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1st Summoning

Straight Garbage besides at least 2 of the main actors.
G a r b a g e .... The ratting with the camera was insanely ANNOYING!

Happy Death Day 2U

Watch both i1 after the other. It may not unfold like it should otherwise.
Happy Death Day (2017) Happy Death Day 2U (2019) 1st time "so far" I'm ever going to say or suggested this. Watch these 2, one after the other or the outcome may not unfold in ur mind the way it should. I really liked these 2 movies way better than I expected. If I didn't watch the way I did, I don't think the emotional feels I've felt in part 2 would have hit me as hard as it has. Maybe because I nvr got to say goodbye properly myself? Anyways..... Some of my predictions were right but what I predicted was in the wrong part of the movie or should I say off in another dimension, but right, especially my 1st killer guess. Some spots here & there I just wanted to keep repeating "it's just a movie, it's just a movie" but I didn't cause it was worth it. The movie was actually pretty serious but pretty damn funny at the same time. I do suggest these movies...

SPOILER PART: Groundhog Day (1993) eat ur heart out..... I have a feeling there might be a part three, what they goin to call it "Happy Death Day 2US??? Either the teacher himself is going to create a doomsday weapon to get back at his students OR Danielle may finally have a "real" heart. Either way, I'm up for it & willing to watch all 3 in a row, if anyone is down "IF" 3 comes out. PS.... the 1st killer I assumed I was right but he didn't show his face till the very end.

Code 8

Robbie Amell deserves more but made this movie that much more better... Bad engamish lol
This actually turned out a lot better than I expected. Its another mutant type of movie but played out slightly different. The drones flying around I can see them becoming a real thing. Honestly wouldn't mind this to have had a chance of part 2 or even a TV series to it. Then again the way it ended there just might be a part 2. Acting as a whole really wasnt that bad at all honestly even with it seeming to be a low budget. Robbie Amell seems like he deserves more & really "to me" made this movie worth that much more. Would I recommend it? Sure y not!

After She Wakes

A lot of it just really didn't make much sense!
Just didn't really care for it & don't really recommend it all that much.

6 Underground

Can't recommend this enough.
RECOMMENDED! This movie was badass & has become another top favorite of mine. I really REALLY enjoy Ryan Reynold's work in nearly any movie he does. His humor & personality light up everyone's mood making the movie just that much better... The punch lines between them all were genuinely hilarious. Best parts of all in this movie were the injuries there were absolutely insane & the slowmo's that came with it! Who knew a flashbang would do that. Id like to see Ryan do something with Keanu Reeves along with Jason Statham & Tom Cruise... Get a bit of a mixup between John Wick, Jack Reacher, & Transporter mix. I think this kind of mix up would outdo The Expendables..

Into the Ashes

Wasnt horrible just typical as if I've seen it already.
Nothing special to say just another betrayal that gets a mans relation killed then looks for vengeance. .

The Fanatic

John made the movie, great work!
Recommended mainly for John Travolta's work HOLY CRAP!!! That was an outstanding job by him playing as Moose. Its just a movie kept repeating in my head when it comes to the choices nearly anyone made in the movie, outside of Moose cause well, he has no real control. Then again some aspects of it is in the heat of the moment, would any of us really have been thinking? What happened to Hunter in the end well, I know DNA will prove his point, just had to suck for Dora. The bad choices some people made around him in the open public I can relate to in a lot of ways. This guy literally had day & night acquaintances, no wonders he ended up in the midset he did. On 1 hand u have bullying with misintended bullying along with angles & a little too much of angles with accidental bad intentions. Whats a guy to think when they really r not all there?... By all means tho I must say it one last time..... John u did one hell of a good job!!

Rambo: Last Blood

LOVE... isnt enough said for this move "to me".
Omg 😒 not once but 😭 twice this movie holds a LOT of meaning & well worth it to even watch again. Not only was the action of the movie outstanding & down to the true Rambo ways but the emotions is thrown in every direction unexpected & nearly hard to control; even still to this moment. Sylvester Stallone is one badass actor & earned every bit of love from his fans. This just brought the bar up so high for me its going to be hard to surpass. Yes I HIGHLY suggest this movie! In conclusion 1 last thing...... 😭😒😭😒😭😒 Live on Rambo even after death if it were to be the legacy will NEVER END FOR ME!

Gemini Man

Ok, that was one hell of a movie the fight scene in the MelnΓ­k Chapel of Bones which was BADASS & looked more like a real fight than really any other fight scene I've seen outside of real-life or any other movie I've seen in my life. I say this cause well just watch! Yet honestly, I really don't think this is over. There is a metaphor to this movie which I think should continue however, it kind of hit the spot with me because of the metaphor. Best of all the CGI holy I feel like we r back in Fresh Prince of Bel Air era. Please PLEASE tell me there will be a part 2 to this.


