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The Tattooist

Don't be fooled!
Make no mistake: This film has low ratings because its script, acting and direction is flawed to the point of ridiculousness. It has very few redeeming factors...if any. It promotes itself as cultural and diverse when all it really does is attempt to get on the non-Hollywood horror bandwagon after a slew of foreign 'subtle' horrors that both precede and exceed it! I am a fan of 'subtle' horrors...foreign or no. I do not believe you need extreme bloodshed and shock to make a good movie...although I do not deny the pull of such tactics. I like shock horrors AND creepy horrors. This film, however, tries much too hard to slot itself into a pigeon-hole that it does not belong in...and to be honest...does not deserve the right to try. Many 'subtle' horrors before this terrible crime on entertainment have left the likes of "The Tattooist" in the back seat, and many since...and for good reason. "The Tattooist" is boring, pointless and quite frankly; crap! It's good for background noise during a film night where the film doesn't matter since all you want to do is talk about your week. But if you're looking for a movie that will both keep you entertained AND take you out of the room? You can do better than this; believe me. Now go get yourself a real movie...not this weak sauce!

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