some might describe it. And as a different reviewer wrote: this is an experience. It will split a lot of people as it did at the various festivals it played. This is not an ordinary movie, but when has Noe done that? So if you are aware of his body of work, you at least know not to expect something "normal". Now some have stated, that if you had experience with certain drugs, you may understand or "enjoy" this experience more than others. I can't talk to that, not having had that experience. I can say though that this is quite rough to watch. Especially when things spiral downwards ...

Still very enticing and tension filled. Technically almost flawless it will depend what you make of the "story" or rather the excuse of one to get the viewer to go on a ... well "trip"!


It is quite difficult to know what people actually think, how they will react to certain situations and dangers and what degree of help they will be to others. In this case, it may start off as documentary, but it goes deeper than that (if you'll excuse the pun). And psychology will kick off at some point. Now if you are not impatient (which overall would not help while watching this movie, never mind being in the situation the characters find themselves in), you will find a very tension filled drama.

Our main character is more or less the viewer. Well the common viewer who may not have been underground and asks questions that some of the workers may not understand. If you are claustrophobic though, you may want to stay away from this. It can be quite upsetting ...

The Golem

Be careful what you wish for
Or what you go(lem) for ... if you'll excuse the pun. Many bad things happen with good intentions at the beginning and you have exactly this happening here too. Effects are pretty decent considering the small budget this must have had (didn't look at exact numbers, but with no big names attached it's a fair assumption to make).

If you like supernatural movies you could do worse. But you could also do better. This is a decent entry into a mythological "creature" movie. I had some issues with the pacing and with character decisions, but if you are not too nit picky you might enjoy watching this to a certain degree anyway. Otherwise do not even bother


Two can play that game
Or maybe they can't ... it's as always rather complicated. And everything is not black and white as the movie shows. There is a lot of gray in here, though I guess you could argue it's the darker shades of grey. While the story itself is pretty simple, the characters are quite complex.

Overall this thriller will not be an easy watch. The struggles that are depicted in here are close to reality though. The combination of people and events may be a bit too coincidental for some, but it's a movie after all. And it the storylines of all characters work. Be it bleak or hopeful, whichever way it is you hope this goes - don't let the ending form your overall opinion one way or the other. More than decent with really good acting

Boarding School

Where to go?
The movie starts off with a very strange feeling to it and since I hadn't read anything about it, it looked like this was going to be straight horror. The way the kid behaved had all kinds of things written all over him and the movie itself. Now you could argue that this is misdirection, but is it really? I would argue that it's not really one.

Why is that you say? Well for that you have to watch the movie. That is if freaky horror thrillers are your thing. Or is it more psychological drama with scary elements? Whatever the case, there is violence and there is a lot of drama and a lot of things going wrong. This is what small budget movies are supposed to be like. Take chances and risks and go where the viewer may not expect it to go. Mix it with real good acting and quite some unease you should be feeling while watching it and you have a movie that can be considered a gem (raw at places but still wonderful)

Kamera o tomeru na!

Couple of cuts
I'm referring to the international title with my "headline". But if you've heard about this and kinda got a feel of the vibe, then you may be wary and maybe like me you think: alright, let's see if it is actually any good. It starts off pretty standard and kind of slow paced. Now even if you can see and guess what the movie is doing ... there's still so much to explore.

And even while I just knew certain things and was quite sure I knew why they were happening (sorry for being cryptic, but watching this with as little knowledge as possible is the best way - believe that) - it still had me roaring. In a good sense that is. By the end I was more than thoroughly entertained and if you don't mind blood and violence, you will be too. Don't forget: It's just a movie ...

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

Not greasy enough
Well if you've seen the Greasy Strangler, the previous movie made by the director, you will get the reference. If not, let me tell you that this movie is not as far out than the other one was. It's still odd to say the least. Be aware this is not your usual movie. Neither in story nor in acting. It's over the top to say the least - and maybe it makes sense to watch a trailer before you go into this and are dissapointed in the end.

I can't imagine the trailer spoiling the story for you either. The movie might be spoiling the fun for you, but again this is a very weird experience, even though it's way more coherent than what I witnessed with the Strangler. So if freaky and weird floats your boat, this is a movie for you. If you're more into conventional movies ... well this might not be something you want to watch


Take a Ride with ... us
Now without having seen the trailer and without having read anything about the movie, before I watched this (at a festival), I can say that this was quite predictable. You can feel and see where the passenger is going with this. There might be a twist or two that may come as a surprise. That only will happen if you don't start thinking ahead of course.

