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Irrational Fear

Writer/Director Hunter Johnson Rations the Fear , The Blood , & The Gore Perfectly in " IRRATIONAL FEAR " !
Charles Chudabala exhibits an Amazing Performance as the Helpful , Considerate , & Understanding 'Dr. Sanders' , who Treats People's Phobias & takes some Promising Clients & Students on a Field Trip into the Woods for Therapy ! The small & UnEtusiasic Crew include : Baker Chase Powell as 'Zach' , an exceptional Student , who looks up to Dr. Sanders as a Mentor , wants to follow in his foot-steps , & feels that he has already Conquered His Fears . There's also Lovely Leah Wiseman as 'Taylor' , who Hates to be Touched , but is preparing for a Budding Relationship with Zach . Cati Glidewell Shines as 'Helen' , whose Fear of Water may be well understood ; & there's the None-Too-Bright after & Son Team of Kaleb Shorey as the Germ-a-phobe 'Jake' & Tom McCarthy as his Dentist Fearing Father 'Nate' . Next up is Mathias Blake as the High-School Athlete 'Nate' , with his own Problems . Finally there's the Incredibly Talented Jennifer Nangle , who happens to be Among the Most Beautiful Women making Film Today , as 'Kelly' , who has a Fear of being Ugly ... which makes sense Once You Realize that All Women are " NUTS " ! Soon enough on their Journey , people start going up Missing & Whoever or Whatever is perpetrating these Deedsis using the Victim's Fears as a Means of Assault ! The Whole Cast portrays their respective Characters To-A-Tee & the Story Flows like the Dead Sea , with some fabulous scenery , intermittent Action , & enough Laughs to get You through this Ghastly & Frightful Fi8lm ! Don't give into Your Fears & Pass on this Gruesome Epic ! Instead Embrace Your Fear , Dive Head-First into this Blood-Soaked-Saga & You may Conquer Some of Your Own FEARS !

The Amityville Harvest

A New Twist on a Horror Franchise that will Leave You Gasping for Breath !
International Star Sadie Katz leads a Fine Team of Actors & Actresses in Thomas J. Churchill's "The Amityville Harvest " ! She Stars as 'Christina' , who along with her Teenage Sister 'Nancy' , portrayed by Lovely Young Alexa Pallerin , & Her Loyal Crew visit an Old Mansion attached to a Funeral Home for a Documentary . Kyle Lowder is Hauntingly Intimidating as 'Vincent Miller' , the Owner , who along with Yan Birch as 'Clyde' , Icon Eileen Dietz as the frail & feeble 'Mrs. O'Brien , & assorted attendants & Minions ! Christina's Film Crew Consists of Ultra-Gorgeous Johanna Rae as 'Janet' , Paul Logan as 'Robbie' , Brandon Allan Smith as 'Cosmo' , Eva Ceja as 'Lexi' , & George W. Scott as 'Ottis' , who brings the Light-Hearted Levity Needed to get US through the Fright-Filled Film ! Then there's Keavy Bradley , who with Her Blonde Hair , Light Skin , & Dark Eyes cuts a Stunning Figure as 'Lana' ; & Beautiful & Sensual-Beyond-Compare Julie Anne Prescott portrays the Kinky Sex-Seeking Sex-Kitten 'Ditta' , who along with Her Lover-De-Jure 'Frankie' , a role fit handsomely by Nicholas Waters . Attempt the much sought after , But often Ends in Disaster , Funeral-Home-Tryst ! Despite all these winsome ladies in the Movie , there's No Nudity & No Excess Blood & Gore , although it does have its Fair Share , making it a Fine Film to Watch along with Your Fear & Fright Seeking Family , Friends , & Neighbors ! It's well worth the few shekels that you have to plunk down to Watch ; & should be Savored like a Fine Wine &/Or a Nice Goblet of Blood !

Amityville Island

This is a Fantasy Island of Fun , Sun , & a Cavalcade of Monsters !
Mark Polonia has an Amazing Knack for combining Horror Genres in a Tongue-In-Cheek Nostalgic Manner ; & 'Amityville Island' may be the wildest installment yet ! There's man-made Monsters , a Demonic Doll , a Possessed Mom , some Dreadful Surprises , & a Man-Eating-Shark Controlling the Waters ! Lovely Jamie Morgan begins the Festivities as 'Kelly Jo Knight' , a Loving Mother of four with a Dead Husband Overseas , who watching over her family as Best She can until the inevitable happens & She winds up on Death-Row with the Beautiful Danielle Donahue as the Volatile Arsonist 'Renata' ! The Man who excels at playing Mad-Scientists , Jeff Kirkendall , is at his Very Best as 'Dr. Ormand' ; & James Carolus masters the role of 'Dr. Tyler' , an Evil Degenerate with a Taste for his Subjects . Titus Himmelberger is 'Eric Cates' , a Reporter trying to uncover the goings on of Amityville Island ; & Steve Diasparra as 'Ellison' & Tim Hatch as 'Hayden' are the Muscle for their Crooked Racketeer 'Boss' portrayed by Mark Polonia Himself . Eolie Canales is superb as the Dazed & Confused Real Estate Agent 'Nikki McPartland' , Provocative Marie DeLorenzo is the Diturbed 'Melanie' , & Alluring Cassandra Hayes as the Penitent 'Tamika' or 'Tammy' to Dr. Tyler ! If Your Not a Fan yet of Polonia Brothers Films , This is a Great Introduction into their Wonderful World ; & if You already are , You know the Joys to Expect , & Here they are A'Plenty !

