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Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Birds of Prey
I am not what you'd call a Superhero Fan, but I went In there expecting to be moderately entertained some of the Dialogue was very lively and well written but what lets It down In my opinion were the Action Scenes which were quite frankly dull. The Actors were fine Robbie and Ewan gave It there all but apart from that I was bored for the most part I fell asleep towards the end,doesn't make me want to go out and Rent the previous Instalments In this series such as " Suicide Squad".

Gavin & Stacey: A Special Christmas

Decent but not as spectacular as the hype suggested
I thought It was a decent special,It was nice to see the characters again and how they had developed since the end of the series.

But I found It lacking In humour, I'll grant you It made me smile due to the nostalgic value making nods to Important moments that occurred In the series.

Overall - It was a pleasant special,but It didn't really bring anything new to the table.

Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach

Police Academy 5
This Isn't a perfect Film by any means, the regulars try their best and evoke some laughs particularly ' George Gaynes' as Lassard the Film does lack a certain fineese without the Inclusion Of Steve Guttenberg.

Overall Its not as bad as some Reviews suggest, watchable but only once.

(But compared to Police Academy 6 and 7 It looks like "Citizen Kane")

The Good Liar

The Good Liar
The two leads are excellent, the script however Is rather pedestrian the Film Is very predictable up until the end with a surprising twist,which I found rather distasteful.

The Cleveland Show

Good show
So much funnier than the new series of Family Guy, can't believe It was cancelled after only four series.


A tad overrated
Don't get me wrong, It had It's moments I think the chemistry between the Actors Is excellent I loved the sardonic one liners from Matthew Perry but the poor writing lets It down. Definately doesn't compare to Frasier which was superior In every way.

Old School

Old School
This Film Is about three guys In their 30s who want to relive the glory days of their youth. The leads are great together particularly ' Will Ferrell' as Frank but that's It really, I felt like a rushed production which was riding on the coatails of other comedys which were coming out at the same time: Such as ' American Pie'; from 1999 and Road Trip from 2000.

Doesn't compare to National Lampoons Animal House which came out In 1978 which really pioneered this brand of humour.


Has some nice Action Scenes but ultimately a waste of time If you're looking for Originality
The leads have a nice rapport together ,and there are some well executed Action Scenes, but the poorly written Script ,undermines the comedy and makes It hard for the Audience to care about the Characters.

Knives Out

Knives Out an enjoyable spoof
Knives out Is an enjoyable reworking of the classic whodunit format which can be found In Mystery's such as Agatha Christie.

Directed by Rian Johnson after a wealthy novelist ,named Harlan Thormbey Is found murdered In his Study his family gather at the House to be questioned by Police Individually, until a mysterious Columbo esque Detective named Blanc played by Daniel Craig wanders onto the Scene and the mystery begins to unfold.

I enjoyed this film because of how self aware It was giving subtle nods to cliches found In Murder Mysterys as well as the Performances the standouts In my opinion Include Daniel Craig whose accent I thought was Just fine and Chris Evans as the disgruntled son Ransome. The other actors complimented each other so well you'd think they were a real family.

My only gripes Include the Script which I felt could've been written a bit tighter, and the climax which I think was gross and lacking In Imagination and the Inclusion of Modern Technology which I felt was an gimmick that was not needed.

Overall Knives out Is a pleasant murder mystery with some funny throw away lines and In-Jokes from other Storys, If your a fan of Murder Mystery's and want to see the format from another perspective give It a try.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

A one of a kind Experience
Quentin Tarantino has struck gold again with an absolute masterpiece which weaves together various elements which were so Important In the Golden Age of Hollywood Cinema this Is a film for lovers of anything to do with retro Cinema.

Leonardo Di Caprio stars as Rick Dalton an Actor, who has fallen from grace struggling to find proper work In Hollywood;alongside his Stunt double Cliff Booth played by Brad Pitt once they find work a series of events unfolds that will change the lives of everyone Involved forever.

This Is a beautifully shot film that runs along smoothly without seeming slow and pedantic, apart from In the middle of the film where we get some boring scenes on a Movie set.

