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Eyes glued to the screen for what I see, but the story could not keep my mind from wondering
Finally watched it!

Visually, it's cinematic greatness. No doubt that Christopher Nolan knows how to use a camera. I love that about him. His ability to fill a screen and make a movie perfectly loud does give me the feeling that I missed something not seeing this one in the theaters.

Dunkirk gave me the same feeling, but I did not like Dunkirk that much. A lot like this movie Nolan seems to be getting far too into himself. Going down that same road of believing in the hype like M. Night Shyamalan did with Lady in the Water (cause I actually like Signs), but at least he's no Michael Bay, right? I actually like Bay for the same reason I like Nolan, they both know how to move the camera in the way that makes the movie.

Also, like Bay, Nolan's stories are lame. Well, let me be fair, Bay's stories are lame Nolan's stories are confusing. It's strange how a man who can paint a great motion picture would tell a verbal story that we need to concentrate on so hard. I have no idea what this movie is about. Memento I got, Interstellar I got, inspection I got. Time travel is too much of a puzzle. I probably will have to watch it a few times to get what's happening, but realistically nothing about what they are doing captured me the first time to do another two and half hours just to get it. It did not feel like two and a half hours the one go around, in fact it was a breeze but I can't say the same for the next sitting (oddly enough, the end credits did not even seem like they were ten mins long)

What I did connect with was the relationship with all the actors. John David Washington with Robert Patterson (the new Batman with the Dark Knight's old director). John David Washington with Elizabeth Debicki or maybe I was just into John David Washington. No surprise to anyone that he's got leading man chops. Also loved Kenneth Branagh in it.

A lot of cool action scenes with a time travel theme all over them and layered with an awesome film score, but I'm not going to pretend that the story made any sort of scenes in order to sound smart and artistic. A good story and a smart story should be able to be told by anyone and everyone get it, but i lost interest in it earl. Sorry Nolan liked the movie a lot, didn't love it.

We Can Be Heroes

Very cute and very corny but I did have fun watching this made for kids superhero movie
Was a little unsure if I wanted to watch this. Robert Rodriguez as a director has more hits than misses but in my opinion his attempts to make children's movies are not the best, and putting Shark Boy and Lava Girl in this universe is not helping.

What is helping is that Pedro Pascal is a part of the cast. Right now he's 1 for 1 when it comes to 2020s greatest dads (As Baby Yoda's father a hit but as a dad in Wonder Woman 1984 a miss) but I'm putting the odds in Pascal's favor.

Like Zoom and Sky High We Can Be Heroes is about the children of superheroes all put in one place. It's not a school like the other movies but a Bunker that they put these kids when their parents are facing a bad guy that might used the kids as leverage, and like the other films, you have that one kid who does not live up to the expectations of their Super human parent (and fully lives up to the cliché of the character).

It's very cute. The superhero genre is a genre that favors children yet We Can Be Heroes is actually made for children. Not just because it stars children and centers around their story, but even the adult Superheroes have really cute powers.

What I really loved about We Can Be Heroes is that the kids all look like they were having fun and that was contiguous, cause I had fun watching them have fun.

Very formulated like a Disney flick and like a Disney flick it knows how to attack the heart.



Not bad at all
Not bad. Steven Lang, who I'm totally into, leads an all old cast playing Vietnam vets who need to stop a gang of punks coked out of their minds who want something from a young girl who runs into the bar their drinking at.

The cast includes Corba Kai's Marian Kove and the legendary Fred Williams. These two have made careers of their senior years playing Vietnam vets. William Saddler is also in the film as well as the guy who plays Norm on Cheers and the guy who says "Warriors come out to play-yee" In the Warriors. It's a stellar cast of known people who I love, going after a group of punks who are easy to forget.

The movie could have used a better director or screenplay cause I feel more could have been done with the conversations these Manly men of the big screen were having, but the film does fall back on the violence pretty good. It has that going for it.

Definitely watchable!

