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Big Mäck - Gangster und Gold

(Be)Cause and effect
No pun intended - it is not just the American Justice system that gets things wrong. Either by suing the wrong person or letting a guilty person walk free. There are so many cases, there are so many crimes. I don't know if people are or rather were aware of the one at hand. The person who is not .. well the fastest when it comes to moving ability (due to having a weight problem I reckon you could say), was charged for something he did not commit - was aquitted for later.

That is the premise - and the documentary really is good in breaking down what happened and what continued after our main .. well "character" was able to leave prison. The label he got and that is revealed quite late in the game ... may be an indicator.

A weird documentary ... but a well done one. A curious one I reckon would be the best way to describe it. If there is an ounce of interest, you probably will have ... well "fun" with it ...

Black Site

Black Out
No pun intended - the movie has the inciting incident and a few other scenes/things, that you have to suspend your disbelief to fully .... well "enjoy" the movie. I really had to struggle with that scene. Yes it is chaos, but that should never have happened the way it did. It shows that the people in charge, had quite some issues maintaining ... well in charge.

That being said, the movie is otherwise filled with nice action scenes, mostly shootouts, but also quite a lot of combat scenes. Sometimes we don't see the action play out, but we see the (bloody) result of it. Which is helping with furthering a myth and giving the main bad guy a certain aura I reckon. That all being said: the actors are really giving it their all ... which elevates the movie ... movie also looks quite good to say the least.

Gasoline Alley

Not Final Destination
Also not Die Hard - no pun intended. Yes the movie has Bruce Willis - sort of top billing. Like thousands of other movies that he made the last couple of years (I may be exaggerating a little bit ... just a little bit! Still he has done quite a lot of movies). And like those movies (most of them), he does not play a starring role in this movie.

He is not his old self - and that may or may not be because of the illness he has. But let's get to our main guy - Devon Sawa. You may know him from Final Destination ... I hope you do! Great (horror) movie - watch it if you haven't. Do not compare the movie with this one at hand. This is an action movie - and not really a good one. But not the worst movie I've seen either - it has quite the simple structure. But not everything has to be complicated ... a decent enough thriller and action movie with a predictable plot and structure.

En corps

Dance ...
... as if your life depended on it ... or at least your health! No pun intended of course. The movie has dancing front and center ... but also life and things that happen to you that you can't control. Similar to actors, dancers may have issues with anyone telling them they can't do what they want and urge to do. What is life worth, if you can't do the one thing, you think is worth living for? That's a rhetorical question, though feel free to answer it for yourself.

The movie has quite the performances in it and it really is well made. The drama works, the storyline works - and the "twists" work. I would say that you can guess where the movie is leading and the ending will not be a big surprise. Yet the way it is built up ... the way it is life affirming overall ... well that all are points that hopefully will sway you ... and make you be entertained by this. Obstacles are there so you can overcome them ... nothing is impossible? Maybe ... maybe not. But try you must ...

Savage Salvation

Disturbing the peace
No pun intended - it is a case of: you can try to escape the drugs, but the drugs will always stay with you. Or the world surrounding it that is of course. If things were easy, than I reckon you wouldn't always have movies ... the movie may have an issue with missing out on the real climax ... but on the other hand: where would you stop? Well hopefully you wouldn't even have to get started ... or stop after your first trip.

Great actors involved - especially De Niro. It may seem wild that he would be attached to something like this. But I reckon he has bills to pay too ... also he just likes the acting thing. The role really is not - well for an actor of his stature, of his calibre ... but hey, he has done other stuff too, that you may not approve of.

Still the suspense is high and the revenge part of the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat anyway ... if you let it that is.

Witch Hunt

Fake news
No pun intended - and just using ... well sort of a word salad, that was used in politics the last few years. Witch Hunt - in this case a literal one - so not really fake at all. The movie is based in a different reality than ours - well at least that is what I would say. Unless you believe witches exist ... although even if, we have not reached the society level that we have in the movie.

If you like your horror movies to have some social commentary - well you have one here. There are quite a few themes woven in. If you suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow, you might have a lot of fun with the movie. Effects are good too - solid B-movie fodder.


Half (the movie)
No pun intended - and sorry for the wordplay. Something I really like to do. Nothing to do with the movie itself though. Which is a low budget Science Fiction movie. A genre that - well if you love it, you may cut this some slack, something that others may not be able to do.

