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Project Blue Book

Refreshing take of the Cold War era.
It's a solid show and HC's best next to Vikings. Sure the subject matter is crazy, but it is well written and extremely interesting. It really captures the Cold War era and the culture of America in the 1950's to a T. The episodes are fast paced and plot driven. The actors are great in their roles and take us along for the ride. Whether you believe in UFOs or not, that doesn't with most stories dealing with an X quotient the most dangerous and evil force in the these stories are the human species, whether they are Russian agents or our own government.

One Way Ticket to Hell

An artistic telling akin to the quality of Shakespeare
This reviewer subtracted 1 mark from the rating preventing a perfect 10 due to the fact the running time is only 59 minutes. This story is deftly crafted with artistic nuance. As the film starts the viewer will see that the main character is being played by a an actress with skills that only could have been attained at London's Royal Theater. The actress selection was done so to utilize the talents of a woman in her 30's to play a young girl 14 years of age, this was implemented for the purpose that only a highly skilled actress could meet the role's emotional and psychological demands. This riveting urban epic starts with our heroine falling in love and wanting more than the everyday modicum of societal expectations. She sees another path, the road heavily traveled, the road not taken, and her road, the road closed for construction. After dropping out from school, because who needs to learn math or science when the mystery of life awaits you. She starts a period of experimentation with altering her perception, she realizes this is the permanent state of existence she wants for herself. When she no longer can support that style of life, she decides to live the American Dream and open a small business with plans of greatness and opportunity. Once in business she realizes that she will need to have help and her business suffers growing pains. Then as in life when all doors shut, a window of opportunity opens and she enlists the help of some nice chaps who are motorcycle enthusiasts. What is a great story without tragedy?

In the end she finds that the world isn't ready for her dreams and she is arrested for breaking the norms of society, but then is forgiven when she promises to conform to societies wishes and at the end she is reunited with her family. Now others may see this movie as just a story of a young girl with a lousy boyfriend who whores herself off for drugs, becomes a junkie and then ends up as saddle trash for a bike gang all told in an ABC after school special format, but I see a story of the every woman and the soul of the "Feminine American Experience." Not for shirkers, you really have to work to make it through this film, but only great things come from hard work.

Danger Man

Timelessly Cool.
I just found this program and am amazed how great it is. It is smarter and far better than most of the television programming that has ever aired.One reviewer called it disturbingly addictive, and I would agree due to the unique story lines and character. Brisk, with smart action and great set points that whisk the viewer along with a fluid pacing and smart dialogue. Don't look for one liners or clichéd dialogue that manipulates the viewer for an emphatic effect. We like the main character because he is likable without effort , this is due to Patrick Mcgoohans talent. I am amazed that this show is not one that is spoken of when great television is mentioned, because it is so extremely cool. After the first episode,you'll want to binge watch, but don't, savor the flavor and stretch this viewing experience out, you'll be glad you did. As the series moves on, it just keeps getting better and the viewer is treated to many groundbreaking moments in television with camera styles, scripting, story lines and action. After viewing this, I can see where many filmmakers "sampled" some of the more iconic moments of the program and images. Finding this lost treasure was a real treat.

Missing Women

A quick sleazy little noir that deserves a look.
This isn't "The Big Combo" or "Detour", but for a Republic Pictures 60 minute movie it's actually quite good. Yes the Driving scenes are poorly done, but other than that ,the camera work and lighting is good. The director also made sure that the camera caught a full and descriptive background with each shot. The backgrounds are filled with a supporting cast whom seem right at place in their roles, seamlessly transitioning the story from scene to scene. This was a thoughtful moderately budgeted film that when viewing looks like an expensive one....except for the car scenes, The basic story line is carried by a competent cast and there is not a bad performance in the film. The film's storyline is not a new premise, but it's done with enough variables to make it interesting., the basic story is about a newlywed who goes out for revenge on the car thieves that killed her beau. She changes her identity, and goes to a baseball game where they serve beer in paper coffee cups.Don't over think it, just go along for the ride and by the end you'll have found that the movie delivered a rich textural viewing, the best part is that there are no cheap sets and each shot location is carefully chosen, it's all together a pretty cool movie..... except for the driving scenes.