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

A SyFy/Sea Adventure for US Merry Seekers of All Ages !
Among the Finest Actresses working today , Indie or otherwise , Gorgeous & Talented Jennie Russo heads the Cast of this Polonia Brothers Expose' of Frights , Fun , & Freakin' Action & Explosians ! The Cinematography is Brilliant ..... Vivid Photography & the Bright Colors of Nature Contrasted with Blood , Body Parts , & some Extraterrestrial Ugliness . The Tale is sorta a combination of 'Jaws' , 'Aliens' , & a 'Bob Hope Movie' , ... Heck , there's even an Homage Line of the Late Great Roddy Piper's thrown into the Mix , & it all works Perfectly Together , with all the loose ends tied up in the End , If Your Paying Attention ! Ms. Russo plays 'Dr. Kay Radtke' , a Psychiatrist that returns to the Family Home to continue her father's Practise ! Titus Himmelberger is 'Alan Cason' , who's kinda like a Cop looking into the local Mayhem ; & Yolie Canales is Fabulous as Kay's 'Mom' . The Team of Jeff Kirkendall & Mark Polonia portray a team of Treasure Hunting Pirates ; & Lovely Natalie Hallead is the Cat Loving 'Camilla' . The rest of the tremendous Cast is comprised of Polonia Brothers Staple , including Steve Diasparra , Kate Farber , & Kathryn Sue Young . It's all Great Fun ; & a chance to just sit back & enjoy a Film & Not have to think & over-think every word spoken ! My one regret is that there's a Beach , the Seas , a Boat , & the Sands & No-One thought to Put a Bikini on the Amazing Jennie Russo ; But there is one Lovely Young Bikini-Clad Beach Babe with Flowing Blonde Hair that's caught between a Shark & Hard-Place that somewhat makes up for it ! Watch it at Amazon Prime Video & Pray with me for its quick DVD Release !

The Barge People

A Light-Hearted Boat Trip Turns Deadly when The Incestuous-Mutant-Cannibals Show Up !
That British Beauty Kate-Davies Speak Dazzles the Screen with Her Talent & Athletic Ability as The Star 'Kat' , who along with Her Boyfriend 'Mark' Portrayed by Mark McKirdy & Her Sister 'Sophie' & Her Lover 'Ben' , played respectively by Natalie Martins & Matt Swales ! They're floating along swimmingly , with just some minor complaints & squabbles , until they run-into Makenna Guyler as 'Jade' , Kane Surry as Her Bunk-Buddy 'Ricky' , & Her Younger Brother'Max' , portrayed by Harrison Nash . Also Appearing are Emma Spurgin Hussey as 'Rosemary' the Hay-Seed Pub Owner , Bar-Maid & Barrington De La Roche as 'The Elderly Man' , & Tim Cartwright as the Barge Owner 'Albert' . The Whole Cast puts up Stella Performances . There's No Over-Acting or just walking through the Roles , as some do in a Brutal & Bloody Horror Hit such as this . Director Charlie Steeds does a Fabulous Job of bringing Christopher Lombard's Amazing Script , & the Camera Work is excellent , Capturing Scenic Nature as the Boat Floats along the River , until the Action Begins , where You'll have plenty of Shocking Activity occupying Your Thoughts ! You'll have to Watch it YourSelf to experience the Dread & Despair ; & View to the End for it's Climatic Conclusion ! I will tell You one thing though .... Those Suckas are Hard to Kill ! This UK Export is Available in the States on Blu-Ray , Dvd , & VOD at Amazon .... See You There !

The Special

B. Harrison Smith's "The Special" is Far Beyond Special , it's an EXTRAVAGANZA !
Davy Raphaely is 'Jerry' , a Lucky Man with a High Paying Job , a Luxurious Home , & an Insanely Beautiful Wife who Loves Him : but suspects She may have cheated on him . David Sheridan as his best Friend 'Mike' , takes him to a Bordello to get even for this supposed indiscretion . Susan Moses is 'Madame Zhora' , who runs the CatHouse , Doubles as a Psychic , & may join in the Sordid Festivities on a Crowded Night ! Zhora's Sexy & Amorous Ladies are Janae Palmer as 'Syn' , Aleksandra Svetlichnaya as 'Nada' , & Christina DiNicolo as 'Erin' ; & Doug Henderson is the Madame's Brawny Bouncer 'Ivan' . Drop-Dead Gorgeous Sarah French is the wife 'Lisa' , who recently learned that She's Pregnant ! The Relationship gets strained very quickly when the Seeds of Distrust & a Disturbing Lust are Sown ! Tony Barber plays the un-caring 'Manager' of a Seedy Hotel , Sheri Fairchild Shines as the hotel 'Cleaning Lady' , who knows that something nefarious is a-foot , & Nic Detorie is the Ever-Smiling 'Dick the Salesman' . There's Mystical Happenings that lead to Mass Murder & a Serial Killer ! There's a Giallo Tone to this Terrifying Horror Flik that contains the Meanest & most Brutal Monster of All ... MAN ! In Fact I've watched Horror Movies , Gangster Films , & Slice & Dice Cinematic Treats ... Heck , I even watched " ICHI " , & I've never had a More Virulent Loathing & Hatred of a Villain as I have watching the Waste-of-Life Villain in " The Special " ! Don't Delay ! Grab a Seat & Don't Miss a moment of this Glorious Marvel of Terror ; & let the Hating Begin !

