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Grandma's Boy

Funny as hell!
It may not be Amelie, or Terminal, but still a totally hilarious movie! Although many critics dismiss this as a "run of the mill" comedy, it's still a pretty good watch.

The movie is like a stoner flick, crossed with Little Nicky. The storyline, in a nutshell, is basically an over-exaggerated snippet of a game tester's life. It has a template of a generic Adam Sandler type comedy, and most of the plot points can be guessed by a monkey, but the whole movie isn't based on it. In fact, the storyline isn't really even that good. But, what IS good, are the jokes and characters that are in the movie.

Nearly all the characters are pretty funny and the script is hilariously written. You'll stumble upon cliché moments, but soon after they'll turn it around with over-the-top hilarity. Although, each character is based on a stereotype or cliché, they all have their own quirks, making them feel original and fun.

A note to watchers, don't take the movie at all seriously! In fact, just take whatever's coming and try to run with it. Watch with a group of buddies if you're a dude, and if you've got a girlfriend, it's a pretty good way to lighten the mood. Either way, a must see for people who like such titles as Waterboy or Office Space.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Absolutely the worst most disappointing movie ever. I may be sticking my neck out on this one, but it was bad.

I am an avid X-Men fan, and I have watched its television series since I was young. Seeing the poster with new characters and mutants in the X3 movie made me jump for joy. But my jumping was shortly let down by the lack of depth in the characters, which is what Marvel comics were famous for. All the new mutants were there just for show, and you never really feel for them.

The plot was very boring, in my opinion, and many of the scenes were made just to show off the new 3D effects.

The dialogue was terrible. It looked like it was written by a sarcastic teenager, as it sounded like sarcastic comments and half baked jokes being thrown back and forth.

The only plus side of the movie was their use of 3D effects. Very realistic and high end.

But all in all, a disappointment for all avid X-Men fans, like me. But if you aren't one, you would enjoy it.

Criminal Minds

Diving into minds of lunatics and psychopaths has never been more entertaining!
Truly a great series worthy of praise. Many may say that this is a 'rip-off' of CSI but I've watched CSI and it caught me on for a bit, but after a while it just seemed to closed. Where CSI guides you through the story and gives a picture perfect ending and how you're supposed to perceive it, Criminal Minds lets you explore and judge for yourself. It doesn't preach too much and the stories are engaging and suspenseful! Excellent writing and great performances from the stars. It may begin cliché, but if you stay long enough it is a rewarding and entertaining view, and I don't feel it's going to let down any time soon. Give it a chance, or just watch episode 7 'The Fox'. It shows the best writing and acting in the show so far, in my opinion. Diving into minds of lunatics and psychopaths has never been more entertaining! Fantastic!

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