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Catch Me If You Can

Going Places
When I first watched this, I was not too fond of it as I remember. I did not like it as much as I did now with the rewatch or second viewing one might say. I would not have said that I didn't like it from a technical point of view, but I think I was in a "don't like Di Caprio" phase. Which is something unfair - especially to the movies he has made. Don't know his personality, but that wasn't the reason I wasn't fond of him - it was just the usual reaction to someone being hailed as the end all and the best and so forth.

Which I reckon you can still disagree, but he is a great actor. His private escapades aside, it is about his acting and nothing else. Well in this case it is about a real life character and story ... and what a funny and great one it is too. Great overall cast and so well made ... Spielberg is behind it, isn't he? Well that man knows a thing or two about making movies ... even if I am not fond of all his movies, it is more than enough. And this is also one of them ... I don't think this surprises anyone who is his fan already, so just sit back and enjoy the fun you can have with this totally strange and wicked story ...

Last Christmas

I know what you did ...
Actually what you listened to ... last christmas! This may be the one song that is equally loved and hated! And the hate is not even its fault ... it comes from the fact that you can hear it year after year ... sometimes months before ... well Christmas time.

So the movie is based on the song ... or takes the song and makes a movie out of it. But that is not all ... it also takes more songs of Wham/George Michael (I think he even wrote one especially for the movie? I may be wrong about that) and incorporates them into the movie. For better or worse that is ... I love the songs but as with Last Christmas there may be people who are not too fond of them.

Also this is a romantic comedy ... what do you expect to happen here? Still the charisma especially from our ... GoT star Emilia Clarke is phenomenal ... she is so lovely and cute ... how can you not love her? Add an amazing supporting cast all around ... and that music/soundtrack ... well you sort of have a winner here ... if you are into this kind of thing.

Il ritorno di Zanna Bianca

White Fang 2
Ok, so I had no idea this is a sequel. And therefor I cannot say anything about the first White Fang movie. I also have to admit, I did not know Lucio Fulci did sequels ... that also surprises me a little bit. But then again I am not a scholar of his, so ... if you are and this offends you, it is not meant to and I apologize.

Away from what we know or didn't, the movie is quite the adventure, with the dog being in the middle of it. Most of the time quite literally. I love how he is being used ... or rather how he drives the story. Animal lovers rejoice ... somewhat. Well made thriller with a lot of humor in it.

Slugi wojny

Crime mystery - polish(ed)
I am a sucker for crime mysteries and police stories of sorts. Getting one from Poland was quite fun to see. The relationship between the two cops (male/female) is very potent too - no pun intended. But it elevates the movie - especially the way she talks to him. Quite empowering, which I reckon is needed considering we see her naked too, which some may not like and may see as less empowering.

That aside, there are even a few action scenes, especially towards the end, that are very well done. Not the best movie I've seen, but an intriguing and interesting entry nonetheless.

Nowhere to Run

Single (mom) at home
So Kevins brother is in this ... the Home Alone kid if you were wondering. But this is not what the movie is about, though small trivia like that really is funny to me - maybe you can get something out of it too. No this was supposed to be the movie that made van Damme a respectable actor. Something that never materialized ... well maybe with the movie JCVD ... but even then or after that, he never really got many roles that challenged his acting abilities.

And while it isn't too clear from this movie either, he is able to act. Not just when his life depends on it - actually it seems to be the case only when it isn't ... or was that just a pun? Probably just the latter - and I was (or sort of still am) a fan of van Damme. Unfortunately he for many reasons never climbed to the top. For a short period of time, it seemed like he was - but that was ... well short lived.

Short lived, something that can be said about people who are in prison. Unless they escape - but where can they run after they escape? Well there are worse places than Rosanna Arquettes place ... and her bed. Overall decent, but not what van Damme (or his manager?) thought it would be.


Match made in ... disaster(?)
Can you find love, if you are unable to see? Is that a pun? Also does losing ones virginity have to involve love? Probably not, but then again I do think we know where this is going. A funny and quirky little movie, with characters and dialog that will either make your heart go "awww" - or just annoy and bore you.

