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The Music Never Stopped

This is a fantastic movie.
I like everything about this film. J. K. Simmons is great, the soundtrack is wonderful, and just about everything else I enjoy. I know that music has correlations with memories because when I hear certain songs i project myself to the exact time and place I fell in love with the song. This movie has a lot of songs I've listened to for my whole life and I'm recalling memories from the 80s I long forgot. If a movie can drag out 35 year old memories it has my vote.

Kitchen Nightmares: Amy's Baking Company
Episode 16, Season 6

These two are special.
I've seen a lot of trash in restaurants but boy do these two get the blue ribbon. This is so outlandish it has to be doctored. It is unreal that this could even be a real thing. It goes to show that money can actually buy love. These two are beyond pathetic and if hell exists there's a special place for these two worthless miserable black souls.

Yellowstone: All I See Is You
Episode 3, Season 4

I am not surprised
I was entertained the entire episode. As I was enjoying the lack of Monica BAMMM there she is and I cringed a bit. Fantastic show!!! Strong finish on this episode.

Yellowstone: Half the Money
Episode 1, Season 4

Holy Smokes!!!
This was a great episode all-around. For all you smart phone film critics that trash Beth. This is a little heads up. She is a character in a fictional show playing a role. She is not your neighbor or coworker. She is basically the backbone of this show. This is the character the actress is playing. She is meant to be loathed and boy oh boy does the actress nail the role. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the season because Beth is probably gonna be there the whole time.

Dune: Part One

Long, boring, worthless
Ugh. Another stinker. I passed out for a while and when i woke up didn't notice I missed anything. No watching the rest or part 2. Gonna save my time for something worth watching. Maybe the view, Dr. Phil, or something just as awful as daytime tv.

Halloween Kills

All of these movies!
Are always garbage. Stupid people, horrible decisions, basically complete nonsense. I grew up watching these and not once have I been impressed. KILL this garbage once and for all. I made it in about 20 minutes before turning it off. If you are not an absolute die hard fan of these films pass this one over.

The Many Saints of Newark

This is garbage.
I didn't like the sopranos and I really dont like this. It's boring,slow, and stupid. I hate every character. I only watched because there was nothing else to watch.

The Walking Dead: Rendition
Episode 4, Season 11

Pope=wanna be Charlie manson
Good episode but damn this dude needs to stfu. Its nice to see Darrel planning his demise. Too bad its going to take forever to get to the point. Ugh.

It Chapter Two

Clowns clowns clowns...everywhere
Reading these reviews reminds me that everybody with a smartphone is a movie critic. Whicked smaht people here. This movie is exactly what it should...good. It has humor and some scares along with the human connection. I get the whole nostalgic thing but stop slaughtering this film with bad reviews because of it.

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

Everything I'd expect from a low rent festival that limps biscuit headlined.
Everyone of those bands were mainstream s$%!heads. Most people who listen to mainstream music are also typically garbage...and white. It was a whole festival thrown for white trash lowlifes. I've been to just about 40 festivals starting in 03/04 and had started going to the warp tour in 99. I never had one of those issues. Its because the bands at all the shows I was going to weren't constructed to cater to trashy mutants.


From DVD players to submarines and space cars
The first one was good because it was simple. Simple like the original point break. Basically anything after it was absurd. This was exceptionally bad and insanely outlandish. I mean all of these films are dumb, but this wins by a mile.


I'm in 10 minutes!
This is garbage! Come on Netflix! Over dramatized nonsense. Feels like a new unsolved mysteries episode without any of the quality. Pass this hunk of junk by.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

This movie is great.
Disregard all the smart phone wanna be film critics. This movie is pretty darn funny and well written. Lots of funny moments if you can read between the lines just a we bit.

Sweet Tooth: Big Man
Episode 8, Season 1

This is garbage!
I HATED THIS SHOW!! I fast forwarded through the entire episode to watch the last 1 minute, so I could say I got through it. Please, for the love of God do not bring this pile of crap back for a 2nd season!

Sweet Tooth

Another stinker!
I feel asleep through a lot of the episodes yet somehow missed nothing. I agree with a lot of the other reviews about it being hipster millianal woke garbage. Me personally tho, I am fed up with the Hollywood trope that teenagers are these unstoppable forces. This show is junk don't watch.


I made it through 14 episodes and threw in the towel. Its a typical network POS. Poor writing and no direction. The acting is rough and grace is a complete waste of skin. Started out good but has become unbearable. I actually fast forwarded through the last 3 episodes and fell asleep for a cpl episodes and feel like I missed nothing. Do yourself a favor and pass this trainwreck by without looking back.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

It's really bad!
I kinda knew going in that it was going to be garbage. Basically anything with AJ in it is trash. Save your time and watch something else.

White Men Can't Jump

This is absoult garbage!
The whole movie is !#$% talking garbage. The characters are trash, and the plot is terrible. I had to turn it off.

Shameless: Father Frank, Full of Grace
Episode 12, Season 11

Good riddance!!
I'm glad this train wreck is over. The last 6 seasons have been garbage, so i had expected nothing from this. I'm glad its over. Good riddance to a poorly written piece of trash. It was truly shameless.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Like every godzilla movie ever...gabage!
I'm 4 minutes in and this is just absolute trash. Sitting through this whole thing is gonna be rough.


I actually love this movie
I love all these wicked smaht people with smartphones thinking they're movie critics and bashing films. This film is very entertaining. It's scientifically inaccurate of course, but who cares. It's nonstop action. Ive seen it probably a dozen times and it never gets old. If you think your a movie critic becaue you have an app to share your unwanted opinion keep it to yourself because nobody cares.

Z Nation: The Black Rainbow
Episode 13, Season 4

I really just hate warren
Would someone cut her head off all ready? How are these people still following her? Why does she always have the brillient ideas? Why does she always figure out the puzzle? Why is she ALWAYS the savior of everyone? Seriously wtf if the agenda here? She a mechanic from the national guard and the whole time she acts like a trained navy seal. Get off the females are to bad ass for men to even compete with kick.

Z Nation

I like the show butttttt
I cant stand Warren. Like all zombie shows this one keeps the main character around for way to long. Shoulda killed her off 2 seasons ago. Other than her the shows entertaining. Its not to be taken seriously and once you realize that its pretty great.

Cyberpunk 2077

Save your money
This game is over hyped to an insane degree. The game is boring, the graphics are fuzzy, it feels like a ripped of version of GTA 4 but way worse. The characters suck, the missions are lame and the fact you pump dbl barrel shot gun blasts point blank to the face and the enemy still lives is beyond moronic. This POS is over complicated for no reason and the fact it glitches and bugs out is absoultly pathetic. I am pissed I spent any amount of money on this trash.

Near Dark

Lost me at 3 minutes.
I couldn't torture myself with this. It was trash out of the gate.

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