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Work It

This movie is a portfolio of clicheys. An average plot and characters that you've seen in countless other movies of the sort. The script is poor. In my opinion the female lead comes annoying. Often i had to skip, it got boring.

Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

The exact amount of funny and romantic
I absolutely loved this series. Along witht the Legend of the blue sea, it's now my favourite. I never laughed as much. And their love story, adorable. I highly recommend.

Tall Girl

Cliche and boring
Boring plot, boring script, boring teens, boring love triangle, boring ending.

Inadina Ask

5.3 score is way too low
The series is super funny, good actors, good plot, genuine characters. Love it

Hangimiz sevmedik?

Interesting tribute to a great singer.
As always TRT ruining potential with their propaganda. Sener is the best 😏

Fatih Harbiye

5 🌟 only for the couple
I literally skipped every part that didn't envolve them. They falling in love during this series saved the day and made it bearable to follow their story. The writers did a very poor job, the ending is a mess, it seems done in a hurry. But Kadir and Neslihan make it feel so real, that Macit and Neriman are hard to forget as lovebirds.

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