I hope it is the former, especially considering how good the main actors are. All things considered of course (genre, production values and so forth) - do not set your expectations too high ... and just enjoy this for what it is ... a low budget small movie that could - it sees more than it lets on.

The Intruders

Our house
When something horrible has happened at a house ... you'd expect people not lining up to go there ... and live there. On the other hand, you do expect anyone selling/renting those houses, not to tell people anything about that. I mean in movies you don't expect them too ... to give the characters some modicum of respect - and so that the viewers will not hate them from the start.

This is quite the mediocre horror movie overall and apart from the cliches more than a little bit predictable. You may like it more than others and it is well done technically speaking ... but there is not much more to it.

Squadra antifurto

The cop to be(at)
I watched this because it was free on Netflix ... and I do like crime movies. I had no idea we get a recurring character (is it 7 movies this character and as far as I know same actor, has appeared in?) ... so while some knew what he was up to - I was caught be surprise somewhat.

That being said, you will get almost all the information you need, to know the character. Also there are reasons he has a pet mouse called Serpico ... generally speaking the obvious similarities to Pacino of that time and era ... well I think even nowadays, anyone who has seen a fair share of movies, will immediately get the love this shares and has for him.

Apart from that, we also have the sound effects when people are being hit (which sound ridiculous and funny at the same time, for better or worse) and car chases and other 70s stuff. Love it or hate it - this does not care (about PC or your opinion I reckon). Have not yet seen the other entries, but I assume they are similar ... not sure when I'll be watching them ... and if.

Blood Red Sky

Zombies on a plane
Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him the most? Probably still fighting off Snakes ... ok he's trapped in the MCU ... or is Star Wars? Is he still in that too? I don't remember about the last one - MCU he is for sure. But away from that, because you may imagine something completely different than what you'll get. Actually even Snakes on a plane should not be thought of too much, because that was a fast, funny and completely insane movie - could have been better, but way more entertaining than this one right here.

Which does not mean, that this isn't good ... it is, but the things you might dislike may weight more than the things you may like about it. For example: the movie is crammed with great actors (internationally speaking), but that also means you won't get much out of them - never mind character development. Now a bit of humor here and there might have worked wonders ... at least for me. But on the other hand I know that other people like their horror as straightforward as they come (no innuendo or pun intended).

Having said all that, the movie has really good cinematography, the mystery aspect of it may work for a certain amount of time, depending on how much you know before watching this, and the make up is phenomenal too. But then you have cliches thrown in, characters seemingly doing exactly the opposite of what would make sense and a twist at the end that is quite mind boggling ... especially considering the "consequences" thereof ... I think some people need to rewatch and reevaluate Zack Snyders Army of the Dead right about now.

Also a good thing: a horror (genre) movie from Germany. You gotta love that - and the director has shown that he is capable of much better things too previously. So take this with a grain of salt and a lot of suspension of disbelief ... you may actually really enjoy it (or not, but you'll know fairly early on)

Vorsicht vor Leuten

(Im)perfect people
You should be wary of people, as the german title suggests. And don't be gullible and believe stuff without checking first. That does not include conspiracies by the way, but since the pandemic, being sceptic has changed in so many ways. Let's not go down that rabbit hole, which has nothing to do with the movie.

Anyway the movie is not just a warning, it is a rather enjoyable comedy too. And it works more like entertainment, especially because it does really go to extremes in its depictions and humor. Most of it works, some may feel annoying and the rest may be completely out of touch. Overall more than a decent effort.


I have issues sleeping sometimes ... well the time I should actually sleep that is. Because sleep creeps in when I least need it too. So while I can't say I understand it 100%, I do feel for the persons here. Should I say patients? It is quite the compelling drama - well documentary, but it works as a drama as well.

Having said that, the journey we take is quite in depth and we learn quite a lot about the people who have the issues. Very well structured and something that will not leave you cold, if you have at least some form of empathy within you. Not an easy thing to watch, especially when the backlashes come or breakdowns ... but as powerful as it gets.

