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L'auberge du chien noir

Good show
This show is about a B&B that was inherited by 3 brothers and a dog. It also involves all sort of crazy family situations. This show is a good show to watch when you feel a little down and need a laugh. It's not the greatest show on TV, but still a proud member of the Quebec culture. To all the English speakers out there, if you want to practice your french, this would be a good occasion to learn more with this show. I hope that people will discover this show and be able to comment on it. I'm very curious to see other people's reactions. So to all of you, have a good day.


Worst show ever
Joey isn't the best comedy on TV. I am surprise that NBC gave it a go for a second season. I hope that the creators will improve this show or that it will be canceled soon. I think they are only keeping this show on the air because it is the Friends's legacy. Well I think that before having a legacy like that, I would rather have none. I'm not a big fan of Matt Leblanc, he wasn't my favorite on Friends. I think that a spin off would have been better with Lisa Kudrow or any other one of the gang. So to all of you out there, don't waste your time on that TV series. There is good quality TV shows out there and I suggest you to explore them.

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