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Bu neng shuo de. mi mi

Rhythm is gonna ...
Catch you? Offguard? Or just plain catch you? Well it depends on how you watch it, what you have read before watching it and all that. If you watch it, with no knowledge (or as little as possible), it will grab you. And the tension is quite something. You will be guessing where it leads, but it never really fools you, because it is telling you about things.

But just as you think wow ... it goes even more ... well "wow". So if you are into complex movies, that are still easy to follow overall (and warrant a second or multiple viewings), this will satisfy that need. It is very well acted and while it is focused on the romance there is way more than that in here. It may have elements that you don't expect, but then again you realize just from the title that there is more to it. But what is it? You'll have to watch to find out

Summer of 84

Back in the day, when everything was ...
Well here is something for all the people who always go: Everything was better way back. No not everything was better. Now the vibe of this feels like an 80s movie, coming of age, mystery and a lot of darkness. So don't expect this to be just sunshine from beginning to end. It might also not lead to where you expect it to go.

It questions more or less everything you see and the curiosity of a kid. Is it a good thing, is the imagination going wild? Of course there are only two options, so saying you knew all along what the answer is, is not really something extraordinary. However, this is not so much about where it leads, but how it was made. And how good everyone is in it. This is so well shot, the script is tight and even though the journey is what matters, the ending might still have a surprise left for you ...

Tor dei gui mou yan

Who you gonna call?
Actually he might not pick up, if you call him. For a various amount of reasons that is. One of them is he is reluctant to just help people as is evident in the movie. Not just anyone that is. So while he sees dead people (where have you heard that before?), it is more than that. He also does more than talk to them, if the situation requires that.

It's quite the weird movie. While it does seem to be conventional at places (rhythm, spacing, pacing and of course story and twist wise), the ending is quite something. It's like an add on, which might make sense to some and might completely take others out of the movie. Whatever the case is, this is nicely done and the effects are decent

Moor-Monster 2

Bigger - better?
Now don't get it twisted, the monster is the same size. But the movie or rather the running time of it, is way bigger. Do you have to have seen the first one to get this? Not at all! And the movie makes fun of that fact too - you get the whole two hours fast forwarded in 10 seconds or something like that. And that is also the quality or level of humor you can expect here.

One thing that is eerie, how close the US president is to the one currently running (or is that dividing?) the country! Not sure if Trump was already in Office or elected when they finished shooting this. Not really in the mood researching that either. Whatever the case, it does show that Germany as many other countries does look over to the US and is influenced a lot by them. For better or worse ... and same goes for the movie ... and the even longer running time, which they divided into two movies. That's also a stab at the industry trying to exploit movie goers with cashing in on ... well let's not waste time thinking too much about it. The jokes in here didn't take long to "develop" either. If you are into silly ... well here you are. What more do you want?


Some kind of Monster
If you are thinking about watching it, you probably know what you are getting yourself into. One thing is for sure: Do not blame the movie or the makers, because they make it crystal clear what their intention is. And they keep that up from start to finish. You may find it disturbing, annoying or entertaining and funny, depending on your mood and your ability to "relax"/find an inner kid or juvenille in yourself.

The jokes are really messy, if you would start to think about them. The delivery is amateurish on "purpose" - though I reckon some would argue, they couldn't be delivered otherwise by the talent at hand. But again, you can't go into this with a negative mindset. You will not enjoy a minute of it otherwise. And with 2 hours running time this is quite long. Some jokes require movie knowledge, others knowledge of the German language or some traditions. But overall if you are into silly, you'll find something to entertain you at some points of this movie. Effects are also poor on choice, though I've seen worse, where they were meant to look good, so there is that. Blood, nudity and all that other fun stuff included in the movie at one point or the other. Stereotypes and cliches too

La Bamba

Musician Life and ...
La Bamba is a pretty well known song. And while the artist in question is not the sole "inventor" of the song, he made it really popular. Now even though he had some other hits, this might be one artist many may not familiar with. But while we have some of the usual biopic story elements (or at least they seem like they are exactly that), there is more to the story, because this dives deep into the family structure of said artist.

Now I hope you are not annoyed by me referring to Richie Valens as artist. It is not meant as disrespect, quite the opposite. The music/performances are well staged, the drama is there and if you know him or read about him beforehand, you know where this eventually will end - but even if you do, it's still quite emotional. If you like the (sub)"genre", this is one of the better ones, because it dares to be different in some respects

Unholy Ground

Most def unholy
One thing you can say for certain: there is nothing holy about this movie! Now you can take this as a compliment/positive or as a negative. Your position on amateur filmmaking is also important. Do you like them or not? Because if you don't and get annoyed with bad acting, you don't want to watch this movie in the first place.