Hey Bunny

For every bunny
As we all know, every bunny needs some bunny to love ... or something along those lines. As you can tell I am a little bit biased (and not cynical at all, I swear). I guess that may come off as the exact opposite. Anyway, I do love bunnies and this having so many of them in here (even if they are sometimes being treated in ... well weird ways) is just a joy.

I can only imagine how hard some scenes where to film. But they did it ... with the bunnies seemingly doing things on cue. Anyway a hacker becoming a hero is not that unlikely, now is it? And the drama begins and unfolds - well played (not just by the bunnies) and an interesting fluffy story ... I dug it, but again, I may not be the most objective person to rate and review this I reckon.

Basic Instinct

Love or Sex?
Or is it murder? Well while the US (censors) do not mind violence too much - they are quite leniant when it comes to the degree that they allow - when it comes to sex and nudity ... well they are quite prude. Which when it happens, does backfire on the actresses - like it apparently did on Sharon Stone. She was marked one might say. And misstreated because people could not tell the difference between her and the character she played.

On the other hand no one forced her to play the role ... a second time. And while I can't judge the sequel (would have to watch it first), I think it's safe to say that it was not nearly as good as the first one. The shock factor was gone too - well shock for the Americans that is. Who only got an R-rated cut anyway.

But whatever version you watched (and I would say go for the uncut one), it is the pulp story that works its wonders. The mystery ... even if at the end you say, I knew it all along. But did you? Or rather do you? Is it that conclusive? Maybe it is and maybe it isn't.

One thing that I could tell, even before I listend to the audio commentary and watched a few behind the scenes interviews, was the fact that the first time we see Sharon Stones character talk (to detectives), she seemed out of it ... like she was not the confident character the lines where suggesting. It felt like she didn't feel the role ... that struggle gave her performance something though - maybe something good or something bad, depending on how you feel about it. Especially now that I mention it and the stories tell us, what I felt: she wasn't in her role ... she didn't feel the character yet. Verhoven helped her though and everything went smoothly after that.

Well almost everything ... because there is that one scene ... I mean there are a lot of scenes (the forceful sex which some can't stomache because of the borderline rape inclinations it brings up, to name just one other), but the leg crossing interrogation scene ... well, there is something to cherish (or not). Now Stone says she couldn't tell back then how that scene would look like on the big screen and what would be visible. I did not pause or freeze frame or even zoom - but it is obvious you can see something. And Verhoven being a European (Dutch) director, does not have issues with nudity (it is being said that he got naked on the Starship Troopers set, because some actors felt uncomfortable doing the shower scene) ... so the backlash might have been quite bad, but you can't really blame the director in this case too much.

He handled everything in an open way and always talked about things. He even told every actor that auditioned about the amount of nudity - something that Douglas was not too fond of, him being the producer as well as the lead actor. And while his presence and some themes have been said to be sexist - the movie actually puts Sharons character on a pedastal. She triumphs over the men. She is in control most of the time (all the time?) ... while the men show a real ugly side.

So while she may act out of lust and boredom - things that can or have been attributed to males - she is quite pure in what she wants. And she knows exactly how to get it too. So in a wicked way she is quite empowered ... so not really anything like Fatal Attraction ... not at all I'd say.

A wicked movie, that might not see the light of production day ... today! Because everything has to be clean and non-offensive ... good thing we got this in and have something to talk about then, yes?

The Empty Man

Hollow man
How do you like your horror? Want a jump scare every other minute? Well you may want to either try to adapt to this or not watch it at all. Yes it does have jump scares too, but it lives off the scary and creepy crawling up to you - no pun intended.

On the other hand anyone who is into horror movies that give you the mood, that give you more than just a quick fix (again no pun intended) - you will more than cherish this. The intro ... quite a long one, but considering the length of the movie it is more than ok - is a short movie of its own. And it seems detached from the rest of the movie. It just seems that way though. Let's just say that if someone told me not to touch them, if I valued my life (I'm paraphrasing), I would listen to them.

