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High Heels

Andrew Blake has done it again.
He's collected four gorgeous women, including longtime favorite Dahlia Grey and doe-eyed newcomer Kelly Havel (that's her on the box cover) and put them in highly attractive surroundings, from white-tiled Roman baths to lush gardens outside grand estates; from city streets to marble-column esplanades to a balcony opposite the Coliseum. The soundtrack seems, at times, heavily influenced by middle-eastern music, with much reliance on the dulcimer; but even then, "ambient" sounds like the clack-clack of a freight train occasionally intrude, often to emphasize the urban setting. The images fade from black-and-white to color; from delicate touching to light bondage to hardcore lesbian pleasuring (including a dildo or vibrator or two).


Classic noir in the tradition of Deep Throat
You know, we've all made fun of the plot, or lack there of in porn. It's just the stuph that gives you a rest between masturbating or allows porn stars to call themselves actresses. Now I won't go so far as to say the acting and storyline of Looker is that amazing but whoever had the concept for this one got something right. Looker takes the classic traditions of film noir and becomes what noir always pretended it wanted to be. Now this may sound like a highhanded look at this movie but this film's true value is in its quirky multi-layered look at more traditional film styles. Course it doesn't hurt that Lauren Montgomery and Silvia Saint have a couple incredibly hot scenes.

Alexandra Silk's Silk Stockings

Silk Stockings: thigh highs at their finest.
I was pleasantly surprised by two things in this movie: the sensuality of the scenes and the tastefully done backdrops. The scenery ranged from a totally white room with just one black stool, to an elaborately furnished mansion with a pool- I thought that the stark contrast of Spartan living to plush luxury helped accentuate what the different scenes were trying to evoke. Second, the sensuality of the foreplay in each of the five scenes was truer to life than most adult films portray- however, depending on your own views on sex, this could be a good or bad idea. It was nice to see a good transition from kissing to sex as opposed to the usual tearing off of clothes and jumping in with both feet, as it were.

All of the actors and actresses in this movie seemed to enjoy what they were doing and to (for the most part) pretend that the camera was not there.

Overall, I think this movie is a good bet for any man who likes stockings on women. The sex is good, the women are all attractive, and the features are above standard.

Rocco Ravishes Prague

Rocco Siffredi stars in this modern classic along with a bunch of beautiful (and natural) Euro-sluts.
All of the "performances" are absolutely amazing and realistic. The girls in this tape put the current American talent to shame. The have absolutely no inhibitions and shy away from nothing; and when Rocco is in charge that's saying something. Rocco (and his Euro-buddies) do everything from spitting on them to sodomizing them, and all they do is beg for more. The tape consists of four scenes (Rocco only "performs" in two) which set a new benchmark in smut.

The first scene is worth its weight in gold! Rocco joins three beautiful girls (Rebecca Ramada, Beata, and Nell) on the streets of Prague. He gropes them as they walk together to one of their houses. It is Rocco's birthday so the girl's have bought a cake for him. When they get to the house they cut the middle out of the cake and place it on Rocco's crotch so his cock is poking out the middle of the cake. Then the three begin licking and eating the cake around his cock. You can imagine where the scene goes from there. This is without a doubt one of the best scenes (if not the best) I have ever seen in any porn production. It seems to last forever (over 40 minutes) which isn't a bad thing at all. The scene ends with Rocco saying, "This is my best birthday ever!" You're telling us

The Price of an Education

Losing your scholarship? Gonna have to quit school? Wait; why not try being a hooker?
Yea that sounds like a good idea. So what if it isn't the classiest plot for a movie. So what if it isn't terribly original. There's a reason that good girl gone hooker is a porno cliché. It's just sexy. As long as the girls are hot and the sex is OK, it's a recipe for success. So the real question is, how good is the sex and how hot are the honnies? The Price of an Education stars Emily Jewel, Nikki Lynn, Christyen Wolf, Dru Barymoore, Karya and the man himself Vince Voyeur. These girls are pretty damn hot. The sex, barring an uninspired ramming in the first sequence and a too long lesbian scene later on, are really good. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie does its best to make you run and hide before you can see how good the sex is.

Sensual Experience

This is an okay movie, starring the always gorgeous Asia Carrera.
The movie starts off promisingly with a standard sex session between Asia and Vince Voyeur, ending in a facial where Asia appears to swallow his entire load. Unfortunately, we are deprived of a better look at this scene since it shows a side angle without the benefit of a close-up. This is probably the only single time I ever wished for multiple angles on a porn DVD.

The remainder of the film is generally up to porno standards, with a rather disappointingly mechanical girl-girl scene between Racquel Devine and Heather Hornay, and other straight pairings among the cast members throughout. The performances are competent, but unmemorable. When compared to the sexual acrobatics in films by John Stagliano and John Leslie, the actors and actresses in SEXUAL EXPERIENCE perform rather lethargically. Fortunately, there are no visible usage of condoms to get in the way of the action, and facials are plentiful. The Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks are exceptionally well-made.