No pun intended with the last remark in case you were wondering. Now the actors are more than decent in this and considering the restraints the script sets them, this is quite nicely told and paced (another one of those puns). I know that some people are appaled by the ending (it's quite strange), but if you were with the movie up to that point - well stay and remember that feeling. Small budget, nice idea and enough suspension to entice you - if you let the movie do that

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Oh it's real ...
Of course we like to rely on our senses most of the time. So when we can't really see something, I understand that there is some denial. Even the Potus (currently in that position) sees things differently. And it is a shame, especially because everyone agrees. And the documentary (a sequel to a previous movie) tells us that.

And while Al Gore might not have been flashy enough to be President, I hope he can convince you, that everyone can make a difference. Some things may sound a bit like Doomsday, but some people might not be persuaded otherwise. Whatever the case is, this is very enganging and very well researched

Prueba de Actitud

Funny or not
Some things seem not entirely right. Then again it can just feel that way. So while the story of those teens kind left me cold (not really as enganging as I hoped it would be), I thought maybe it is me. Turns out many feel the same here on imdb. That doesn't mean, that it might not affect you. There is enough people who like this a lot.

That's the great thing about movies, we experience them differently. And while I would agree more with the people who say, this isn't really that good, I'm not knocking those out who say they loved it and had a lot of fun. That's really good for them and for anyone else who's still about to experience that. Just be aware that this might not be for you - try the trailer first, it might turn you off before you have a bad experience or maybe lower the bar, so you may have some (unexpeted) fun


Are we there yet?
Was this a missed warning sign? The current climate in America is kind of portayed here. Though some would argue, that it doesn't depict all of America, not even just the one side who seems to have a glutton for punishment and seems to like to vote against their own interests. So while there is some relevance to current events, this go far out.

Still if you feel uneasy watching this, it doesn't mean something is wrong with you. Quite the opposite is the case, everything is right with you. Quite ridiculous at times, it is there for entertainment purposes ... no really! They weren't trying to do a documentary! All kidding aside, this can be viewed as fun - no matter what your political background is.

The After Party

You know what's up
Alright so the story in itself is not really surprising. It would be surprising if anyone is surprised by "twists" or the general progression of the story. Still the actors do a fine job selling their characters and playing off each other. Chemistry works and there are quite a few cameos of musicians (even a short appearnace by DMX for example).

If that floats your boat, you might have fun with this. Especially if you let it play out and just enjoy it for what it is. You might have to be in the right mood for it, liking the music is helping too. Try not to be too cynical and you're halfway there. The movie exist for a reason. It's decent overall.

Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back

Funny or die
Something along those lines. You realize fairly early on, what this is about and where this is heading. The characters are really funny and have gravitas to them. It helps having some solid actors portraying them, especially the "Killer"/professopmal.

While there are not many surprises along the way, it still is quite a nice ride. It might be a bit too nice at places, but it is to be expected. This is something you can't hold against the movie, because it stays true to itself and the tone it sets out from the start. And it stays on that, with the same pace and quality until the end.

Sha po lang: taam long

The other Taken
Another SPL, even if the english title does not suggest it. Now you may not be too involved when it comes to the story, but the action of the movie is amazing. There are quite some amazing stunts this can boost. It may be mostly predictable with at least one thing/twist most will not expect at all, which is able to break the movie or rather your perception of it - so there is that.

Tony Jaa may be referred as Guest appearance or something along those lines, but he has quite an extended role in the movie. And quite a few stunts to go with that screen time. If you like action movies and don't mind certain flaws the genre generally brings with it, you'll be thoroughly entertained


Color me --- Dead
Nicolas Cage is very well known for going all out. There are memes out there depicting this. And you would be excused for thinking he is like that in real life. But if you watch his interviews you realize he is different. Soft spoken and so different from what he portrays. Seems like he gets it out of his system, when he plays those characters.

But back to the movie, that will split people and their perception of it (someone wrote a review saying that you'll either love it or hate - half the people agree and ... well you get the point). The coloring is amazing, the soundtrack is amazing too. And the movie is ultra violent and quite vivid when it comes to the depiction of it. Not for the squeamish then ... And quite crazy overall


The Good (and bad) life
Crime does not always pay, but when it pays, it pays quite nicely. The thing is, if you watch the movie the beginning is kind of a spoiler, because it's also the end as you can imagine. Does it still work? I would argue that it does, because you get to see how the movie and the characters got to that point. And of course you'll see a bit more than that.

But that part I'll leave open, for you to discover, if you actually want to watch the movie. Criminal life and private life is hard to seperate. But the movie does give you both sides of our main character. The struggle, the craziness and the people around you that may drag you down. It's not always about who's fault something is, it's about "stuff coming around" (as Menace 2 Society put - although with a different word other than "stuff") ...

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