Body of the Prey

It dares to go nowhere, a true regalia of the oblivious.
I saw this film and wondered, could it really be a masterpiece? I mean I have seen some great movies in my day, Citizen Kane, Moonrise, To Kill a Mocking Bird, and The Ox Bow Incident....but this wow! On the cover of the DVD was a scantily clad Swedish woman being ingested by a giant Venus Flytrap, and usually when you see this kind of cover, it is done by an artist who will draw only to titillate the senses. Knowing that you would assume that the film inside is inferior to the artist's rendition..but not here. Be prepared for a journey into the mind of madness. The doctor; brilliantly portrayed by James Craig, brings us inside the psyche of a brilliant scientist caught in a spire of emotion, rife with the challenges of a society moving too fast and cultures caught in the machinations of his ritualistic need to become something greater than the world will allow.This cinematic mastery blends the inner fear of mankind against the violent inner and outer workings of a world pressing in with unrelenting fury.Craig rages against the machine of societal norms and asks the questions most humans only dare think about if they are under the influence of illegal narcotics. Atsuko Rome deftly plays a Japanese woman of the time seeking her rightful place in a world which considers her voice and opinion to be invalid and with good reason. Her portrayal of Noriko is equal to Streep's performance in Sophie's Choice. The creature, the Venus Flytrap Man,is a wonderfully made rubber suited nightmare that looks like a sex toy for the deranged , which I believe is purposefully manufactured that way to represent the violent repressive hostilities that Americans have towards sexuality. Yes this movie is not for the weak, nor is it for the brave, it's really not for anyone. It was created never to be seen and hidden away, an intellectual forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. One that can only be fully understood by a higher evolved human that we.Like that fruit in that fairy tale, once you eat it, you are doomed with the curse of self awareness and you'll be cast out of from the garden of man and into the the reality of being and nothingness for 1 hour and 34 minutes.

A Very Murray Christmas

If you tell anyone, they'll never believe you..that this sucks.
It is completely shocking....really, at how bad this is. I forked money out sight unseen and rarely do I do that, but with Murray how could I go wrong? I guess Murray can't go undefeated forever and the whole cast stumbles through this while Murray tries to keep a horrific script alive. The hardest part was the painful ineptitude of the deliveries of the whole cast, I get the feeling that this may have been a solely extemporaneous performance. If it wasn't it was more forced than shotgun wedding. The best gift you can give yourself this Christmas is anything but this movie. I really don't want to spend any more time writing a review for a movie I was mugged out of 20 bucks for, but I MDB felt that 5 lines to say that a form of entertainment sucks it hard is not enough, so let me add this....I would rather be shaved with a rusty broken razor, rubbed with salt and then dipped in a vat of Iodine than watch this film again.

Into the Badlands

On too late for it's audience
Yep, don't look for anything that would appeal to anyone over the age of 12 in this show. This is an earnest attempt to make a yeast infection appear as lubricant. This show is wire-fu, and the show is so bad that in the second episode, the lady baron fights with 8 inch stilettos and then the scene edits from combat boots to heels to flats to stilettos. Even the editing is awful. The actors try and make this dreck work, but this is all that is wrong with sci-if in this new era, Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner all have a new contender in the " Worst sci-if writing since L.Ron Hubbard" trophy. As far as the martial arts side of it, I have been spoiled by the Raid, and the Raid 2, where wire fu is extinct and the fight scenes depend upon the skill set of the fighters being choreographed. Badlands is the opposite of cool martial arts takes decent fighting, and makes it ridiculous. I do believe that the actors try their best with the cue card like script they are given. This show has all the appearances of a program that was developed by a team that listened to the conversations of 12 year old males jacked up on Copius amounts of Monster energy drinks and Maxim magazine stories. Bad on all counts. Sad considering this is the station that brought us gems like Breaking Bad, The Walking and Talking Dead, Better call Saul, He'll on Wheels, And Mad Men. This show is on the opposite end of that spectrum. I tell all people form your own opinion, it may differ from mine and you may enjoy this show, and if you do, make sure you have your homework done before you watch it.One reviewer called it fun junk food t.v., that's over hyping's the grease that leaks through the bag.


