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The Green Inferno

Bottom of the barrel
His movie is just so awful you can't even put it into words.

The storyline/ NOTHING like the release description/summary.

No idea how the person that wrote this was able to show financial backers and they all said - hey yea this sounds great !

Don't just don't even peek at it.

Hour of Lead

Feel sorry for the actors
I Meade are taking Anne Heche and Tom Jane - both of them are extremely good actors. But for some reason...they took these roles. The script is just garage unrealistic n any fashion. The other actors are only marginal.

Butterfly Kisses

Nope don't waste your time....
The only actors in this film that know what they are doing are the seasoned actors and "non-actors" that are only 50 years old.

The cinematography, sets/scene setting, writing, costumes...all very amateurish. The only plus side, shakycam is kept to a bare minimum.

Found footage films from every angle have been done, so you better know what you are doing if you jump into that side of the pool - this film does not cover that area.

Unless you want to feel like you are watching a film done in a college dorm room by students that think they know more than they actually do...this movie is not for you. Better off spending quarantine time watching films made before 2000.

Dark Matter

Excellent movie
Most of us really enjoy Meryl Streep....her acting is top notch as usual, her character pulls right in.

Liu Ye, I've never even heard of....but he is a great example of why foreign films are superb...his acting in this role has you pulling for him scene after scene...

Not giving anything away - just watch it - tell everyone to leave you alone, get absorbed into this film and you will walk away knowing the emotions of every character played.


Not worth it...
It's just not that good....not realistic, doesn't grab you to keep you interested.

Musical score....bad.

Acting...... below average, bummer to see actors getting parts because of a last name.

Scene setting....bad.

Cinematography is bad.

Without giving too much's like this movie is college film submission.


Wasted time...
If the shaky-cam were anymore would be off the Richter scale.

The acting is poor, and it's really obvious this movie is using wives, family and/or girlfriends.

The storyline is flat as a pancake. Even stage setting was haphazardly one took the time to understand, eyewear reflects stage lighting.

Choose anything else.


Poor acting, nothing about Kemper
You couldn't even tell this movie was about a horrific murderer.

The acting seemed like everyone was still in acting class.....and the "costumes" the way they made "Kemper look was Ridiculous the wig was a party city wig.

The Utah Cabin Murders

Seriously? No...
Just another example of people using close friends and family for actors to make a film with a video camera.

It is horrible from the first second in to the rolling credits out.

It's almost as if people haven't watched any truly excellent films at all, then think - hey I can buy/rent/borrow this camera and make something ...well no you can't.

Granted you don't need films school to make a blockbuster. But you do need to have a handle on the nuts and bolts of cinematography, filters, editing, actors, scene-setting, lighting and on and on and on....Oh and don't forget the script you need a solid script.

This true story is there for eveyone to work with - but this film fell so flat it is like a sheet of Saran Wrap. Skip this movie, and you are welcome for the warning.

Train to Busan 2

The writers were influenced by someone clearly...
Like everyone has pointed out this movie is a letdown.

Something changed and not for the better.

Train to bus an was an ultimate breakthrough SK zombie flick, it is great.. and it is clearly SK, which makes it unique in every way, storyline, cinematography, sets, SUPERIOR acting, and so on.

This movie - I cant pinpoint it - but it is way too Americanized it's as if the writers or production company were pressured or influenced by american companies and/or writers.

If you are a super movie buff - then you know the days of great American made movies are long gone and now the shining starts are international films and/or independent films where they can do whatever they like without bowing to string pullers.

Now this movie...just lost what it had from the first idea what or who changed it...but, not good.


Total waste of time
Makes you wonder who is rating this nonsense so highly.

Want to watch the film, take Dramamine first - the shaky-cam is the worst I've seen in a long time.

No script, all utter nonsense yourself - when have taken the pain for you.

The Secret of Roan Inish

Yes! This is what a good film looks like!
It takes some time for the characters to build - once they do they story is so entertaining.

IMDb does a good job for the summary so I won't do that again. But costumes, set, you name it...this film nailed it. All the actors fit the roles perfectly. Such a shame what Hollywood has become - compared to this.

And yes without question this can be watched by families and children of ALL ages...nothing to worry about in the least.

Just good entertaining film.


Odd movie....
This is quite strange.

The story itself had potential, but didn't come close.

The editing, scene setting cinematography is really good.

But the actors are horrible ....and I mean horrible. They seem like they are literally in a Los Angeles acting class playing the part in a daytime soap....cringy.

The clothing/costume selection set design are all out of place, nothing really jives together.

Yet...Todd Bridges, there you can SEE a good actor - sure he has had issues in adult life - but his acting ability is so far beyond the main characters.

I guess the only reason to watch this would be just to see the editing if you were want8ng to learn some good methods...but the story and being entertained....nope.

Bettie Page Reveals All

Not bad but...
Come on ....did no one at all listen to the audio all? I mean this is such a fascinating story ....if you can hear it.

Betty's voice is very muffled and quiet, and they decided to play a sound track throughout the entire documentary. So you crank the volume way up to hear her...then all of a sudden they insert other people speaking or a newsreel and it blasts your ears and speakers.

I had to stop watching after about 15 minutes...

Ladda Land

Worth a watch...
If it's a weekend and a rainy night, this would be a good film to watch.

Now keep in mind it uses subtitles so you do need to watch and read.