The actors are as good as they can be. Realism is left .. at earth (no pun intended) ... it would have flown away in zero gravity anyway ... right? Jokes aside, you have to suspend your disbelief and you have to have some patience with the movie. Do not overthink it and make logical conclussions. The movie is out of this world ... literally ... just go with the flow ... into the air. Suspense is high and the mystery is overall worth it.


Explosive stuff
No pun intended - the "Saw" premise is quite intriguing. If you like horror movies - you could do a lot worse. And yes the premise was there or rather existed before Saw made it ... well mainstream. But since it was so succesful most will recognize it as such. People do understand what is being talked about quite easy that way.

While the movie may not have the best performances, it also does not have the worst either. The characters are not likeable and quite annoying ... but you can't blame the actors for that. You do not have to love them for that either of course. All that being said, the effects are quite good to say the least. Especially for a low budget movie. What would you do? I know right? Better not find yourself in a situation like that ...

Don't Tell a Soul

Friend or Foe?
Or "brother" ... no pun intended of course. The movie is quite intense and has a lot of twists and turns. Since most of them are binary, no extra browny points for guessing some of them right. On the other hand, the performances are really something - even when you may think that the movie is about to lose you - they reel you back in.

If you like low budget thrillers, that are more about the characters and about secrets .. that are about family and about missing father figures (not that the mother is able to help much in this case) ... you could do a lot worse. There are surely moments, where you might have decided differently, but the pacing and the choices make all sense in the context of the movie ... it takes a weird note towards the end, but you could never satisfy everyone anyway ...

The Haunting of Seacliff Inn

Scary (not)
No pun intended - I do wonder sometimes how titles are being thought of. Or maybe I should just read more about the movies I ... no I won't do that. But if you come into this, thinking this is proper horror ... well you will be quite dissapointed. Be aware that this is more like a drama, with some ... well spooky moments, then you will be fine.

It has quite the interesting cast. Especially if you watch it knowing quite a few of the cast members. They grow up so fast, don't they? If the ghosts don't come to get them that is - no pun intended again. The story is well told and there is some love in the air ... well amongst other things of course. Pacing is a bit slow, even though the movie is not that long ...


Plan ahead
Look behind - and no pun intended. To go into the future it is best to resolve the issues you have - no moving forward, if the past is able to haunt you. Now if that sounds way too serious ... well it sort of is. But the movie is able to walk the fine line between comedy and drama. Which comes down to the actors - not that all the choices work great. But overall they do work at least just fine.

Same is true for the script. We know where it wants to lead us and the characters - and it does a decent job doing so. Having a solid guy like Mehmet playing the father also helps a lot. A decent movie, nothing more, nothing less.

Crimes of Passion

All about the Benjamins
No pun intended - and hopefully none of the characters is named/called Benjamin. While the title talks about Passion - it is more about money here. And you will be able to decipher that for yourself. The movie and all of its twists are predictable - at least that is how I felt about them, you may feel a bit differently.

All that aside, we have the absolutely phenomenal Dina Meyer in this. But she is not the main role ... some Dude is the main role and has to ... well it doesn't really matter. Unfortunately the acting and the script are subpar at moments. Still I've seen worse movies so there is that too.

Fatal Trust

What's up doc?
Evil is what is up - no pun intended. Of course the movie at hand is not hard to decipher. You will have no trouble at all to see where it is going. So if you are a fan of mysteries in your thrillers ... well this ain't the movie to watch for you. If you have soft spot for movies of the week on the other hand ... well you can guess yourself (you know I love me some puns).

All that being said, it is nice to see Amy Jo Johnson in something again. I had seen her in that canadian cop show - but obviously she has done much more things. Suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow - otherwise you won't have any fun at all with this (no pun intended)

The Hot Spot

Hitting the right ... tone
No pun intended - of course it can also be the right (hot) spot that you may be ... well hitting. I do wonder how it took me almost three decades to watch this. Of course I may have been way too young when this came out - not that that fact was an obstacle for most when it came to watching things they shouldn't. Big fan of Jennifer Connelly - and who isn't? Well that is quite rhetorical isn't it? Another rhetorical one I assume.

