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  • The opening screen has a little warning on it proclaiming this to be satire.

    Here's the thing, Satire uses humor to ridicule and criticize. The keyword here is humor. If you get 30+ years old to play highschoolers and just have them blurt out the message it's no longer funny.

    I also keep waiting from them to burst into song, this thing has such a strong Glee vibe to it.

    Poorly scripted, nobody is likable or interesting and a few episodes in ends up loosing itself in subplots. Skip it.
  • As the name suggest this series legs it in an effort to stay topical from references to fake news, tiktok and well... the title!

    It does drag a bit mid season one but overall a solid comedy with some really funny lines. John Malkovich (as Dr. Adrian) is just brilliant and has some of the best line deliveries in here.
  • The series's main focus is visuals. Everything is beautiful and colourful. The leads seem to be dressed for a fashion shot in every frame.

    The trouble is that's all the series has to offer. The reasons and events go beyond contrived and at time seem forced. Plot is simple and the dialogue is ok but not memorable.

    I did like the attempt to include same gender couples in the narrative but again they only leave it at surface level.

    Quite a bit of cheese and A LOT of cartoonish sound effects. This one lacks a hook to keep you invested.
  • The movie is divided into three parts.

    First we see Diana as a child then as an adult training to be the best of the amazon warriors. This part is a little weird because when you think amazon warrior you don't think water nymph popping out of the sea to spread the message of LOVE AND PEACE.

    Second part Diana goes to London during WWI with a mission of spreading LOVE AND PEACE... by killing Ares the god of war, because obviously we start peace by spilling blood. Thankfully the fish out of water thing is quick and painless.

    Third part we are going to war and it's to bring LOVE AND PEACE by killing those on the German side.

    As preachy as this movie is it seems like what they're saying and what they're doing contradicts each other.

    In the end Gal Gadot is amazing in the role and you always got the sense that Wonder woman was someone larger than life, dignified and with her eyes on the prize. The movie however... well it was a bit on the cheesy side and the final boss battle more funny than dramatic but still it was an alright movie for a rainy day in.
  • So the concept here is different. On her wedding night the bride has to play a game until dawn. This unfortunate soul picked the one bad card, she has to play a deadly game of hide and seek in the mansion... and yes, literally deadly, if they find her they kill her.

    The movie is interesting, suspenseful and with an unexpected sense of humor. A fun watch with a satisfying ending.
  • If you've ever been caught up with a Will dispute then you'll recognize the characters in this one. All entitled, despicable, small minded and always, always, ALWAYS bickering. Sounds like a family reunion to me!

    As a murder mystery this is a bit slow on the start with Daniel Craig playing the small time country lawy--- errrrr detective Benoit Blanc who was hired to solve the case.

    Some decent twists and turns, a juicy red herring and good intentions that pave the way to hell.

    It comes with a really big finish saving the best for the last. Overall this one it fun with very grounded family dynamics considering the type of family this is.
  • Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is a story about isolation, loneliness and not fitting in. It's about being appreciated and the center of attention but only in your own head. In the real world things just suck and nobody cares.

    The acting is top shelf and there is a raw quality to the movie. Thing is, this is a character study. The things you are used to like 500 million dollars worth of special effects, side characters arcs or even a plot is not there. It's just one man having a very, very, very bad day... all his life. If you relate then you'll love it but I can see people getting antsy and hating it due to the lack of over the top action or effects.

    Either way this one is worth at least one viewing for the acting alone.
  • The first few episodes of season one are a bit awkward but if you give it a chance this show will steal your heart... most likely for one of the seniors in it but the point stands!

    It's funny, it's not afraid to show the problems that come with age as well as how different people might deal with the same one. Did I mention funny yet?

    Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin's acting is superb, I sometimes forget I'm watching a show and not two friends bickering.

    Unlike with most sitcoms this one actually gets better as it goes along and has something that almost none do, consequences, actions have real consequences in the show rather than forgetting about it the very next episode. In fact they sometimes have call backs to earlier seasons because it's treated as a life not a TV show.

    This one is worth your time, give it a chance to show you that somethings do get better as they get a season or two older.
  • The Mini series is beautifully shot, well acted and the dialogue is well written.

    Every event is given weight so you can actually take a second to absorb it... and here is the main issue with the series. It gives weight to major events, like any good show should, so you are sitting there waiting for the payoff to it.

    There is no payoff. Not even once do they follow through. The event is given some lipservice down the line and then nothing. The trouble is the plot is established on a straight line, everything that happens outside that line is meaningless and happens... just to happen. The material is over stretched and by the end a bit meandering. The final reveal is beyond disappointing and brings the whole thing down a few notches.