And the first 5 minutes of the film is filled with so much family cheesiness that you could eat mac n cheese for weeks. But allow the story to build and you will be in for a surprise.

Cinematography is better than anything found in current films from USA. Acting is much better as well.

Char Man

Horrible film - !!! Read inside
Yea it's idea why or how it was even filmed. Don't waste your time.

Strange thing though.

There's is a hot sauce but the exact name of this film.

PLEASE tell me they had nothing to do with making this horrible film. Because the Hot sauce is one of the best around.

21 Days

So awful it is painful...
What on earth....I mean this movie is horrendous.

The acting is just horrible. And who thought of using something like a broken smoke detector as a ghost detector? Your ears bleed and you have to mute it.

Script is a joke, acting is,cringy and painful, cinematography, looks like it was made for YouTube.

One of the producers was actually Latoya Jackson, she obviously lost money on this mess. Who know what or why she invested but whoever said - sounds great, should pay her back.

She-Devils on Wheels

Yes it IS cheesy but...
You know it's cheesy, corny, goofy....but that's what makes it fun.

Just check out the makeup, look at the clothes and hair...yep those women were ridin back then and yep, those women are someone's grandmother!

This is a fun movie to put on in the background at a bbq or other casual fun night just for a chuckle.

Just have fun with it. Don't look for a storyline, nor social commentary or political statement. Kind of view it as a time silly capsule.

American MC

Cringy, cringy, cringy
Only watch if you want to just wince from how cringy these guys are.

Yes, they are a pack of wannabes that some how got the money and backing to set this mess up.

There is more drama than the Days of Our Lives soap opera....and the cringy part... how excited they were to suck the exhaust of a real MC - and kid themselves they were riding with them.


The Evil Down the Street

Oh come on...
Seriously, what happened to Hollywood?

There is nothing coming out worth watching this included.

Renting a huge house for filming, using a drone for footage does not make a good movie.

No idea what "true story" this is based on but I doubt it....I mean anyone that has ever moved does not write the word "basement" on white paper then tape it at an angle on a moving box. It's things like this that go on and on in stupidity.

And if your ears don't bleed from the - I think they call it word or vocal fry - of the women speaking.....the S's really make your ears WANT to bleed.

The musical/sound score had to be done by someone high school kids.

Save yourself the pain. Don't watch.


Reversed the main character roles...
No idea why they wrote the story this way. But the true version the driver was black, victim white. The callousness of the driver was totally left out as well.

Pass on the movie, and just go read what really happened to the poor man.

Trade of Innocents

Only ok but... carries a strong message.

The entire script is good except for a handful of glaring things left out or in need of changing.

First the musical score is horrendous and it does have an effect on setting certain scenes.

The acting is not great at all.

In my opinion they needed to push more of the point/theme that the governmental corruption is so engrained it is as much as breathing over there...including the sad fact that the biggest and I mean BIGGEST problem is the parents and grandparents willingly selling them into this.

Reality - The families know exactly what they children, babies, toddlers are going to be doing, they don't care they sell them. If the child comes back home after they have been at a safe house for schooling and counseling - the family tells them to go back to the brothel to make the family more money - since they were already there and know how it is.

They also missed the point on the sick men that buy these children. It is not only white western men. They missed the mark on showing how rich Asian men buy them as well as Muslim men and AA men...

This story needs to be told, but it really needed to be done differently and be more inclusive of the men that buy them and families that do not care a t all.

Plagi Breslau
When watching these types of films it's best to ignore the dubbing since most often it is pretty bad.

The main female character cop walks around like Betty bad a** super hero with a massive chip in the shoulder - makes no sense.

What exactly is that hair supposed to mean? As if it were cut with hedge clippers on a tilt a whirl.

And sure we all know media in all countries bites it, but the newscaster is way over the top bad, ok....maybe they did get the one character correct.

The story as a whole in theory could have been quite good...oh wait, it was done in The Seven Deadly Sins already.

Yep just pass..,,oh is quarantine over yet?


Wasted time
Again I think this is another example of friends and family highly rating a film - rather than being based off compete strangers watching this.

A total waste of time.

Just by the way the people are dressed you already know 20 minutes ahead of time what they will say - social commentary......yawn.

Nothing makes sense and the film gives you the feeling of sitting in an auditorium watching an acting class in los angles.


Poorly done copy of twilight zone..that's all
Don't waste your time.

Yet again another fine example of Hollywood ripping off great things from the past, re-filming them and slapping their name on it - as if they created it. Even Wikipedia states reference to - Stopover In A Quiet Town; twilight zone. It's clear the imagery is taken from Stepford Wives.

Nothing makes sense, there is no story, just one long nonsensical movie trying to ride off the back of something better.

A Thousand Junkies

Not bad at all...
I won't do a summary since there is already one.

Keep in mind if you live in SoCal you understand this is not really a true take on junkies (most of us here have one or more in the family) - it is a joke about junkies. And yes my opinion you should be able to joke about things without Everyone jumping on the PC police wagon.

This is something not to take serious, but crack a beer eat bbq, relax have a laugh - heck they even tossed in a Russian talking about the Armenians. The three characters pretty much covered most of the personality type - there is always one junkie worried about unpaid warrants and driving.

Cinematography/scene setting was done nicely, clothing/costumes realistic. It's all just a fun average weekend movie.

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