The Acting Is excellent from both leads, and they ably supported from a catalogue of stars from Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate and Kurt Russell as an aging Stuntman and the always entertaining,Al Pacino as an ambitious Agent.

I saw this twice at the Cinema and would happily see It again when the DVD Is released.

Overall one of the greatest films of the year,even If your not a fan of his work give It a try for nostalgic purposes.

Modern Family

Modern Family
Modern Family centres on the lives and trials and tribulations of family life about three Interconnected families led by Jay Pritchett played by Ed O Neil from Tv's '' Married with Children".

I think this was a great show,In It's early days with some strong messages about the Importance of Family but like so many shows It has made the mistake of running on to long and therefore rehashing alot of the same Ideas.

However In saying that the Acting Is top knotch, all of the Actors are so believable In the roles you would think the were a real family.

The writing Is witty and Incisive without getting bogged down In sentimentality.

So overall I would recommend this show Particularly (seasons 1 - 5) which In my opinion has some of the best writing and acting, I have ever seen In any Sitcom excluding Frasier.

Gavin & Stacey

Gavin and Stacey
Gavin and Stacey Is a Romantic Comedy starring Matthew Horne and Joanna Page as the Titular Characters, and a Romance that blossoms after a series of Phone Calls.

This Show was widely popular back In the day: despite only running for Three series, a lot of the humour derives from the differences between the two main characters In terms of their Backgrounds.

I have to admit I wasn't one of the legions of fans who worshipped this Show, granted It has funny moments scattered throughout but I found alot of the Humour Very Generic and Predicatable.

The performances are excellent especially from James Corden as "Smithy" Gavin's best friend, a funny and talented man who has gone on to bigger and better things.

Overall: Gavin and Stacey Is a pleasent way to kill 30 Minutes on a rainy afternoon,I think It's slightly overrated but If you enjoy cosy domestic British Sitcoms this will be right up your alley.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
I missed this show when It originally aired and after hearing all of the hype from friends and family: I just had to see what all of the fuss was about.

Bryan Cranston from TV's ' Malcolm In the Middle ' stars as Walter White a chemistry Teacher who has seems to have It all a loving wife a caring son and a Job that he loves but after recieving some startling News; and a run In with an ex pupil named Jesse Pinkman played Aaron Paul he makes a decision that will change the course of his life forever.

This show Is a masterclass In writing and acting Bryan Cranston gives a tour de force performance you can't help both simutaneously sympathise with Walter's plight, while at the same time despise him while he is led down the garden path. Aaron paul Is perfectly cast as Jesse Pinkman, who Is a lost soul who has been turned away by society and his parents due to his Inability to find a steady Job. The supporting cast fare well Dean Norris Is funny and engaging as the noble if Slightly racist D.E.A. Agent 'Hank Schrader'; While Johnathan Banks oozes Coolness and Authority as Mike Emanhtraught.

The first season wasn't brilliant by any means, It was Just establishing the setting as well as characterization e.g. motivations etc.

And from the 2nd season,I was hooked If you like Anthology series series such as 'True Detective and Fargo' this will definately be up your alley.


Todd Philips best known for directing comedies such as ' Old School, Road Trip' and 'Starsky and Hutch' has gone down a different route with 'Joker' an entertaining film that tries to be different than other movies In this genre.

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck an aspiring stand up comic, who lives In New York with his elderly mother who he cares for and who desperately craves the approval of a Johnny Carson esque talkshow host named Murray Franklin played by Robert Deniro.

I enjoyed this film because It focused soley on being a character study, rather than delivering helter skelter action scenes delivered at a breakneck speed :Joquain Phoenix is brilliant In the lead role, he doesn't try to Imitate the other Actors who have taken on the role he has a manic energy which Is Just exhilarating to watch.

Apart from this I found the direction to be visually Uninspired, apart from a few Individual shots of New York City at night, and the script felt half baked.

The supporting Actors didn't make an Impression on me aside from Robert De Niro, who I thought was well cast playing against type.

So overall despite a solid turn from Joaquin Phoenix, I think this film Is slightly overhyped despite that I think even If you're not a fan Of Marvel or DC; It is worth a look.