The Landlady

The First Lady of British Cinema Caroline Munro is at Her Diabolical Best as " THE LANDLADY "
It's an Original & Light-Hearted but Brutally Bloody Short Film , Containing even Shorter Episodes The Landlady Subtly Enforcing Her 4 Little Rules : 1st ] " Munchies " Starring Marian Elizabeth as the Ganja-Loving 'Linda 'Moonshade' Wilde' . 2nd ] " Drum Solo " Starring Zoe Grisedale as the Perky-Percussionist 'Amelia 'Scab' Farnsworth ! 3rd ] " KITTY " Starring Gina Jones as the Forewarned-Feline 'Katherine 'Kitty' Collins' ! & the Last ] " The Visitor " Starring Sarah-Jane Howard as the Angelically-Amorous 'Maxine 'Max' Bannister' & The Object of Her Desire 'Jason' portrayed by Chris Walsh ! Rory O'Donnell & Jason Read Split the Duties & Together did a Fine Job of Directing ; & of course , It Stars CAROLINE MUNRO , who is a Must-See in EveryBody's Book ! Take a Few Moments out of Your Day & Enjoy this Little Treasure ; & Always Remember : THE RULES ARE THE RULES ! Available for Viewing at You-Tube & Vimeo , here in the States !

Ombis: Alien Invasion

An Alien Invasion of Multiple 'Mini-Blobs' & One Big 'Nemesis' !
The Story begins when Bob Bozek as the Town Drunk 'Glen' Stumbles upon a recently fallen Meteorite & is the first to succumb to it's effects . Richard Satterwhite is the sane voice amidst this dangerous & deadly situation as 'Sheriff Thomas Bracket' . Daniel George portrays the Wife-Beating 'Blake Greenheart' , who's other hobby is abusing his two Daughters . Lovely Red-Haired Brenda Rickert is his wife 'Sarah' , who's just trying to hold the family together ; & Talented & youthful Aryn Fitzgerald is the younger daughter 'Haley' & the Striking Sara Manzella is the older sister & the Love-Interest of Jason John Beebe as 'Mark' , her brave protector & along with Mr. Satterwhite , the Stars of this emotional & exciting SyFy 50's throwback Hit-Flik ! Alexander S. McBryde is the mysterious 'Mr. Gray' , Kathy Murphy is the sheriff's new Love-Interest , Debra Manzella is the gun-toting 'Dr. D' , Michael Sciabarrasi is the unprepared 'Mayor Jedidiah Logan' , & Richard Winiatowski is the brutal & nefarious 'Nemisis' . Super-Actress & Lovely Lady Lynn Lowry plays the News Anchor 'Lynn Steigert' ; & Some of the Other Beguiling Actresses are Melissa Jade , Jennifer Grzybek , Sherri Lyn Litz , Roopa Shanbhag , Melody Schaffer , & Holly & Victoria West . Film-Maker Adam R. Steigert has put a new spin on Alien Invasion Fliks with real life characters , with real emotions , & a Wonderfully Cast ! Lots of Action , Lots of Fighting , Lots of Blood , & Lots of Ooze ; & a Fabulous Ending in need of a Sequel ! " OMBIS : Alien Invasion " .... Still Available at AMAZON , But Don't Delay .... I'm expecting a Avalanche of Sales !

Bloodbath on 4th Ave

Definitely Not for the Squeamish or the Faint of Heart ; But for You Hard-Core Horror Buffs , It's Brilliant !
Definitely Not for the Squeamish or the Faint of Heart ; But for You Hard-Core Horror Buffs , It's Brilliant !

Dark Web: Mystery Box

There's Just No Keeping this Esteemed Group of Horror & Indie Actors Down in Tony Newton's & Josh Schultz' " DARK WEB : Mystery Box " !
There's Just No Keeping this Esteemed Group of Horror & Indie Actors Down in Tony Newton's & Josh Schultz' " DARK WEB : Mystery Box " ! EveryBody Isolated .... Bringing Their Own unique twists & mannerisms into play , bringing a fresh perspective into the New Co-Vid style of Filmdom ! The Premise is : Random Mystery Boxes showing up on Pod-Casters DoorSteps with some Serious & Lethal Consequences ! Josh & Sarah Schultz play a Loving couple whose relationship problems begin the moment that the box appears ; & Sarah is a Sight to Behold as she tries to deal with the Ramifications on Her Own ! There's Gorgeous & Stacked Julie Anne Prescott as the Chipper & Smiling 'BrandyWine' , who begins a quick descent into a frightened Lunacy ; & Ravishing Rheanon Nicole , who employs weaponry in Her Defense against Who-Knows-What ! The affable Shawn C. Phillips is 'CoolDuder' , & brings some Humorous Relief interspersed throughout the Film to lighten some of the Tension , but ultimately has to deal with the Unknown Forces as well ! Then there's Tony Newton as 'Tonez' , Dane Kell as 'JordanIntoMystery' , Emil Johansson as 'Levin' , Eliza Sica , & Gemma Wilks . All do an exceptional job ... especially with having to deal with the Pandemic & doing all the Choreography Themselves ! The Finished Product is Remarkable ; & the Visual & Sound Qualities are above board , which must have been quite a Task when Editing ! Check it out at You-Tube ; & Read the Description Below to Find out even More ! & Remember to LIKE , Leave a Comment , & Subscribe to " MORT HOUSE FILMS " .... Quality Productions & Excellent Films !