Wonder Woman 1984

Nice Christmas gift! put a smile on my face!!
Like the first one I'm a bit indifferent about what I'm seeing but this movie does not have the stigma of the fact that I've been waiting so very long for a Wonder Woman movie. I already got that.

I do love the fact that this movie is movie is stepping further away from the darkness that began the DC Extended Universe. I loved Man of Steel but I felt it was being too much like the Dark Knight which is not the persona of all the DC superheroes.

What is a concept of all the DC superheroes is that they are big and epic. Wonder Woman without a doubt is saving the world in this one, that's the purpose: giving it all to save the world and I felt that from this movie, something that I do not feel in other movies like this, necessary.

Like a good sequel everything is a little better. Both Patty Jinkins and Gal Godat seem more comfortable making this flick. The actions scenes are better I like how Wonder Woman fights in this one. Way better than the last one. At the same time its far more sappier than the last film. Wonder Woman's moral campus and purpose as a hero is never overshadowed by superficial bells and whistles. Not sure how I really feel about that cause I love how Captain America's moral code can be found at the end of his right hook. Not to through shade on how in WW84 Diana takes a defensive strategy, never using her powers in violence no matter how violent the enemy is and only uses her power to stop the enemy with not intensions of destroying. How very Bruce Lee in the philosophy if not the movement.

Kristin Wiig as Cheetah was perfect. I first felt like they were trying to mimic something that the old Batman movies did with the bad guys. Her origin resonated with that of Catwoman in Batman Returns with the fun and playful persona of Jamie Foxx's Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Plus, I feel like I've been waiting all my life to watch Wonder Woman go up ageist Cheetah in a movie and WW84 brings it!

Like Batman Returns and Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wonder Woman 1984 boost more than one baddie and after finishing the second season of the Mandalorian I could not wait to see its star Pedro Pascal in anything. Maybe it's my lack of knowledge on Wonder Woman, but I do feel they got to be careful not to run out of Rogues for her to face (She's no Flash who like Batman has an endless supply). Pascal's Max Lord felt like Thanos in human skin and it works well.

I will say I did not think the movie was 80s enough for a movie with 1984 in its title. Though those moments with Steve Trevor as a man out of time are funny I'm very surprise how subtle they kept the whole thing, or rather when it comes to paying homage or using it for humor. I think they had the political atmosphere of 1984 covered.

If you liked Wonder Woman than WW84 is something to check out. It's...Wonderful!!

Thanks HBO Max!!

Jiu Jitsu

A series of awesome action sequences worth watching!
It was one thing to find out that Nicolas Cage was in a movie called Jiu Jitsu, that was enough for me to buy the movie on Amazon Prime. It sounds just bonkers enough to be up my alley. Then I discover that Tony Jaa's also in this movie. I could not wait!!

Unfortunately Cage and Jaa are supporting actors in a movie designed to show what a guy named Alain Moussi can do. I don't know if he's doing Jiujitsu on camera but he does have a pretty awesome flip kick. He's no Scott Adkins but we possibly caught this guy at he beginning of his b-marshal arts action movie career, but what what a way to start.

Ii is kind of string (and a little racist) that Jaa is not just staring in the movie. They asked Jaa to toned down his cinematic greatest to a 10 rather than the usual 11 so that they could add a bunch of cool camera angles, special effects and slow-motion to Americanize it. Yet still watching Tony Jaa fight is amazing.

Not much of a story but more like a series of really great action sequences that feel greatly influenced by video games more than marshal arts movies of the past (the filmmaker also seems to enjoy comics as I gathered from the all the comic book art being used to transition form scene to scene). The story has something to do with a group of warriors who must defend the planet from alien invaders but one of the warriors (played by Moussi) forgets who he is endangering the mission. The fact that this invasion happens every six years kind of reminds me of Mortal Kombat, but the game these filmmakers are trying to make seems to be a 1st person open world thing.