17 Again

Zac Efron saves this movie
17 Again tells the story of a man named Mike O'Donnell played Matthew Perry who ever since he has graduated from High school his life his been collapsing slowly around him he is about to be divorced from his High School sweetheart Scarlet played by Leslie Mann his kids Maggie and Alex don't want anything to do with him but after one mysterious encounter with a janitor Mike is transported back into his teenage body and is given a 2nd chance at turning his life around reliving his high school life all over again whilst helping along his kids along the tricky path to adulthood that he failed himself .

This isn't a particularly original movie the plot is strung together with a load of clichés we've seen in many other romantic comedies and body swap flicks the performances are the best thing about it Matthew Perry isn't really given a chance to shine as the older Mike this is the Zac Efron i was concerned about this role thinking it would be a retread of his performances in those dreadful High school musical comedies but i was surprised Efron was Charming , engaging and very sweet he is not just a pretty boy with a nice haircut who showed off his dramatic chops pretty well especially a very moving court scene where he reads a letter that was written by the older Mike trying to not only rekindle the relationship with the great love of his life but to also tell her the older Mike is trapped inside of him .

Overall this is a fun and charming flick that benefits from a charismatic performance by its star Zac Efron who saves the movie from being the excruciating mess which it could've ended up being without his presence in it .

Rock & Chips

Rock and Chips
This is a terrible prequel to a much loved classic Comedy about a young Del Boy in his teenage years the scripts lack the usual John Sullivan wit there are no laughs to be had the performances save this mess from being completely Unwatchable Nicholas Lyndhurst shines as Freddy the Frog whilst James Buckley who even though he had a hard act to follow from David Jason the original Del boy is utterly mediocre and charmless i kept seeing his character from the inbetweeners instead .

Anyway i don't want to go into much more more detail about this since it was a truly execrable experience watching this mess avoid it at all costs even if you're a die hard Only fools and horses fan its not worth it at all .

Skip it you'll thank me after .

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society
Dead poets society is one of the most powerful thought provoking movies i have ever seen which really challenges you to think about your own mortality and how to live your life to full .

The movie is set in the 1950s in an exclusive Vermont prep School when the students are graced with the presence of a new member of the teaching faculty named John Keating played by Robin Williams Mr Keating is not your usual kind of Teacher he teaches an English class full of dispirited and insecure young men and encourages them to think outside of the box ignoring years of Tradition at the prestigious school preferring his students to be free thinkers but will his influence rub off on his band of merry men ? .

The performances in the movie are of the highest caliber the late great Robin Williams shines as Keating , Robert Sean Leonard shines as a conflicted young man named Neil Perry a bright and articulate young man who desperately wants to be an actor but who can't escape the realm of his domineering Father who thinks any career in the Arts is unrealistic all of the young actors in the movie compliment one another tremendously well watching them be inspired by the methods of Mr Keating makes us in the audience feel like we're in the classroom being inspired along side them .

Overall Dead Poets society is a very special movie beautifully written expertly shot and memorably acted a film that says dare to be different and be your own person no matter who stands in your way .

Beverly Hills Cop

The most generic cop movie you'll ever see redeemed only by the performance of Eddie Murphy
Beverly Hills cop made in 1984 is one of the most generic and predictable cop movies ever to be filmed in front of the camera a story riddled with so many predictable clichés it makes the worse buddy cop movie look like it could've been written by the likes of William Shakespeare . It stars Eddie Murphy as a renegade Detroit police officer named axel foley who goes on a vendetta searching for a group of killers who have killed one of murphys friends due to a deal over a portion negotiable bearer bonds which he failed to pay them and he tracks them down to the sun kissed valley of Beverly hills ( where I needn't go into the rest of the story because it's so predictable you have seen this story before in so many other and better cop movies ) . The performances are a mixed bag Murphy being the considerable highlight of the movie stealing literally every scene he is acting circles around the likes of John Ashton and judge Reinhold as his two cop partner buddies even Steven berkoff is a credible villain he just doesn't get enough screen time . Overall Beverly Hills cop is a sometimes exciting but mostly generic cop movie from the 80s which is only redeemed slightly by Eddie murphys performance watch it if you are a fan of Murphys unquestionable talent don't if you are watching for an original Storyline which you haven't seen before in any other buddy cop movie that came before or after this film was released .