Hey, morons need a show too!
I see a lot of hating on the reviews, unfortunately those were written by educated people, or by those individuals who graduated high school. There has to be show on t.v. made for people who look up to D. Trump, Palin and Ben Carson. If we only had programs like Nova, Frontline and Universe, then a lot of people would not have anything to watch, which would be unfair. To be just we have to air programming that CEO's and Wall Street bankers can understand without utterly confusing them. In this world there will always be the lesser, the slow witted as it were..politicians, ceo's , corporate legal teams for example. To deny these mentally diminished groups entertainment is unethical, and maybe immoral. That is why Arrow is great programming. It satiates the dull and dim witted with what they believe to be real life situations, to give a few examples..enlisted soldiers are wealthy, sexual tension with your sister is normal, if you think it, you can do it. With these sub plots and brilliantly stupid story lines Arrow is the masterpiece of the 'Merican' viewer. Because not having to think and the over obvious observation of ridiculous sophomoric male fantasies is a right, and a state of being for many. Basically, all I am saying is that the mentally malformed should have a haven of entertainment sanctuary and if Arrow meets the metric, who am I to deny them their dreams?

Green Arrow

This show will show you the secrets of the universe
When you watch this program you will question your own existence, why is life so bad that I am wasting precious minutes of it watching this garbage? How did I end up here in a place so low that I would even allow this program to occupy this gift which we call life? Will the cast and writers have to spend their next lives paying back the cosmos for the abomination that they created? Yes, this show is an existentialist enigma, it made me wonder if this show was some kind of sign that we have lost the ability to be creative, or that television producers really do know their audience, and that there is an audience that will, not only watch this pablum, but embrace it. But..enough of what I think. I would tell you as I always do with people, form your own opinion . Be warned though, once you start watching, the time you spend will never be given back to you. I even think an evil Jin would refuse this wish. Oh yeah the show is about a rich soldier who comes back home after his father dies and has some kind of platonic incestuous relationship with his sister and he decides he is going to be batman, with arrows and a hooded cloak. There, I just saved you a few hours of your precious life that can be spent doing something great, like sex, meeting friends,drawing,playing or listening to music, going for a walk..etc.etc.etc.

The Fugitive

The greatest tevision show made to date.
T.V. doesn't get any better. This is not an overstatement nor is it false praise. This show had everything and dealt with it in a manner that was not handled with the normal pseudo intellectual writing other television shows made their mainstay. Understated and played with a gritty realism that would make any noir film envious. The greatest part about this show is the one that never gets mentioned by critics, or is missed by them is that the complete series is based on a chess game, the writers give a nod to the game of chess inadvertently and with subtle cues. Even in the last episode, there are 3 players left on the board. The performances by the supporting actors and the lead, Jansen are impeccable. If you need to get a feel for the show and aren't sure about whether or not this show is for you, watch episode 30,,"End Game". It is a good metric for the series. The nice points to this show are the camera work and the music, along with writing that is smart and honest, you won't find feel good clichés or wacky characters for comic relief, just high wire suspense. I could binge watch this series from beginning to end, if there was a way to do it. You can find episodes on VHS, or on Youtube, but there is no DVD collection. I have looked everywhere and I am just amazed that the greatest show that ever aired was never preserved or capitalized for a new audience. The movie with Harrison Ford was a weak sister and a pale imitation to this cinematic art. The show dealt with issues of race, class disparity, homelessness, the media, poor parenting, and yes, even a subtle nod to the LGBT issues. The main lesson that the viewer walks away from after viewing this show is the illusion of projecting ones own view of reality and the misconceptions that arise from that. This show is so layered that its a chess game 14 moves out. Made in 1964 this program was years ahead of the television programming that airs today.