There are other cool people in the cast. Frank Grillo who played Crossbones in Captain America the winter soldier. I just binged watched his show Kingdom which is good. Rick Yune, who is yet another victim of Hollywood's tendency to favor White Boys with marshal arts skills. Check out his film the 5h Commandment for proof of that. The film also stars Marrese Crump, a more handsome version of Billy Banks (the Tae Bo guy) who has faced Tony Jaa in a film with Jaa at 11 (The Protector 2). Watch that movie and tell me Hollywood has not slept on this dude's skills.

Despite its lame story the movie is perfect. it just keeps going with so much kinetic energy that it does not stop long enough for you to complain about how weak the plot is. Worth checking out.


It's no Die Hard, but it's a decent Christmas movie.
Fatman is a great movie for the modern era as it showcases the corruption of Christmas. It feels like somewhere down the line the world got too big for Santa and as such Santa was force to make some deals with people like the Military in order to keep Santa's workshop afloat. Seems like a low point for the magic of Christmas but that magic is wearing down as children become less and less innocent. Plus it looks like Mrs. Claus died and Santa has been sacking up with one of his elves, a black one at that (wonder if that was a coincidence, Mel).

Add salt to the wound, Santa gives a rich kid oozing with first world problems a lump of coal for Christmas, and this kid sends a Santa obsessed hitman to track Chris Kringle down and kill him.

Mel Gibson is no Kurt Russell when it comes to playing an alternative St. Nick. In fairness Russell is playing the Kringle that still has a twinkle in his eye in The Christmas Chronicle movies while Gibson's fat man sounds like a southern preacher who lost his faith in god. it's perfectly grim.

Walton Goggins plays the hitman and to his credit he's a show Steeler. Perfectly menacingly and funny all at the same time. Can't help to laugh at his Sinister plan to get Santa.

Mel Gibson makes good movies. it makes it hard to boycott him.


Not fully sure how I feel about this.
Glad I waited for the rental price on my Amazon Prime Video to go down a little.

Russell Crowe was technically good in the movie (As he is a fine actor), but I'm not sure how I feel about the character. Maybe if I was a driver I would understand more but I truly saw no purpose in Crowe's Road Rage. If they were going for pure evil I get that, but I felt that when it comes to road rage the person raging should be overreacting a just point. I don't feel that.

It does not help that Russell Crowe is such a big name and he's playing the antagonist, an antagonist that is not only unlikable but someone I truly can't relate too. He had to be on the poster so that messes up the perspective for me.

The action sequences are pretty good. The actual acts of road rage that happen on the screen are well done.

In the end I found it to be a great movie to watch despite actually point it was trying to make escaping me.


A mediocre Disney animated feature turned into a Mediocre live action remake.
Wow! Glad I didn't spend 30 bones for that.

I was not a fan of the original Mulan. outside of the song "Be a man!' which should have been in this movie, I even see the scene where it should have been. Mulan was not one of the animated classics I was feeling as a kid. In fact, after the Lion King I was out the door and so was Disney really (if not for Pixar).

On one side it's good that China was like don't do this and don't do that as it made this Mulan unique to it's own. Although I really like the live action remake of Aladdin that really followed the original movie, I thought the new Lion King wasted a lot of time and money making a carbon copy of the 1994 classic.

On the other side, Disney's attempts to make China happy and get their money created a movie that was very serious in tone. Not what I was expecting from this live action remake. in those tiny attempts to be amusing the movie flops do to the stick up its behind. It felt stiff too. like it was constipated the whole time I was watching it. Needed to loosen up.

The idea of having Donne Yen and Jet Li in the same movie would have been enough to get me running to the theatre, if it was another movie.

The action scenes could have been better, way better. Trying not to stereotype the culture, I did not go into this expecting Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but then they give you just a little and then you wish they gave you none.

I don't want to come down too hard on this flick. I was feeling the message they were trying to feed us with Mulan, but it is a message that did not really fill the entire movie.

Jason Scott Lee was impressive looking as the villain, which is odd because I herd China hated the way the villain looked in the original, and if you ask me Lee looks just as scary as that guy (maybe because he looks scary in a sexy way). Wish there was more of Lee as the villain.

