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MSG 2 the Messenger

MSG 2 Messenger
Movie MSG-2 The Messenger is directed by Saint Gurmeet Ram rahim Singh Ji Insan.The movie content is fantastic.MSG 2 is packed with Action,Comedy and Drama as the essence of a movie. The presentations of scenes are also amazing. Script is purposeful and entertaining the audience till end. A good movie without vulgarity and obscene scenes. MSG 1 was brilliant and now with MSG 2 you would get happier. Great completion to an awesome theme.To put it shortly, it is good as people make it out to be. The plot is great,the score is superb and actors deliver solid performances. After showing exceptional confidence in the film by holding the Paid Preview show on Wednesday night that grossed an incredible 3.60 crore, the makers are now releasing it at over 1800 screens across India.

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