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  • The existence of this movie alone is like throwing poo to the film industry. Watching it is like....sorry to say.... eating the poo.

    It's harsh but it's the truth, and just like any truth, it needs to be put out there.
  • This series is like Game of Thrones, there are so many intrigues and there are many interesting characters. The actings are really good and believable, and the production quality is top notch. It's hard to find a series that I enjoy like this one.

    Every character in this series doesn't seem random, they have their backgrounds and their position is clear. Interaction between characters is also interesting, their emotions are backed up by solid acting and the dialogues are very well written.

    The story is also very good, the plot gets thicken several times, you'll really get absorbed into it.

    I'd give this series a thousand stars if allowed, but since max is 10 then every star represents one hundred stars xD.


    After watching Lang Ya Bang / Nirvana in Fire 1, now I continue to watch 'season 2' , it's not actually season 2 like in most Western series and imo it should have its own page because it's completely different story and different timeline even though it borrows a few characters from previous installment.

    It is common in Chinese drama/novel/wuxia series that the next 'season' or sequel to pick the descendants of the previous series' main heroes / normal characters as the new main heroes in the sequel. That creates something like a link to the past that provides an interesting and unique fresh start because we already knew the background of the characters and can relate to him/her since we know their ancestors LOL, it's really satisfying per se. So If anyone continues to watch this sequel, be sure to check the characters' background, and find out who relates to who.

    I haven't finished watching but I already want to review it. I want to say that NIF/LYB is a series that you'd want it to never end. I already wish there will be NIF 3. Everything is good, especially the story. I read some mild spoilers and like the previous series, the plot will thicken several times.

    There are a few actors/actresses from NIF 1 that fill the cast but play different role here, it's kinda weird seeing the same faces playing different role but I'm not too bothered with that, even Hu Ge the main lead from NIF 1 was offered to play again here, but he was taking a break.
  • This series is telling us everything is not always as it seems, just because someone does something doesn't mean he does what it looks like he's doing. It's presented in bits and pieces and one thing always leads to another, together as a whole, those bits and pieces will reveal the truth and the whole story.
  • This is a must watch for everyone doesn't matter how old you are and what year you find it.

    Following the life of an orphan girl from baby to adulthood surrounded by people that truly love her and despise her. There are a lot going on throughout the story and always full of emotions from sadness to happiness, anger to laughter, rivalry to friendship, also romance and despair. There is never a dull moment and the pacing is just right.

    Infinity out of 10. If you miss this anime in this lifetime, be sure to check it out in the next life xD
  • This is a very heartwarming movie from start to finish, the story is quite good and the important characters are all nice and likeable. At some point you'll have to pick whether to be on team this_guy or team that_guy just like in Fuller House, but as the story goes you'll know which one to pick.

    There is something that's a bit off with the movie though, but I can't say what exactly, most ppl said it's the acting but in my opinion their acting is actually decent. I think it's the not too many other people in the movie and how the camera almost always zoom and focus only to the main characters like in a comic book, also not a lot going on with the surrounding so it's kinda too quiet and unrealistic, it's minor but it's there.

    It's still an entertaining movie especially if you're into drama and want to see nice people.
  • This is the true sequel for the first one. The previous two installments after the first, while having their own entertainment value, are like stepping stones for this fourth in the series 5 years later. It makes the last of the series much more satisfying.

    (I know there's more recent series that has God of Gambler's cameo but it's safe to say that this is the end of God of Gambler's epic story before being a legend permanently).

    It's good to see the god of gambler himself back in the game with a strong background story, and interesting plots and twists that come along with it.

    Definitely a must watch especially after watching the previous of the series.
  • Killing Ground is a solid thriller, it has some key ingredients that make a thriller, a thriller.

    A movie that can provoke its audience into hating the bad guys and thinking what would you do if you were the one in that situation is always interesting to watch, this one is no exception, you might really hate the bad guys in this one. Only a select few of movies I've watched can do that for me.
  • I usually skip low budget movie but the movie cover of this one is intriguing and I decided to watch it. The costumes, the props, the settings, all look surprisingly good for a low budget movie.

    (I guess I should be more open and lower my criteria for selecting a movie title to watch because my random selection of a movie keeps proving me wrong time and time again xD)

    The movie's starting off reminded me of a medieval RPG game, and that's what kept me interested. I love medieval setting. Also the lead actress Melanie Stone looks beautiful and plays a likable character and full of mysteries. The other casts are also great as well.

    In the end I'd say the movie is good and worth to watch, and I intend to watch all the sequels.
  • Having been watching quite a few versions of the Cinderella fairy tale, I'm glad I watched this one last, 19 years later today in 2017, November 21st.

    At first I thought to myself this is gonna be the same experience, which was always a good watch with every other Cinderella adaptation by the way, but I was wrong. This version is very refreshing, while still true to the core elements of the original story, it is done differently, which is quite surprising and give different enjoyment throughout the duration of the movie.

    Drew Barrymore's performance is very captivating, she portrays Cinderella very beautifully.
  • I thought I was watching a romance type of movie through the first few minutes, and I thought a twist would definitely happen with the other girl, turned out I was completely wrong, it's totally not that kind of movie.

    It's a slice of life movie and quite enjoyable to watch, there is nothing flashy and nothing fancy, everything is just normal everyday life, well not really that normal per se, but everyone walks in different shoes and has their own path.

    There is only one thing that I think is unresolved or 'unconfronted' but come to think of it, even that is just normal in life.
  • This film doesn't have anything flashy in it, it's just normal everyday life, but that normalcy is what makes this film pleasant to watch, it's a slice of life.

    Both the lead actor and actress have a good chemistry between them and the background music near the end is very fitting with the scene and gives an euphoric feeling.
  • This is an awesome heroic movie with a lot of actions from hand to hand combat to gunfight that involve RPG, and bigger firepower with TANKS and missiles.