Johnny Gruesome

Some Gruesome Fun for US Horror Seeking FANatics !
It's an Engaging & Fascinating 80's ThrowBack Film with a Fabulous 50's Feel to It ! It Stars Anthony De La Torre as the Youthful Miscreant 'Johnny Grissom' , who Dies under Misterios Circumstances & Returns to Life as a Vengeful 'Revenant' . Byron Brown II is his Best Friend 'Eric' , who's at his wit's end over the whole situation . Drop-Dead Gorgeous Aprilann is Perfect as Johnny's Grieving Girlfriend who's trying to get on with her life ... "Karen' ; & the instigator behind the whole fiasco is Chris Modrzynski as 'Gary' ; & Lovely Madison Amey Shines as 'Rhonda' , a Love Interest of Eric's ! The Surrounding Cast is every bit as Brilliant . Consisting of Indie All-Star John Renna as the School's Principal 'Mr, Milton' , Michael DeLorenzo as Johnny's Father 'Charlie' , Comely Kaelin Lamberson as 'Tammy' , Bob Bozek as the Faint-Hearted 'Coach Wrangler' & Ravishing Leora Owens as the School Teacher 'Mrs. Carter' & Her PoliceMan Hubby manned by Richard Satterwhite . Other Cops are Sam Qualiana , Paul MsGinnis , & Sensational Jessica Zwolak , who stands out in each & every Role that She Portrays ! A Special Salute to Big Tim O'Hearn as "Bobby' & Alexander S. McBryde as 'Ross' , two Grave-Diggers who would rather Imbibe & Chew-The-Fat , providing some need comic relief & some form of Normalcy in this Wild Blood-Soaked Terror-Feast ! It's especially smashing to see Tim O'Hearn , who is equally impressive playing Monsters & Villains as he is as a Comic &/Or Laid-Back Ordinary Joe . Apparently it has taken Film-Maker Gregory Lamberson many a Year to put this whole Project together ; & I must Say that the Final Product was Well-Worth the Time & Effort put in ! Great Acting , a Fabulous Fright-Filled Story , & Powerful Direction make " Johnny Gruesome " quite a Welcome Movie for All Shock-Seeking Film Watchers & Children of All Ages !

Necropolis: Legion

The Phenom that is Augie Duke & The Icon Lynn Lowry Exhibit two of the Finest Performances of All Time in " NECROPOLIS : Legion " !
Simply Adorable Augie Duke is 'Lisa' a book writer who's embarked on writing about the local legend of the Evil Eva . Ms. Duke's performance is mesmerizing ! She goes from Happy & in Love , to Fear , to Writhing in Contractions of Agonizing Pain , to the Purest Expressions of Evil ! Ever-Lovely Lynn Lowry Shines as 'Zia' , the local Keeper-of-the-Truth & Protector-of-Good ! Lisa's & Zia's Scenes together are Marvels to watch & should be Studied by Potential Actors .... AMAZING ! The Fabulous Acting doesn't end with them . There's Beautiful Ali Chappell as the Incubus-Succubus-Demonic-Witch 'Eva' & the two Stunning 'GateKeepers' of Hell & Eva's Assistants Zoe Georgaras & Stephanie Delorme ; & Joseph Lopez is Eva's Husband Maynard Gandy ! Kudos to Chris Alexander & Co-Writer Brockton McKinney for such a Remarkable work of Art that's Riveting , Interesting , & Scary as HELL ! I am now going to watch the Original " NECROPOLIS " 1986 ; & if it's Half as good as this one , ..... It's a Masterpiece !


An Action Packed SyFy Thriller with a Hunka Hunka Robot Love !
Garo Satian's well paced , frightening , & suspenseful "Automation" is set in the very near future & involves a Robot that develops Human Feelings & thusly Human Needs ! The Stars are 2 of the Hottest Actresses & Beautiful & Talented Ladies Working Today . Stunning Sadie Katz is 'Susan' , the owner of a firm looking to replace most of it's workers with robots ; & erotically delicious Elissa Dowling as 'Jenny' who befriends the robot , but would rather be pursuing her Singing Career ! Sensational Sarah French is the Lovely 'Linda' , who's just looking for Love ; but unfortunately in all the wrong places ; & Jeff Rector is 'Bill' , Susan's compassionate partner in the Firm ; & Bill's Secretary 'Marci' is deftly played by Anahit Setian . Then there's Parry Shen as the Cost Cutting 'Alan' & Indie Icon Marv Blauvelt as the Sneaky 'Mel' . The Robot 'Auto' looked realistic & it's mannerisms & movements were Spot-On , & was more than ably manned by Jeff J. Knight with the Droid-Like Voice of Jim Tasker . Comely & Athletic Action Star Tara Cardinal even makes a Brief Appearance as 'Private Corrigan' in Las-Back Scenes ! Overall "AUTOMATION" is a Kick-Ass Hit with just the right amount of Humor & Back-Story ; & Elissa Dowling's Wonderful Singing Voice & Video-in-progress lends a sentimental feel to the whole project ! It's a Spectacular Film & should be at the Top of Every-One's Must See Soon List ! BRAVO to the Whole Cast & Crew ... Well Done !