Also be aware that you have a lot of explicit violence but furthermore, explicit sexual acts (including vivid penetrating) and more. The effects in general are not that bad, considering the budget this must have had. Again it matters if you care about those things or not. Acting is almost completely absent and the story is simple to say the least. But as a "party" movie about amateur filmmaking and just having a laugh, this might actually work for you, if you are not too squeamish that is

Appuntamento in nero

Who did what, to whom and why and when?
This seems pretty straight forward, but it's also quite confusing. At least at first that is. But first things first, this is an erotic thriller. It does involve rape though which is always horrible, even when telling yourself it's just a film. Apart from those scenes, there are also acts of consent in it, they all have a musical score laid over them (at least the version I saw, which states it is uncut).

A lot of nudity then and a lot of "mystery". One of the mysteries outside this movie is why the blonde (character name Eva) does not appear to have done more movies. I did not investigate this further, but she surely had the looks. Acting wise I wouldn't judge those involved too harshly in this one, it's not really Shakespeare. Yet as mentioned, quite complicated. Which you either love or it'll be too late to be a saving grace for the movie

C'รจ Sartana... vendi la pistola e comprati la bara!

Number three - who is that?
So the third entry to the Sartana anthology gets a new - Sartana. It seems to be the only one with a different actor and it is even simpler than the other ones. But that might not make it worth less than the other movies. A lot of shootouts, big body count and so forth. So all the pillars for a successful Spaghetti Western one might think.

Then again, there is repetition. And not just repetition from other movies, but repetition in the shootouts. While they may come up with some nice ideas (a hole here, a hole there, hidden gun there, hidden gun there and a slapstick "rifle"/knife combo towards the end), it may not be enough to convey others. Whatever floats your boat ... or rides your horse I guess ...

Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino

Kinski again, but different
So Kinski is in this one too, as he was in the first official entry of the Sartana movie series. But the movie is a bit different than the first one, as is his role and his credited name (the first one listed him as Kinsky). What remains the same is the thirst for getting rich. Who can blame them? It's always about Gold or money in general isn't it? Especially in Spaghetti Westerns, where there seems to be no other motivation.

Although our "hero" here does seem to have some sort of morals. And the body count does pile up. If you like shootouts, you will like this. Setting is clear, goal is pretty simple and in contrast to the first one, this plays quite confined. There are more character moments without too much "twist" to it. It's ok for what it is, and that is what you should expect - of course if you haven't seen a movie like this before you might be and feel bewildered

Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte

For a few Dollars less
I guess if you copy something (more or less), you can and should copy from the best. So this can be seen as an homage to Leone. Although the character of Sartana seems to have gone through quite something before emerging in his first official outing. The same actor (who got his name "englified", played Sartana, based on a Santana, not the Carlos Santana musician of later fame) in most of this officials outings and in one unofficial one, which unfortunately was not in the Arrow box set I purchased.

Now if you feel that I rated this too low and you had much more fun with it, I did not mean to offend you. I quite enjoyed it too. Yet it does not hold a candle to the few Dollars movie, which in itself was a masterpiece of course, in many regards. One of them being the charisma and stoic face of Clint. Garko is good, but he also is no Clint. Motivations are "unclear" apart from everyone being after the money/gold. The bodycount stacks and the twists keep on ... twisting. Doesn't matter if it makes sense or not, if it can "surprise" the viewer.

Good set design and costume department. Even if some things may have been borrowed from other ... "venues". They do fit into this world of cowboys going rogue ...

Ash vs Evil Dead

30 years going strong
There had been so much talk about a follow up to the Evil Dead movie series, but to be honest I didn't think they'll do a fourth movie. So much time had passed - and in a way I was right. But I'm also happy to have been sort of wrong too. Never thought they'd make a TV show out of it, but here we are. And it is really good. You do get some of the original cast throughout the course of the 3 seasons the show is running as an added bonus.

But it's great that you get sidekicks for Ash - and interesting characters too. There is so much going on at times, you may be forgiven to lose track of some of it. But it's bloody and it's nasty and all sorts of liquids pour all over the place (or splash into peoples faces and mouths). It's not just Ash getting the "best of it" - but he seems to like it, so why shouldn't we? So a lot vivid violence, not much in the nudity department, but the show does not need it.

