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The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold

Just plain awful !
I am a huge fan of The cutting Edge (1)... and I was looking forward to seeing the sequel. This sequel was awful. Christy Romano was so awkward in skates, and the plot just plain stunk.

She kept making these strange faces, and scrunching up her forehead into an ugly bunch of wrinkles.

The only thing that was interesting in this movie was the guy that played her love interest. He was just plain nice to look at.

The plot had so many holes, you didn't really care to keep up.

During the interview included in the Special Features, Christy Romano said that this movie was better than the first.....who does she think she is kidding?

Into the West

Disappointed in Jacob as an OLD MAN
Since this is a Steven Spielberg picture, I am VERY disappointed that they chose NEW actors to play Jacob and his wife.

Now a days they can make ANYONE look older in movies....much older, and since Spielberg is involved with this movie, I am very disappointed to see this other actors just shoved into these roles..I would have expected Spielberg to age the actors.

Unless I misunderstood, ONLY 10 years have passed...and all the sudden these two ATTRACTIVE characters are all the sudden MUCH OLDER PEOPLE.


Other than that, I really like the show, this is the only thing that really bugs me.

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