Lilith is Legion & Leaves a Trail of Blood in Her Wake !
Iconic Film Star Felissa Rose has been Scaring the Beejeesus out of US since 1983 ; & She Doubles Down on the Fright-Meter in this Tale of the Mother of All Demons : " LILITH " ! Now Lilith may assume many Roles or She may indeed be Legion .... Much like the Catholic's Holy Trinity , It's Not for man to Comprehend ! Youthfully Beautiful Brialynn Massie is 'Brook' , a Young Student that's being taken advantage of by Michael JON Murphy as The Teacher 'Mr. Harrison' , who's a particularly Reviling Lump of Trash . Lovely Lara Jean is her best friend 'April' , who's a Caring Friend until She Dreams up a Profitable Scheme . Brook winds up failing the Rabbit Test & all Hell Breaks Loose ; unveiling Ms. Massie as 'Lilith' ! Brialynn & Lara work together like Bread & Butter & their Performances are Phenomenal ! In addition are the Outstanding Performances of Charles Chudabala as 'Tom' & Hunter Johnson as 'Colin' ! Next up is Gorgeous Jennifer Nangle as CareTaker 'Lilith' , who has a sensual Smile on Her Face while She's attending to Household Chores & while Slicing & Dicing the Guilty ! Now Jennifer's a Woman that Loves Her Work ! Vernon Wells is the Miserable 'Philip' , who's ready for the Plucking ! Sexy , Shapely , & Winsome Noel VanBrocklin is an Insatiably Kinky 'Lilith' , who's Prey is Cotton Wheeler as the Cheating Husband 'Darren' ; & Heavenly Emily Coupe is the Beleaguered Wife 'Madison' . Rounding out the Lovably Loathsome Liliths is the Devilishly Exquisite Devanny Pinn , who's up against a Serial-Sicko 'Frank' played by Frank Tryon . Now Frank has quite a few Trophies about , but my Favorite is Comely Kimberly Roswell as 'Melissa' , who makes a Perfect Addition to the BathTub ! Ms. Rose's Lilith is the Wrap-Around Story ; & also has Michael Wainwright as 'Father Murphy' & Thomas Haley as 'Det. Ryan Carson' , who's also Brook's Father . Alex T, Hwang's " LILITH " is a Wonder of Horror , Chills , & All Things UnHoly ; But that wouldn't Frighten off a Real Man Now , WOULD IT ?

Serena Waits

Don't Wait on Serena ; Watch HER Now !
Top-Of-The-Line Acting , Hunter Johnson's Superb Script & Hands-On Directing , & Sheer Brutality make this Psycho/Horror/Revenge Flik as Frightening as it is Fabulous ! Indie Icon Gregory Blair begins the Film as 'Elijah' , a Lecherous Dance Instructor who's about to Encounter his ComeUppance ; & then we meet Beautiful Brialynn Massie as the Young & Naive 'Serena' , who's life is Destroyed in a Vicious Bludgeoning Rape Scene that will leave You with a Painfully Empty Feeling in the Pit of Your Stomach : & Terrific Tiffani Fest is 'Carla' , Serena's Horny Friend , that puts Sex above Her Friendship ! The Scoundrels Involved with Serena's Tortuous Ordeal are : Colton Wheeler as the Leader of this Heinous Trio 'Jack' , a Vile Bully who Demands with an Iron-Fist ! Then there's David Marlowe as 'Miles' , who's not as Bad , But is still Reprehensible ; & Finally there's Charles Chudabala as the Reluctent 'Scott' , who is Bribed & Coerced into his complicity ! The Bikini-Clad Love Interests are : The Lovely Lara Jean as 'Trini' , who's in Hot Pursuit of Scott , Gorgeous Jennifer Clarke as 'Sandy' , who's More than just Jack's Arm-Candy , & Elegant Emily Dahm as 'Wendy' , who's Totally DisInterested in Miles ! Is it a Ghost Story ? Are there Demons afoot ? Who or What is Haunting , Terrorizing , & Killing ? ..... Watch , WAIT , & Listen to ' SERENA WAITS " Now & All will be Revealed !

A Nun's Curse

Felissa Rosa is a Beautiful Woman & a Great & Talented Actress ; But She's One Nasty Nun !
Felissa Rose gives a Scholarly Performance as 'Sister Monday' , a Self-Righteous Religious Zealot who took the Laws of God & Man into Her Own Hands & Delivered Her Punishments Judiciously ! Now , Over 70 Years Later , She may have Returned to Continue Her Onslaught ! The Star of the Film is the Lovely Erika Edwards playing the Studious & Macabre Minded 'Ashley-Kat' , who's especially obsessed with Tales of Sister Monday . Her Spiteful & Vindictive Sister 'Gabby' , who seems to have been Born with a Silver Spoon in Her Mouth is portrayed by the Glamorously Gorgeous Kristi Ray , who is reminiscent of a Young Traci Lords , Body & All ! Damien Maffei is Gabby's Rude Sex-Hungry Boy-friend 'Anthony' & Gunner Willis is the Nerdy Psych-Student 'Michael' . Adorable Ashley-Kae Luker is the 'Young Ashley-Kae' & Jason Vail is The 'Father' . There's plenty of Blood , Killings , & a Dismemberment Thrown in for Kicks . The Story's told trough Real-Time & Flashbacks so Don't let your mind wander or Sister Monday may Sneak-Up on You !