Also wish Mushu was in the flick but I herd China was not feeling that either. Maybe because they did not get the voice of Eddie Murphy coming out of him in their Chinese dub.

Anyway, Mulan was ok just like the animated movie it was based on. Whatever China did to have Disney change the movie may not have help but I doubt it would have been better if Disney did it there way. Wish China would have told Disney to take out all the parts in Star Wars: the Last Jedi that make Fin look like the village idiot.

The New Mutants

Very good! true to the source material. Not met to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe Spectacular so don't go into it with that mind set.
After three years of waiting for this movie to come out its finally here. My assumption was always that this movie was going to suck the way they kept pushing it back, but as it turns out it was not that bad.

Very enjoyable if you are a fan of the comic as it attempts to be true to the source material rather than convey to the recent popularity of over the top superhero movies. I respect that because it gives the genre of comic book movies more diversity.

The tone of the film is like a horror movie. I remember getting the feel from the trailer and it stays true for the entire feature. I will say that the tone is darker than the comic. As if becoming a teenager is not hard enough with suddenly having powers you can't control, the movie decides to turn these mutants original origins into a much more grim situation. I did not think it was needed but it does not hurt the film.

I though all the actors were excellent in their parts, they truly pulled from the comic book and as a fan I loved that. Even the fair skinned kid playing Sunspot (who was a dark skin Brazilian in the comic) was cast perfectly for his role as a rich snob with everything who can't control his body.

It's one of those teen movies that's dark and moody that works perfectly in the horror genre. That's something to remember because its nothing like it's X-Men counter part. Still, it's not a bad movie at all.


A++ to the filmmakers who thought out of the box and didn't let COVID 19 scare them into not making a movie
Snice the Quarantine, I've been a dude who uses Zoom every single day for work and as such the idea of watching a movie done with zoom felt like being at work, but I give the filmmaker's credit, it's a decent horror movie.

Not surprising how by the numbers this horror movie is but they only had 56mins (about the time of an average Zoom meeting).

Host has at least three Scenes that were genuine seat jumpers that made me happy I kept the lights on.

It has one Scary scene that's not really that scary, but if your like me and you use zoom all the time you'll love this scene.

As a whole it is a horror movie that truly expresses the time we live in, and lucky for them they did it first cause you know more are coming.

Very good! Very impressive!

Project Power

Would have paid good money to see this in a movie theatre, and it would have been worth it.
I like it when other people try to milk the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It helps in giving us more diversity in the Superhero genre.

Someone already said that they felt this work to be Generic with Generic characters. I don't fully agree with that. Project Power is filled with some typical movie archetypes but being in a movie about super powers does freshen that up. It's not like we have not seen an X-Men or X-Men-like movie before, but it does bring something different to the table when the cast majority is black. Hell, even having New Orleans as a backdrop brings an atmosphere that puts a spark in what I've just scene.

Jamie Fox is a wonderful actor but not really wonderful in everything that he does. This is one of the cases where Fox is at his very best, and in full use of his charm. Joseph Gordan-Levitt is another guy who has a great screen presence and it was cool to see these two do a movie together.

The special effects were cool enough to make certain powers look exceptionally cool

I really liked what I saw here. If I was able to see this on the big screen I would not have been disappointed. It's nothing that you have not seen before, sure but it's packaged much differently than I would have expected, and that does give it a breath of fresh air.


Impressed by Kevin James' performance.
The only reason why I watched this was because Kevin Smith had something to say about it on his podcast. He praised the performance of the King of Queens star who steps way out of his element to be a Neo Nazi in a movie that feels like a rip off of Home Alone, but more violent. Actually, not more violent just less cartoonish about it. I agree with Smith about James. He was so hardcore that there were moments I needed to remember not to root for the Neo Nazi. Like I said this movie really mimic Home Alone a lot, but it's dark . A little strange that redoing Home Alone with a girl would produce something so wrapped, but I'm definitely not mad at the 7 bucks I paid to see it on amazon prime. It was worth it

The Old Guard

All I keep thinking is that I wish Charlize Theron would have just done a real Highlander movie instead.