The Beatniks

Cinematic tour de force that changed the mindset of tomorrow's leaders
If you can only see one movie in your life, IE, you live in the Amazon and are a forgotten indigenous tribal member and you stumble upon a plane wreck where in lies a laptop fully charged, wish upon a star, pray to your god of the oak moss that is used in owaska tea that this is the movie you find inside it. This film is so brilliant that when viewed it is like seeing burning magnesium without protective glasses. it will leave you with an indelible print allowing you to see nothing else the rest of your life. With the amazing Karen Kadler as the female lead, you will think of nothing but the wonderment of seeing her in a state of undress. The story is of Eddy, a singer so talented that the Sirens that sang to Odysseus are jealous of his velvety smooth arias that are the purest form of aphrodisiac. He and his chums are on pilgrimage of spiritual enlightenment, seeking nothing ...but "kicks" , aka..good times, tomorrow's fondest memories of the past.

They settle in at a Diner and decide " where it's at. " The dark side is not Peter Brecks affinity for violence but that a strange group of men named "squares" are coming for them to take them away to "Squaresville". Eddy succumbs to the strange men named " Squares" and sings for them. His close brothers, the defenders of the faith of "Kicks". Are worried for Eddy's transformation into the " Square Society". A secular society deemed to be uncool. Pete and his fellow pilgrims rush to stop the horrific metamorphosis known only as " maturation" to devastating results so grim that this viewer was aghast! You too will watch in horror as the future that unfolds was not the one that was planned, see...the jukebox play the same song over again in a state of consistent déjà Vu.

See the T birds fight for the inalienable rights for Kicks, and see Eddy, god of crooners with a power no mortal man should possess, the voice of Midas brainwash record execs into believing he has talent. You shan't soon forget this visual trip of existential wonder as the Animus is destroyed and the monadic essence is released into " The Beatniks". Not to be confused with the violent blood soaked exploitation movie "The Boatniks" which starred Buddy Hackett.

Dragstrip Girl

Another bait and switch title and poster sell.
Wow, was I looking forward to this, a hot chick racing rods and dealing with the 50's male counterparts and the story surrounding that premise...but no..what we get is Drag Strip Girl races...once ..during the opening and in the poorest race ever staged on film. The rest of the story deals with a guy trying to race the local thug, then Gorshin takes the bait and pays for it by wrecking his sweet street rod. Also ,Gorshin was stuck with the supporting role, had the director been better, Frank would have been the lead instead of the wooden performance we saw from "what's his name". Listen, I am bashing the movie for what it's not, and that's kinda like being angry that Minnie Driver isn't the name of a small race car driver. This was an industrious film considering the budget, and it does deliver the goods for hard core fans of 50's culture and the "delinquent film" genre. But, it is totally misleading in it's cover art and story sell. It's like being stuck on a deserted island by yourself with nothing but a vial of Viagra.

Kung Fu

Indescribably great
There are so many points that make this show so endearing. From the actors, to the research that went into it, and the writing. It was a perfect blend of all elements, add the aging sets that the studios had abandoned that give the program an ultra realistic appearance of the 19th century. The best part about these episodes , is that I was always pleased after viewing each episode. The shows are cathartic, and an exercise in mental meditation. The worst and most horrific part of this series is that it only ran 3 years. It's a shame that Carradine was never given a chance to reprise the role with a good platform. The modernized Canadian cop show sucked, and did the original series a disservice. Carradine is fantastic, and so are all the cast members that starred in the show. I break it out a couple of times a year and throw it on when I need a reboot. If you only can own one show, this should be it.