Above the Law

Above the Law / Steven Seagals best Movie
Above the law was Steven Seagal's cinematic debut in 1988 and it is one of his best with decent action scenes a thought provoking storyline which gets you involved from beginning to end a decent supporting cast in particular Henry Silva as the movies antagonist and thoroughly likable and courageous performance by the lead actor Seagal whose films have been savaged by critics and some audiences his films are an acquired taste you either love them or hate them . Seagals performance in this film is believable and solid as tough cop Nico . Than other portrayals by other action stars such as Bronson , Norris in particular who cannot act his way out of a paper still . I encourage fans of Seagal and non seagal fans to check out this film which is undoubtedly seagals best film and will change you opinion of him and you will rank higher than all the other action stars such as Norris , Bronson , Eastwood , Schwarzenegger , Stallone . He isn't as good as Eastwood who is the best of this group but he is definitely up their way above the likes of Norris , Schwarzenegger who are definitely not up their .

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow

The worst police Academy movie and the worst comedy ever made
Police Academy 7 was the last film in the franchise returning in 1994 after a 5 year hiatus and . I myself wish the hiatus itself had been extended permanently this film is the absolute pits 1 its not even funny , 2 the jokes are obviously recycled from the previous films and other comedy movies of the same genre and era , 3 barely any of the regular actors are in this and the ones who are in this film just look bored and embraced like they don't wish to be their . In short give this police academy movie a miss stick to parts 1 - 3 only where they are actually and watchable trust me give this one and the 3 sequels before this a pass . Trust me i am doing you a favor you'll thank me afterwords .

The Mechanic

The Mechanic
The Mechanic is another collaboration between Michael winner and his favorite actor Charles Bronson who he normally casts in his films and unlike their previous collaborations in such films like the death wish films and many others . Which i cannot be bothered to name this film isn't one of their better achievements the story concerns a veteran hit man Arthur Bishop who is pondering retiring after completing his latest job until he meets the son of a rich millionaire business man introduced to him by his Father played by Keenan Wynn named Steve played by a young and up and coming Jan Michael Vincent who explains to Bishop that he has decided himself that he wants to follow in Bishops foot steps and become a hit man himself Bishop then decides to take him under his wing and train him in preparation for an assignment that they will under take together which will test the limits of their friendship . This is a decidedly slapdash 70s action movie with a distinct lack of action and nothing else really the pacing is slow and lethargic the editing is inconsistent the script is littered with clichés and plot holes bored from thousands of other action movies the acting is OK but the two lead actors Bronson and Vincent are wooden due to the lackluster material they have to work with this could be due not only to the screenplay writers but also due to Michael winners farcical directing . Overall skip this film and go for some of Charles Bronson's other works he has been so much better in other films such as the Death wish franchise , Mr majestic , The great escape , Kinjite . Give this film a pass and go rent those movies instead which showcase his acting talents better than this film does .

Casino Royale

The worst James Bond film ever made
Casino Royale made in 1967 was initially a vehicle to pry Connery away from Bond when he was disheartened when playing the character for 5 films and before he eventually went on to make you only live twice a year later the offer was made by Charles Feldman he offered him approximately 1 million dollars to appear in his adaptation of Casino Royale which he had acquired the rights to make intending to make it a thriller but when Connery rejected his offer he made it into a spy spoof starring Ian Fleming's first and only choice for the role of 007 David Niven playing an older 007 coming out of retirement to save the world from spectre . And a radical change occurs after M - John Huston is killed Niven takes over mi6 and recruits various trainees to enter a training programme before becoming fully fledged secret agents ( men/women ) then all be called 007 to confuse the enemy its such a preposterous unnecessary edition to the Bond cannon with to many situations characters and needless dialogue Niven gives the only credible performance in the entire film suave and graceful as usual but the rest of the cast and characters in this film apart from le Chiiffe and Spectre are totally unnecessary to the story and should have primarily focused on David Nivens bond in short avoid unless your a die hard Bond fan watch for David Niven exclude the rest of the cast from you memory as the reek of unoriginality and creditableness .