The end is a bit weird, but then again, the whole show is. The humor has to be something you like. And you cannot watch this and be easily offended. Well you can, but you wouldn't enjoy watching it.

The Ranger

Although just to be on the safe side, don't tell him he's funny (You think I'm funny? Funny how?)!!! All kidding aside, one of the best things in this movie is the Ranger himself. If you can't handle or dislike his one liners, there is literally almost nothing left for you to get behind. Yes a woman directed this and it's a by the numbers thing overall, without the "charme" of this special character/villain (or is he?) it would be worse.

Of course you may cut this some slack for that reason or you may generally like the teenage doing stupid things in the woods/forest thing. Not likeable characters at all, even the main character is only just slightly above the rest. But even she can't save the day (no pun intended). Nicely shot, nice effects, but nothing one really has to see

Escape from Tomorrow

It's not the Mouse/Wonderland
I'm surprised they were allowed to shoot this on location. But then again, the movie does not really critisize Disneyland directly. But shots are being taken, though as it states right at the start, these are opinions by the filmmakers and have nothing to do with Walt Disney franchise and their world view (which obviously is different).

So the family nightmare is here and it is obvious. It is also quite bleak and it is mostly from the viewpoint of the father. A father of two kids who is chasing tail, and it's not a character from Disney ... Obviously you can see that he is wrong, on moral standpoints alone. I would not be surprised if some don't see anything wrong with it.

But there is a lot wrong with the stressed out Dad and how he perceives the world. And the movie digitally alters some of that reality. So if you don't mind taking a trip (more than literally), this is not so bad


(re?)Born this way
There was quite some buzz around this. As much buzz as last years "It comes at night" had or this years "Quiet Place" (which I have not seen yet). Now this buzz that build up, might be harmful to some. Especially if you are looking for a horror movie that has jump scare after jump scare. A movie that moves along fast and leaves you no room to breathe.

Because this is not what this movie is about. It may not even be about what you first think it is about (or it mght as well be). The mystery around it, the slow moving pace, the dreadfulness surrounding it, make it (or as I stated above break it for some). Overall the quality of acting, cinematography, set design, directing is just amazing. If you care about all those things more than just entertainment (and I'm not bashing the latter or whatever preference you may have), than this movie will have you on the edge of your seat ... guessing away, how and where this will take you ...


Saving (without) Grace
Behind every movie there are people that made them. And they have ambition as everyone. So to tell those people not just that you didn't like their movie, but that you think it's not good on many accounts, is disturbing. For them but also for me when I write these words. Don't get me twisted, good intentions aside, the "acting" in this is cringe wirthy (to say the least).

Is there anything that would warrant a light at the end of the tunnel? What I can say, the camera/photography of the movie is looking good. They also really tried to give this movie a certain look and wardrobe is essential (especially with a period piece). But does that all matter, when almost eveything else fails? The CGI is so ridiculous, it's not just not frightening, it's also not funny. You know as in "so bad it's good"? That doesn't happen here ... shame then

First Reformed

Silent but deadly
Or is it? And what kind of deadly are we talking about? Bored to death some will immediately say. And if that is what comes to mind while you watch it, I would totally get it. And not because of anything in particular other than the pace of the movie. How it conducts itself and how the viewer will perceive it. But as always this will be a decision everyone has to make for themselves. Another reviewer calls this a somber masterpiece.

Whether you agree with the assessment or not, the user felt like it while watching it. Paul Schrader is most definitely not someone who'll do a movie that's purely entertaining. And since he has written this too, you can imagine that the guy behind Taxi Driver and Bad Lieutnant is not going to hold back or become mainstream. Does the end justify all means though? Well if you hold onto it until then, you may feel that way or you may feel dissapointed. Just because this is "art" does not mean, you have to like it. But if it floats your boat, you'll be so high, it will feel like heaven ...

Murder on the Orient Express

On track
I haven't seen the original 70s adaptation of the movie. I wanted to before watching this, but a friend wanted to watch it and I just did. I actually quite enjoyed it. It starts quite nice with a twist in the first case if you want to call it that. Generally speaking Kenneth does a great job directing and acting in his own movie. The scope cinematically speaking is just amazing. You can't fault the movie when it comes to the cinematography. I think the acting is really good and the story is tension filled, so there goes that. I did not see the conclusion coming the way it did, but I guess it makes sense. And even then you get another nod at the end of this to something that might be in the Horizon. Sign me up for it, is what I would say. Entertaining and more than decent overall

Pappa ante Portas

What to do when at home?
Something hopefully most of us have to face, is how to deal with life after work. But not only how we ourselves have to deal with it, but how others have to deal with us. Very dry humor ensues and situational comedy that most can relate to. While it may be outdated in some respects (newspapers, electronic devices missing and so forth), it still is more than an accurate depiction (read: heightened to an extent) of (pension) life.

