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Doctor Who

Start watching on season 1, 3 or 11
I have not seen the old doctor who series (doctor 1-8), but watched the whole of doctor who season 1-11 (doctor 9-13). Doctor Who is basically what it would be like if Sherlock Holmes was a time traveling alien who can resurrect himself.

This series is not for everyone because it gradually changes its "style" from being action into more fun detective work and back again. The first and second seasons is forgettable but enjoyable for people unfamiliar with the series, season 3-4 and some of season 8 is my personal favorites because it refers to historical story's, myths and beliefs in a really nice way.

If I was just starting to watch this series I would eater start from season 1, 3 or 11. Season 11 is friendly for new watchers of the show, it explains some concepts again for people jumping into the show while still being fun and new for long time watchers.

Mortal Engines

Greate visuals
For me I got the same feeling as when I watched Mad Max, Matrix and Hunger games, Mostly in terms of visuals but also the post apocalyptic theme. In terms of quality it lines up with Maze Runner, you don't quite get to know every character and there are some plot holes.


So bad, it's good
Through the movie i was thinking how bad and predictable this movie is, but at the end I don't regret painfully watching it.

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