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The Will

Why oh why
Please give me my 1h46m back please.

The rating was higher when I watched this, it was shocking. The acting was eh, the story line was a blur and so bizarre. Why people find the character amazing was never clear, but everyone wants her? What ever you decide to do, you've been warned. I was asked do we have to continue many times by the other half to which we both said.. well we've come this far.

Anyone reviewing this above a 4 I would never trust.

The Jungle Book

A pass, barely
The Jungle Book was something I could not wait to see. The trailer was great, the movie is not exactly a bad movie, it passes, it just didn't seem to have the same aura as it's name provides.

The cast did a great job with the voice over & the animation was quite good. The story was well different and pretty average. I was actually surprised as a kids film it seemed more M rated then any other Disney film so if you have children some scenes are quite scary. As I say not a bad movie but not a great movie either.

I'm looking forward to Zootopia, hoping Disney came out of the blocks and gave us something better with that.

Won't be revisiting this one unless the kids pull it out in future.

The Imitation Game

Simply stunning
Let this be the first thing, I have not read the book as yet so I can't compare that to the film.

The actors in this play their respective parts to perfection. Nothing is over acted in this fantastic story and trip through the eyes of Alan Turin. His autistic behaviour and his charm and awkwardness are played so well by Benedict Cumberbatch. He knows when to be quiet in his role but yet his actions, his presence are what really shine through.

I found myself absolutely falling in love with this film.

Keira Knightly finally played a role she was perfect for, she wasn't over the top which I usually find her to be.

The story which I will not give away to much for some who do not know was of a heartbreaking kind on so many levels but I have to say this film will go down as a top 5 film of all time.

The modern Era has Shawshank Redemption and I say this is on Par.

Enjoy this movie for it's classic settings which are done to perfection, great acting by all and a fascinating insight into one of history's most defining times during the war.

9.5 out of 10


Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Words can't quite describe
I was very optimistic when I saw this film getting such great reviews before the Oscars.

When I decided to watch this film I was excited and thinking of something very different. That is what I got, a different film.

Is it worthy of Oscars? Compared to greats not a chance, this was a waste of time leaving me waiting for the next thing. The actors were great they performed well but the story.. Maybe if I was on what ever the directors and writers were on would have been complete!

Well what more can be said.

Enjoy the film, you'll want your two hours back!

I'd probably enjoy the drive to the beach then watch this again!

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