Not bad, but not the greatest. To end it was predictable.
The 1st time I heard the breathing I got the chills & seemed pretty decent from the start, then the movie continued. It was alright, but not what I hoped for from the start. The kills were expected & how to end it was even easier to expect. Recommendable to a point but u shouldn't be disappointed completely.

It Chapter Two

I can't rate this enough. LOVE IT!
Again another movie I watched Sunday 13th with Shaunna & really enjoyed every minute of this unexpectedly long movie. Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise was a PERFECT match; them freaking eyes man!! Gotta love James McAvoy who is really one of my favorite diversified actors, but his role in this movie couldn't bring out the best of him altho he still did an outstanding job. I highly HIGHLY recommend this movie & in the dark.


Holy crap I wasnt expecting it to be as good as it was Octavia Spencer as Sue Ann did an outstanding job she really knows how to switch up & show her acting skills; Diana Silvers as Maggie as well did a great job & the funny thing is Juliette Lewis as her mother Erica was a perfect fit, but Andy ur such a pretty boy were u lieing at the end or were u not? What this movie really evolves around I honestly wasnt expecting. Putting the puzzles together for this movie with Shaunna made it crazy fun to watch. I like it when once in a while u have to pause & negotiate what we think about the movie predicting or failing to do so. Altho a lot of it for me was pretty predictable it was so in a good way.

Inside Man: Most Wanted

Part 2?
Ok ok ok its just another bank robbery / hostage movie... However, trick after trick after trick after...... TRICK! Remy Darbonne Aml Ameen I do NOT think ur innocent..... I'm gonna leave it at that. Dr. Brynn Sewart Rhea Seehorn u got what u wanted or did u really? Ariella Barash Roxanne McKee don't play me ur still alive or r u; PS I love u lmao!

The Lion King

I enjoyed but now have a question.
Whats the story behind Mufasa & Scar? & was Scar originally innocent?

Scar has tremendous respect for the queen but claims he was 1st in line in response to Zazu saying Scar should have been 1st in line at the arrival of Simba while Scar was implying in a question that Zuzu should have remembered. Again claiming he was 1st in line "until the prince (Mufasa) arrived". So did Mufasa's birth get in the way of Scars rain, or did Scar make a mistake that forced him to step down from his place? In other words..... WAS Scar originally innocent but driven to his insanity out of disrespect (by birth order) or a simple mistake from jealousy? Leaving Scar's causing him to lose the ability to eat right & losing weight/strength which then caused him to lose fight for rank from Mufasa; who was healthy. Again was Scar actually innocent?

The visuals in this was AMAZING!!! The storyline is still touching & u wouldn't be human to not understand. I do however have a question now that they re-made the original....


I enjoyed it but not sure where all the negative is coming from.
BOUT DANG TIME I got to see a good movie! The time laps switches back & forth so u really have to pay attention but the movie is good enough it helps u out so u don't get lost. The fighting in this movie is BADASS!! I must say Anna damn good job in every move she made & even better job Susha Luss for playing the part. I wouldn't mind to see her in the next John Wick

Child's Play

Leave the past movies in the past if ur going to ruin them.
Meh..... I'll admit the doll is cowardly creepy but as usual, just like the last Chucky this was pretty disappointing. There was only 1 kill that I thought was pretty cool. I'm sure the way this played out when the child got the toy this wouldn't have happened especially when the 1st kill came to play. Again new generation movies being remade from the older generation is ruining them. Its not a horrible movie but I'm not putting it on my recommended list.


I'd watch it again with someone who has not seen it yet

The boy can act & had a great cast with him. I feel there could have been more to the whole movie yet it would drag it out to long, but hey I would have watched this longer than the titanic BY FAR! Bout time we got a "superhero" turned horror. However, u could say "supervillain" gone horror but he had the potential that was misguided by white lies BUT to protect who from who? This put bullying, lying, & misunderstanding to a whole new level. Besides the point, this finally puts "superhero" in a horror type scenarios. I guess u can say this is a twist to Superman

Finding Steve McQueen

Didn't expect this to be based off a true story.. Funny & actually not bad at all. Always that one simple mistake to ruin a good job that was "almost" well done. They had the right mindset to get the what they wanted, but to put it to action is just straight wrong.


I don't rate movies 10 much, but damn this was good! EDITED I found a Movie Mistake "Maybe"...
Highly HIIIIIIGHLY Recommended & PAY ATTENTION! A+++++++++++++ & then some movie! May be a small spoiler in this post, but I'll try not to go to too far... No Promises!