Paranormal Attraction

Top-Notch Acting , an Original & Horrifying Script , & Beautiful Babes .... All the Ingredients for a Supernatural Hit Flick !
A Ritzy Abandoned House comes up for Sale & Needs to be Cleaned out first before it can be Sold . One of the Finest Actresses Working Today , The Long Haired & Lovely Jennifer Nangle is Real Estate Agent 'Melanie' , who hires her Friend's Daughter 'Sara Myers' , who's coming off of a Bad Relationship involving the Worst Form of Physical & Emotional Abuse . & Beautiful & Shapely Brooklyn Haley fills the bill Fabulously ! There's Problems from the Start & the Feeling that something Evil is Afoot ! Sara's Bestie is the unmitigatedly irresistible Eden Shea Beck as 'Kelly' , who's always accompanied by her loyal boyfriend 'Nick' , played by Veteran Indie Actor Hunter Johnson ! Now Kelly's an Amateur Clairvoyant & Nick's a Low-Key & Trustworthy Guy who's main Hobby appears to be Diving , & Who can Blame Him ? Comely & Beguiling Nicole Cinaglia plays The Dutiful & Compassionate 'Officer Evelyn Bennett , who may also turn out to be a Love Interest ! Robert Downs is the Abusive 'James' , Gorgeous Jackie Falcon is 'Officer Sanchez' , Thomas Haley is 'Officer Monroe' , & Charle Chudabala & Siani Lee as the New Home Owners 'Paul' & 'Lorissa' ! We have none other than that Prodigious Director Alexander T. Hwang to Thank for this Sexy , Exciting , & Frightful Demonically Inspired Horror Film : & a Special Thank You to the Bikini-Clad Ladies & the Awe-Inspiring Jennifer Nangle ! Now Prepare Yourself for a Trip into the ParaNormal-Under-World , with lots of Surprises & Twists & an UnderWear-Exorcism , which I Believe may be a first ! .... Safe Travels !

Tortilla Flat

One of the Greatest & Most Under-Rated Movies of All Time : Victor Fleming's " TORTILLA FLAT " with a Phenomenal Cast : Super-Beauty Hedy Lamarr , John Garfield & Spencer Tracy at their Best , Frank Morgan at his Heart-Breaking Finest , Sheldon Leonard , Allen Jenkins , Donald Meek , Akim Tamiroff , & a Slew More Brilliant Character Actors & Actresses ! * & if ever a Film Cried Out to be Colorized ..... This is the One : To See the UnMatchable Hedy Lamarr Cavorting Along in Brilliant Color is More than my Mind could Possibly Imagine !

Family Reunion

Made in 1989 , with a 1970's Feel to It , " FAMILY REUNION " is a TimeLess Horror Hit
Action Film Star Mel Novak Sheds His Martial Arts Gi to Battle Devil Worshipers , Satanists , & even Demons from Hell in this Suspenseful Horror Hit as 'Tom Andrews' , Loving Father & Husband to 'Kathy Andrews' , Played by Pam Phillips , His Devoted Wife & a Caring Mother ! The Rambunctious Son 'Billy' is A.J. Woods & Young Teen Age Daughter 'Erin' is the Lovely Young Kaylin Cool , Both presenting Superior Performances ! In a Surprisingly UnderStated Performance Ken Corey is Evil Personified as The Drifter 'Clarence' : & The rest of the Cast is comprised of some Great Character Actors : There's Buddy Daniel Friedman as the Dangerous 'Skinhead' , Jack Starrett as the Local Law-Enforcer 'Charlie' , Janet Lee Orcutt as the Christmas-Spirited 'Bronson' , & Lovely Lucy Michelle as the Well Equipped 'Hooker' ! Of Special Note is the Interactions among the Andrews Family Members , especially between the Husband & Wife . Pam Phillips exhibits a wide range of Intensity & Emotions ; & Mel Novak's UnHoly Transformations in Character are a Pleasure to Behold .... The Work of a Consummate Actor ! There's Not too much Blood , & absolutely No Nudity , So It's a Family Friendly Christmas Horror Film , with a Fantastic Cast , which Results into a Very Under-Rated & Un-Appreciated Cult Horror Classic ! Well Done Michael Hawes , The Writer , Producer , & Director of this TimeLess Christmas Classic !