I don't know. I had this on my Neflix reminder list and I could not wait to see it.

Charlize in an action movie. I was thinking Atomic blonde, which had some of the best action sequences ever.

That's not the Old Guard. This movie had one action sequence that was really worth it (maybe two ), but for the most part I just got a lot of talk that was not clicking.

It's not bad . It definitely had its moments, and those moment got better as the movie progressed. I liked everyone who made up the old guard which included Matthias Schoenaerts who I'm a fan of, in the first movie I seen him in that was in English (oh wait, I saw him in Mustang. That was in English and that was good)

I can clearly see it could be so much better and it was not.

To think, five mouths ago I would have ran to the theatre and been really disappointed at the money I spent to see this.

Honesty, it was perfect to watch at home on Netflix at least.


Not that bad!
It's ironic, I was looking foward to seeing Scoob! on the big screen, but ofcourse the pandemic stop that. However, I was not at all looking forward to paying 20 bucks to see the film at home on my small screen.

Turns out I found it worth the money. Reminds me of the orginal live action Scooby Doo movie from back in the day as it works well being a satire on itself.

One odd flaw to the movie is that it stars Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang but it's very not Scooby Doo in that they don't do the common Scooby Doo formula that is the back bone of a Scooby Doo Mystery. The characters are on point but it feels like a different universe with the mystery they are solving

Whoever made this movie thought it would be a good idea to take Scoob outside of his element a little. Not sure if that's the risk you want to take when the dog has not had a theatrical release in like 16 years (and that last release, Scooby Doo: Masters Unleash was the opposite of good).

If you are a fan of the broader world of Hanna Barbara cartoons than this movie does add some childhood nostalgia for you. The trailer shows that the Blue Falcon is in the movie, but there are a few other Hannah Barbara icons that make it in the movie. Great fan service is you are into the universe beyond Scooby Doo, but in most shared cinematic universes you would do one of two movies before you have this sort of Avengers Assemble moment.

This movie was way more serious than I would have expected a Scooby Doo movie to be too. I mean the massage on friendship gets very extreme. Not what I was expected.

Overall, I liked it. It's like it's trying to show you everything Scooby Doo has done in his very impressive 51 years as a cartoon character (who has more animated series and stright-to-video features than Scoob?), all in one movie. That maybe too much for some but it works for me.

My Spy

Another movie I did not get to see in theatres (This one way have been worth it)
I was looking forward to seeing this movie in theatres. Becoming a huge fan of Dave Bautista, The actor so I actually could not wait to see this family friendly picture. It seems almost mandatory that a ex-wrestler needs to star in a family friendly movie , especially if Bautista wants an acting career as big as the Rock (who did Tooth Fairy) John Cena (Who just did Paying with Fire) or dare I say it...Hulk Hogan (Every movie he ever starred in).

I won't spoiled the movie for you, because I don't have to. We've all seen this movie so many times that you already know the Spoiler Alert just by watching the trailer.

Typical tough-as-nails action hero type being soften by his awkward interaction with a smart aleck little girl (it usually is a girl).

I will say that Bautista does bring his own flavor to the formula and despite telling the same jokes over and over again, he's not bland. Plus his chemistry with the little girl is good. Makes it a feel good movie.

It's also a fun movie. Lots of laughs and very exciting, just like a wrestling match, so it works that one of the best wrestlers in the biz is the star of it.