Double Feature

Double Feature is amazing. It's that simple. Winner of ten — yes ten — AVN awards, Double Feature is an enigma among adult features.
must say that Double Feature contains some of the best acting and on-screen dialogue that I've ever witnessed in adult film. This film is in league with such classic spoofs as Mars Attacks and Plan 9 From Outer Space … it's easy to see why Serenity and Spears won awards for best acting, and why Morgan won for best director. Also of note is the humor. This is funny stuff! Genuinely humorous. For instance, when Spears drinks the alien-killing serum he proudly announces, "I'll give those bitches a blast of joy juice they'll never forget!" Likewise, the three stooges-like commandos bungle and trip over themselves like special Olympic dropouts. Don't miss this one!

Casting Call 20

Casting Call 20 captures the essence of beautiful, innocent newcomers in a gonzo style DVD
We get to see the hottest rising starlets in the adult film industry showcase. Once the sex began I realized that there was no need for casting because these girls knew exactly what they were doing.

There are five scenes in this DVD each following the same routine. The anonymous Loube greets each girl at his door with a loud whispering voice, which was annoying a first. He then interviews the girl in a Beavis and Butthead style humor, which actually had me laughing a few times. During the interview Loube tries to get each girl to give him a blow-job and then do him. The problem is the hired gun continually interrupts him before he can have his way. Finally we watch these newbies strut their stuff and be devoured by a few experienced porno guys.

Usually these casting type films are filled with already popular talent. But Casting Call #20 had the true feel of a casting scenario. Every girl was somewhat new to the industry and sometimes hesitant towards Lobue. It was funny to see how easily the directors can get a blow-job from a newbie in the industry. All Loube had to say was, "You have to blow me in order to be casted in my next movie".

I Love Lesbians Too

In his "I Love Lesbians" series, Randy partners girls who really enjoy having sex with each other, and he films them making love spontaneously.
There is no script, and the film is shot in a 'come what may' live studio approach -- and it works! The action is hot and the actresses engage in a lot of sensuous kissing (which, for me, is essential if the movie is to be successful at communicating at a higher emotional level). One of my favorites in the series is "I Love Lesbians Too" for its luscious opening four-way scene with Taylor Moore and Avalon introducing each other to their favorite girlfriends, Crystal Knight and Coral Sands, and for a later scene with Felicia and Rayveness who scrumptiously incorporate a piece of cake -- and its whipped cream topping -- into their delicious lovemaking session.

If you're in the mood to watch an entire movie -- and not just a few short scenes -- of girls making passionate love to each other with a playful sense of discovery and a loving exchange of true emotion, then Randy West's "I Love Lesbians Too" is a film you'll really enjoy.

Air Tight

This was a very odd DVD somewhat tipping the fetish scale. This DVD was basically just a 3 on 1 fest.
I had an open-mind before watching this DVD and was rather eager to see the insatiable Sana Fey get plugged up by three guys. She is a beautiful redhead with huge tits and a perfect ass. The scene starts off by her giving erotic blow-jobs to the three guys. The majority of this scene consists of her blowing one guy while getting it either in the pussy or ass. She shows great enthusiasm during the sex and screams as they spanked her ass. Before the triple penetration she screams "Fuck My Ass". The close-ups on the triple penetration were good and she enjoyed every second.

Sabrina Johnson: she is so hot! The content is really fine. If you like anal-sex, this is the one you have to buy. All girls give their best to satisfy their-self and the guys. All scenes are one girl with three guys.

Manic Behavior

She's Compulsive, Insatiable, and Horny, She Spits at Cops and Swears in Court, (when you Think of Manics, You'll Never Think of Mike Conners Again.)
Dyanna Lauren proves she can do much more than just act, she is extremely talented behind the scenes as well. She not only both writes and directs this Vivid feature, she also has a cameo appearance in it. The story unfolds in spurts (no pun intended) in between incredible sex scenes. The different techniques used in this are unique and creative- giving us a captivating story with steamy sex. She even manages a surprise ending! Featuring a 2 sided DVD, side one has the usual added features, and side two has bonus material. It doesn't include a "behind the scenes or making of" but at least they offer something besides the norm in this title. Don't miss this one if you are trying to coax your lover into watching Adult titles or if you are new to the Adult scene and want a title that won't "shock" you.

I congratulate Ms. Lauren for a job very well done. This has passion, intense sex, and a great story- not a combination you usually attribute to Adult titles. The music was very subtle and light, not over powering at all, accompanied nicely by the harmonic cooing of the sexual undertakings. This is a great title for beginners, but the advanced watchers should not turn their nose up at this! With the awesome angles and the clear close-ups, everyone can enjoy this feature.

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