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The Colour of Justice

Reason that there are no comments ?
I was wondering why nobody seemed to think this movie was worth commenting on.

Living in South Africa I can tell you my idea why this is so.

People, especially white people world wide and especially in this country has been loaded with a guilt trip about blacks. We see it in this country every day. We have to feel guilty about the behavior of black people. In the USA slavery is still being given as the reason for their failure and the reason they make up the vast majority of the criminal population.

In South Africa they make up more than 98% of the prison population and this after the communist ANC party has been ruining the country since 1994.

The youths deserved Texas justice. A life for a life. Nothing more and nothing less.

In South Africa they get away with the murder of 1800 white farmers in 10 years. Why ? The same reason nobody commented on this movie. Whites are loaded with a guilt trip for black failure.

In South Africa it is so bad that there is a rape every 52 seconds. What does the black government do about it. They tell the VICTOMS to be more careful. The most disgusting thing about this is that the GUILT LOAD of the whites is so severe they actually believe this rubbish. They actually forgive these barbaric actions because the church says so.

This movie is part of everyday life in South Africa and God Forbid that the Americans ever get so pathetic.

Justice systems should not allow themselves to be hijacked by racist cowards that do not want to see the reality of their own people and communities.

Slavery can no longer be used in the USA as an excuse for being a sick human being and a social failure. It is time that people start taking responsibility for their actions/ This movie was disturbing because of the reality of it. It awakes severe anger against leaders such as the Reverend from HELL.

I presume this is only discussed in the privacy of homes unfortunately.

Noah's Ark

Oh stop your moaning
When are the Christians world wide going to realise that they do NOT own the monopoly on God and that their years of rule over the destiny of nations is OVER.

This was a comical movie made about one of the biggest fairy tales in the bible. It is just that. A movie built on a legend. Nothing more than King Athur etc.

Science has proved that there was no world wide flood and that the flood of the bible was regional, most probably caused by the flooding from the Black Sea at about the same time in history.

If you are stupid enough to believe the biblical story had world wide repercussions, please explain how noah went about loading off each species unique to its country i.e. kangaroos in Australia, off at each continent while floating around without a rudder.

If he could manage that he deserved the BLUE RIBBON because the old fart's boat had to be flying.

Every time a old legend or story gets turned into movie you do not hear the whole world or even the authors bitching.

Christians should stop the moaning and complaining. If you don't like the movie, don't watch it and leave the rest of the world to entertain themselves with your silly myths and legends.

Into the West

Has America Apologized ?
I am a South African. I am white. I have been expected to apologize to the blacks in my country for the so called autrocities that the white people performed against the blacks over the ages.

Having just viewed this movie and having studied up on the history of various Native American Tribes, this movie, especially episode 6 truly made me sick to my stomach.

I want to know if the Americans still bear the guilt they should for the barbaric way the massacred the native population of the country they took from them.

If we had followed the same route in Africa, we would not be in the racial problems that we have today. We would have also been a white majority but we did not. We fed them, educated them, gave them the best living standards in Africa but we are still being expected to apologize. As for me, I wont apologize but if history is correct, the Americans of today owe restitution to the Native Americans they treated like animals.

Has any such apologies or restitution ever been done in the USA ? I would really like to know.

The King Maker

Could have been a Fantastic Movie BUT
If there is one thing I cannot fathom, it is how people (the makers of the movie), can spend so much money on what is fantastic great scenes with hundreds of extras, use such beautiful sets (and they were fantastic all the way throug) and then make a movie that has NO character development.

I suppose the storyline had to follow the actual history and I do not know how accurate that is but lets say it was accurate.

The Priest sounded like a queen (gay queen) and the talk he gave Fernando just before the great battle sounded more like a lovers chat than a priest and a hero.

As for the battle's. They were OK but for those who did not first read up on the history of the King of Siam, the battle just burst into the front of the movie with one funny little guy asking everyone to help and fight.

The bottom line - THE MOVIE HAD NO COHESIAN. It was a lot of small pieces patched together with no pre-planning of any kind.

What a pity. The sets, costumes, extras and even the special effects were so great but the movie sucked.

Lastly. If I was the movie producer and I had gone to such trouble to create all the sets, get a very good sound track etc, I would have at least made the move double the length and taken the time to make a TRUE epic with proper development.