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

Always delivers in the oddest way.
Adult swim on Sunday nights is the greatest experience I have ever had losing sleep on the start of a work week. This show lampoons the corporate work environment, religion, pop culture and everything in between set in the modern Christian projection of Hell. Not for the squeamish or those without a sense of humor. The character Gary, (with one R, not 2) Is one of the most like-able characters on television. I look forward to ending my weekend with a laugh, and this is an awesome way to end the weekend and start the work week. If you like Downton Abby, South Park, or Fox News, you're going to hate this show, but if you like the strange experimental humor that is quirky then Adult Swim has a place at the table left open for you.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Innovative, irreverent, illuminating
I see a lot of one star ratings about this show, I can't project on why those viewers did not like this show, but after viewing it from the start, it has gotten progressively better, it's at it's zenith. Larry opens and holds the conversation that the country doesn't want to have, but does so with humor and empirical data. This smart combination is presented in a format that allows us to laugh not at racial issues, but why we feel the way we do about those issues. Larry rips through the machinations of our Eurocentric culture and digs into the id and unveils what we have the hardest time observing, our nature. This is all done with great satirical wit and a strong sense of irony that permeates the conversation. The best part of the show is Wilmore, what you see is what you get, him being true to himself as comedian and satirist alone is worth the price of the ticket, your time.

Savage Journey

A strange science fiction that never delivers
After an apocalypse, the world is in some weird post apocalyptic pioneer era, imagine "Little House on the Prairie" meets " A Serbian Movie". This guy gets tarred and feathered and then ends up being cleaned up by the preachers wife. He then has sex with the older woman and then does the walk of shame, only he can't run far enough to escape his secret cuckholding activities, He goes on the run with Bull from night court, who aids him in his quest to build a utopian society of where men own as many women as they like and breed litters of child laborers. The rest of the people outside of their group are an angry stupid and violent group of survivors that cannibalize their victims. They kill Bull by burning down his quarters forcing him through a window , then they lynch him. The rest of the group wander further west being chased by scavengers and other survivors of the Defcon 5 event. They make friends with a Native American that is so realistic in his appearance and demeanor that you can actually tell your friends that you know a real Native American and can actually call yourself an expert on Indian culture after seeing this film. The utopia is built and Brigham Young becomes their king, until one day, he runs into the Wu-Tang Clan. After a series of fights up to the top of the tower, a battle to the death takes place with the Mormon Masters of Kung Fu. In a violent free for all the marbles, young bites his opponents to death. Triumphant is Young in the 20 minute brutal breakdown a scene that is a must see for for the true Post apocalyptic Mormons. Young rules his land with violent blood reign of kung-fu and swordsmanship that he believes to be prophesized on Golden plates from God, which also supplement as flying guillotines. What this film does so effectively is to give the secular viewer a romanticized story about the the start up of the post apocalyptic society that we know as Utah, which oddly is almost exactly the same as it has ever been.

Rick and Morty

I love this show.
This is the most satisfying program on television, yes even more so than Game Of Thrones, and I am a huge GOT fan, but let me focus here...oh yeah..the subversive writing and scientific questions are beyond the talents of television writing. This is Clarke on psychotropic DMT. It is more than an addiction, this program satiates my desire for action, humor, great writing and, as always with each episode , mind bending scientific probabilities. Futurama is still close to my heart, but Rick and Morty is unflinching and unapologetic in its communication to the viewer. This is an animated communion that will leave the viewer wanting more. After the season finale of Season 2, it would be a criminal act if Adult Swim did not renew this. Smart, funny, clever, without being hip or trendy make this other worldly weekly working of sequential art truly awesome, most awesome indeed.

The Walk

A beautiful love letter to the Twin Towers
I have ambivalent feelings about this film, in the fact that most people who want to see it in the form that it was designed for ,IMAX in 3-D , will never be able to afford it . This format is truly the best way to see this film. It is fantastic, most definitely worth the 19.00 bucks a ticket , but for a family of four you're looking at 80 bucks. Those who can't afford it , will not see the true film on a regular screen. The gut wrenching over the side shots and even the 3-d immersion is beyond any experience to date.

