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Punchy punchy, shootie shootie
If you like your action thrillers to mainly be lots of fights and plenty of people getting shot and stabbed at every opportunity, you'll like this. If you want a decent script and acting, then look elsewhere. Very nicely filmed with good locations. But the plot's pretty obvious and the dialogue is as clunky as it comes. Which means the fights or stabbings every 10 minutes really start to drag. It needed a rewrite (several times over). I have up after a few episodes as it was just too obvious and a bit boring.

The Pale Horse

Stylish, but hollow storytelling
Looks great - long, lingering shots, strong acting, lovely sets. But all at the expense of telling a story. You're left guessing what's going on from the endless nothings. And when most of the plot is thinly based around tired old clichés of occult and dreams, it all gets a bit boring. A disappointing rewritten Christie novel, for no real gain.

Cleaning Up

Plodding drama by numbers
A woefully predictable drama, with leaden dialogue and cardboard cutout characters and scenarios. The lead character has little sympathy, and every scene looks like it has been generated by a writing-by-numbers book. If you've read any synopsis of the basic plot you don't need to watch it - nothing unexpected happens, and there isn't any spark in the characters. Two episodes was enough to trudge through.

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