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  • I'm not a die-hard follower of these guys, but enjoy them both. The other actors were really good, too. Well-done, engaging story line. We'd welcome more!
  • I remember loving this in the 80s, it just immersed me in the environment. Rewatching 2021, I really enjoyed it again! Interesting that Joel Coen was part of it. I think the acting is good, the leads and the support. The story is interesting...I love a good ghost-type story. I don't love JJ Leigh, but liked her in this. You can rent it on Amazon - dig it out when you're in the mood!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yes, this review contains spoilers! I hope the priggish authority had some blowback after his performance on this re-review of authenticity. However, watching how they all go about putting together the provenance (its travels from then to now) is as enjoyable as ever. Big crush on Bendor. :)
  • I really enjoy this show. This episode is 'that much more so.' :) I am dying to know what's come about since! The dramatic little teaser doesn't have it quite right... he pursues some aggressive work on a painting he thinks looks a bit off kilter, to see if there's something else underneath. This is a big adventure if you're a painting geek so don't miss it!
  • I overlooked this for a while. I'm glad I watched it (twice), glad they made it, and I think everyone did great! Comedy is very subjective, as another reviewer pointed out. I'm a bit old to get the entire rich girl influencer bit :) but I still liked it. I'm a woman over 50, and most women I know would appreciate it. If that's you, try it out! Unlike another reviewer, I don't see this reaching older teens or even anyone under, say, 30 for that matter. It was a really clever setup. If ever a reaction didn't align with what was just said, I thought that was funny too. They had their choice of what to put there... it's comedy, people. Good laughs, may even watch it again! On another note, I lean a little liberal of center and yes I can see how conservatives would feel like so much media is 'against them.' (Reacting to some of the reviews here.). I think we should all watch out for that. The only thing that would've made this special extra special, is if it had had a slightly wider encompassing of opinions. I value opportunities to hear things like the band aid story. I may be one of the unwelcome texts that Ziwe said she got! We're trying to be in this together. Thanks for making this show!
  • Loved this documentary, helped me learn without crushing my heart. Although there are of course pieces of information that should hurt. I learned about a few people I hadn't heard of, or what they'd done. Lyndon Johnson did more than I realized! Highly recommended. Thanks, Prime, for putting it out there.
  • I looked through the reviews, and two people who really liked it gave a 2 and a 1.. so I want to help bump up the average a bit. Such a shame when people aren't careful with the ratings they click!

    I want more movies with Indian nation actors and themes. This was good for me, regardless of whether it was super authentic or what have you. The acting wasn't so great... the oldest actors did best. The story was good.. I wouldn't say the story presentation (the directing, the producing?) was all that good. But I was entertained and could watch it again.

    I just want to vote for more themes like this. Not sure now I'm just coming across a film made in 2001!
  • I've changed my old rating of 9 down to 7. I was aghast at season 3 and didn't finish. If you haven't seen the show yet, I recommend and hope you enjoy - season 1 especially, season 2 mostly. The Witch of Wickhadden is my favorite episode. Lovely additional cast members, neat setting.

    I'm sorry for the folks who read the books first and were disappointed in the show! This series got me reading the books, which has been great. (Even those start going downhill. No disrespect and RIP, Ms Beaton.) I have no trouble reconciling 'book Agatha' and 'TV Agatha.'

    The early formula was excellent, and I dearly wish the story/production team will try to recapture it. Shorter like they were, more of them, and less pratfalls and such. And yes, Katy Wix was a big part of that formula for me, too, I saw other reviews saying so! A real charmer, and her character plays off Agatha's so well.

    For now, I will just rewatch the early episodes like I've done numerous times. It's a charming place to be.
  • I agree with, or now see, many of the criticisms listed in other reviews here. I watched the first 20 minutes twice because I thought I'd misssd something. It was stylish to look at, I liked the work of all the actors, and it was a creepy story! Satisfied. :)
  • I hope many people will watch this documentary! I haven't rated many documentaries, but it's easy to give this one a high number because I wouldn't be able to name any faults with it. Perhaps it paints a sunnier picture that may be the case in some aspects, but to me the payoff in inspiration and a warm feeling is well worth it. As the other review states, we learned that he is a long-time supporter of organic farming, holistic land management, increasing forest footprint, and preplanned sustainable communities. What I think really shines here - as deeply important as all of those things are to me - is the efforts to support lifestyle and community for people. Highly recommended.
  • Yes, I noticed it gave me similar feelings to watching Detectorists. I've really come to like it and sincerely hope there'll be more! Nice actors and acting, fun to look at, story lines hold my interest. Good stuff. :) 8.5
  • I've gotten a lot of great giggles out of this, and it's fun to rewatch. Recommended.
  • This movie is reasonably intelligent, has decent acting, and is engaging enough. I think the lead made some emotional missteps, more to do with the script or direction than the actress. She's supposed to be eminently likable, but when she delivers a flippant line while stepping over her friend's body, I almost turned it off.