Da 5 Bloods

Black Lives Matter!!
Not the best Spike Lee joint ever, but a great movie, especially for the times we are living in. This was the first movie I watched snice I noticed that Netflix put up their Black Lives Matter recommendations and Spike does not disappoint. Very complex story about four black Vietnam vets coming back to Vietnam to find the lost body of the one that did not make it home 50 years ago, and the gold he's laid to rest with. I feel like Spike is trying to make up for Miracle at St. Anna. A movie about black soldiers in World War 2. This was a much stronger portrait of African Americans fighting an American war. Although watching this I see how Spike went wrong with Miracle at St. Anna. Da 5 Bloods can be a little clunky at times as if Spike did not have as much insight on the topic. I get that, as he is not a vet of any war (except the semi-Civil War he faces as a black man in America which allowed him to perfectly craft movies like Do the Right Thing and Blackkklansman). Sometimes the information just seem tossed at me like a documentary, which maybe is what he was going for, but it did clash with a scenes where he was laying down the knowledge with an emotional narrative. I'll say this. It was a beautiful movie. Spike has an eye and this film shows that eye. You could tell he's getting into more technically film tactics to make it look like Vietnam during the 60s and 70s when he has to and Spike is always really good at making the film feel warm. An amazing ensemble cast of actors helping to bring life to Spike's movies. It's hard to pick out just one cause literally everyone truly help to movie this tory along. Overall, this was definetly a treat.


I hope I get to see movies like this in the theatres soon!
The recent quarantine has me going berserk. I love going to the movies so much and I miss seeing stuff on the big screen, so when I see good stuff like Extraction, it makes me a little depress that I only have a 32 itch screen to watch this on.

I herd that Chris Hemsworth was actually tapped to star in an American adaption of the Indonesian film The Raid. I don't know if that movie will ever happen but Extraction is a good alternative. Watching Thor brawl through an army on the streets of Mumbai is too exciting, and they do these single cut action sequences that make me feel like they are crossing 1917 with a John Wick film.

Produced by the Russo brothers who directed Hemsworth in Avengers: infinity War and Avengers End game, it feels like the Brothers are into solid action movies as they did one last year called 21 Bridges which also stared an Avenger, the Black Panther, Chadwick Bosman.

The plot does not cut deep enough, but this movie is all about the visual energy coming from it. That's why it saddens me that I did not get to experience this in a dark theatre looking up at a huge screen, trying to stuff my face with popcorn and soda without take my eyes off the action.

The movie theatres were made for these kinds of flicks and I can't wait to get back in those reclining seats.

The Banker

And that's how the hommies came up.
It's a slow burn but a good burn. The type of story that had a good punchline.

I have no interest in banking and despite the numbers being less complicated than The Big Short I had no interest in letting that spike my interest.

But of course, banking was just the frosting of what this layered cake is really about.

Anthony Mackie was perfect as Barnard Garrett, a black man, good at math who had a plan to become more than what his upbringing told him to be and knew how to focus his anger to make it happen.

Samuel L. Jackson was perfect as, well Sam L. Jackson. loudly sticking it to the man with the guts to back it up.

Together, it was the perfect combo of everything that black power was at that time. So it was cool seeing these two brothers from different walks of life coming up with a plan not only to bring themselves up but the whole neighborhood.

This movie was good because the topic grab my interest, and it was that focus on the topic that made this worth seeing.

Nicolas Hoult was also good in it. an interesting supporting actor to both Mackie and Jackson and he did his part, really well.

A shout out to Nia Long, who used this part to display the struggles of being both black and a woman in any time period.

This movie was about two African Americans trying ageist all odds to live the American dream, The Banker was consistent with this ideal throughout the whole movie and its this that drives the movie and makes it good.

Impractical Jokers: The Movie

Not bad at all
Never seen the show myself so I'm coming in blind. It was a good movie. I guest something like the Jerky Boys movie in which they try to turn their gimmick into a narrative story. Unless every epsode the boys go on a road trip doing Impractical Jokes along the way in order to see whose the best. All I do know is that this film levels up really really nicely. Just kept getting funnier and funnier as the jokes got better and better.

My Hero Academia - Boku no hîrô akademia THE MOVIE - Heroes: Rising - Hîrôzu: Raijingu

Pretty cool
Noting like watching anime on a big screen so I was into it form the moment I started. Not familiar with this anime other than knowing it's popular, so this was my first rodeo, but it was a decent introduction. Loved the animation and the character design and it's a cool concept. Japan create their own x-men sort of. That's fun. The fighting is not as good as DragonBall z when they get going but they did get the superhero thing down with the colorful and unique characters. I really enjoyed it.


