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Please do not watch
If there was one movie in this world that deserves a 0 rating, it would be this one.

The plot revolves around Olivia Wilde's obsession with kidnapping a boy with Asperger's syndrome, but the viewer will find it hard to decide if the boy's symptoms are worse than the director's.

The movie highlights that those with Asperger often engage in repetitive behaviors. Unfortunately, if the movie was a person, it would also have Asperger.

The movie was a nonstop loop of of unbearable repetitive behaviors. The boy throws the ball against the wall. Luke Wilson sitting in his car. Olivia Wilde sleeping.

OK. THE AUDIENCE GETS THE POINT. There's no reason to drag on the movie continuously as if we all had dementia. The director should probably find a new job. A corporate desk job would be perfectly suitable for someone so obsessed with repetitive boring motions.

I saw a homeless person this morning who asked me for money for food for her baby. Instead of giving her the money, I went to see this movie. In hindsight, I regret this very much.

If the director and producers of this movie ever read this review. I plead that you donate the proceeds of the movie ticket sales to help feed the homeless.

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