Black Mamba

Hell Comes to Harlem , or Thereabouts !!!
The Drug-Infestered Street is a Dangerous Place to Live , with Your only Protection being Your Guardian Angel ; & when he lets You Down , There's Hell to Pay ! Angela D. Williams is Fabulous as the Pregnant 'Kyiera Stone' , who's Killed because of Her Negligent Guardian , But is Sent Back to Raise Her Child & Take Care of Business as The 'Black Mamba' ! Her first Mission is to clean the Streets & Destroy All the Demons Running the Operation ! Her Adversary is None other than the Evil but Wimpy & Henpecked 'Lucifer' HimSelf , played by Michael Matthew Moore , & His Domineering Wife 'Esmeralda' , portrayed by the Physically Spectacular Dawna Lee Heising , who Embraces Her Role Superbly ! She's Magnificent as the Devil's Vile-Mouthed Mate ; which makes for some exhilarating & hilarious Scenes ; & Michael & Dawna play off of each other Perfectly ! Mamba's Enemies are Legion ; & She Fights 'Em All , Never Backing Down ! The Most Vile of Her Enemies is the Dreaded 'Cassius Rexx' , manned by William Lee , the Writer/Director of this Action-Filled Shoot-Em-Up Horror/Comedy Adventure ! We even get to meet the WayWard Guardian Angel 'Kang' , portrayed by Man Soliz & 'The White Witch' played by the Lovely & Talented Andi Gudgeon ! There's just not enough Time to List All of Mamba's Devilish Opponents & Her few Colleagues ; But Rest Assured , They are Legion , & All Well Acted by ! It's a Must See for Film Lovers ; & be sure to hang around for the Climatic Fight Scenes in the End ; which leaves me yearning to see " BLACK MAMBA 2 " !

Demon Nun

An Interpretation of Catholicism Not Taught in Sunday School !
In this partially Giallo-Like Flik , Director Max Dementor brings forth a Demonic Nun to Further the Mission of the Church in a Seemingly Happy Parish ! The Star of the Film is Rebekah Madebach , who portrays the Loving 'Kate' , who resides with her Lesbian Lover 'Tara' in near perfect Harmony . Ravishing Ryan Natalino is the Unbelieving Tara . The Cordial & Accepting Parish Priest 'Father Dalton' is portrayed by Nick Dematteo , who's being relieved of his duties by Ken Driesslein as 'Monsignor Brock' , a particularly loathsome character . Some of the other Parishioners caught up in this Conjured-Up Nun's Reign of Hellfire include : The BreathTakingly Beautiful , with a Long Acting Career ahead of Her , April Love as "Sarah' , who's had a problematic abortion , Maria De Jesus Castellon as the Lovely & Shapely 'Lydia' , Allegra Ashton as the doubtful 'Diane' , & the two latent lovers : Alla Fine as 'Alice' & Gaurab Bhattacharjee as 'Dean' . Then there's Darren Barcomb as 'Curt The EMT' , Gene Dinapoli as 'Detective Swanson' , & Rob Becerra as the Vomit-Prone 'Officer Burns' . Bewitchingly Pleasing Colleen Ann White Sheds Her Beauty to play that Nastiest of All Nuns , 'Sister Lucretia Bonaventure' , in a SpellBinding Performance ! Now this Highly Irreverent work of art may not be for the Faint-Of-Heart or the Ecumenically Inclined , It's a Must See for All of US Seekers of Horror & a Demonically Induced State of Mind !

Nemesis 5: The New Model

Over 20 Years Later & SUE PRICE is Back as 'Alex Sinclair' in " NEMESIS 5 " ; & She's FABULOUS !
Stunning Sue Price reprises her Role as 'Alex' in the 'Nemesis' Series ; & some of Her Cyborg Assets & Powers have diminished , But Her Beauty & Screen Presence have intensified ! Alex has taken a young lady under her wing , 'Ari Frost' played by the Talented Youngster Joelle Reeb , & Teachers Her the Warrior Ways ! The Child Grows into a Fully-Human-Woman-Warrior , now played by the Stunning Schuylar Craig , & embarks on a Mission into the Past to defeat the 'Red Army Hammerhead' & their Total Control of the Media ..... Quite a Timely Premise , if You ask me . Along the Way , Ari befriends Crystal Milani as 'Eve' , Daniel Stier as 'Dan' , & Edwin Garcia as 'Edwin' ; & entangles the Beguiling Daiane Azura as a 'Terrorist' , Big Zach Muhs as the Dreaded 'Nebula' , & Breana Mitchell & Lia Havlena as the 'Cyborg Twins' . Fighting all the way , She finally enters the Enemy Stronghold where She comes Face to Face with The Fully Hunan 'Red Army Hammerhead Leader ' , portrayed with Delicious Delight by Mel Novak & His Mostly Cyborg Sister , played by the Appealing & Aesthetic Dawna Lee Heising , which Results in a Fight-To-The-End ! Also Appearing are Robert Lankford & the Bewitching Jennii Caroline as 'Lt. & Sgt. Telecine' , John R. Walker as the Traitorous Human 'Newscaster' , & Clint Beaver as 'Carl' The Landlord ! Over 20 Years & it's been Well-Worth the Wait to See the Priceless Sue Price Again , along with Fit-as-a-Fiddle Dawna Lee Heising in this Powerfully Entertaining SyFy Spectacle ! Well Done Dustin Ferguson , & I'm Praying that You're Pairing Sue & Dawna in a Million More Projects !