Well, if it doesn't do good, Vin can always blame it on the coronavirus.
It was ok. It seems like every time Vin is about to drop one of his billion dollar Fast and Furious film franchises, he also drops a b-movie that same year. B as in the type of movie that would have not made it into theaters if it was not for Vin's uncanny star power. This year's movie its Bloodshot. I hear the coronavirus outbreak forced Fast 9 to be pushed back a year, so if you are really into Vin Diesel this maybe your only kick for 2020. No where near as good as a Fast and Furious movie, Vin does get to play a full on bonafide comic book superhero (instead of just voicing one), and that was cool to see(possibly cooler if I was into the comic instead of just knowing it existed). Past my likening of Vin the film itself overall is a by the book formula that failed with the creative story they try to fit it with. The timing is just off. They get to a point where we can tell this is a cool idea but then the formula forces the idea to fall short. However, Bloodshot is filled with some cool visuals and a few cool action scenes but still, it has too many boring parts. Got to throw some shade on my man Guy Pearce too. He was a horrible bad guy and not in the good way. I expected better. It's too bad Ezia Gonzalez was only obviously used to parade around and look sexy, at the same time I'm thankful cause it brought something extra to the movie(and it needed extra) Take if for what it is, a b-movie. If you're ever at home and wonder "what else has Vin done otter than 9 fast movies?" Find it on a steaming service. Don't risk catching anything trying to see this in theaters.

The Hunt

Thought it was great!
At its core it's the best! If you ever seen the film You're Next it had that same concept. They got this politically correct satire about Yadda yadda yadda. What's important is that you have a movie in which people die in extremely gory ways, a super bad chick roaming around like she's Wants to be John Wick and a chick fight that's just the cherry on top of the Sundae. I could see this again.

The Way Back

Basketball saves lives!
It's a good movie. I can always count on Ben Affleck to give his all in all he does and the Way Back is no different. He was channeling something that clearly came off on the screen. With that said the movie as a whole is not as spectacular as I thought it was going to be. A nice showcase of what a good actor Affleck can be, but it thought it would be more of a sports movie. Not that The Way Back is not the victorious story of a man at his lowest finding...the way back, with a game he has not thought about in years. The Way Back fully runs through the motions like the perfect formula. I got something out of the by-the-numbers film but was expecting more.

Spenser Confidential

Oh snap! Did Markie Mark just remake Spencer for Hire!
I use the watch the show as a kid and thought it was cool. When I saw the title and the trailer, I said to myself "this has to be a coincidence, this can't be the same as the TV show?" It's isn't, the vibe is different, the origin of Spencer and Hawk are different. While both content seem to celebrate what Boston is, Mark Wahlberg seems to be more focus on what we expect of Boston. I don't think Robert Ulrich who originated the character did that. But I should not compare, it really feels like a Spencer from an alternative reality. Taking this movie at complete face value, like I said it seems to drive on a focus of the character that is Boston and the people native to it. Which I liked. Director, Peter Berg and Wahlberg make an amazing team, especially when they do blue collar boys, especially if them blue collar boys are form Boston. Winston Duke as Hawk...was just ok. He did good but I felt they could have gotten him to do more. They may have tried to hard to make him unsterotypical to separate him from the walking stereotype that was Hawk in the original series, but they may have taken out too much. They could have gotten more out of Duke if they wanted, but at least Duke and Wahlberg had chemistry when they were on screen together. Alan Akran was a little more perfect. Just the right amount of Akran doing the loveable cranky old man. A solid performance. Overall, the movie is good. Loved the action, loved the comedy and loved the drama. If you like Mark Wahlberg, good. That's really important to liking the film.


Another tearjerker, Pixar!
It's a touching story about two brothers wanting to meet their father. One who only knows him from when he was a baby, the other never got to meet him. You can't help but to shed a small tear over that one. Not the best animated Pixar movie. The world was a little lacking for me. As though the story was more prominent than the animation. Both usually are equal in measure. Not to say that the animation was not good and combine with the story it's still a great movie to watch.

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