Of course the star of the show seems to be Don Johnson ... or is it? Well if you like your thrillers to have femme fatales in them ... you get two of them right here. The already mentioned Connely, but also the equally magnificent Virginia Madsen! Not sure what this is based on (I reckon a novel), but the movie has it's ... well let's call them flaws.

Still the actors are really good in this and the story has enough twists and turns to keep you interested. You may guess where it is going, but even so .. the movie is still more than interesting and good enough to watch to say the least.


The beginning ... the end ... but just (untrue) parts of it
No pun intended - you might have heard a lot about the movie. Good and bad things about it - depending on your moral compass, depending on how easy you can be shocked ... well the movie might be not the right one for you. Good thing is: you will know early on ... although it may have been for you, if the movie just stayed away from the depravities on display - again no pun intended.

The movie starts with our main character on the receiving end of some ... well I don't think I can use the word, but let's just say you wouldn't like the way it smells. And it just proceeds to more nastiness - some people describe it as golden shower. And that is before we get to the gratuitous nudity that is sprinkled all over the place - literally.

But even so, the movie is actually a love letter. A morbid and wicked one for sure - but still a love letter to movies and movie making. You have to be able to take the jokes - some seem superficial - even shallow. Giving us cliches and seemingly 2 dimensional (or even one dimensional) characters ... but there is depth there. And even more so in the performances! One example is Brad Pitt (with a flawless introduction - quite old school with his back to the camera) - when he is drunk ... and then he isn't. Well he is, but he also is able to do stuff ... like find his way to his bed.

Sticking with him, even if he is only one of many main characters, he also is able to be drunk but be there on point when it comes to working. His journey is quite something to behold ... and the things he learns ... again circling back to the love letter thing. Expiration dates may be imminent, but there is also eternity to be earned ... well as far as we can tell.

While I understand that the characters are made up and the stories heightend to say the least, the movie itself does portray a lot of truths. I am again not sure, what words I can use without being seen as offensive. Even if I only describe what the movie is telling us - about the movie industry but also about society. Like when Margot Robbies character is being made to "play" a role ... in real life. Which she is not suited for at all.

She is as mesmerizing as eveyone else in this. Some stars are blink and you'll miss them - like Olivia Wilde and many others. And that with a movie that runs over 3 hours ... but is over before you know it. Many incidents and many little stories one could say .. and yet they make a whole movie ... they make up a lifetime of ... stories if you want to call it that.

But is it as bad and "graphic" as some have said? Well to a degree - again, especially the beginning is to blame for that ... with the party being as mad as you can imagine. There are other scenes that you may find repulsive ... still, there is romance in the air. Between characters - but also between the audience and the movie(s) ... we get some scenes we may know. Brad Pitts character uses lines from other movies ... well he delivers them differently. A nice tip of the head.

And like that incident there is much to be discovered. Be it dialog wise or visual wise - like a pregnant woman at the party, a lot of nudity and ... love making and god knows what else ... well he may be ashamed by what he sees - that may be an intended pun right there. Anyway, this is on the right side of wrong ... and it knows it very well. So many goodies to be discovered ... I can only recommend it so much. Don't let the run time be an obstacle.

PS: I thought I had written about it, but looks like I forgot to give context to my summary headline. The movie plays towards the end of the silent era ... film era that is. And with that new beginning of sound in movies ... well things change. Some get obsolete, some new stars are born and so forth. The film has so many things that I could write about - things that people surely can do essays about too.

The question is, can you forgive the movie that it has a lot of things that are on the nose? Hopefully you can because it really is worth - as is true with the "graphic" scenes! Take it with a grain of salt (rather than drugs). Who wants to live forever indeed ... a song that would be fitting for this movie too ... or party forever I guess.

Huang jia shi jie

Yes ... Person!
No pun intended - also as I was made aware in the extras of the disc I own: Yes Madam is a term that is not being used anymore in Hong Kong or China in general. It was something that people were saying who worked in the police force. In case the movie is not called "Yes, Madam" where you are from: well that kind of should explain to you, why I went to all that length going on about that one pun I used.

It's been a few decades ... not just from when this was made ... but from when I last watched it. This did not lose any of its touch ...or kick for that matter! Michelle Yeoh won an award recently ... and she may be at least nominated for an Oscar. Cynthia Rothrock is the icon that she deserves to be too. But it is not just them in this movie. You have Sammo Hung, who didn't just produce the movie, but also has a small role in it. Tsui Hark ... who seems to be a perfect fit for the crazy character he plays. And so many more, that I couldn't all name (for multiple reasons - bad with names but also because there are so many of them).