But and that is important here, there are no big moments where I question the actions of the characters taken ... the sane ones that is. On the other hand, who am I to judge who is sane and who isn't. And what actually is happening ... there is quite more than meets the eye (again no pun intended). There are some very violent scenes in here ... but they are spikes, because this does not live off that, but through the setting, the acting and the story it does tell. And the beautiful cinematography combined with an exceptional sound design.

One of the best movies of 2020 - which does not mean you will love it. It's still a taste thing - but artistically speaking ... wow! And while I rewatched certain scenes (a conversation at the beginning - well beginning after that lengthy intro - makes much more sense the second time around for example), there are still so many unanswered questions ... which you may love or hate - it's up to you.


Fake notes ...
How could someone fool so many people ... and make them believe he had Hitlers notes/diary? Actually thinking how people spread disinformation nowadays and how some (former) leaders are still doing it ... it may not be that far fetched.

And while the movie is fiction, it is based on a true story. Something that really happpened and went on to become one of the biggest scandals in journalistic history. Right now it is tough to find good journalism ... it also tough to get through to certain people who believe any conspiracy (lie) they read online ... someone wrote it, is must be true ... which I reckon was something that made the "words of Hitler" also believable to those who wanted to be fooled ... overall a really good movie/comedy, that heightens what happened to add a lot of comedy relief ... how else would someone be able to stomach this madness?


On top (of things)
Who doesn't know Reinhold Messner? I would argue that a lot do know him at least periphically speaking. Like heard of him and that he likes to climb mountains. Now this documentary right here, gets you inside the mind of this individual ... but also the people close to him (family and friends).

Because while there may not be a lot of company when you climb a mountain (especially if you try to do it alone), who better to describe the person and his drive, than those that should know him. Very thorough and well done - good research and well edited. Even those who will never climb a mountain (certainly not the ones he did climb), can take something from this ...

Enkel für Anfänger

Not just another job
What to do when one gets old? The question you might have to ask yourself one day (and we all hope we'll have that problem ... well we may wish to stay forever young, but that seems to be out of the realm of reality) ... and one that is the essence of this movie.

There is voice over to introduce us to this concept and to the 3 main characters. All of whom get a job - like a nanny ... but as the english title suggests "granny nanny". Now one of the characters is male so technically it isn't just grannies ... on the other hand, some might call him feminine so there is that too.

But all that aside, the movie is quite fun and has rich characters with their own issues and while they are old, they still can learn new tricks (yes the saying - I'm aware of it, so I reckon pun intended) ... Interestingly and charming, for those who care and don't mind seeing old people on their screen struggling with a newer generation, they almost have nothing in common with ... or do they?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Depends ...
I don't think the movie has that many secrets ... although we may wonder what the fuss about that one secret is all about. I probably missed the importance of it ... apart from "don't tell anyone" and that being broken, I can't see the weight of it.

But why even question that (no pun intended), when you can just have fun with this movie. And I have to admit, I am biased. I mean it's Daddario ... how can I not love her? Even that completely insecure mess she is portraying here ... and it's not just the external beauty, it is the wit and charisma. She may not be the best actress around (though she didn't have too many roles to prove that - haven't seen True Detective yet - her best work as I am led to believe), but she is at least a really good one. No that it is needed in this comedy ...

Vorstadtkrokodile 3

One last time
The kids are all grown up ... well they were not when this movie was made. Not entirely at least. Still a little bit older than when they started making them. So part 3 concludes their journey. And is as dramatic as they get. The inciting incident does not seem that big ... but turns out it is .. life an death and all that.

Having said that, the movie is still overall not riddled with heavy drama, even with that hanging over their heads, there is time for jealousy and other issues one might have growing up. We get our villains back from the first one, but this time around ... well we sort of hope they have grown up too ... not just physically but metaphorically speaking ... I reckon there is not too much mystery or things you'll be surprised will happen in the journey of the movie. Still a neat little movie that is mainly aimed at younger people.

A Classic Horror Story

Mid Italian Sommar
Well not just that of course, although there is at least one scene that might remind you of that other movie. For better or worse (I really liked the other one, but you may feel differently) - but this is not just this one movie. It actually has so many horror tropes and cliches ... sometimes elevated and with a wink or two ... sometimes just plain bloody and violent mayhem.