    This one started off great but sadly it ended up as just a waste of time. Skip it.
  • Obvious joke set ups (He just got his 5 year AA chip, lets celebrate with cake!!! Rum cake. Obviously) Actors that can't stop smiling no matter what the tone and the worst part... there is no point to the entire show. It's just empty calories.

    Skip it, life's just too short.
  • It's the roaring 20's in Melbourne and our lady sleuth is out to get her man, or woman.

    The show's aesthetics are gorgeous from the sets to the clothes making it easy to sit down and enjoy looking at it. The mysteries themselves are alright, nothing ground breaking but they don't insult your intelligence either.

    Phryne Fisher (played by Essie Davis) is what makes the show however. Lively, very flirty and a bit of a nosy Parker she injects life into this show while they make of point of showing a disapproving prune now and again. Also her wardrobe, seriously she's a bit of a fashionista and it's near impossible not to notice her attire.

    Long story short, this is a fun little show with beautiful aesthetics and likable characters all around. Worth a watch if you're into the whodunit genre or a fan the 20's vibe.
  • At first the show comes off as trying too hard with all the pop culture references and the laugh track after every. single. LINE!

    However the topics it takes on are all relevant to the here and now without shying away from controversial issues.

    It's also nice that Iglesias's jokes are aimed at 30-35 year old while the ones written for the teens are aimed at a younger audience. It makes it feel more natural. It's also nice that the Teens in this one aren't played by 30 year olds. I at least can tell the teachers from the students in this one.

    Sometimes the references are forced but Iglesias's charm makes up for them. It's a decent watch overall.
  • I wanted to like this one more but I found myself pausing the movie every 20-30 minutes to do or watch something else.

    There are some cute and very human moments in here however the main issue is the leads. One is an arrest development man-child and the other is a pretentious over achiever. Thing is the movie treats the female lead's every movement and breath like a mistake, how dare she aim high or feel resentment for her miserable childhood...

    Oddly the man-child only gets called out on his flaws in a reactionary way. There is no chemistry between the two and it feels like forced romance. Keanu Reeves cameo is AMAZING and hands down the best part of this slog.
  • A cheesy murder mystery movie but cheesy on purpose with a few references thrown in from clue and Agatha Christie for the fans of this genre.

    I think they were trying a bit too hard to be light heart with Sandler being a slob and coming in from a different movie all together but in the end it was an ok movie with lots of red herrings for the viewers as well as a decent resolution.
  • The concept is original, it's doing it's own thing rather than copying the 80's film though there are a few nods to it for fans. Just nods mind you.

    Could have easily been an episode of Black Mirror and I think it might have done better as such, the material was a bit stretched out making the movie feel longer than it really is. There is some tonal deafness as you go from comedy to violence and extreme gore instantly... sometimes within the same scene.

    Overall it would have been a good made for TV movie, just not much else.
  • Cheesy and very paint by numbers. This flick follows the (Big) formula but from a supposed female perspective... That is, a female perspective as a middle aged hollywood producer (male) sees it.

    Cringe inducing at times and asinine at others this one has no heart or joy in it what so ever, The ending is a bit of a cop out and makes you wonder if there was a point to any of it.

    Though harmless in nature there are better chick-flicks out there. At it's best this one is boring, at it's worst you have a 30 year old woman hitting on a 10 year old kid and played off as charming... in this universe....
  • The movie is 3 hours long. Not once did I look at my watch or feel the need to take a break. You are entertained from the gutsy opening scene to the very last frame.

    It's funny, it's dramatic and it's larger than life. Everything you might want in an "end game" after over ten years of build up.

    If the movie had a flaw (big IF) is that this is made for the fans that have watched ALL the movies. A billion characters and just as many references and call backs. Unlike the previous movie this one is not a stand alone, you need to know the backstories to understand it..... also the plot is a bit iffy but the movie is so good you sorta give it a pass.

    If you can actually grab a ticket go see it. This one needs to be seen in the theater to enjoy the epicness on screen.
  • The plot to this one is very cute and depends more on human emotions than Sci-fi which is probably for the best with this kind of thing. It can get a bit cliche and corny but the main cast pulls it off and it ends up as endearing.

    The only reason I can't rate this higher is because they keep harping on the leading man's side of the story, near the end everyone is all but falling over themselves to be friends with him while he pushes them of a cliff. It gets annoying fast when things are one sided like that and if the actors weren't so good at selling it, it would probably have been unwatchable.

    As is however it's a romantic, light sit with every single person on screen being likable. Snuggle up and break out the popcorn!
  • Though it targets a younger audience (I'd say 11 - 13 young boys) with some of its humor and themes the movie is still fun and light hearted. It probably has the most realistic family dynamic I've seen in ages and that made everyone very likable.