The camera work combined with the photographic effects give us a film that truly is more about the towers than the man who walked between them. Yes it is Petit's story, but that is slowly and endearingly faded into the experience of the set up ( the break in ) on the towers itself. When the walk does come, it is beautifully portrayed. Levitt is grand and the rest of the cast are equally great in their roles. The film was careful not to show Petit's narcissistic side along with his underlying desire to be a celebrity , Levitt accomplishes a strong portrait of Petit's charms and his vibrant personality showing the audience how he was able to keep his troupe together, long enough for him to accomplish his feat.

What I found to be the greatest part of this film is the way that Zemeckis payed tribute to the two buildings and the people that worked in them and on them. He also communicates effectively the way New Yorkers initially despised the structures but eventually grew to love them ,excepting them as the soul of the city. Zemeckis brilliantly ends the film in an understated yet poetic sequence that will bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened of viewers. The film is strong enough to stand in greatness without seeing it in IMAX 3-D, but it should only be seen in that format for the full effect, and that is truly the only negative aspect of this movie.

Shin Zatôichi: Yabure! Tôjin-ken

Zatoichi is better than this.
Yes, I am probably the only viewer that did not like this film, and for one reason...superman jumping ability. I hate that effect. When I see this in films trying to be gritty, it evokes such puerile rage that I feel like burning the world down.'s a stupid film effect, used in this movie when the one armed swordsman flies up in the trees, and up the mountain side, one time he does it with a young child in tow, AMAZING!!!!! The reason I kept this at a 5, reasoning that it is still a Zatoichi movie, and that element is still great , however viewers are used to better films than this.

I also am a believer that you can't throw the baby out with the bath water. Most of this film is likable, but the descent into cinematic laziness with the super jumping is ridiculous and turns a good story line of disconnected cultures and languages into a Saturday morning cartoon. Don't get me wrong, there are great performances in this movie, and if I were a viewer that could bypass the Chinese art of flying , then I would give this film a 9. Still, it is worth watching and renting, but I would avoid shelling out 19.99, the lowest price I have own it, no matter how rare.

Louie: Eddie
Episode 9, Season 2

Brilliant , not in the over used way that the kids say, but Steinbeck brilliant.
People pass the word brilliant around a lot, but this show is brilliant. This episode is hard to explain due to the depth of the storyline and characters. Louie runs into an old friend and they spend the evening hanging out getting reacquainted, The association then enters an area where Louie is forced to be raw, honest and unflinching in his summation of his friend's life and where it is at the present time. Both actors deliver a great performance . This is a rare moment in t.v. and film that should be seen by anyone wanting to witness a great performance. The subject matter is a stark yet truthful look at the dark side of life and how the best remedy to a bad situation may not exist for some people.


A great American piece of cinema.
Usually I watch really bad movies, intentionally. I don't review new films due to the mass amount of voices that can do a better job than I at discussing cinema. First, I am shocked that this didn't get the distribution it should have, wtf is wrong with Hollywood that we get Apatow on every corner but a gem like this never makes it to the cineplex. Secondly, I would put this film alongside movies like No. Country for Old Men, Fargo, Pulp Fiction and Django in the column of Celluloid Art. Here's why...there are no weak performances. Each actor is at the top of their game, from the teenagers ,the Sheriff to the actress who plays the investigator that aids Harris on his quest to find the truth. All roles are played as though we are watching incidents taking place in real time with honest portrayals. The writing may seem to be manipulative on the surface to some viewers, in reality a close look shows that it is more deftly crafted allowing us to follow along, rather than lead us. The material does more than cover the hot button issue of undocumented immigration with a right vs. left storyline ,we as viewers are fortunate that the directors and writers are able to pull off the Herculean task of dropping us in the middle. The greatest part of this movie is that it is gripping until the last second of the movie, that is not an exaggeration, until the very last second of this film. Definitely put this on your list to watch, you won't be disappointed.