Nemesis 4: Death Angel

In all Her Gloryosity , Sue Price is SINsational as 'Alex Sinclair' in " NEMESIS 4 " !
The Cyborg Wars are over & crime & corruption riddle the Streets ; & Now Alex Sinclair is the Ultimate Hit-Woman that makes use of Her immense Beauty , Her Physical Assets , & Her Special Assets to Deploy ! She's on Her last mission & it appears that Murphy's Law will Prevail ! Andrew Divoff Co-Stars as 'Bernardo' , Alex's Boss & the Hander-Outa of Contracts . Norbert Weisser is 'Takoda' , a Sadistic & Repulsive Hit-Man looking to Cash in at Alex's Expense ; & there's Nicholas Guest as 'Earl Typhoon' , Alex's Turn-Coat-Driver . Michael Gucik is an Un-Repentant 'Priest' ; & Blanka Copikova is the 'Woman in Black' . The Lone Person that Alex could possibly Trust is 'Johnny Impact' , Played by Simon Poland . Although the Cast is Fabulous , " Nemesis 4 " is a One Woman Show & Sue Price is Magnificent ! She's Ultra-Lovely , Physically Perfect from every angle , & Her Acting Acumen is Superiorly Dominant ! This is a touch different than the earlier 'Nemesis' Movies , but the End Result is Priceless ! I'm praying that it's soon Available on DVD so I can Watch it over & over , in case Amazon Video ever takes it Down . I am Now the Hugest SUE PRICE Fan ; & it's off to Watch " Nemesis 5 : The New Model " , also Starring Mel Novak & My Goddess Dawna Lee Heising , Directed by Dustin Ferguson Right here at Amazon Prime Video ! Before I go , I want to Extend my sincere Thank You to Albert Pyun for the whole 'Nemesis' Series & especially for Showcasing Spectacular Sue Price !

Ebola Rex

Centuries in the Making , Special Effects Galore , with an All-Star Cast & a Wickedly Hot & Wild Hostess , " EBOLA REX " Rules !
Centuries in the Making , Special Effects Galore , with an All-Star Cast & a Wickedly Hot & Wild Hostess , " EBOLA REX " Rules ! Horror Hostess Deluxe , 'MALVOLIA : The Queen of Screams' Presents The Film an a Segment of " Malvolia's Movie Matinee " ; & It meets all the necessary requirements for the Show : Devastation , Death , Deviant Characters , & Loads of Blood Aflowin' ! The Story comes about by an Environmental Vigilante breaking into a Science Lab Injecting the Ebola Virus into Stem-Cell Reproduced Tyrannosaurus Rex , thus giving it the means & power to Escape & Wreak Havoc throughout California & Possibly the World . The Quality Acting begins with Mike Ferguson & Erik Anthony Russo portraying Friendly Neighbors . Erik's got a job he Hates , but a Beautiful GirlFriend he Loves ; & Mike appears to be an Annoying Stoner with some Serious Issues . The Lovely Elizabeth Barstow is the Girlfriend as well as The 'Dino Park Libby' ! Shawn C. Phillips Fabulously Fits as the agitated Save-The-T-Rex Protester ; & Ken May is 'Dick Steel' , the BountyHunter Hot on the T-Rex Trail , who hassle very Strange Eating Habits . Ryan Hadley & Melissa Delisi are the 'Picnic Man & Woman , who learn Not to eat 'al fresco' the Hard Way ! This calls for the Military ; & the first one we meet is the Iconic Action Star , Mel Novak , as The 'Department of Defense General Shannon Davis' , who Reports right to the President ! There's also James E. Taylor as 'Senator Bob Morris' & John R. Walker as the British BroadCaster 'Peter Sommers' , trying to make Heads-or-Tails of this whole Insane Situation ! There's even a Splendid Romp through 'Dino-Land' led by Jared Allen ; & Always Remember Marvelous 'MALVOLIA' is the Generously Endowed & Gloriously Gorgeous Jennifer Nangle ! Don't Miss Your chance to get Your hands on Dustin Ferguson's " Ebola Rex' which becomes available at SCS Entertainment on Tuesday Sept. 1st 2020 ! * EBOLA REX is Coming & HELL's Coming with HIM !!!

Nemesis 2: Nebula

Sue Price is the Perfect Warrior-Woman in Albert Pyun's " NEMESIS 2 " !
Incredibly Beautiful Sue Price's Perfectly Chiselled Body & Athletic Skills make Her the Consummate Fit for the Role of 'Alex' , the Genetically Altered , Time-Traveling Potential Savior of Mankind ! I honestly Don't think that anyone else could have enveloped the Role as She does . Even Her Methodical Speaking just Adds to the Character's Sternness & Intensity ! Extremely Attractive Karen Studa plays Alex's Mother 'Zana' , who takes her daughter back in time to Save Her & Possibly All of Mankind . Alex is taken in by an African Tribe fighting a Civil War in the 1980's , Grows Up , & twenty years later emerges a Warrior ! Along Her travels , Alex runs into the Particularly Reprehensible 'Emily' portrayed by the Irresistible Tina Cote & the equally Lovely Traci Davis playing 'Sam' , who's just trying to Stay Alive . Chad Stahelski pulls Double-Duty as both the Voice of 'Nebula' , the Robot seeking to Kill or Capture Alex , & the Narrator of the Story . The Story may sound Complicated ; but it's easily followed as a Result of Great Acting & Powerful Directing . There's enough Fighting , Blood-Letting , & Explosions to Satisfy the Staunchest of Action Afficianados ! There's a Fitting & Proper Ending which leads right into : " Nemesis 3 : Prey Harder " , which is Exactly what I'm going to Watch Now !

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