    If you have a few hours to spare then get the family together for a good time.
  • When you invoke the name of show that still maintains it's status as one of the most original things ever shown on the silver screen then you are already setting yourself up for failure.

    The New show is a slow burn with each episode clocking in an hour AND YET they actually fail to get to the main point, properly introduced the characters, create atmosphere until the half way point.

    If you still care about the episode by then, good for you...

    The messages are relevant, "the comedian" which is the pilot deals with over sharing. How much of your life should be public. In a world ruled by social media this should be a universal story.... instead there is a complete disconnect between you and the protagonist because for all he shares you really know nothing about him as a viewer. You also get the sense that they want to distance themselves from black mirror so refuse to go the social media route which just seems like tying your hand behind your back.

    The ideas here might be sound but the execution is terrible. Go watch black mirror.

    On a personal note :- The Twilight Zone aired over 60 years ago in the late 50s... how does it have the better opening? They attempted to replicate it and it looks so bad, Even parodies attempt some originality! You're the twilight zone, how can you NOT attempt something original?!
  • As a horror movie this one is more about the creep factor rather than cheap jump scares or gore.

    Divided into three parts you first get to know the main characters and the environment. Act two is when the doppelgangers arrive bringing the horror element with them. The third act is Lupita Nyong'o creeping you out and keeping you at the edge of your seat as things are kindda being explained.

    Here is when this breaks down. Although the idea is interesting, the actors individually are great (even the child actors) I don't buy them as a family. The best parts are when they each get separated and get the chance to creep you out. The third act is an exposition dump that contradicts the main idea of the movie itself so doesn't really work and brings the whole thing down.

    That being said the hour and half that came before the third act are amazing with both humor and action as well as great atmosphere making it easy to ignore the failings of the third act.
  • The summery of this one is deceptive as it tells the story of a poor girl marrying a rich guy.

    In actuality this series focuses on the characters misery with lingering shots on each actor as they cry (not the sexy Hollywood cry with just tears, these are full blown wails with chest beating and voice getting choked in your throat cries) throw tantrums and lash out at each other with every ounce of venom they can muster.

    The plot is pretty basic and story wise there isn't much beyond what's in the summery however each actor, even minor roles that were given nothing, make their part feel more like a real human than a character on screen.

    This drama has the best child actors I've seen in any series Korean or otherwise in the role of Eun-Sung. She was amazing and should be included as a main role herself.

    I can't recommend this one easily as it aims to break your heart and is the first korean drama I've seen with a devastatingly sad ending. More so because they got you to care about these characters each and every single one. Watch with a big pint of ice cream and a box of tissues on stand by!
  • Welcome to the 90's. Allow us to throw this bucket of decade puck all over the movie so you know it's the 90's!

    Other then that the movie is very paint by numbers with meh mediocre visuals.

    Brie Larson as Carol/Captian Marvel is given a very gender specific backstory. Boy are never told to reel it in, that they're too emotional, to slow down. This is something most women hear growing up and would have had more of emotional impact had the acting been better... or existent.

    The CGI is mediocre with no stand out scenes.

    The plot was well written and layered with a lot to say in a "show don't tell" kind of way but sadly the movie didn't live up to it's potential and maintained a flat tone throughout.

    I really wish I liked this more. I really, really, REALLY wanted to like it more... but I just feel indifferent towards it making it seem more like a side story - prequel for Avanger's End game instead of it's own thing.
  • The synopsis of this one is misleading making it seem like a revenge tale.

    Instead it's a story about a couple that really cared for each other but went through hard times that forced them apart then meet again three years later. The husband is rich and successful, the wife is bitter that he found all this success while sticking her with his debt when he left.

    At first the wife is viewed as irrational and bitter while the husband acts like he's moved on. It took up until mid season for them to make the wife more sympathetic which is weird in this kind of drama.

    The ending is a bit rushed. it would have benefited from stretching it out over a few episodes rather than the confused tying of loose ends that happened but over all it's a sweet, romantic tale with a couple that really acted like they've been married for years.
  • The series meanders along with the motive of "Then this happens".

    Plot is both super thin on the essentials yet over stuffed with dead ends. Actions have no consequences and as such the "ok, then this happens" is introduced to keep the series going before they hit yet another dead end and have to invent another "then this happens" instead of actually getting the viewer invested.

    The dialogue is super hero tropes 101 with zero depth. Characters are one note with no arch for any making it hard to like them, they're just there.

    The most jarring thing about it is tone. They start off with a dour note but since they're worried you might actually have a negative emotion to it this is immediately followed by a super silly and random scene.

    This cuts into the any attempt to create tension or get invested in what's happening.

    The music in this is the best part and does most of the heavy lifting.

    A super hero series that wants to set itself apart but refused to commit ending up as meh...
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