But why did I go with a 10 out of 10 you ask? Well .. the start of the movie is as insane as one can imagine. But it is the ending ... the highlight of the movie. The climax is really just that ... actually it is much more! There are scenes in there ... where western stars did not believe that actual people did perform the stunts you see. Btw I am aware that sometimes it is painfully obvious that our two main characters are being replaced by stunt people! But they also do a lot of their own stunts! Female power for sure.

If you like Hong Kong movies, you really have to watch this ... if you love it ... you've probably seen this at least once already! The ending ... may be something you have to get used too - but the movie walks that fine line between comedy and serious madness all the time ... so it is in the right vain ... in the right mood ... it is fitting is what I am trying to say.

Stunts are off the hook ... no pun intended. The introduction of the characters is also just mind blowing ... nowadays we know Cynthia ... I can only imagine how it must have been when she first was reveleaved ... literally ... and again sorry for the pun.

I was and still am a big fan of Hong Kong action cinema ... they knew how to excite me. And obviously not just me. This is ridiculous in a sense ... but also as awesome as it can get! And again, what it may lack in certain story departments ... or character developments ... or sense or whatever ... it more than makes away with all the insane action scenes! Watch it and be amazed ... that's a promise and guarantee!


Break free ... from the news
Or is it old news? No pun(s) intended of course. And a movie that may keep you guessing - or you may be able to see through it quicker than others. That being said, it really is well told and amazingly acted. For a horror/thriller movie that is. But also generally speaking - hopefully you will be able to enjoy this for what it is. And go on the journey getting the most of it.

South Korean cinema is really something to look out for. Not just for thrillers - but those too. I thought that anchor would mean this would have something to do with ships - but I was quite wrong. It also shows that I really do not read what the movies I am about to watch are about.

Shock moments work and the guessing game was something I did almost until the end. I reckon the conclusion made a lot of sense.

The Exorcism of God

Hollier than though
Or something along those lines - surely not a pun intended though! And surely not meant to replace your favorite Exorcism movie (which can only be The Exorcist ... right? This is a rhetorical question). That being said, I was quite pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Yes this was predictable, yes the jump scares sometimes were a bit too on the nose ... but it works. And it is so well shot.

Acting wise it is ok too to say the least. There is way more nudity in this that some may expect - but that should not really take anything away from your .. well enjoyment or whatever you want to call it. The horror still works, the effects are ok (for a low budget movie) and the cinematography is really good, as I already mentioned. Try not to let the title distract you ... the movie is solid .. if you like horror movies.

Alles in bester Ordnung

Everything is in order
No pun intended - also no idea if that is the international title. It would be a translation of the German title for sure. And it would also be the pun the studio chose to go with ... and not a bad one for sure. Because our main character here (the female one), is anything but ... well let's put it how it is: she is a hoarder. If you have no idea what that is: it is a person that is not able to throw things away, while also having a lot of stuff and getting more - making their appartments almost unliveable.

That being said, while for someone from the outside it may seem like chaos, hoarders themselves not only don't see that, but also seem to be able find whatever they are looking for. Now let that person clash with someone that can be called a minimalist ... well it almost writes itself. I am being facetious of course. It is well written and it also well acted ... if you are down with the premise, the movie will deliver on it ...

Como estrellas fugaces

To live and ... love in .. not LA
Yes Valencia is not LA - and no pun intended. If you like your dramas to be filled with love and music and ... other things that make life worth living (yes drama is always a part of it, struggle too and the search for happiness amongst other things) ... you could do worse than this little movie right here.

Acting is ok and the script is decent too. It is a little movie that could - telling a story that I reckon most will be able to foresee (where it's going) and who will end up where ... but one that is fun to watch. A nice little independent movie then (if that is what you want to call it) - you decide if it is something that is worthy for you to watch.


V is for Vendetta
And not for Viking(s) - no pun intended. If you have seen the Vikings tv show, I am certain you get the reference (what with Clive Standen being the main character in this and one of the main characters of the show). That all being said, Clive is not even the biggest name here. Or the only tv show represented. You also have Theo Rossi from Sons of Anarchy ... but of course the biggest name here is ... Bruce Willis! Though to be fair - even if you have heard of his sickness, he has made so many movies, that you may have gotten sick of him (no pun intended or offense for that matter).

