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Office Christmas Party

A Schizophrenic movie script on steroids
OK I dont mind crude, or sexual content, but this was only rated R, or 15UK. Yet American Pie 18. Now i knew what to expect with those movies. I only really watched this because of Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman.

It had the potential to be a really funny fun movie, but disintegrated into total mayhem and foul language and very explicit sexual content.

WHY? Really non of which added to the movie in anyway. You can still have a fun crazy office party with silliness going on without all of that. I found Jennifer Anniston let herself down appearing in this movie. I really wanted to like it. But for the first time in a long time i actually was happy when it finally ended. IF you cut out all the rubbish and rewrite it could be a great movie but the way it was presented to me it was like total madness and seemed to me no one really knew what or how to play their parts. I DID laugh a couple of times. BUT CRINGED more.

SUCH a waste of talent some great actors in it but are they that desperate to appear in any movie?

Like I said take out some of the vile rubbish, tweak the script a bit, get rid of the drug dealer had nothing to add to story. I had no idea who anyone was, or their role in the business. JUST all so confusing. Sorry i really wanted to enjoy it. I RARELY give bad ratings as i am easily pleased so for me to only give a 3, shows just how bad it was for me lol.

A definite thumbs down for me.

Like a Boss

Friends and enemies
WELL ok i read some of the reviews. I still thought i would watch it. Why low ratings?

THE CAST was amazing so many great actors within this movie some i recognised from Netflix films but my favorite was Jennifer Coolidge, she always makes me laugh.

There were some very funny moments in this movie. I thought about it why low ratings, i wonder if it was the title. Like a boss. It was about 2 young women who had grown up together and had a great bond, but also were never totally honest with each other so things festered over the years. One was too scared to upset the other. But isnt that what strong friendship is about. Being open and honest and accepting each other for their faults.

SO the BOO HISS nasty owner of a cosmetic company was able to infiltrate these failings and split the two for only a short time.

The ending was BRILLIANT I loved it and the surprise guest at the end totally made it for me. It just all fit in place.

I think you have to just take it for what it is a chick flick a bit of fun nothing serious. No its not oscar worthy, but neither is it worth such awful ratings. I must admit i enjoyed it as much as other Paramount films i have seen lately.

If your going to watch it do so will little expectations. Some of the humour is quite risque lol. The best one was when mia was dragged back over the railings the comment she made had me in stitches lol.

Yeh it was all cool. Perhaps a little long but give it a go. Oh xmas came early when i saw Ryan Hanson one of my fave actors.

A Castle for Christmas

Different set in Scotland not the states.....
Finally a nice christmas movie not set in the states. I actually enjoyed it as it was different. Yeh predictable but it was fun watching it as it evovled.

I loved Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes, actually he changed over the the time of watching, into a more kinder and happier person and it was reflected in his face. The dog was fabulous. The scenary was great.

It was quite a novelty to watch a christmas movie set in Scotland. I thought the accents were brilliant i have friends from Scotland who watched it and they said it was pretty much authentic.

You have to watch it right through including the end titles as some of what happens is revealed then by Drew.

Yeh it was ok, I think it could even have a season 2 for next year.

Anyway it really made me feel christasy for the first time.

The Wheel of Time

confused to the time this is supposed to be set
I expected some sort of medieval series the beginning showed two men who looked from a fantasy period.

However, the scene in the pub totally turned me off. There sat a young man with a clearly modern haircut and totally clean shaven like he had been to the beauty parlour.

Sorry i gave it one episode that was enough for me. There are far better things to watch then this. All the costumes looked brand new and tailored too.

Father Christmas Is Back

OK low rating why? This is a typical carry on/rom com with silliness, and also an evolving story from the past which is revealed over time.

The actors were brilliant. I loved the fact the family was called CHRISTMAS lol. Yes it was over acted and had some really funny moments hidden. I laughed at loud at several of them. Perhaps you have to be older british to get this film I am not sure, but really some magic moments and just the right amount of rudeness lol. Loved the scene in the barn, and the references to animals round things lol.

The mickey take of vegan just get caroline to cook you a bit of wood you will be fine and. Jackie the american thought it was a great idea having no idea that the reference was cooking just that WOOD lol.

A mature take on christmas with the christmas family. LOVED IT i gave it higher rating only to boost its poor ratings up. I think the minimum it deserves is six.

OH my so funny when Jackie all excited plugs in the lights lol.........

Worth watching just to see all the brilliant actors again, and John Cleese well he never changes, Kelsey Grammar fab, caroline quentin what a hoot, so many of them. If you like silly british humour like a carry on film with a bit of adult theme and drama you will love this.