Miami Vice

Miami vice the greatest crime show ever made
Miami vice was crime show which ran from 1984-1990 and it starred don Johnson as detective sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as his eccentric partner Ricardo tubbs who investigate crimes situated in the Miami district ranging from drugs , prostitution , rape , robbery etc as they take orders from there mysterious superior played by Edward James olmos as lieutenant Martin Casstio and with there team consisting of Gina calabrese Saundra Santiago , Stan swetik Micheal Talbot , Olivia brown trudy Barnes . Miami vice was crucified for being one of the silliest shows of the 80s because of the laughable aesthetic clothing but I personally didn't think that affected the dynamic of the show I think the success of the show was the sizzling chemistry between Johnson and Thomas which made it watchable for the most part Johnson giving the most consistently entertaining performance Thomas being watchable as well but not quite the better actor compared to johnsons packed resume where's for me the definitive star of the show was Edward James olmos as Castillo who exhibited a quite intensity and a flagrant passion for those he cared about . I recommend you purchase the box set on Amazon as I did or at your local video store here below are my top 10 episodes I recommend you seek out and try and view and the worst so you don't watch them whatsoever . Best episodes. 1 Brothers keeper 2 No exit 3 Definitely Miami 4 prodigal son 5 sons and lovers 6 Bushido 7 shadow in the dark 8 Golden triangle 9 out where the buses don't run 10 mirror image. Worst episodes 1 cows of October 2 Bought for and paid for 3 Glades 4 missing hours. 5 miracle man 6 Evan 7 Dutch oven. 8 Contempt of the court. 9 Death and the lady 10 cool runing

The Inbetweeners

The inbetweeners 2008 - 2010 is the funniest comedy ever made on television bar none
The inbetweeners is four sixth form students Neil , Simon , will, jay who best friends and who aren't the most popular kids in school but they have each other as they try and navigate through the trials and tribulations that go on at there sixth form such as girls, exam preperation , girls , and hormones and outwitting there psychotic head of sixth form Mr Gilbert . This show In my opinion is Adrian mole updated to the small screen but with a lot more strong language and puerile and graphic discussions about sex and some nudity which can be course but overall it's an hilarious show which revels in the embarrassments of sexual debauchery which provide the funniest moments in the show . Overall the inbetweeners is the funniest show ever produced by e4 for the reasons I mentioned above but be warned parents it's not for kids under 13 at the most because of subject matters discussed in the episodes I laughed at every single episode because of the puerile sense of humor and the contextualised discussions about adolescence buy it now or you will regret missing out on a landmark e4 comedy .

Never Say Never Again

Never say never again Sean Connery's best bond outing
Never say never again I viewed last on itv4 and by God it's great stuff for real bond enthusiasts it stars Sean Connery as James Bond 12 years after he called it quits with the series with diamonds are forever in 1971 and it's about an older 007 who is called out of retirement by his superior m played by Edward fox to stop a spectre operative played by Klaus Maria Brandeur and his voluptuous sidekick Fatima blush played by Barbra careera who have stolen two nuclear warheads and held NATO ransom by planting them in various locations and bond must stop them before they cause world war 3 . Overall this film despite it being classified as an unofficial bond film is really quite fun and much better than most of Roger Moore's turkeys ( octupussy which came out at the same time ) Connery is brooding as well charming as bond he doesn't look bad considering he was 52 in 1983 when this was released and handles himself well especially in the action scenes and love scenes better than in Diamonds are forever when he looked flabby and overweight Kim basinger is stunning and tough as the Bond girl of the piece she is not just seen as a sex object . Klaus Maria Brandeur is credible villain with his cynicism and his snake like charm and overall his coolness under fire , Barbra carreaa Though is gorgeous but severely goes OTT as Fatima blush the cartoonish fem fatale and it's just embarrassing to watch . But check this film out its better than most of Roger Ms cartoonish outings ignore the negative reviews there ( obviously Moore fans ) check it out its undoubtedly Sean Connery's best bond film in my opinion .

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