V for Vendetta

Use of Power Voice was fantastic
One of the most remarkable features of this movie was the use of POWER VOICE. For those that do not know what power voice is - POWER VOICE is one of the techniques taught to and used by leaders (manipulators).

Usually people have an UPWARD intonation at the end of sentences. The more impulsive and "friendly" a person, usually the more UPWARD the intonation at the end of each Sentence. One of the vocal ways to manipulate and overpower those under you (and many equal or higher than you), is to use the Power Voice method. There are 5 features to this POWER VOICE and they are overwhelming when used correctly although they are also undetected by the average person who falls prey to it. The 5 features are:

1. Talk with a low (bass) voice if you can. 2. Talk slower than usual. 3. ALWAYS INTONE THE END OF YOUR SENTENCES DOWN (IF POSSIBLE GRAMATICALLY) 4. Give an extra half to full second REST between sentences. 5. Talk softer than usual. This makes people listen better in order to hear.

As I have said. This has a devastating effect on people. I use it in my office when calling wrongdoers in. No hysterical shouting or crap-outs. Soft quiet POWER VOICE. It scares the hell out of them.

One of the people that perfected this was Sir Anthony Hopkins. He has used this in many of his movies. This was used by him in MEET JOE BLACK, AND by DEATH in Joe Black. This is why V sounds so much like Brad Pitt in the movie. POWER VOICE.

It also touches some political issues which are very unspoken. Britain using its weapons against its own people. Very much like the suggestion that the US government used and formulated the 911 attacks against their own people to get them to fall in line.

COmmunists use it in countries such as South Africa. They allow the country to fall into anarchy and crime and at the moment when the population is freaked out by fear they come with the solution. The population then show their THANKS to their GOVERNMENT for saving them while in actual fact that government just gave them back what was theirs - their freedom. This method was invented by the clever communists when the found that the only other way to mass control people, namely direct violence, generated to much opposition. This method of brainwashing used by the UK, USA and in countries such as South Africa is much safer. It makes people give up their freedom and rights voluntarily without to much resistance and without even realizing what they are doing. Look at the laws on Homeland Security in the USA for instance.

Just my view.

Kaena: La prophétie

Very good Symbolism
I am be a seeker of symbolism even in a CG movie but I really enjoyed the movie.

I found the closed trusting nature of the people to be very similar to many of the hyper Christian and other religious comunities over the world. They are to scared to think for themselves and move into the real light (in contrast to that offered by the GODS and the priest) As in the real world, when someone of the group does break away, find the real light and come back to 'save' them, the antagonism found in the movie is very similar to the real world.

Consider the fact that I am gay, I should have surely noticed the TOO MUCH FEMALE CROTCH thing if it was there but I did not. I actually found her to be quite butch and in style with timbres style build. Nothing overtly sexual about that.

As a matter of fact, quite a few of these lunatics that have commented on this movie and who went on ranting about the sex thing should consider seeing a therapist.


Really Bad
I find the critique of many IMDb users a little harsh and in many cases find that they crit the movie from a very professional viewpoint and not that of the guy on the street that wants to sit and watch something just to GET AWAY from it all.

In this case however I have to say it was BAD. I am a SciFi junkie and there was NOTHING in this movie that grabbed me for even one second.

There was no proper storyline. I may be an idiot but I still do not know where the GOVERNMENT was that was so worried about these pieces.

The pathetic attempt by the main character to put together these 3 pieces is scary. Half the time the two pieces were already in place and he simply had to add the third. A 3 year old kid would have been able to put them together.

This movie was BAD.


The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Utter Rubbish
I cannot believe that this rubbish was written and directed by a professor of film at Corpus Christi in Texas.

There is no intelligence, nothing funny and nothing very scary in this waste of time. I don't know what emotion Henkel wanted to arouse in his viewers but he failed. Well, that may be a little unfair. He aroused anger in me for watching the rubbish to the end. I did not watch it because there was any part of it that was good but rather with the hope that there may just be 1 minute of value somewhere in this noisy waste of time. If you have nothing to do, Don't get this movie. Rather do nothing and bore yourself to death. This is not even worth watching for free.

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