First things 1st James McAvoy is got to be one of THE BEST actors I've seen in a long time. He puts the epitome of acting all within these few movies with 20 characters...... Yes TWENTY Characters in one; from one! Simply AMAZING!

I can't say much cause I'm yet to see the 1st part "Unbroken" then "Split" I've seen & now "Glass" yet I feel I have a lot of the puzzle, but KNOW I'm missing some of it. This collection of movies u really have to pay attention to cause there is hints nearly everywhere about everything & just about blink u'll missed a lot. My thing is that is leaving me wonder..... 1.) What is this "cult" & where the heck did they come from if they seemed to have been a theoretical system seeing that this so called "Dr. Ellie Staple" explained to her colleagues that "the 3 r real"... What made them start this theoretical ideology so strong heartedly that they put others lives on lock-down, pain, &/or killed just to test their theories? 2.) What the HECK is this machine she is talking about? 3.) Before she realized there was a leak thanx to the genius plays by Mr. Glass... Then y would she claim there was no witnesses when there was 3 still alive that we know for a FACT is not a part of this "cult".... Casey Cook (from Split/Kevin's possible "girlfriend" lol), Joseph Dunn (David Dunn's son), & Mrs. Price (Glasses Mother). 4.) This series is NOT over! There has to be an "original" psycho/superhuman that started the whole "cult" thing & who is going to be the new Superhero/Villain/Psycho? 5.) Make sure to watch them all from Unbreakable to Split then Glass... Or u will/may end up missing something.

EDIT Update: Wait a second...... I think I figured out what may be some what puzzling me. Is it a movie error, or will it be a part of the next film? At the end all had witnessed the situation in a whole & mainly that David Dunn was trying to save the cops, the girls, & attempting to stop "The Beast".... So0o0o0o0o how many had witnessed the murder of David Dunn by Dr. Ellie Staple & her colleague..... Shouldn't they be held accountable for murder & put in jail? Whether David Dunn was innocent or not! Now will this be played out in the next film, or will the go down as a movie mistake? I'm guessing as a movie mistake.

A Vigilante

Darn good acting!
Olivia Wilde as Sadie dose an amazingly GOOD JOB acting out her emotions it actually made me feel like she was really going through it. This is the type of movie that shows the power of a womans heart & mind. Not a full action movie, but shows revenge can be bitter sweet when done right. The deserving acts forced upon the ignorance of those who think cruelty is a way of control. A lot of people get away with this, but honestly those who r victims of it should try to stand out & speak up. Those who do use this type of cruelty should be punished by all means. There is a difference between Domestic Violence & Domestic Abuse none should even exist, but they do.

The Mule

Well played Clint Well played.
This was a DAMN GOOD MOVIE with good old Clint Eastwood who is 88; geesh.... Played out like that generation would when they end up in a situation like this. Not the family situation, but the dumb things they would do if they were to become a mule. Then again it is a movie & well movies make them do stupid stuff we wouldn't do in reality.

Another Soul

Started off with chills then lost it after Demon rendering
This movie actually gave me the chills a few times when it started.... Then they showed a rendering of the demon on the ceiling in the basement. I giggled then started to lose interest as the movie got dumber & dumber. They had it, but truly lost it FAST!

I See You

This has got to be THE MOST dumest movie I have seen in a long time. I'd rather watch the whole collection of Jeepers Creepers before I see this again! I have nothing to say besides this was stupid!

No Escape Room

Left me more confused than I should have been, but really......
U have to look at the details for it to make sense.... There has GOT to be a part 2 which I have a feeling with be a "before" this time frame happened. The house they have to escape is stuck in a "Paranormal Time Loop" that more & more people keep getting sucked into... Yet I will leave it with what I really think next.

Ok ummmmmm I'm really confused! This was a pretty good movie like 1 or 2 parts were pretty creepy. I get what they were doing & where they were going with this movie, but it left me WAY more confused then trying to figure out the clues. I was thinking it was one person then another person then when I realized it "may" not have been the 1st person I thought it was which it wasnt & there I became baffled. Sry if I confused u there, but well IM JUST AS CONFUSED STILL! There has GOT to be a part 2 GOT TO BE!


There is something good here, but ended up horrible.
Just another movie while watching u have to keep saying to urself "its just a movie; its just a movie"... Another type of movie that has a good concept plot to it, but really wasn't done right. I really don't understand y the father did what he has done, or any of the others that realize what may have been going on. Now when it was 1st unleashed Y the girl did what she did was beyond me. Y not call the landlord before damaging property just to be curious..... Its just a movie its just a movie....... ITS JUST A LAME MOVIE.

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