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  • A lot of the reviewers seem to be under the impression that Netflix was going to show them something else. If you read the description of the show it very clearly states "Get to know the opulent lifestyles and famous families of Mexico City's socialites and the expats vying for a spot in their exclusive social order." This show isn't about everyday Mexicans and how they live their lives, this is a reality show about a few rich and famous individuals in Mexico and how they live their lives.

    If you're going into this show expecting a documentary about some of the struggles facing everyday Mexicans, you are in the wrong place. Would you watch the Bachelor to see how relationships are and work, or the Kardashians as a view of everyday Americans lives?

    The show is interesting and lively, and the people chosen to star in the show are each unique and fascinating in their own ways.
  • These first two episodes were so honest. They were literally a break from the constant bull and lies people say on a daily basis. If you can't handle some dark truths, and serious comedy go back to la la land.