It does go quite meta (especially towards the end) and might even be or feel way to clever for its own good. That I will leave up to you to decide. Especially the ending after the ... ending. I like what they do and to me it feels like making fun of itself, rather than fun of the viewer ... well maybe a little bit of that too. Depends on what mood you'll be in and how you perceive it.

Still while I don't feel this will become a cult, it is rather a clever take on a genre (with the multiple subgenres) ... not for the squeamish for sure.

Elvis Presley: The Searcher

Search for the King
Elvis Presley - bigger than life. If you are a fan, you may know certain things portrayed here. But just hearing the music and seeing him (perform) and hear others talk about him ... well I'd say it is more than worth your time. This is or at least seems as in depth as one can get. We see him, but we hear so many other people - wife, associates, people who worked with him and so many more.

While I would call myself a fan, I had no idea how the leg shaking was born. There are anecdotes here, the highs, the lows and everything in between. But most of all we get as much into his mindset as is possible, without him being here to tell us.

He combined music styles ... he was a rebel and yet he had to stay in his lane (see his movie career and other things he had to sacrifice). Producers hiring him for his music rather than his acting abilities ... the pressure that got to him ... there is so much to unpack here. It's such a shame Elvis left the building ... way too soon! Still as many will probably agree with me in saying this: Thank you ... thank you very much!

Poveri ma belli

Bros before ... Ugos
Ugo being a character in the movie, but I reckon that still may not be enough for some to not feel offended. Let me tell you something though: if that offends you, do not even watch the movie, because it will offend you even more.

Now I would argue that you'd be missing out on a good movie overall, that yes does have stereotypes and cliches ... but it also shows more than the "boys will be boys" cliche. It is quite liberating from a womans perspective. It is just one that is liberated of course ... but still not a bad feat for the time this was made. Mindset and all that it was made in.

While the focus does shine on the two best friends butting heads and more because of this tease of a woman they both chase ... the real star is her. Of course you can also critisize her behaviour ... but she as pure as they get. Not innocent mind you, but she just does what feels to be best for her. And who are we to argue about that? Sometimes there is no lesson to be learned - no pun intended.


Behind the scenes
Or drama drama ... and more drama. Now maybe you've never been behind the scenes of a movie set, but you don't have to be to understand what is going on here. The people here are just like you and me ... well maybe they have certain things heightened, like jealousy and envy ... at least in some regards.

So we know what they go through, whether we agree with how they deal with certain issues that arise due to their behaviour or not. A decent little movie that can ... nothing more and nothing less I'd say.

Love and Other Disasters

Don't be a square
I totally get if someone thinks this is the best romantic comedy ever .. but also if someone does not like this at all. It is making fun of itself and the cliches it uses ... the way it is cut (with characters commenting on Notting Hill ... but also on what is happening in the movie they are in ...as a byproduct).

That is either clever (overall that is what I'd call it) or can feel obnoxious and/or annoying. Totally up to you. But what you can't deny, is how well the actors in this take care of even little bumps along the road. Brittany Murphy was taken away way too early from us ... but at least she left us with many movies to love her in, like this one.

And she is needed considering the amount of disbelief you have to have ... so many moments that could have gone entirely wrong ... and still may feel that way to some. But she and her costars make them work ... how can you hate them, when they are so lovely, while entirely clueless? Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Chanson douce

Choose wisely
I have to admit, when I read thriller I thought this was going to be over the top ... but overall that is something the movie can not be accused of. Yes there is a characer who takes things to far. But even small things are served in small bites for us to chew - no pun intended.

The central performance is amazing - and while I am still struggling with that end ... it still elevates the movie for me. Of course that can go either way for the viewers. Which by the way if you say you are using spoilers, I'd hope you would actually talk about something than being vague about it - like an open review - again no pun intended.

This creeps up on you for sure and while you may not agree with certain decision the characters take ... you can understand them. Empathy can be a great thing ... sometimes it is "wasted" on the wrong person. But how could you know that, right? Really well done and slow moving (pace wise), this will not be everyones tea ... but those who will like it, will actually cherish it.

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