    At one point of the movie, it got me thinking did the China government lend those tanks or what. I couldn't remember the last time I watched a movie that involves tanks, but the tank fight is so grand and satisfying in this movie.

    It's definitely bigger than the first, and the first one is awesome too, watch them both.

    I'm surprised that the cost for making this movie is much cheaper than I expected.
  • This movie is very exciting and engaging from start to finish, If I were a kid and my mom is that persistent and determined to get me back, I wouldn't mind being kidnapped xD She does everything she can for the right reason.

    It's also quite original , never seen anything like it, or even if I did, it's probably has been a very long time.
  • I love movies with snipers, this one included, and like I said previously, a movie with snipers never gets old.

    This movie even pulled it off with only three people in the cast, with one person only uses his voice.

    One question will linger throughout the movie, how will it end ? It's quite surprising, I'll tell you that much. I bet whatever you guessed later on will most likely be dead wrong.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really ? a 5.3 ? This movie deserves better, a lot better. The story and pace is good and it's never dull throughout, and it has snipers, what's not to like ? A movie that involves snipers never gets old.

    But seriously, using a mole is old, it's been used too many times I don't even count that as a spoiler because this one has it too. Hollywood needs to invent another way for the bad guys to collect bread crumbs.

    The movie is still good nonetheless, just want to mention it because like I said it's been used too many times.
  • Most people are comparing this movie to Fast and Furious series hence the low rating. They're just different even though both are involving expensive cars.

    The plots might have been somewhere and done elsewhere, but this movie is still 10 out of 10 of its own. It's highly entertaining from start to finish.
  • The synopsis is good, the beginning of the movie is good, but after a bit later from the beginning it becomes utter trash, I can accept fantasy and weird, but this is very illogical and doesn't make sense.

    To be honest I can't exactly remember the whole story because I fell asleep a few times when watching it, also I didn't watch the later part until the end and I didn't even bother seeking the part where I slept or the ending.
  • At first I was not expecting much looking at the rating, but watched it anyway because of Cage. It turned out to be good.

    The acting is convincing. It can be quite provoking looking at the bad guys (haven't felt like that in a long time), but it felt good when what's in the title kicked in.

    It needs a bit more depth in the middle but overall it's a great movie.
  • This is a very funny movie, even at the very first few minutes. The jokes are mostly spontaneous and really deliver most of the time. Had a lot of chuckles and lols throughout the whole movie. It also has a good story and a happy ending.

    10 out of 10 from me, very entertaining ! :D
  • When I picked this title and read the synopsis I thought it was a detective movie. It's also backed up by the beginning of the movie with the autopsy. Little did I know, the movie suddenly became a horror movie at its best and doubled the surprise for me because I thought it was another genre and it was that good. Definitely a must watch !

    Olwen Catherine Kelly as Jane Doe did an awesome job as a corpse and I read that yoga helps her role to minimize breathing.

    I hope there will be a sequel in the future.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After watching a couple of bad movies, finally found one that's entertaining enough, but it still has its drawbacks though.

    I hate movies that doesn't end properly or have bitter or broken ending, while this movie's ending isn't particularly bad (at least the protagonist or the good guys win) but it still has its sad part and not satisfying enough.

    Also it reminds me of other movies with broken ending, not that this one is broken but it triggers me to mention it after watching the whole movie.

    I get that life isn't always perfect and movies with ups and downs or a twist mostly win the critics, but I prefer a movie with happy ending.
  • I can understand why people hate the movie and give low rating. It's not a full scale horror movie, it's just a drama that borrows a horror setting.

    The movie shows what humans can do in desperate times and do whatever it takes for protecting their family. It's not a bad movie, it's watchable, just don't expect monsters or zombies out of it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a god awful movie, there is no story in it, the order of the scenes is messed up, and it doesn't make any sense.

    If the ghost is the lead male, then how come he sees his alive self and later he's just poof and gone after getting an unknown paper from a wall.

    ( And one thing I hate about ghost movies in particular is if the ghost can manipulate objects in the physical world very strongly. Sure there is a real incident of a ghost doing that if the ghost has really strong connection to the physical world and powerful will but even with that, the object manipulation is just weak. Like in the old Ghost movie with Demi Moore, IMO that's how a ghost should be portrayed. A ghost that can manipulate objects in the physical world like humans do can be a perfect serial killer. )
  • I give this movie 10 because it deserves it and to help the overall score goes up and also because I usually skip every movie below 7 but since I ran out of movies worth watching so I try this one and it blew me away. It also comes with some twists like every other great titles out there. I hope you guys who agree will do the same because this movie is great and the score should be at least 7 to attract more viewers.

    I am always interested in a time loop movie. I remember watching one with Drew Barrymore in it, also Edge of tomorrow with Tom Cruise, Looper, Predestination.....

    (I am writing those titles with the help of Wikipedia about time loop movies to help me remember the titles, and pick the ones I remember I have watched. Damn turns out there are a lot more, I am going to pick more to watch after this :D)

    I also like the movie because when I thought about the plot and a what if question came to mind then BAM, it happened a few minutes later. So satisfying. :D I really want to write down what it is but it would be a spoiler. So I'll just keep it to myself.

    Go watch it and experience it for yourself.
  • This is an interesting series that has a lot of twists. It is more of a continuous series rather than one case per episode.

    I give this 10 because it's a really good series from start to finish, it also has quite satisfying ending (I really hate series that's canceled and ended with a cliffhanger), and it made me can't stop watching episode after episode, it's like the first time reading a detective novel, so new and fresh and sucks you in.

    Thanks to Netflix and Fox for picking up the series where it's left off and send it off with a closure / proper ending.