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Dom Hemingway

This was Jude Law at his best!! He should have won an Oscar. I was shocked to see him look so normal. We are used to the pencil thin body without any hairs out of place. He always looks so immaculate. In this movie though, he looked like a normal guy.

When he was at his wife's grave talking to her and realizing how much he had messed up and broke down crying, I cried with him. Seeing him explode in his rants and then to watch him in this scene. Well he was just brilliant. I loved the movie and loved him in the movie.

If you get an opportunity to watch this movie, don't pass it up. You won't be sorry. My friend and I loved it so much, we're going to watch it again right now.


I can't believe these horrible reviews!!
I felt the story of Cinderella was was beautifully done. The acting was just as it should be for a fairy tale. The colours and the magic vibrant. The actors and actresses played their parts wonderfully.

Taking a story and making it into a movie most times is difficult. How we have interpreted the story can be very different from what the director envisioned.

As a lover of all fairy tales I enjoyed the movie. I believe all little girls and even grown ups like me can appreciate how well they did with the movie.

All in all it was well done.

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