    This is for teens and older, which suits me great (in my 50s). I don't like high grit in my entertainment, and mostly watch mysteries. It's good to keep the age orientation in mind, because it has some silly parts. I sensed the hands of people who did Mr and Mrs Murder, and was right! (Do look up that show, it's wonderful.)

    Not a bad way to go if you don't have anything else more pressing on hand!
  • I didn't expect so many harsh reviews. At least the number average is pretty good. I like the actors, liked the acting, appreciated the subtle building up of distrust all around. Yes these grown kids were a little damaged and askew in their own lives - it's 18 months since their dad passed. The boyfriend was pushing pretty hard and the mom was moving pretty fast. I was able to get on board with the story, and really enjoyed it. Not a perfectly satisfying ending, but many of them aren't. Not a huge investment of your time, and has lots of good points. I recommend it!
  • Wow, am I the first non-critic to write a review? Prime offered this up to me while I was browsing, and it didn't change my life but I'm really glad I watched it. Such an interesting man, interesting story, good interviews with people who knew him. There's a lot of great footage... but I think my favorites were Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas! Total anchors of our time growing up. I really recommend this documentary if you loved Grease, or want some more history of Hollywood's past.
  • Like other reviewers here, I'm really hoping they keep making this show. It's right in the pocket for what I like.. the length, the setting, the balance between this being their work and us not having to suffer their home lives and demons and whatnot. Sure I'd like to see McDonald turned down a bit; it's early days, they'd level her out some. I don't like how she treats him sometimes, but I also believe and like the character. For those of us who enjoy the 'cozy mystery' type of vibe, I think the show is pretty terrific.
  • The average rating here isn't high, I'm surprised (but few people have rated it). I caught this on Acorn TV. Tough topic, but I thought it was a really well done movie! Good actors all around. Kept me engaged from start to finish.
  • I should probably say nothing, but I don't recommend this. I've read a lot of Agatha Christie, and have watched and like such a wide range of productions. Something with this is a real turnoff. It may be the production or direction, like other people mentioned, but for me it's the acting! Cold, rushed, cheesy. Gave up after 25 minutes.
  • This show didn't bother me like it seemed to bother others. :) It wasn't brutal (I can't watch brutal), it was interesting, and I thought the acting was fine across the board. I didn't love the lead character, but she was sympathetic. The kids were both good, and the boy was not rebellious, he was sweet, not sure why someone said that. There were a few jumps in the plot but I'd go back 10 seconds (great button on the Acorn app!) and get enough info. I watch a lot of UK cop/detective shows and this fit well within what I like.
  • I've watched many films by ZCZ. I find his 'journalism' to be learned and balanced, and I love how he penetrates into all that we can appreciate and value about the art created in eras before ours. (He documents current art, too, but that's not where my mind is at.). I recommend for anyone to give it a go and see the treasures that he uncovers and elucidates. He's smart, jovial, and a pleasure to watch.
  • I agree with a few other reviewers about the especially-twisting last segment. Stressful, laid it on a bit thick, but that did not diminish my enjoyment of the show. My strongest reaction to that was, we humans sure can miss a lesson (I think I can write this without being a spoiler): the new mix of tenants toward the end actually does what the first mix was so bummed about - not looking out for their neighbors.

    I liked the acting, the characterization, the story. I happen to be reading about observation skills the last few weeks... working on perception bias (is what you first thought really a clear read on the situation), and this show ended up being a great lesson on that! Almost every scenario is at least a bit different than you would think on the outside. So, bravo on that.

    I recommend a viewing for those who like the twisty mystery without excessive violence or ugliness!
  • Can you guess who plays the Queen without looking it up? I'd seen it twice, then was so impressed when I looked. She's a treasure. Such jolly and delightful gags throughout. I mean to watch it again at Christmas. Just love this show.
  • I agree with the other 8-or-higher ratings, I'm through season 2 and enjoying it very much! I think a ton of work has gone into the writing, the character work, and of course the costumes and decor. I only have normal passing acquaintance with S's works but still get a lot of giggles out of the gags. If only I knew more I'd laugh more. But I'm really satisfied, and really REALLY wish they'd make more! Thanks for this show. :)
  • As other reviewers said, this movie is not going to win any awards but it is CUTE, warm, well acted, fun theme in the cookie shop, and wraps up really well. Without a cloying romance driving the whole thing. So glad I watched it, and plan to watch it again this year or next!
  • Tripped across this, and I'm so glad I watched it. Quiet, uncomplicated, just a nice way to spend some time.
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