The Immoral Mr. Teas

A look at Brentwood before it grew into the monster it is today.
Yep, my review has nothing to do with the gorgeous blonde swimming in the dirty surf ( due to the tide and sand, not pollution) or the fact that most of the film is about a guy on his bike delivering false teeth to dentists, or the gorgeous women of assorted facial features and builds...all a bonus. But mind you, this is PG 13 material in this film and harmless and quaint. No sexual situations, or any interaction physically. The reason this movie stands out, is the photography, Eastman locations are awesome. Now if you have the chance to watch this movie on Ultra HD calibrated it gives you a personal and real feeling of LA and Brentwood before the glut. Many films of the day featured downtown LA, or the wonderful exotic parks. Rarely do we get a chance to see the rest of Cali, the places where people lived, caught the bus, and did their everyday living. The nice thing is as Mr. Teas rides around on his bike, we get a very exact time capsule of Cali, 1959. And for that, I say sit back and enjoy this afternoon break where the beautiful women are the icing, but not the cake..the location is.


A kin to Harper Lee
Meyers complex social commentary about the Deep South is layered in a fashion that targets his audience from the first scene. The traveling salesman breaks down, and wanders through a land inhabited by beautifully developed female characters. The women are portrayed in a manner that many males may have perceived them to be, not just in the depression era Deep South, but in many areas across the country. They are beautiful, yet serve no purpose except for sex and entertaining. The southern male is portrayed as weak of character , stupid, and drunk. It is only when a northerner brings in his line of intellect, does life change for the rural people he encounters. While the northern salesman is bland with a mediocre intelligence, he appears to have the answers for the " unfortunates".....if this sounds like governmental policies and a political satire hidden in a T&A flick, then you get it. A sub plot is added about violence against women and lynching. Why I gave this movie a 9. Because it allows me to watch hot scantily clad women engaging in adulterous affairs while at the same time it assuages any feelings of guilt by decreeing that this was a film that mattered and it is important because of the social issues it brings forth....Is it an exploitation film? Or is it much more veiled by the cinematic low hanging fruit of beautiful cover themes that couldn't be expressed in general cinema in that time period. I have to add this because it is a bothersome area of the film, and I can't figure out what Meyers was trying to express ; an ideal, or just shock,,,but the most beautiful actress in the film plays the role of a mute and mentally challenged nymphomaniac. Was this a statement of how men in our culture perceive women and the Jungian principle of the animus? I couldn't tell you, but it made me cringe and squirm, and evoking that response from the audience may be all that Meyer was trying to do with this submission in his repertoire.

Nan quan bei tui zhan yan wang

No wire fu, and it is better than it's peers
Listen, if you are looking for "Enter the Dragon" or "Lone Wolf" , or any film that you would find in the Criterion Collection, this is definitely not the celluloid artistic experience you are seeking. However, if you are looking for a great B Kung Fu movie which has all the right elements that make it subversively cool, then this is a movie that fits those proportions. No wire fu and some great kata choreography. There are three main players, the Cool, the Hot and the Vicious, the latter being a pasty hunchback that smokes a lot of opium. Well, is predictable, all are enemies, but two team up to take out our hunchbacked master of Kung Fu. What is great, is that Super kicks is in this film and he is awesome, not only that, but no wires. I hate wire fu and I am a purist, I would rather watch a martial artist that can't act that are great at fight choreography, than good actors who can't fight utilizing the wire harness and cgi to make them look better than their predecessors in the industry. Take it for what it is, mindless fun entertainment, and you won't be let down.

Beat Girl

Will her dreams of becoming a stripper be realized?
The music, is great. I actually have the music on my mp, but the story is your standard " rebel without a clue" story line. The actress pulls it off and makes it believable until the end, where her limitations show on the screen The heroine,is a confused young girl that hates her parents and is looking for a way to detach herself from the culture of their generation . She starts dreaming of escaping her life of comfort by planning to work as a stripper in the club across from coffee house she hangs out at. The fantasy of working in an atmosphere of stale beer, thick smoke and sweaty men who have a cornucopia of sexual proclivities is an uncontrollable sirens call to her soul. It is worth watching and the lead actress showed great promise but never really did much after this film. I did like the shooting locations and sets, the cinematography is above par, it has many attributes for a "B" Brit teen exploitation flick.

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