The Perfect Date

The Pefect film
................for a lazy afternoon with no expectations. This widowed 70 year old really enjoyed it. It helped while awhile an afternoon and I found it amusing and enjoyable, maybe a bit predictable but really who cares. I didnt take any of it seriously.

The actors were all good and I think we will see more of the two leads.

For me it was different which I like. Brooke is needed his services in a way as a lot of young people feel pressure to be perfect. Who needs to be perfect no one. Just be yourselves and enjoy the life you have have been given.

I agree with the dont nitpick by another reviewer this is just what it is a nice sweet romance story. No stress.

Love Hard

Finding true love mixed with christmas
Well i loved this. I wasnt sure but it hooked me in minutes. Totally different xmas movie. It was about finding love the real love not make believe. People hiding behind false identies because they dont think they are worthy of anything else. Just be yourself is the morale of the story.

Only thing i struggled with was the male lead I thought he couldnt be more then 18 lol. Anyway it was funny, had its moments, no smut just a good honest clean family movie for christmas. It covered different things including sibling jealousy, falling in love out of your ethnic group, learning about families and tradition.

Yep it made me laugh in places. The movie didnt take itself too seriously.

All the actors were good. I was sad when it ended, i would love to see a part 2.

I loved the ending.

You Are My Home

Sweet emotional movie
I wasnt sure what to expect to be honest. But i loved it. A young girl who is dragged away from her mother. A women who looses her husband and son in an accident. They are brought together and the story begins.

This was gentle but had emotional scenes. If anyone reading this has lost familiy before christmas each one is hard to deal with, and a lot of us just hide away and hope it will just disappear.

This lady Chloe was forced to deal with her demons by the child alexandra arriving needing her care. Both of them learnt together that love can come around again. I really enjoyed it. Not silly, or over acted, but a true story in that it is happening now where families are torn apart that does sadly happen and it shows how people deal with loss on this special holiday.

I think I will watch it again. It was so touching.

A Wish For Christmas

Feel good christmas movie
I enjoyed this very much. It had all sorts of things in the story, but mainly about a young web designer who everyone took for granted. This sadly is so common place now in the workplace. Also the fact that employees are just expected to work over the christmas season with little rewards.

Anyway I dont want to get into the plot too deeply it was just a gentle storyline good acting, nice script, lots of christmas and all the cooking baking made me hungry.

Yes nothing wrong with this and it even had a happy ending. Perfect.

Holiday Rush

WARNING don't spoil your kids is the lesson.
I am not sure why the awful ratings. I wasnt going to watch it, but have noticed that low ratings on IMDB doesnt mean the film is not watchable usually far from it, so I gave it go.

Everyone was focused on the kids, they were spoilt rotten because the father tried to compensate for them as they lost their mother which kind of bounces back on you when you get fired from a lucrative job.

The kids were vile, spoilt. The father tried his best was totally out of his depth. When he is fired, his busness partner steps in and they join forces and start a new radio station.

This is like a pantomine on celluloid, with the villian of the peace boo hiss and the fairy godmother, and over acting, BUT I still enjoyed it. I watch these films tongue in cheek, I dont take them seriously they are made to just chill out and while away an hour or two.

The family go back to their routes. The son misbehaves but then you find out why and it was quite a touching reason to be honest. The house they had to move back too was actually quite a nice house was wear they were born.

Really just watch it with no expections, it doesnt deserve 1 rating IMHO.

I agree with the sentiment, its not what you have, but who is around you, so true. I have nothing anymore but I do have wonderful famliy which for me makes my life is what i learnt from this.

Come on guys it was just a small movie not meant to be an oscar winner.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

wow just ignore negative views...........
I read all the reviews but decided that as i like James Brolin I would watch it. Well I LOVED IT.

You see i lost my husband of 30 years in 2017 and its been three years without him. What do people expect the character Jack is supposed to be like? He acted it exactly as I would have expected. I still cant bare to 'DO' christmas, when my partner died suddenly I just wanted to run away and hide.

I thought his daughter actually needed a lesson on fathers. He worked hard family cant always be together for holidays, if they are commited to jobs. Life isnt like that. I love the daughter Gracie, she was spunky and straight good for her. I really enjoyed it, and glad that Jackie ditched her boyfriend ugh.

Jack was in pain emotionally, he was trying to run away from this, but thankfully and sadly a friend passed away and he came back home and stayed for christmas.

Unless you have lost someone maybe its hard to comprehend just how every christmas each year is harder then the one before.

I gave it 10 stars as it is so how I feel, like a Grinch, I hate christmas i still have my husbands last christmas present he never got to open, i cant bare to get rid of it. This is a lovely feel good movie, with love interest, a bit of political, and love story and learning about family and relationships.

