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Little Fires Everywhere

Very good series
I loved every episodes it was unique and brilliant acting, it really touched every side of motherhood it made me cry, I felt so sorry for the mother who tried everything in her power to give the perfect life for her children over her needs but it just pushed everyone away, I felt for the children too and dreading when mines will be teenagers :/ hope there will be season 2


Very scary if you fear of spider
I'm terrified of spiders! And this film was like the best horror movie I watched it many times time to condition my brain :) I haven't seen for ages and now I see it's rated as PG?! Story line is really good, the main character is afraid of spiders so I could relate to his fear and kept me on my toes.

100 Dinge

Meaning of life
I loved this film! Easy going funny and eye-opener. We buy way to much stuff to fulfill our needs with stuff what we don't need but the advert telling us that we do... Hope many people will see this film and make them thinking.

Another Life

Great sci-fi with many aliens
I didn't give 10 stars because they did use several other films ideas and very few unique idea.. however they put many different aliens in it, good pictures of the stars and aliens, don't look doggy. Little love story, could spice them up a bit :) I'm looking forward to see season 2!

Ruling of the Heart

Old meaningful film
It made me cried and make realise that every action we take it can effect others in a way we don't even know. Listening each other is very important. Loved every minute, great acting. Made me cry :)

Jane the Virgin

1 of the best funny series
I don't like soap operas and this series make a comedy of them.so brilliantly that it use up all the clichés such as lost twins, pregnancy, twists, die then come back etc mainly romance, so funny even my husband loves it and we never know what's coming! :)

Jonathan Creek

Crime solving with some magic
Hooked up on the series quickly, very funny and love how they are thinking through the impossible crimes. However after Quentin left it's not as funny anymore.. She made Creek interesting. Otherwise I would have given a 10.

Victor Frankenstein

The best Frankenstein ever!!
This film was not just the best Frankeinstein that I have ever seen (and I'm a huge fan) but McAvoy made it so real! He should get an Oscar for it! I have never seen any actor be a mad scientist as realistic as he was! Also I loved how they showed the science behind and they created an animal before not just straight a human like in all other films.. Radcliff was good too, I think he really needed this ugly face character to finally made me forget him as Potter :) I hardly buy original DVDs because there are not a lot films nowadays that I would watch several times but this is one of them. I enjoyed every minute and every actor/actress did their best. I wish there would be more films out there like this.

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