Maybe your family life is different and you can't relate to everything shown here. But even so you will be able to understand what the characters go through. There is no wrong and right in general, although you may find yourself picking sides on certain issues. If the man does something, you might feel that he's right, if the woman does something contrary you may be on her side. Whatever you feel, you will feel the dread ... but even more so the comedy behind it all


Predictable yet entertaining
It's not like you won't be able to see where this is going. But it's not about where it ends up (though there is a funny montage for that too, if you are open minded to it that is), but how it goes there. And while you can guess the twists and turns even before they come around the corner, the actors make it worth it all - more than decent performances.

Not Academy Award material, but still a really good movie that does entertain it a light way, that should be able to touch your heart. It's a bit crazy at times and it might seem to make no sense either at certain cornerstones. Stick with it though and just enjoy the ride if you can. The actors obviously had fun ...

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Love (monster) boat
If you've seen the previous movies, you know what's up. And you'll know the characters and you'll get the jokes you expect this to make. And you get a bonus love story on top of that. Now you don't have to have seen the other movies to "enjoy" this. Actually especially young kids who watch this may not have been born when the others were released.

Again, this aims to please the kids and Adam Sandler is doing another fun/children movie. You can hate it on it for multiple reasons or accept it for what it is, if it doesn't float your boat. It's not excellent, it's not a masterpiece (quite far away from it), it does exactly what it says on the cover. Nothing more and nothing less either.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Women Buddy Comedy
What has worked for men (mostly in the 80s and 90s) in the Buddy Cop movie "genre" (it's not really a genre, but you catch my drift). Now some may feel this is a blast from the past and that either works in favor of the movie or against it. One thing is for sure: It is quite raunchy, as are many other comedies of the same ilk/blueprint.

The chemistry is there and while you may find some things annoying (or Kate's character to be specific), I'd argue all works in favor of the movie. And it is heighten reality, even if it sometimes grounds and stays in reality. So it is a mix of both, a really good one. And some of the stuff is just hillarious. Comedy is alway in the eye of the beholder, so it may differ from your taste - it's still more than well done


Ridiculous, scary - true
When I first heard of the premise of the movie, I thought something many thought I guess: That's a joke and not really a movie. And I and some others who have seen the Dave Chappelle Show were also thinking about the sketch/skit he did on that show. A black man becoming a member of the Klan? I mean come on, that didn't really happen now did it? It did? Now that should have woken up your interest.

If you are a fan of the Klan (and no you are not amongst very fine people no matter what the current Potus says), I'm guessing you feel anger when hearing this. Normally one should feel shame, but I doubt Klan fans will. If you do though it means, you may be on the right track and should reconsider ... you don't want to be associated with them.

But back to the movie or rather the real life story. It may be heightened at places, but overall it does feel real. It's also quite funny for a serious matter like this. Which makes the ending even harder to swallow. It's not really a spoiler, though I won't say what I mean and if one is technical the punch to the gut comes from something that is "removed" from the main story, yet very much connected. If that does not touch you ... Spike Lee was very vocal when the movie was released and talks about Agent Orange. Whatever you think of that, this movie is essential

The Secret

One way mind(?)
Another reviewer stated it very eloquently. Since he has studied the law of attraction (the real complex one, not the simplified version you get served here), he should know what he's talking about. But as he also stated, if this movie has helped people do better, that's good. And the overall message is positive. I just hope it didn't bring people to expect things that they might not get.

In other words, a kid is not responsible for any disease he or she might accumulated. If you can single that out and concentrate on the message, something I do on a smaller scale anyway, than the message is, think positive. And I also just simplified what the movie is telling you. But that is enough and hopefully something achievable for many

La enfermedad del domingo

Sound of illness/silence
As another reviewer put it: this is not for everyone. Reviewer was quite short in how they view things. Statements involved that the movie is boring, slow and dark. As the saying goes: One man's trash, is another man's treasure (obviously applies to women too).

In this case you have to know that this is not at all trying to be entertaining. There are quite a few passages that are just silent. You get looks and actors expressing their emotions or the scene/story by not talking. If that sounds tedious to you, the movie might not be something you will find rewarding to watch. The interaction and the acting is really top notch though. So if this does float your boat, it will haunt you and grip you (in the best way possible)

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