We also have others like Thomas Jane and so forth. But the standout performance comes from Theo Rossi. And it is quite refreshing to have a bad guy who is ... well as over the top as you can imagine. That doesn't mean that the movie will make sense to you ... actually, it doesn't make a lot of sense ... so better not to think about it. Just watch it for the entertainment this tries to provide. Then you can have fun and just enjoy the madness you are being served ... be it the predictable plot or the worst criminals you may have witnessed ...


Young but not innocent
No pun intended - youth ... something we crave for. Either in thinking back to it - or trying to "capture" it. And youth that tries to get experience ... sometimes with any means necessary. But if they are not checked, if there are no ... well let's call them borders. So our main character here really goes out (no pun intended) and tries things out.

The amount of teasing is ... really high here. Not for the easily offended - even if they might check and realize that she is an adult (but plays an underage teen). So be aware of that - this is a movie. But it does represent how some teens grow up ... what traps they fall victim of ... and what traps they themselves get to be for others.

It is easy to judge and be high and mighty. Humans are not always good ... and this movie is showing us what can happen, when things get out of control ... more than once.


The Cure - remixed(?)
Can you be in love ... on mondays too? No pun intended - and if you are not aware of my music reference, fret not. Also try not to hold it against me as I am not holding it against you. Same goes for knowing the feeling ... of happiness, but also of dread ... of dreams, hopes and just living in the moment. Vacation flings ... how long can they last? It is like a weekend thing ... you party all the time ... and then monday rears its ugly head around the corner.

No offense to Monday, a day of the week that has it really hard. Getting so much negative energy and not being able to defent itself against it. Not sure if this movie will be able to clear its name ... but it might be a beginning. Especially with the cast at hand. And the fact it seems to be playing in Greece ... so much effort in getting that vibe from that country ... the desperate tone of it ... which is fitting for the characters.

They don't seem to be a fit for each other ... but they also seem unable to survive without each other .. it is really well played .. and one can imagine this was a a training session for Sebastian Stan to go full Tommy Lee after this ... nudity and madness included. He's not a rockstar - don't get it twisted. It is interesting that he seems to get drawn to characters that seem so far away from his actual personality. But also speaks to his ability to act ... and be really good at it.

Not for the faint hearted ... and easily offended ... but really a drama that is very well written and acted ... Monday ... it's a start (and the pun I am closing with today)


Seven times seven
No pun intended - and yes I imagine you can do the math yourself. Also as the saying goes with magnificent sevens ... well one could imagine that there is a connection here ... not. The same goes for the rating that seems to be all over the place. Just a few days ago, it was around 3 something, now it is 9 ... the truth is somewhere in between. Depending on your ability to suspend your disbelief and if you can dig the patriotism on display here.

I imagine if you are from Turkey and/or know the actors involved in this ... you may be ahead of the game for most others I assume. That being said, the movie uses quite a few cliches (and I don't mean the all power to special forces and heroes beyond approach - especially or even more so, when they defy direct orders) ... you really have to go on board with a lot of things. But this is no different than many movies from the US ... so if you have issues with the patriotic acts ... well you should have issues with many US movies too.

The action is decent enough, don't expect this to blow your mind though (it does blow other stuff ... up) ... of course the main good guys are over the top good and the bad guys are almost comically evil ... did I mention you have to suspend your disbelief yet? I did ... well just making sure ... I dug it, for the obvious cliche ridden and predictable action movie it is ... it does not pretend to be anything else ...

The Huntress of Auschwitz

The punisher
No pun intended - a low budget movie, so do not expect too much here. And of course as with many movies that give you a binary option, no brownie points for guessing if our main character is right with her ... assumptions or not. But this is not everything - or rather there is more to be uncovered along the way.

Also the main actress is quite good looking - and she can act. Again this is not a movie with a big budget and actors that you have heard of. But with the limitations it has, it does the best it can. Of course with a title like that, it probably will catch your attention just because of that.

Seen worse movies, especially when it comes to cinematography - so there is a lot to be found here - again no pun intended. I liked the story and how it was build up to get us to the inevitable ending ...

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