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Light of My Life

Liked it
This I enjoyed but it wasn't anything special. The relationship between the kid and the dad carried this movie, it was very intense at times and the final fight was very slow and heavy which felt realistic. But it didn't really take any risks or make me feel anything. It could have been a lot better if they didn't play it safe.

Swamp Thing

Killed the wrong character
The first episode of this was really good. The acting and chemistry of the two main characters carried this episode. They were both in a place of hurt and that allowed them to bounce off and connect to each other in a way that wouldn't otherwise be possible. I was disappointed they killed him off at the end of the episode but they had to, to stay true to the comics. However because of this decision it felt the show had lost something vital every episode after this and I didn't really enjoy it because of that. Killing him off wasn't a good idea, the show was a lot worse off.


This was a rollercosdter from start to finish. It was one of those which you could not stop watching. It was interesting seeing the poor family manipulate the rich one and each get their employees fired so they can get hired instead. It kind of went in a completely different direction in the midpoint when they went into the cellar but even then it was good but I didn't really like the ending. The daughter dying felt a little random in a bad way and I think they should have changed the whole final act.


Honestly, this show felt like it had potential in the first episode, but it went into some weird strange direction focused more on pushing new visual ideas and leaving the story and plot on the backburner. The best episode of the show was when Davids sister died and he went to dozens of different realities looking for one where they were both normal and doing well and no matter how much he looked it always ended badly. It was really bittersweet and the highlight of an otherwise waste of time show. Things started moving a little faster in s3 but not by much. Xavier was an interesting addition but it didn't save the show. I Ieft feeling dissatisfied

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Excellently brilliant
I really loved this show. I consider it one of my favourites, it was a joy to watch. The sarcasm, the puns and play on words, the narrator and the crazy, quirky characters all meshed together to create a very diatinct show. It also didn't feel as repetitive as the books, my favourite was season 2 as the characters gained a lot of agency when they ran away from home. It was a more interesting dynamic as they didn't have any guardians so had to take care of themselves. I don't think any show will come close to filling the hole this one left.

Pushing Daisies

I liked the whole style of this show, the way the characters spoke and the narrators. Also it was the closest thing I could find after A Series of Unfortunate Events ended. The characters weren't all sunshine and rainbows, but the happy tone of the show helped hide how despicable the things the characters doing actually were. Like they were literally bringing people to live to just kill them seconds later for money.

Still it was a really good show, I really enjoyed it and wanted more. It shouldn't have ended.

Child's Play

Better Then Expected
This remake was a lot better then I expected. It went into a whole different direction then the original. It delved into how Chucky become Chucky and the modernisation of the doll was really well done. The characters were realistic, it was a solid movie

Toy Story 4

A Fitting Sendoff
I really enjoyed this one. I think it may be my favourite out of the four. It was a lot more smaller scale and personal. The stakes were a lot lower, the villain had solid motivations and wasn't purely evil and even reasonable at times. This film seemed like it would conclude woodys story but I didn't think they would actually have the guts to follow through with it, yet they did and the film was all the better for it. Some of it did feel a bit contrived like woody being left in the closet although that could be considered realistic as kids do forget or choose not to play with certain toys. I liked how they fleshed out bo peep, I ended up liking her more then I thought I would. But mostly I liked the whole idea of sporky. It was an interesting concept to introduce to Toy Story although its a shame the movie didn't delve deeper into the whys.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

A outstanding sequel
Star Wars is the most over rated series I have ever heard off. I only watched them last year in 2015. I started with the original trilogy, and I was disappointed. It was boring, in terms of story and characters, specifically meaning Luke Skywalker. He is a bland, predictable character, with no depth. I then watched the Prequel trilogy, and was blown away. Hayden Christian did an excellent job of playing Anakin and he was absolutely brilliant. He played with real emotion, and passion and he is the reason I love star wars so much.

Anyway, I then decided to watch the force awakens, and I came in expecting something like the original trilogy. It was very similar to the original trilogy, except it was faster paced, and had two new but great protagonist, and Luke sky walker was barely in it which made room for these two protagonists. It was a nice twist when Harrison ford died, however I think that they could have done it better, for example they could have shown in flashbacks why his son had turned evil, and laid the blame on Ford, on Kylo Ren becoming a bad guy to make his death seem more powerful. (On a lighter note, someone forgot to tell Kylo Ren that Darth Vader went back to the light side at the end of it) Kylo Ren seemed like a two dimensional character, he seemed like a kid having an overblown tantrum, I think in the future movies he needs more development to show why he is like this, although I feel they are treading similar steps as they did with Annakin.

To conclude this was an excellent sequel surpassed all my expectations and is the second best star wars film in my opinion (Star wars iii Prequel trilogy being the first). I enjoyed ray, and the stormtroopers dynamic and it was amusing to watch. I thought that they could have come up with a better reason for R2D2 being in low sleep mode, because if he was so unhappy with Luke leaving he could have shown Carrie fisher the map and tried looking for him. It was a great film and I loved the cameo from Obi One, this was an exceptionally good moment. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone and although its not my favorite film of all time, it is an good one and well worth the watch.

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