I think I shall watch it again, oh and the dog just made it for me 'NOSE' so funny. I have a dog and she misses my partner too, and without her each year would be even worse. I thought James Brolin acted it perfectly.

Last Christmas

Well i didnt see that coming....
This film was like being in a battlefield, then suddenly being transported to a winter fairy land.

The writers tried to cram too many woke issues, including diversity, homelessness and racism and intolerance. I dont want that at xmas I am aware of it all, i just want to be able to escape into a fantasy.

Having said that I did enjoy it, but it kind of dragged a bit and I let my mind wander on other things which isnt a good sign for me.

To be honest this didnt have to be set at christmas time not really.

Anyway the ending blew me away the last 30 minutes were breathtaking and brilliant. I gave it a 9 for that.

Emma Thompson i watched it mainly because she is just one of my favorite actors....but oh dear....... I found her character and acting stiff over the top and boring. The homeless guys were the main stars for me.

Watch it though as it was overall an ok movie and i cried at the end.


A Perfect Christmas List

A feel good movie ideal to while away time
I loved this. Both mother & daughter where just so alike they couldnt see it lol.

Sometimes we have to be reminded what is most important to us and it doesnt have to cost the earth. Thinking of others unselfishly and enjoying some fun times together reminding each other what is more important the love of family.

OK it was a typical christmas movie but wasnt one of the worse I have ever watched. The children made it at the end.

A good all round family movie.


Just brilliant well made, different drama, dark comedy, & CSI
ALL rolled into one. I hope there will be another season. This hooked me from the get go.

Wolfe (he doesnt turn into a were wolf as some people thought). Wolfe is an amazing eccentric, zany and highly intelligent almost bordering on genuis forensic scientist.

I must admit I did laugh as it has hidden gems of humour.

I cant believe some reviewers said he was a rubbish actor really not sure what they were watching. The actor who plays Wolfe Babou Ceesay is a highly respected one, who has done a lot of good films and series.

Anyway this is different, he is kind and caring with his staff and the people who are involved in the cases. He has bi polar and has manic episodes throught the season but they dont spoil it in anyway. I loved the mixture of cases, from gorey semi horror, to touching child death.

THIS IS beyond brillant a highly intelligent and written script. JUST LOVED IT.

The Nevers

An exhausting journey of six episodes. AMAZING
I have just binge watched this for 2 days. I would never have normally watched this type of series, but I quite like the idea of women with super powers so gave it ago. I didnt even know who the production guy was Joss Whedon. I rarely ever watch sci fi and didnt even now steampunk lol. Ah well at nearly 70 maybe its a time to have a change. I must admit i enjoyed Sweet Tooth, so why not this.

The critics have not been kind, why? This hooked me from the get go. OK yes it is a bit confusing as you have to learn the whys and wherefores of characters, but this is all revealed at the last episode of six.

This series transported me all over the place, one minute sci fi, then drama and serial killers, then steam punk, and even COMEDY as there were a few funny moments. It also had some historical fiction but i wasnt interested too much in that.

The sets the design the imagination of it all and the story coming together was just astonishing. It is a bit sexual in places so would use guide for younger people.

I would give this 11 out 11 if there was such a beast. Now i am waiting for the second part to arrive to see where their journey takes them.

I JUST LOVED it and will watch it again, as so much going on you miss things. The last episode was a bit confusing but you soon realise what is happening. ACE just ace. Maladie one of the characters the actress was astounding so good in the role.

One thing for sure just when you think you have it sussed it throws a curve ball at you. So you are kept on your toes. What an adventure. Feel quite drained now lol. 😂

Sweet Tooth

I want more i want it NOW..............
This is one of the best things i have seen for a long time. I am 70 years old and never would have watched this normally. I was more intrigued by the title.

Wow there are so many messages written in the plot and some were a bit too close to him with what is happening to us now.

It really makes you think about life and they way we treat each other. Rather then bringing us together it pulls us apart, like what is happening even now.

Its just stunningly made the actors all of them are truly exceptional the young boy who plays GUS i simply fell in love with. I like the fact there were about 3 different stories interwined and at the end they kind of all came together.

The ending is good as it opens the story out for more adventures.

Oh its just not fair we will have to wait far too long to see if Netflix will make a season 2, i really hope so and it happens sooner rather then later.

Country Comfort

Oh wow this is just the best
I binge watched this. I loved it so cool.

If you like country and western and family story this is just the best. I really hope they do a season 2.

What is so good the lead can sing, Katharine McPhee. Amazing voice and the interaction with the other actors was really good. The little Chloe played by Pyper Braun, oh my goodness what a fab actress only 7 years old I wanted to take her home with me lol.

