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Almost good
There are many aspects of this show that are good. The storyline - man needs money, man decides to get money for sex, man and woman work together in the business.

Here is the problem: 1. The man (Ray) is dense and no matter how long he does it, he continues to not see how to actually do his job properly. The voice overs are just lame, its an attempt to give this guy some depth of thought. The man fails to learn from anything, including expecting anything other than idiot behaviors from Tanya. They drive to get her money, but its not until she and ray get there they decide to argue about what they should do. Even idiots would have sorted out some type of plan while they were driving to the location.

2. Tanya is a character I want to just take her face and squish it so hard it makes her ears fall off. She is jumpy, fumbly, and absurd. Why would anyone even find her even remotely likable? There are characters in shows that are wacky and silly AND likable... this character is nothing other than annoying and pathetic.

3. Actually almost everyone else is interesting and likable (if intended to be likable) and appropriately unlikeable.

It would be nice if they could continue the storyline, they just need to get some better writing and apply just a slight hint of common sense.

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