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The Movie Orgy

Black & White clips of nostalgic 50's & 60's TV
I saw the "SCHLITZ MOVIE ORGY" at the University of Wisconsin when I was a TV & Film major around 1977. It was projected outdoors and the students brought blankets to spread on the lawn. The film consisted of commercials and cult TV series and B movies. The editing was done as to unite unrelated shots to create humor. Sound was also done this way as well. I found most of the humor in the dialog spoken by the actors. A typical line of dialog would be like: "Yes Billy...You too can get the froppy top through a Barters department store".Billy: Wow We Captain Jimmy" The dated perfect - press clothes and the simplistic set design added to the corny-ness.

The film was a bit too long once the corny-ness eventually wore off on the audience. ...but the outdoor presentation on a warm and humid summer night made it truly an experience I'll never ever forget !

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