Makes such a change from violence and death, this is just a lovely story about a familiy grieving who find someone who helps them along the road to recovery and they learn to live again.

PLEASE give us a second season.


A lovely heartwarming film dealing with grief and loss
I loved this from the start to end. I hope there is another part to the story.

I lost someone who i loved dearly suddenly and the script handled this so well. It wasnt oozing boo hoo, it was dealt with superbly. The realisation at the end that he could still find love and be happy.

I thought all the actors handled it very well, and there was some really funny moments.

It is a nice film one to just loose yourself in.

Christmas Wedding Planner

Must have watched a different film......
OK from reviews i expected a load of rubbish with a terrible ending. I did go on amazon to check reviews as i was going to hire it from there, but the reviews were totally different giving it a high rating lol.

So i watched it. I really enjoyed it perhaps i am easy lol. It was just a simple story and I actually liked the ending it was romantic.

So if you see the bad reviews in IMDB ignore lol, and just try it yourself. It is what it is a simple christmas easy to watch film.


I didnt see that coming............
WOW what a lovely film. I found it by accident on Netflix. Being an avid fan of Jennifer Aniston and Dolly Parton was a bonus.

Just fun, not to be taken too seriously, but it does come with a message LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE.

I might even watch it again. The drag scenes were a bonus and i was singing along to Dolly it had everything i enjoy in a film.

I never read the book, so no expections. If i could give 11 I would have.

I just loved it.

Murder Mystery

Love a murder mystery ..........
Well a great combination and pairiing with Jennifer Aniston and Sandler. I loved this movie. It really got better as it went along, and we had a few mentions of Agatha Christie films in the plot lol.

It was just tongue in cheek, who dunnit.............. (did you guess?), and the settings in Monaco superb.

The end was brilliant with a great chase scene that finished it off rather nicely.

Yep i enjoyed it great cast and lines and just fun.

The Secret: Dare to Dream

Perfect movie for covid
I loved this film, it was such a feel good movie. Full of positive thoughts and energy. Which is what we all need right now.

It was about the struggles of different people and losses and new and changes in their lives. Dealing with stuff. Thinking positive rather always negative.

I can highly recommend for any age group to be honest. Even young adults would enjoy this.

It did have a few surprises in it too. Very enjoyable. I am a sucker for a love story.

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes.........smarter then Sherlock
Oh wow some bad reviews what is going on.

This was never about Sherlock Holmes. It is about his sister Enola Holmes the books written by Nancy Springer who has written six books based on The Enola Holmes Mysteries. It was written for young adults.

Now this is the first one which was taken up by Netflix. There is a another one Enola Holmes 2 in the making.

This is a mystery based on Elona Holmes missing mother, and the story is entangled with other things, politics, sufragents, murder, intrigue you name it. I watched for just over 2 hours and was just taken in by it all.

Its fun, fast paced, the actress who plays the lead Millie Brown is a brilliant actress just loved her in the casting. I enjoyed the bit of love story too, and boo hoo who would have thought Frances de la Tour would be a villan lol.

Just watch it with no sherlock expectations it has nothing to do with him, at all. Doesnt matter who plays him i never really noticed him.

Ju Jitsu was very popular in victorian times. The Japanese wrestling technique was very popular with society ladies, as it was considered a sport which improved a lady's grace and was a practical method of self-defense. So it is authentic.

I loved it and there were a few ouch and ooo moments lol.

Cant wait for the next book in the series of books from Nancy Springer.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

feeling depressed? Watch this
Oh wow i loved this film. I am a 70 year disabled and widowed grandmother. Sadly most of my grandkids are way too old to take to cinema not that I could anyway.

I was feeling depressed this morning so decided to watch this it came up on my Netflix to watch.

Well i laughed and cried it was so funny and entertaining. Max dialogue was great one made me laugh "skin and cones" lol.....I really dont understand poor reviews of this. It was amazing animation and the humour suited children and adults.

I loved the fact there were several story lines going on in the background which at the end merged into one. Bringing in the old lady with the cats at the end was just priceless.

It had a few morales in the story too. I can highly recommend this for any age.

I feel great now just tired from all the laughing lol. Just brilliant. Loved it. Definately one to beat the covid blues.

Second Act

Worth a watch to beat the covid blues
Its the first film i have watched in ages. I really enjoyed it. Its just a simple plot with a refreshing change to all the blood and gore we normally get bomarded with.

Its a love story in 2 ways, and its also a lesson to others that dont undervalue your worth or your acheivements. People do judge others by their education and backgrounds. I never got exams because of travelling when young, but i have done some great jobs even teaching in further ed.

I found this funny too it had some really funny moments lol. I really dont understand the low ratings. Not every film has to be smart just enterntaining and this entertained me.

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